AR (Augmented Reality) App Development Companies

AR app development companies review by professionals. Find the best company & developers providing augmented reality app development services.

Top AR (Augmented Reality) App Developers & Development Companies


Our team of experts, from designers to developers, all are up to help you in taking your business on the augmented-virtual world. SAG IPL is one of the top Augmented Reality app development companies in the world. SAG IPL is a mobile app development wing of SAG Infotech Pvt Ltd, a renowned name in providing various IT solutions for more than a decade. SAG IPL leverages the years of experience in a step ahead interactive user experience technology for varied business platforms. With the dedicated team of experts, we at SAG IPL have developed an Android and iOS based Augmented Reality application which offers a dual mixture of the virtual and real world. With the latest trend of Augmented Reality, we enable you to serve your customers in most interactive manner.

#2 Contus

Contus is a digital transformation company offering to develop Augmented Reality apps that catch the attention of users. Enterprise mobility is a strategic strength of Contus. The company has developed and launched several unique mobility solutions for its global client base including Augmented Reality mobile apps. Among its AR solutions include a variety of apps developed for hospitality, manufacturing and automotive industries. Contus relies on AR platforms developed for Android & iOS operating systems which helps it develop mobile apps for all devices uniformly.

#3 Chetu

Headquartered in Florida, Chetu is a global provider of high quality and cost-effective Information Technology Services. We develop augmented, virtual, and mixed reality software for smartphones, tablets, headset devices, wearable technologies, and other devices. We code AR / VR / MR software using popular design tools and SDKs including ARToolKit, Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Unity 3D, and more. We engineer interactive and immersive AR / VR / MR experiences using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), Augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML), X3D, and other technologies.

#4 Vakoms

Vakoms is a software development company that start-ups, SMEs & industry giants choose to build great products and make the business more efficient. We specialize in web, mobile and desktop app development, as well as 3D modeling, VR & AR development, IoT & embedded systems engineering. At Vakoms, we create VR/AR apps with interactive 3D content for various industries: real estate, interior design, automobile and transportation, healthcare and medicine, education, gaming, advertising, and others. Our engineers use Unity 3D engine to develop an application with a spectacular 3D VR/AR content for about any popular platform.

#5 Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack creates custom augmented reality (AR) solutions for a wide range of industries. Our team has a proven record creating custom AR experiences for the world's most respected names, since 2009. Our team has the exclusive ability to recognize and augment any real world object, through our proprietary PoindextAR platform.Our team helps you strategize the perfect approach, and guides your solution every step of the way. Gravity Jack's full-time research and development team ensures that clients like you are powered by the most cutting-edge solutions available.

#6 Program-Ace

Program-Ace is an innovation-oriented IT company focusing augmented and virtual reality development, online training, and virtual simulations. Program-Ace is a leading company in the field of augmented reality with specialized teams of experts capable of pushing the limits of the latest technologies, including Unity 3D and Unreal Engine. Our AR developers use the power of tools like Unity3D, Vuforia, Metaio to provide top-class augmented reality development services and create apps that bring clients’ marketing campaigns to new levels. Our robust research development team are well trained to develop augmented reality solutions that will meet your business needs.

#7 Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions Inc. is a Chicago based software development company specializing in enterprise software and mobility solutions. We Build AR Experiences For Mobile Phones, Tablets And Smart Glasses. Augmented Reality (AR) has the potential to change the way companies market their products and services. The company works with Fortune 100 companies and startups on emerging tech trends. We provide consulting, development and support services to numerous clients from various industries.

#8 Zco Corporation

Zco is one of the top augmented reality development companies in the US and we can provide you with wonderful AR visualizations for your audience. We combine innovations, creativity and research to provide the best-augmented reality services to our clients. Our AR developers have a wide range of technical proficiencies and can build a variety of high-quality AR solutions for both consumer and enterprise projects. As with any development contract, Zco promises confidentiality from the initial conversation all throughout the Augmented Reality project. Zco’s rich experience with 3D animation makes the development of all AR ideas progress more smoothly.

#9 Credencys

Credencys believes in developing efficient and simple software solutions that help enterprises in expediting their digital transformation initiatives. Augmented reality apps development requires cutting-edge technologies. Our team comprises of experienced and highly-qualified AR Developers who leave no stone unturned to deliver the best app as per your branding needs. As Metaio’s Licensing Partner, we have a keen understanding of upcoming technologies. You can now take your marketing campaigns to the next level by creating cool Augmented Reality apps. Get unmatched augmented reality application development solutions at affordable prices.

#10 Perfomatix

Perfomatix is a software development company specialized in developing highly scalable APIs and Mobile apps. We also have strong expertise in IoT apps, Virtual Reality apps and Augmented Reality apps. We develop custom AR apps based on customer request. JewelAR, the world’s best virtual jewelry and e-catalogue solution, offers unparalleled marketing space for jewelry retailers.and it offers real-time selection and trial of jewelry items with simple touch screen interface. We have a competitive pricing model which enables us to deliver end to end IT solutions to clients at an optimal cost.