Social Media Analytics Tools

The Top Social Media Analytics Tools and Companies listed here are filtered based on their popularity among users. These major social media data analysis tools could be your best bet for Building, Interpreting, and Using Social Metrics. Check out these top social media analytics tools to understand social media metrics to measure how people rant or rave about you! Monitor all social media conversations and track them effectively. Create in-depth reports using them and filter out the actionable insights from the noise, which in turn can take your businesses to new heights.

Social Media Analytics Tools

Radian6 allows you to quickly and efficiently track, monitor, and react to comments, questions, and complaints as they happen. You can tap into over 650 million sources from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news,etc. You could swing to action by routing important social media posts to any user across your organization for insight or follow-up.

Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses grow their social media presence. The web application integrates with multiple social networks where consumers are engaging with businesses and brands. The application also offers team or individual engagement and publishing tools with in-depth analytics, brand monitoring, competitive insights and social crm features.

SecondSight Analytics is a social media analytics tool that helps you analyze your followers to generate sentiment reports and social-reach metrics. SecondSight captures the essence of real sentiments behind everything your customers have to say about your business, product, or service using a unique combination of technology and human intelligence to extract subjective information.

Simply Measured is the leading social media analytics tool, providing complete measurement and reporting for serious marketers.Simply Measured gives you in-depth measurement across your owned, earned and paid social media. Fully and natively customizable – modify charts and add data right in Excel, update slides in PowerPoint, and more

Social Report is a social network analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your social space and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your data in an entirely new way. With Social Report you are more aware of your social space, its demographics, sentiment, location and behavioral patterns.

Lithium helps companies unlock the passion of their customers. Lithium software powers amazing Social Customer Experiences for more than 400 iconic brands including AT&T, BT, Best Buy, Indosat, Sephora, Skype and Telstra. Lithium helps companies grow brand advocacy, drive sales, reduce costs and accelerate innovation to create social communities that redefine the customer experience.

Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard software that helps you monitor and analyze data found across all your online services like Google Analytics, Salesforce, AdSense, MailChimp, Amazon, Facebook, WordPress, Zendesk, Twitter and more in real-time from one single location. It securely displays data from your company’s databases using custom widgets or Push API.

Brandwatch is one of the world’s leading platforms for social media monitoring, allowing you to analyse and utilise conversations from across the social web. The app includes an advanced suite of features that allows the data to be chopped and sliced to provide useful insights, through graphing, categorisation, geolocation, metadata and countless other components.

Crowdbooster helps social media marketers make better decisions about what to share, when, and with whom, all from a real-time analytics dashboard that gives you suggestions as you go. Tens of thousands of business around the world have chosen Crowdbooster to make them smarter and more effective when navigating social media.

Socialbakers: In addition to offering one of the largest databases of free social media statistics and insights in the world, it provides user-friendly social media solutions that allow brands to measure, compare, and optimize their social campaigns with competitive intelligence that is second to none. It also provides global industry benchmarking and local categorization in social media.

ThoughtBuzz provides a powerful listening and analytics platform for organizations of all sizes. With a comprehensive analytics platform and insight solutions such as Full Spectrum Analysis, Social Intelligence Matrix and Digital Audit backed by statisticians, analysts and researchers, ThoughtBuzz can provide real business value to your organization at all stages of social media activity.

Hootsuite is a social relationship platform that empowers users to execute social media strategies across their organizations. Their vision is to revolutionize communications; their mission is to empower customers to transform messages into meaningful relationships. With Hootsuite’s single online platform it is easy to manage social media accounts easily.

Rival IQ delivers on-demand analytics for you and your competitors’ digital marketing presence, including social media performance across six social networks, SEO keyword rankings, and website content – all delivered in one place. Find the insights you need to prioritize your efforts, create better content, and drive real social growth.

Zuum is a social media content strategy tool. It shows marketers what type of content will maximize impact with their social media fans and followers, generating a higher return on their social media properties. Zuum delivers a complete data set for you and your competitors across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Quintly is a web-based tool to help you track, benchmark and optimize your social media performance. By using Quintly, you can benchmark your own numbers against your competitors’ and derive an optimal social media strategy. Get professional social media analytics and benchmarking for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Buffer is the easiest way to schedule social media posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Google+. Fill up your Buffer with posts and Buffer schedules them for you. Simply keep that Buffer topped up and you will then be posting consistently all day round, all week long.

33Across SocialDNA Targeting is a marketing technology that enables clients to discover and reach the social networks that surround their brands. It provides BRAND GRAPH that delivers brand and direct response ROI by predicting various consumers for their brand from social and interest graph; and Social Personas, a real-time social audience solution for brand marketers.

Sysomos brings business intelligence to social media, providing instant and unlimited access to all social media conversations to quickly see what’s happening, why it’s happening, and who’s driving the conversations. Through the use of contextual text analytics and data mining technology, Sysomos collects data from blogs, Twitter, social networks, messages, boards, wikis and major new sources.

SumAll is a business intelligence tool for small and medium sized businesses. Their elegant cloud based product is an omnichannel business intelligence platform which connects data from more than 40 platforms (revenue, web analytics, social, and email marketing) to help drive key financial and marketing insights.

Sentiment’s Cloud platform empowers better customer service, identifies potential new customers and delivers new insights into their behavior with powerful analytics. This brings comments about your company, services, products and your competitors into one easily managed channel- not only from Facebook and Twitter but also 50 million blogs, forums and news sites.

SocialClout is a complete social media monitoring suite that empowers businesses to harness the Social media platforms by monitoring, creating and publishing content and analyzing the data to derive actionable insights. You can get insights about your brand, company, product and services across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, Forums, etc.

Talkwalker is an easy to use and incredibly powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool. It delivers high value insights in a user-friendly dashboard recommended by agencies and brands worldwide. The dashboard is extremely user friendly and features intuitive filters and reporting functionalities.

Social Strategy1 is a social media monitoring and analytics platform that combines natural language processing and data mining technology with subject matter-experts. Social Strategy1 offers businesses a team of experts with social media experience with the right toolbox to reduce the time commitment needed for social media monitoring, engagement and optimization.

Meltwater social media analytics solutions help you understand how your campaigns affect social conversations and how those conversations translate into real business value. The solution also demonstrates how social media marketing complements your traditional marketing efforts. Make fact-based decisions to increase social media marketing return on investment with better social media analytics.

Viralheat is the comprehensive social media marketing platform that offers monitoring, publishing, analytics, and reporting in a single intuitive interface. With patent-approved technology, Viralheat is leading the way in predictive social analytics to drive sales leads. Global brands seamlessly integrate Viralheat into their sales, marketing, and customer support workflow.

Engagor helps companies to effectively engage with all their customers on social media. Engagor monitors millions of sources in over 180 languages, going from social networks and forums to blogs, news sites, review sites and many more. Based on the monitoring results Engagor offers powerful analytics to report on the brand’s reputation, marketing campaigns, social profiles, etc.

Trackur is a social media monitoring tool designed to assist you in tracking what is said about you on the internet. Trackur scans hundreds of millions of web pages–including news, blogs, video, images, and forums–and lets you know if it discovers anything that matches the keywords that interest you.

Sociolus is a social media tool that helps brands and agencies to compare their performance with their competitors and engage with the most influential people in their market. They can then access insights for their market into the top: posts, #’s, brands, channels, trends and influencers.

SocialBro: This application is a powerful Twitter marketing platform for businesses aiming to use Twitter tactically as a strategic marketing channel and rapidly build a robust and highly visible social presence. Unlike existing Twitter tools that focus only on tweet content, SocialBro enables brands to target the customer behind the tweet.

Social Media Analytics Tools
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