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Best Crypto and Stock Broker

Reviewing hundreds of stockbrokers, Recovendor has listed the top online broker to buy stock. Recovendor has looked at many factors to narrow down to the best broker. Broker’s credibility and security. The registration process and easiness to register.

Deposit and withdrawal methods and payment security. Quality of the trading platform and the number of assets offered. Availability of platform across devices. Finally, their customer service quality.

#1. IQ Option

IQ Option is one of the best online brokers today. They enable users to trade CFDs on the top-performing stocks. You can also buy and trade CFDs on Forex, Options, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs on their trading platform. IQ Option is your best bet to do your first trade online.

In fact, you can open a position with as low as one dollar. They provide a $10,000 dollar free demo trading account. You can practice and learn trading skills on the demo before making an actual buy.

You can open a trading account with IQ Option in a few minutes. They provide an array of payment gateways. To list are credit card, debit card, Skrill, and more to deposit and withdraw money quick and safe.

IQ Option is available for web and mobile trading. This enables you to trade and access your funds where ever you are. Also, You can buy stocks of 169 companies. You can buy apple stock, buy amazon stock, buy google stock, or buy tesla stock to name a few.

They provide 24/7 multilingual support to users. It is one of the best and quickest compared to industry standards. They provide Multi-chart layout, technical analysis, and historical quotes. Last, risk management features like stop-loss help you track your profit and losses.

Best Crypto Exchange

Reviewing hundreds of exchanges, Recovendor has listed the top crypto exchange. Recovendor has looked at many factors to narrow down to the best crypto exchange.

Choosing an exchange to buy bitcoin or any other coin like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, or Dogecoin is a tough task. You need to ensure exchanges credibility and security. Easiness and steps of registration. Deposit and withdrawal methods including fiat options. The number of altcoins and trading pairs available. Quality of customer service and responsiveness. Above all, liquidity.

Also, methods of payments on the site. Some sites let you buy bitcoin with credit card. On some, you can buy bitcoin with debit card. Some sites accept Bank Transfer, Google Pay or 300+ other payment methods. Also, few sites around the world let you buy bitcoin with PayPal.

#1. Binance

Binance is the worlds leading cryptocurrency exchange by daily trading volume. In two years of its launch, they have grown to the most trusted exchange.

Binance is the best choice to buy, sell and trade crypto for most traders today. Though it started as an exchange, they have grown to a community today.

Above all, they offer a wide array of markets to their users. From spot, margin, futures trading, to decentralized exchange. They have partnered with many payment gateways to on-ramp fiat to crypto.

This would be the highest in the industry. You can access Binance on the web, mobile, windows, and mac to help you trade crypto on the go. They also provide state of the art API trading to integrate into your trading tools.

Their customer service is also considered to be the best among the exchanges today. In the site, you can buy bitcoin in India, US, UK, and more.

In conclusion, Signing up on Binance is quick and easy and would take a minute or two. This will enable you to buy, sell and trade crypto with a withdrawal limit of 2 BTC per day.

To increase your withdrawal limit you need to verify your account. With your country issued ID documents. This is a quick and simple process. They accept credit cards, debit cards, and many payment gateways.

Best Marketing Automation Consultants

Buying an expensive and feature-rich marketing automation tool will not help you grow your business. You need to engage experts who can help you get the most from those tools. A lot of serious groundwork needs to be done prior to the set up of any tool.

The consultant would have to first understand and analyze your requirements. Only then can they architect a solution that aligns with your business needs. They can also help integrate the solution with other software systems that you may be using.

A good marketing automation system is designed to scale as a business grows. This is very important. So, this suggests that planning is very important when it comes to marketing automation. Marketing automation companies can help you develop the right marketing automation plan.

They should be able to help you implement it as well. When you have experts working for you, you can save a considerable amount of time & cost. So choose your marketing automation consultant wisely.

Best Products Online

Online shopping is growing at an exponential rate. One of the major advantages is the vast selection of products available at an affordable price. Out of the available options, one has to select a safe and reliable shopping site. Customer service, selection, and price have to be compared. Choosing a product is a tedious task. To narrow down your searches, you can scroll down the list of best-selling products.


A refrigerator is an important appliance in the kitchen. Selecting one from the endless varieties is really difficult. To help you out, here is a list of the best refrigerators in India.

Android TV

Android TV is a smart entertainment platform. They come with a Google Play Store and Google Assistant which can control home devices, discover content, and more. Before buying one, have a look at the best android TVs in India.


Timely detection and proper care are essential for diabetes patients to lead a normal life. For that, one has to regularly check blood glucose levels. A glucometer is a handy little machine that serves the purpose. Among the seemingly endless varieties selecting one is difficult. Check out the list of the best glucometer in India.

Power Bank

The power bank is a portable powerhouse and can be a lifesaver if you are away from mains power. It is a perfect travel partner. With so many endless options around, it would be hard to select one. Check out our list of the best power banks in India.

Hair Straightener

Using hair straighteners, get a salon-like experience at home. Selecting perfect straighteners will help you in styling and add shine to your hair. Before buying one, take a look at the best hair straighteners in India.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

During the period while immunity is developing, we need to make sure to sterilize the tools used by the baby. We have listed some of the best baby bottle sterilizers in India that are of good quality and are affordable.

Beard Trimmer

Without going to a salon, you can easily style using a trimmer. It is easy to use and portable. But selecting one that suits your requirement is really important. Check out the list of best trimmers for men in India.

Baby Car Seat

Baby’s safety during travel is of utmost importance and a baby car seat is an integral part of it. You need to look into many factors before narrowing down on a car seat. To make your job easy, we have selected the best baby car seat in India.


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