Magento Developers – USA

Give your eCommerce site a makeover it needs! The Recovendor team for research have come out with a list of top Magento Developers in the US. These agencies can help you with Magento design, customization, development and integration with payment gateways, and also help in driving traffic to your website. Pixafy is an award winning […]

App Development Companies – Mobile – Europe

Our team has prepared a list of pioneers in the field of app Development to help you single out the “best mobile app development companies in Europe“. We have carefully winnowed these firms based on expertise in cross platform apps, portfolios, cost, client reviews, lead time, and support and maintenance capabilities. These companies can help […]

Magento Developers – India

The Recovendor research team have handpicked the Top Magento Developers in India for 2014. They have made a mark and outshined others in the same industry by their level of expertise.They can help you make your online presence known and make your businesses flourish through Magento hosting, implementation and support. If you feel the list […]

Business Intelligence – Best Business Analytics Firms

Being the leaders among big data analytics companies these top players provide big data powered business intelligence solutions and services for companies leveraging data analytics methodologies to drive innovation. We are sure that they can leave no stone unturned when it pertains to digging out valuable insights from huge volumes of data. ClearStory Data brings […]

Big Data Analytics Companies – India

A list of big data analytics companies is interesting. Finding vendors with a truly innovative, successful approach to big data can be as daunting as digging through the data itself. Recovendor review of top “Data Mining & Analytics Companies” below is the list of top business analytics companies, re-sorted in geographical order. QBurst Today’s data […]

Big Data Analytics Companies – USA

Recovendor has curated the list of top Big Data Analytics Companies. Finding data vendors with a truly innovative, successful approach to big data can be as daunting as digging through the data itself. Recovendor review of top Data Analytics Companies list below is re-sorted in geographical order, these are the best big and small companies […]

App Development Companies – Mobile

Find the best mobile app development companies for your next app. Here is a list of cost effective app development companies by Recovendor. These are the most innovative app developers and development agencies today. QBurst is well known among app development companies offering tailor made apps for startups and MNC’s. Their services include mobile app, […]

Android App Developers & Development Companies

Recovendor research team just compiled a list of top companies for Android Development. These are some of the best companies on the pinnacle of Android App Development. We realized that we might be doing a disservice to our buddies in the Android realm if we did not do a scavenger hunt for them. So, here […]

Mobile App Developers – iOS, iPhone, and iPad

It took us surprisingly a bit of time to skim through what’s out there, to get to these prized possessions for iOS developer. With iPhone and Android apps flooding the market, our research team was wondering whether the major players were known to many in the realm of iOS app development. Our team enjoyed scouting […]

Social Media Analytics Tools

The Top Social Media Analytics Tools and Companies listed here are filtered based on their popularity among users. These major social media data analysis tools could be your best bet for Building, Interpreting, and Using Social Metrics. Check out these top social media analytics tools to understand social media metrics to measure how people rant […]