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[Latest] Best Broker To Buy Stocks 2020

Stocks have been one of the most favorite assets for investors for many decades. Stocks enable you to own a share of the company that issued the stock. They enable individual investors to invest in the world’s most successful businesses. In the early days, investing in stocks have been not easy for ordinary people. You had to depend on a stockbroker. Besides, we hardly had any resources to learn and track trading performances. Luckily, today buying stocks is as easy as you buy anything online.

The emergence of online stock brokers has revolutionized the way people trade stocks. Moreover, Buying, selling, trading and investing in stocks is never been as easy as it is today. You can open an account, deposit money and start trading your favorite stocks in minutes. Many online brokers today charge zero fees or commission to trade on their platform. They also have many third-party payment gateways integrated. This helps you deposit and withdraw your money in no time. You also have easy access to information and trading know-how. Online brokers, as well as popular investment blogs, provide this information for free. This will help you learn trading skills and watch your trading positions.

IQ Option

IQ Option is one of the fastest growing online brokers today. They enable users to trade CFDs on the top-performing stocks. IQ Option is your best bet to do your first trade. You can open a position with as low as one dollar. They provide a $10,000 dollar free demo account. You can practice and learn trading skills on the demo before making an actual buy. You can open an account with IQ Option in a few minutes. They provide an array of payment gateways. From credit card, debit card, Skrill and more to deposit and withdraw money quick and safe.

IQ Option is available on Web, Mobile, Windows, and Mac. This enables you to trade and access your funds where ever you are. They provide 24/7 multilingual support to users. It is one of the best and quickest compared to industry standardsMulti-chart. They provide Multi-chart layout, technical analysis, and historical quotes. Risk management features like stop-loss help you track your profit and losses.

[New] Best Exchange To Buy Cryptocurrencies 2020

As a matter of fact, Cryptocurrency has showcased an unseen year over year growth in the last decade. Some of the top currencies have grown more than 100x in the last two to three years. Cryptocurrencies are at their early beginnings. They are one of the most sought after asset for investors in recent years. Choosing an exchange to buy cryptocurrency is a tough task. The underlying asset is not like any traditional asset investors have exposure to. You can transfer the Cryptocurrencies you buy from an exchange between wallets. This exposes the asset to the risk of hacking and theft. When you choose an exchange, the primary aspect to look for is credibility and security.

Liquidity is also a major concern for traders in many exchanges. So, Choosing an exchange with high liquidity is important. For a successful trading experience, liquidity is important. Most crypto exchanges today offer crypto to crypto trading. Many have started enabling fiat gateways on their platforms. This helps users onboard money with traditional payment gateways. Price swings are very high in cryptocurrency markets. To be successful in your trade, you need to track the market, trends, and position.


Binance is the worlds leading cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume. In two years of its launch, they have grown to the most trusted exchange. Binance is the best choice to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies for most traders today. Though it started as an exchange, they have grown to a community today. Above all, they offer a wide array of markets to their users. From spot, margin, futures trading, to decentralized exchange. They have partnered with many payment gateways to on-ramp fiat to crypto. This would be the highest in the industry. You can access Binance on web, mobile, windows and mac to help you trade crypto on the go. They also provide state of the art API trading to integrate into your trading tools. Their customer service is also considered to be the best among the exchanges today.

In conclusion, Signing up on Binance is quick and easy and would take a minute or two. This will enable you to buy, sell and trade crypto with a withdrawal limit of 2 BTC per day. To increase your withdrawal limit you need to verify your account. With your country issued identification documents. This is a quick and simple process. They accept credit cards, debit cards, and many payment gateways. This enables you to deposit money into your account at ease.