About Us

Recovendor is a research and analysis firm that started in the year 2014. We help consumers in their research to find the best vendors. You can know all about us here.

Our analysts rank websites, services, or products under categories. Also, there are thousands of vendors ranked under hundreds of categories. The team ranks vendors based on factors relevant to their industry.

They gauge trust factors, website traffic, and social reviews in common. Also, the team customizes the rest of the ranking signals to suit the industry. The team adds and update vendors to each list quite often.

This helps users find the best vendor for a service or products within minutes.

Recovendor is like a directory. But, unlike a directory, the user does not have to take full effort. On directories, users have to do their own research to narrow down to a firm.

But, here, the Recovendor team does the research for you. We list vendors in order of score they have received. Also, each vendor has a description including the factors considered for the ranking.

This makes it easy for the user to find the best vendors without much effort. We made the site as a solution to make vendor research easy. Besides, the team improves and adds features to make it better every day.


The mission of the Recovendor is simple. Help customers in their research to find the best vendors.


Our Vision is to be the one-stop solution for vendor research.


We started as a directory and evolved into a research and analysis firm. We thrive to provide cutting edge market research by analyzing industry data.

Also, helping customers with insights and analysis to choose the right vendor. Our focus is to grow the website to a global treasury of vendors. For vendors, the site is a good platform to build their reputation and trust.

Vendors get visibility to the right audience on the site. We gauge and rank vendors based on the data available on the industry. Also, our goal is to ensure unbiased information to discover businesses.

Besides, we envision changing the way consumers research products or services.

Every day, our team works towards improving the website and its features. The goal is to help consumers make their vendor selection process easy.

Also, we have added many features and ranking signals from our user’s feedback. We thrive to better our research methodology and website features.

We understand what money and time are for consumers. Hence, our website has always been and will be free for its users.


Recovendor.com scores vendors on many levels. The primary focus is to understand the trustworthiness of a firm. To gauge this, our analysts look at:

Trust Score – This is the measure of client satisfaction based on reviews across the internet. Also, we look at market research report to know the firm’s reputation. Besides, we use third-party trust metrics to collect data to calculate the trust score.

Focus Score – There might be many products or services offered by a firm. We look at their focus area as an important ranking factor.

Search Metrics – The more branded searches on the internet the better. Also, we look at the share of search traffic compared to other sources. Besides, we look at search traffic from relevant keywords on search.

Website – We look into many factors from a firm’s website’s performance. Traffic volume is the primary focus. Also, we look at sources of traffic. SERP of Keywords related to the service or product. Also, the DA, PA score from third-party providers.

Market Research – We look at market research reports, both free and paid. This helps to better understand the firm and its industry. Also, this helps us find the best performing firm in a category or location.

Awards – We look at awards and recognition. Industry recognized awards tell us the quality of their service. The number of good awards is an important ranking factor.

Location – We look at the office and service location of a firm. It is not a direct ranking factor. But, it affects in which category or location we include the firm.


Recovendor.com has a team of researchers and editors. Also, the team gets support from contributors around the globe. Researchers collect information to help us rank the vendors.

They look at primary data sources and market research reports. The research team looks at an average of 20 signals to rank a vendor. This includes primary factors like trust score, DA, and traffic.

Also, they consider user reviews online. Besides, the team collects inputs from users and contributors around the world. Also, based on the industry, we considered other relevant factors.

A team of qualified editors puts together the research findings. They ensure the research finding published is easy to understand. Also, ensure to write research data in clear and natural language.

Besides, They collect feedback and change content in categories quite often. This helps us improve our pages and serve the consumers the best.

Also, we have contributors other than in house researchers and editors. They provide research data and text content to the team.

As a next-gen company, the recovendor.com team has a remote workplace. Our teams work from around the globe.


Whether you are an analyst, designer, or editor, we have your dream job. Also, you can be a contributor to recovendor.com. Visit our contact us page for details to share your resume with us.

Form entry-level to leadership, we have an array of openings for you. Recovendor.com runs on a remote team.

Our team members work remotely and independently around the world. From team to project management, we use cloud-based solutions to coordinate.

For more information on Recovendor, you can mail us at recovendor@gmail.com