Best External Hard Disks in India

External Hard Disks

An external hard disk can be SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Drive). You can connect it to a computer externally with the help of a USB cable. An external drive works as a supporting drive for your computer.

Best Kitchen Hobs in India

Kitchen Hobs

A kitchen is a place where everything comes together. We cook our favorite dishes here. However, food becomes more enjoyable and tastier when it is cooked to the ultimate perfection. You may have the right culinary skills, but the utensils

Best Ring Lights in India

Ring Lights

Are you a TikToker or a YouTuber who loves to upload videos? If so, then you must know that having perfect lighting is essential. Since not everyone has a perfect background or adequate lighting, ring lights help to serve the

Best Vacuums for Pet Hair in India

Vacuums for Pet Hair

If you are a pet owner, then you may face difficulty dealing with pet hair every day. The thought of cleaning up after your pet causes dread. To make your task convenient, we have come up with the best vacuums

Best Earbuds in India


To select the best earbuds in India, you must look into various factors. This consists of a stable Bluetooth connection, high sound quality, and a good microphone for the purpose of calling. In addition, earbuds must be comfortable for wearing

Best Tripods in India


The recent time has witnessed the evolution of photography. For some of you, it is a hobby, while others take it as their profession. Hence, along with the camera, it becomes important that you have a camera stand. These stands

Best Breast Pumps in India

Breast Pumps

Doctors always advise you to feed your baby breast milk till they are at least six months old. But what about moms who work or have a problem producing milk always? Breast pumps act as a boon to them. For

Best Kadais in India


Everybody loves to enjoy those deep-fried delicacies, including bhaturas, pakora or samosa. Ignite your taste bud while leaving your belly and mind satiated. But all these deep-fried delicacies require a Kadai. It helps to ensure optimum frying to your recipe

Best Sofa Cum Beds in India

Sofa Cum Beds

Most people have at least 2-3 rooms in their house, so it becomes a problem to accommodate more than five guests. But what if you have a place where your guests can not only relax but also sleep peacefully at

Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

Pregnancy Pillows

Sleeping during pregnancy can be uncomfortable. This is because during this time your belly will start to grow bigger with each passing month. The best pregnancy pillow in India offers support to your body so that it relieves any discomfort

Best Toys for Babies in India

Toys for Babies

During their early years, babies learn new things through play. This is the reason why toys play a significant role in their early stage of development. These toys stimulate thinking, create problem-solving skills, and enable them to reach their developmental

Best Menstrual Cups in India

Menstrual Cups

Menstruating women typically use around twelve thousand sanitary napkins or tampons throughout their course of life. And do you know how they are contaminating the land? In the landfills, they gradually decompose taking over a hundred years. However, the recent

Best Dinner Sets in India

Dinner Sets

Almost all Indians know how important dinner sets are for their home. 8 out of 10 households have two types of dinner sets they use- one for guests the other for their own regular use. Though funny, most families keep

Best Headphones in India


Headphones serve different kinds of purposes. This may include watching movies, calling, and listening to music. Its main function is to optimize the sound quality for the two sides of the conversation. The best headphone in India comes with a

Best LCD Writing Tablets in India

LCD Writing Tablets

Notepads in India are on the rise for various reasons. In this era of digitalization, children can practice writing on a digital writing pad. Moreover, instead of allowing them to get hooked onto television or phone, you can provide your

Best Ironing Boards in India

Ironing Boards

Everyone wants to look neat and clean. And you can only achieve this look with a nicely pressed cloth. To get one nicely pressed fabric, you need to have a proper ironing area. As ironing in the uneven surface can

Best Baby Books for Newborns in India

Baby Books for Newborns

There are a lot of advantages associated with reading books to your newborns or one-year-olds. Apart from creating a bond with your baby, it will also help your child learn new words. This will further enhance their vocabulary skills when

Best Drill Machines for Home Use in India

Drill Machines

Drill machines are one of the vital household equipment that every household requires. Across the world, there are a lot of uses of drilling machines. India stands no exception to this. Finding one of the best drill machines for home

Best Pedestal Fans in India

Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans are one such device that is gaining popularity all over India. Most of the houses in India have air conditioners that are used to provide relief from the scorching heat. But some of the houses do not have

Best Extension Boards in India

Extension Boards

An extension board is a functional electrical tool. With its help, you can connect numerous electronic and electrical devices simultaneously. For instance, you can connect your laptop, television, desktop, and mobile simultaneously. Besides, if you need to connect a different

Best Baby Carriers in India

Baby Carriers

Raising your child can be one of the most magical and wonderful experiences. Moreover one needs to deal with the special events that attach with a baby right from their growing period. Even though babies cannot talk now, they tend

Best Tool Kits for Home Use in India

Tool Kits

Owning a tool kit is imperative. It allows you to store numerous hand tools. With the help of those tools, you can accomplish various small home projects. Besides, you can improve plenty of things if you have those tools on

Best Watches for Women in India

Watches for Women

In this era, we define a person by their style or class. From clothes to accessories, a person must have enough passion for carrying forward the style. Especially for women, watches are a product that can never be more in

Best Baby Wipes in India

Baby Wipes

Infants come with sensitive skin, and that requires precise supervision. You have to be extra careful when you are cleaning your baby’s skin. Try to be as picky as possible when you are buying a cleaning product for your baby.

Best Laptop Tables in India

Laptop Tables

With the world becoming technologically advanced, the need for laptops is on the rise. However, working on your computer for a more extended period can cause you discomfort and a lot of pain in your neck and back area. It

Best Treadmills for Home Use in India


The fast-paced life of today’s generation leads to poor time management for themselves. Most of the individuals could not pay proper attention to their physical health due to time. To solve this problem, health fitness companies have introduced treadmills. With

Best Hair Clippers in India

Hair Clippers

In this present era, grooming has become an important task. Your presentation reflects the kind of personality you possess. Sometimes dressing well might exude confidence, whereas, at other points of time, dressing shabbily diminishes your brand image. In today’s fast

Best Tablets in India


Nowadays, people cannot live without any gadgets. We require a smartphone for our daily life. But what if you can get all the features of a smartphone and a laptop combined on a larger screen that is easier to carry

Best Hair Colours for Men in India

Hair Colours for Men

If you are getting grey hair, then it’s time that you stop your worries! If you do not have enough time to take care of those grey hairs, then the best hair color products are there to solve your hair

Best Spin Mops in India

Spin Mops

Mopping is a task that every Indian household indulges in. But it is boring and messy. To keep your house neat and clean, almost every day you have to mop your house. Previously Indian households used the traditional system of

Best Laptops in India


Buying a laptop is not about the specifications only. There are other imperative parameters that you also have to take into account. The first thing that you have to do is to realize the purpose of buying a laptop. You

Best 32 Inch Smart TVs in India

32 Inch Smart TVs

Television nowadays is so much more than just a passive entertainment piece. It now allows us to enjoy very active experiences. That being said, even a few decades ago, boxy TV sets just sat in one corner of our living

Best Handbags in India


With the U-turn that our fashion world has taken, handbags do serve utility functions along with style statements. Your look will never complete without a well-defined handbag. Besides, it has become the style statement for every woman nowadays. From your

Best DSLR Cameras in India

DSLR Cameras

So, you are a passionate photographer and thinking about buying a brand new DSLR camera. Well, that’s great. You are just in the right place now, and we promise that we will give you all the basic information you need

Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin in India

Moisturizers for Oily Skin

If you want the best skin, you should go for regular CTM. The last and the most important step of the skincare regime is moisturizing. It can help you look younger and keep your skin smooth and supple. And if

Best Smartwatches in India


A smartwatch is the epitome of style and technology. It boasts various exciting and beneficial features. Apart from tracking time, a smartwatch will allow you to track numerous other things, such as your pulse rate. Besides, it serves the purpose

Best Foundations in India


It can be daunting to get the right foundation for your skin. If you select the wrong shade, it will ruin your entire look. In case you pick a foundation that is not waterproof, it will not stay for long.

Best Sandwich Makers in India

Sandwich Makers

A sandwich maker is an efficient addition to our kitchen. It allows us to make delectable sandwiches. Besides, you can save a considerable amount of time with a sandwich maker on your side. On most of the working days, we

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

Kitchen Chimneys

While the tantalizing aroma and mouth-watering taste of Indian food tempt you to cook more, the stubborn and greasy stain on the kitchen tiles and ceiling may make you think twice before you try new dishes. The aromatic tadka always

Best Soaps for Dry Skin in India

Soaps for Dry Skin

Skin is known to be the essence of beauty. Like all the organs, your skin needs nourishment too. In order to provide nutrition, you have to understand the nature of the skin type. Many of you become confused when it

Best Inverters for Home in India

Inverters for Home

Have you also experienced sudden power cuts or load shedding while working from home? You must be fed up with daily power cuts that will not allow you to use your favorite gadgets like TV. Being a resident of India,

Best Egg Boilers in India

Egg Boilers

Some wise person has perfectly quoted, “an egg today is better than a hen tomorrow.” As an egg happens to be the staple food of every humankind, there is no doubt about eggs’ benefits. It is one of the most

Best Compact Powders in India

Compact Powders

As a woman, you have to face the complex problem of maintaining flawless makeup throughout the day. Hence, it’s essential to buy cosmetics like compact powder, which are of high quality. They prevent a dull look just after you have

Best Running Shoes for Men in India

Running Shoes for Men

Buying a running shoe can be a beneficial decision. It provides a handful of advantages. It will not only keep your legs protected but will also improve your health. If you plan to conduct a workout session and running is

Best Epilators for Women in India

Epilators for Women

Unwanted hair growth on your body can rip the confidence out of you. To get rid of that, we often go to the Parlor to get the hair waxed. But the painful scenario leaves us with no other option but

Best Face Washes for Women in India

Face Washes for Women

All girls dream of having a smooth and glowing face. But when it comes to applying a magic potion on your face, you must be wondering what the right face product for you is? Spending thousands of money on your

Best CCTV Cameras in India

CCTV Cameras

Installing CCTV cameras at your premises is always a good idea. It will help you to track criminal activities. Similarly, if someone is carrying out any illegal purpose, you can monitor that with CCTV cameras. Another interesting fact that you

Best Ceiling Fans in India

Ceiling Fans

Are you about to move to a new house or redo your old house? Then the best thing to start off with is the ceiling fan! Yes, you heard me right. Ceiling fans are not just appliances to keep you

Best Hair Serums in India

Hair Serums

Using a hair serum is a good practice when it comes to the health of your hair. If you start using it precisely, it will bring numerous benefits to your hairs. For example, it will smoothen your hair, repair the

Best Perfumes for Women in India

Perfumes for Women

A perfume is a significant part of a woman’s day-to-day life. It makes her feel confident while she carries through her daily routine and boosts her self-image. The type of perfume that you are wearing determines the way that you

Best Baby Laundry Detergents in India

Baby Laundry Detergents

You have most surely evaluated everything that is happening inside the body of your baby. You are ready to do whatever it takes to keep him/her safe. Well, then start by choosing the right detergent. It can be a challenging

Best Emergency Lights in India

Emergency Lights

An emergency light is an important tool that we need during critical situations. It will work as a constant light source during power cuts, fire, and others. If the situation arrives where we need to evacuate people from the houses,

Best Hair Dryers in India

Hair Dryers

Do you have a habit of touching your hair frequently? Do you keep tossing, flipping, and twirling your hair? Probably, you keep checking mirrors to see whether your hair is perfect. Well, if you do all these, then you are

Best Vegetable Choppers in India

Vegetable Choppers

Cooking tasty food is an art. But what about the struggle one has to take to prepare this beautiful art. Over the ages, we all have struggled while cutting vegetables. If you are one of those who struggled, then this

Best Weighing Machines in India

Weighing Machines

The rise of obesity is one of the most alarming health issues in the world. Our lifestyle, stress, and anxiety are key factors responsible for the surge of obesity. We should be aware of this situation and take all necessary

Best Dog Foods in India

Dog Foods

All of us want the best for our furry friend. The pet industry is increasing day by day in India. Hence, there are several overwhelming dog food options available in India. Being predatory animals, they need a balanced diet. A

Best Home Theatre Systems in India

Home Theatre Systems

If you are a cine buff or a music lover, buying a home theatre can never go wrong. It will allow you to witness an immersive experience at the highest level. However, choosing the best home theatre system in India

Best Nebulizer Machines in India


Before knowing the list of the best nebulizer machines in India, let us look at its definition. A nebulizer is a machine that will convert your liquid medicine into a mist. It is a drug delivery system using compressed air

Best Hand Blenders in India

Hand Blenders

How about baking a cake quickly or making soup in just 60 seconds? No one wants to waste time doing this waggish task in the kitchen. But not to worry! Our technology is continually improving and bringing the best for

Best Vacuum Cleaners in India

Vacuum Cleaners

You were looking for a spectacular house, and now you have bought your dream house, but now you came to realize the harsh reality, the maintenance. To keep your dream house dream-worthy, it is vital to do proper maintenance work,

Best Helmets in India


If you are riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet is a must. It protects your head, which is the most sensitive part of your body. Whenever we take our motorcycles out on busy roads, we become prone to adverse accidents.

Best Hand Mixers in India

Hand Mixers

Have you ever walked into a cafe? You were blown away by the amazing selection of pastries, bread, and bagels there. One taste of one of these felt like a bite from heaven. Well, if you are a pastry connoisseur,

Best Wet Grinders in India

Wet Grinders

Before moving on to the different kinds of the best wet grinders in India, let us know a little bit more about wet grinders. If you have a modern kitchen, this particular gadget should be an indispensable part of your

Best Washing Machines in India

Washing Machines

Choosing the best is always a more challenging choice. In India, previously, there were many choices for the detergent bars that cleansed our clothes. But with the advancement and uplift in our lifestyle, we want everything to be operated by

Best Oximeters in India


Do you or anyone in your family have blood pressure/diabetes? If yes, then you must get yourself/your family members checked at regular intervals. But there are times when it becomes difficult to go to the doctor’s chamber across the city

Best Steam Irons in India

Steam Irons

If you want to create your best impression on someone, you must definitely pay attention to your grooming. If you wear a neat, crisp, wrinkle-free, fresh-looking ironed cloth; it will give you a smart look. So, in case you want

Best Air Conditioners in India


Every year India experiences a rise in the heat during summer. There is an abrupt rise of 0.8 degrees in the average temperature over the last decade. Of course, we all can agree that the reason is global warming. With

Best Bluetooth Earphones in India

Bluetooth Earphones

In the Indian market, the taste of music has changed over time. With this, the quality of headphones or earphones has also changed. As we know, music plays a significant role in our lifestyle, and we all love to hear

Best Water Heaters Geysers in India


Geysers are the best cost-effective and convenient solution for meeting your hot water needs. During the winter months, most of us dread having baths. That is when water heaters play a crucial role in keeping us warm. Besides, they are

Best Gas Stoves in India

Gas Stoves

Compared to induction stoves, most Indian households prefer gas stoves. Cooking in gas stoves comes with numerous benefits. For instance, it is pocket-friendly. If you compare it with other cooking forms, you will find out that it will create less

Best Sewing Machines in India

Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are one of the essential equipment for home-usage. But, nowadays, due to the capitalist nature of society, we rarely invest in them. It has led us to rush to the tailor’s shop now and then for our basic

Best Pressure Cookers in India

Pressure Cookers

If you take a look at the Indian kitchen, a pressure cooker will be there. To be precise, a pressure cooker is a mandatory cooking tool for Indian kitchens. It comes in various shapes and designs. For instance, in some

Best Dishwashers in India


Cleaning dishes is nobody’s favourite job! Even with help around, washing dishes takes a considerable amount of time and energy. What’s more, it requires conviction! However, with dishwashers introduced in India, the problem of cleaning and washing dishes has been

Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India

Baby Feeding Bottles

We are always looking for the best options for our little love, but are we making the smartest decision all the way up? We need to be extra careful when buying products for our babies, but the considerations become tougher

Best Badminton Rackets in India

Badminton Rackets

Badminton is one of the common sports that both men and women play. Even today, many school-going children are playing badminton, as it has become a popular sport at all schools. If you are one of those who likes playing

Best 40 Inch Smart TVs in India

40 Inch Smart TVs

Earlier, when we used to shop for TV, we usually look for things like screen size, picture quality, sound quality, and many more such things. With the increase in technology, we have another factor to look upon, that is smart

Best Baby Shampoos in India

Baby Shampoos

We all know newborns are delicate darlings. So if you are a mother, definitely you don’t like compromising with the quality of baby products. When it is about skincare or haircare, one needs to pay special attention and buy the

Best BP Monitors in India

BP Monitors

We all know that high blood pressure is a severe problem that leads to many other health diseases. If anyone in your house is suffering from high blood pressure, then it is natural that you have to check the blood

Best Coffee Makers in India

Coffee Makers

Are you the one who starts your morning with hot coffee? Coffee is that beverage that is increasingly gaining popularity in India. Undoubtedly, India is well known for its top hot drink, tea, but coffee has also come a long

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Car Vacuum Cleaners

Cleanliness is an essential aspect of our day-to-day life. We always make sure that our surroundings and our house is clean from dust and bacteria that can affect our health. But we always forget to clean our cars in which

Best Air Coolers in India

Air Coolers

One of the unbearable and intolerable climates in a year is the summer season. The sunlight and the heat can make one feel despairing. The awful sun makes us crave a comforting and cool environment. After a long, tiring, and

Best Water Purifiers in India

Water Purifiers

We all are aware of the fact that water is an essential part of everyone’s life. With an increase in water pollution, the percentage of clean and safe drinking water is reducing. Due to pollution, water is becoming unfit for

Best Microwave Ovens in India

Microwave Ovens

Nowadays, technology plays a significant role in our busy lives. At present, we can cook different dishes in a matter of a few minutes with these technologies. Microwave ovens are a primary example of such an appliance. Top 9 Best

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner, or Roomba, is a self-sufficient robotic vacuum cleaner incorporated with intelligent programming. Since it has this mechanical functioning ability, there is no need for manual operation as it cleans autonomously. Roomba or robotic vacuum cleaner is

Best Smart TVs in India

Smart TVs

Over the decades, television has developed a lot. Now, it is not that same old idiot box, which is confined to showing you content. These days, your television is capable of doing multiple tasks in addition to playing content. The

Best Food Processors in India

Food Processors

Cooking is an integral part of our life. You may hate it or like it, but you cannot ignore it. But in this fast 21st-century life, often this cooking becomes a menace. With all the chopping, dicing, and grinding, it

Best Inverter Batteries in India

Inverter Batteries

Power cuts are one of the common problems in Indian households. That is why some homeowners have installed an inverter to get electricity consistently. However, what is the use of an inverter when its battery is dead? It is better

Best Baby Walkers in India

Baby Walkers

You must be waiting for the day when your baby takes their first step. Watching them walking themselves is excellent, isn’t it? The best baby walker helps your children walk themselves without your help and ensures their safety. Your baby

Best Mattresses in India


Everyone deserves a good sleep after a strenuous day. Post a specific point in time, a worn-out mattress can affect your sleep cycle. So, you will not get much rest. The right mattress will improve your sleep quality and prevent

Best Backpacks in India


When we think about backpacks, the primary thing that rings a bell is the gritty knapsacks used for carrying your items. Be that as it may, nowadays, rucksacks have advanced to turn out to be a more significant amount of

Best Yoga Mats in India

Yoga Mats

“Health is wealth” is the most common phrase that many people are familiar with. Transitioning and adopting a healthy lifestyle has gained much spotlight in recent days. People are getting concerned about their health and have started to get inclined

Best Air Fryers in India

Air Fryers

Are you health conscious and looking for oil-free cooking? Then nothing is better than buying the best air fryer in India. Air fryers are an innovative kitchen appliance that one should have to cook healthy food items in their kitchen.

Best Mixer Grinders in India

Mixer Grinders

A mixer grinder is a kitchen electrical appliance that helps in grinding and mixing operations. This versatile appliance is a useful kitchen tool for whipping cream, mixing shakes, grinding spices, or chutneys. It can help to prepare foods or ingredients

Best Air Purifiers in India

Air Purifiers

India has one of the highest forms of air pollution among other countries in the world. Earlier, when the times were simpler, people enjoyed the fresh air. Nowadays, due to the improvements in technology and science, industries and vehicles add

Best Baby Lotions in India

Baby Lotions

Did you know that your baby’s skin is ten times more sensitive than yours? Unlike an adult’s skin, a baby’s skin needs more care and attention. It is imperative to keep your baby’s skin moisturized and clean. If your baby

Best Juicers in India


If juice has become a part of your daily routine, you must get the best juicer in India. You must be wondering how to choose the best juicer when there are endless options in the market. Let us read here

Best Baby Diapers in India

Baby Diapers

Being a parent, one of your significant responsibilities is to keep your baby comfortable. Babies tend to have sensitive skin. Thus, they need the utmost care and attention. Along with baby creams and powder, the Best Baby Diapers In India

Best Induction Cooktops in India

Induction Cooktops

Since the time humans discovered how to make a fire, we have been eager to cook food. Over a period of time, cooking skills and methods have evolved to become more sophisticated and compact. In this modern era, one of

Best Electric Kettles in India

Electric Kettles

Electric Kettles are one of those appliances gaining popularity among Indian homes. It’s a very convenient product that you can utilize not just to boil your water without a gas stove or heat, but it’ll also help you with making

Best Forehead Thermometers in India

Forehead Thermometers

You must have noticed that most of the diseases have initial symptoms similar to fever. So chances are there that serious diseases can be overlooked as minor fever. Hence measuring the body temperature is important in order to determine whether

Best Office Chairs in India

Office Chairs

As we are shifting towards an online world, most employees work continuously sitting in front of laptops or computers. We all need a perfect office chair that provides support throughout the day and makes our work more enjoyable. Other than

Best Glucometers in India


Due to unhealthy lifestyles, India has become the diabetes capital of the world. It’s a shocking fact that one among the six people with diabetes in the world is from India. Timely detection and proper care help patients to lead

Best Hair Straighteners in India

Hair Straighteners

Most women love smooth and straight hair that is easy to style and maintain. Straightening can change your appearance. By investing in a good hair straightener, you can style your hair. Check out the most reliable hair straighteners in India.

Best Power Banks in India

Power Banks

The use of power banks is common nowadays because of their convenience. These portable little devices can be a life-saver if your battery runs out. The best power banks must be small and compact while holding enough power to charge

Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers in India

Baby Bottle Sterilizers

A baby’s immune system is not well-developed during the first year. So babies are more vulnerable to infection and illness than others. Mothers cannot take a chance. So it is important to sterilize all baby products for one year. Sterilizing

Best Baby Car Seats in India

Baby Car Seats

While traveling, everyone will be concerned about the safety of the baby. Adults have car belts for safety which stops adults from falling forward. What about infants or little kids? They won’t fit in such seatbelts. Hence, they must use

Best Trimmers for Men in India

Trimmers for Men

Trimmer is a must-have grooming tool for men. Using trimmers, you can easily groom and style without going to a salon. Buying a trimmer reduces your shaving salon expenses. Unlike razors, the trimmer is soft on your skin and does

Best Android TVs in India

Android TVs

Android TV is a version of Google’s Android operating system that has been specially designed for TVs. Android TV is a smart entertainment platform for your favourite apps, games, movies, and TV shows. They have a built-in chrome cast to

Best Refrigerators in India


A refrigerator has become an inevitable appliance in the kitchen. Refrigeration slows bacterial growth. Thereby maintaining the freshness and shelf life for food items. Buying a refrigerator is a long term investment. Seemingly endless varieties are available in India. So