Best 32 Inch Smart TVs in India

Television nowadays is so much more than just a passive entertainment piece. It now allows us to enjoy very active experiences. That being said, even a few decades ago, boxy TV sets just sat in one corner of our living room and turned on only for a specific period at a time. Don’t you feel astonished how the scenario has changed? And so drastically?

Smart TVs have guided us in this brand-new golden age of multimedia since it serves a plethora of purposes. Smart TVs have the infinite potential of the Internet as well as streaming content. If that does not stir your attention, you are probably just too boring for today’s era!

Best 32 Inch Smart TVs in India: Compact Entertainment with Smart Features and Immersive Viewing Experience

Smart TVs are manufactured for connecting to one’s home internet either wirelessly or through Ethernet. You are able to watch practically any show you want just by downloading the correct entertainment applications. No matter if you are a movie viewer or just into the news, Smart TVs are worth the investment. Here is a list of the Best 32 Inch Smart TVs in India.

1. LG (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV

LG HD Ready LED Smart TV is considered the best 32 inch smart TV in India by a major segment of the population. The stylish finish and thin bezel works in complete harmony with practically all types of interiors, and create a phenomenal viewing experience. The individuals can use the TV as their dashboard too. Yes, now create your exclusive daily routine seamlessly.


  • The four accurate and fast processors remove noise and create immensely dynamic colour contrast.
  • The images with low resolution are scaled up and reproduced as more vivid and sharper.
  • Thanks to the intuitive dashboard, you can gain access to a wide range of connected devices from one screen remotely.
  • The interface is designed specifically for the TV. So you may enjoy all the smart features without any hassle.


  • The reflectors are not well enough, and they might create dots on the screen.
  • The sound quality of this LG TV is not up to the mark.
  • The built-in browser is inefficient.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is missing.

2. Samsung (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV

Samsung Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV is a clever pick for all modern-day individuals. The best thing, perhaps, is the compact design, which does not look odd if your living area is excessively large or a tad small. You can convert a Samsung Smart TV into your own personal computer and do things such as working from the cloud. That is amazing, right?


  • Samsung Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV is believed to be the best 32 inch smart TV in India, probably because of the high dynamic range. You can enjoy a varied spectrum of visual details and colours, even in the darkest scenes.
  • You will be able to play videos and music from the smartphone on the television and make entertainment much more all-encompassing.
  • Samsung Smart TV has completely revolutionized the playlist. You will watch the music become alive because the TV will turn into a music system having three separate colour tones. The beats will sound as well as look amazing.
  • Samsung Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart comes with a built-in content guide. It suggests popular movies and shows that are customised as per your preferences.


  • The television does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

3. MI TV 4A PRO (32 inches) HD Smart TV

The MI TV 4A Pro HD Ready Android LED TV has attained recognition all across the globe as the best 32 inch smart TV in India for multiple reasons. It has an exceptionally powerful 64-bit quad-core processor, which obviously enhances the entire viewing experience to the greatest extent. The 7th generation image engine lets you enjoy alleviated noise, a wide range of vibrant colours, and professionally calibrated visuals.


  • The two incredibly dedicated speakers generate phenomenal sound, which matches with the entire standard of the image, and fills the entire room with clear dialogues from your favourite movies or shows.
  • You can cast whatever you like, starting from videos to films into MI TV. Thanks to the Chromecast built-in, it has been quite easy to put all your favourite content together on one bigger screen.
  • This MI TV runs on the brand-new Android 9.0. Android TV lets people enjoy the innovation of Google through a seamless and simple entertainment experience.
  • Owing to the PatchWall 3.0, the MI TV lets you bring a whole lot of content from varied apps directly into your home page. Right now, the brand is partnered with over twenty top companies.


  • The resolution and picture quality is not up to the mark.

4. Kodak (32 Inches) HD Certified Android LED TV

The Kodak HD Certified Android LED TV has also made quite a buzz in the market, with several people claiming it to be the best 32 inch smart TV in India right now. Besides all the amazing features, the Kodak TV is noted for its sleek design. It is so incredibly stylish and can change the entire mood of your living area.


  • The 24W inbuilt speakers make sure you can hear all the sounds in detail. All Kodak wants is for you to enjoy movies and music to the fullest.
  • Thanks to Android 9.0, you can explore the manifold capacities of this TV. Strong hardware, Bluetooth voice-enabled remote control, thousands of applications and content, along home automation, are certainly worth mentioning.
  • The Kodak TV offers an excellent visual experience by incorporating varied contrasts to the varied parts of the screen, which provides the images with a phenomenal depth.
  • You get the option to plug in your Bluetooth, HDMI, WIFI, and USB.


  • The TV often automatically switches off.

5. Onida (43 Inches) Full HD Smart TV

The Onida Fire TV Edition Full HD Smart IPS LED TV has a screen dimension of 43 inches and a resolution of a cent percent HD pixels. With this television, people may enjoy a theatre-like experience without stepping out of their house. Onida assures distinct sound, clear visuals, and an immersive entertainment experience – that is all the modern-day individuals want from their TV, right?


  • The user interface is incredibly smooth. In other words, anyone, even people who consider themselves technologically challenged, can operate the television in a hassle-free manner.
  • As mentioned above, the quality of the picture and sound is simply out of the world. You would be getting much more than what you paid for.
  • Onida Fire TV also assures excellent connectivity options. You can connect an external device using Bluetooth.


  • To control the sound and picture, you have to press the settings button for a long, which is not ideal.

6. OnePlus Y Series (32 inches) HD LED Smart TV

The OnePlus Y Series HD Ready LED Smart Android TV has been in the news for being the best 32 inch smart TV in India. Treat the eyes with breathtaking imagery armored with a 93% DCI-P3 colour range. It also features twenty percent of cinematic colours that just makes watching movies and shows all the more fascinating. There is another unique feature in the OnePlus TV called a shared album. Through it, you can share your pictures and videos from your phone directly on your television.


  • The Dolby audio speakers ensure immersive, rich, and powerful audio. In other words, you get to enjoy crystal clear sound quality without worrying about the background noises.
  • The Gamma Engine promises amazing picture quality and makes the television capable enough of optimising video content in real-time.
  • The OnePlus TVs are a favourite of many since it helps you create a convenient entertainment unit. With multiple ports, you can do everything – starting from playing video games to binge-watching the Netflix originals.
  • The OnePlus Smart TV is intuitive as well as intelligent. The Google Assistant lets you utilize voice commands to gain access to apps in the Play Store, and explore tailored suggestions just for you.


  • The TV does have the tendency to restart automatically.

7. Kevin (32 Inches) HD LED TV

Kevin HD Ready LED TV is believed to be the best 32 inch smart TV in India by many, probably because of the clear motion rate, vibrant images, and better colour. Also, when compared to the other smart televisions, its price is quite low. So, people can afford Kevin LED TVs without going beyond their budget. The HRDD technology brings all the images to life, thus, makes watching movies, shows, or other video content satisfactory.


  • You are free to pick a plethora of colours. The HRDD and crystal colour work together to deliver the best. The whites appear distinct, and the darker shades much bold.
  • You can toggle between a wide range of screen dimensions. Watch video content in the best zoom mode.
  • Kevin TV brings the virtual world of gaming directly to your living room. Enjoy your games in optima resolution and sound.


  • The display panel may seem a tad loose.

8. Shinco (32 Inches) HD Smart LED TV

Shinco HD Ready Smart LED TV has acquired popularity all across the globe as the best 32 inch smart TV in India. Compared to the other television sets in this list, Shinco is quite reasonably priced. Designed for expressing, it generates various colour shades with finer details as well as gradation. It helps you enjoy lifelike images with realistic contrast. You get absolutely what you pay for.


  • Shinco HD Ready Smart LED TV is perhaps the best 32 inch smart TV in India because it has Alexa in-built, with which you can stay updated about sports, weather, news, movies, shows, etc.
  • It is going to sound phenomenal. Powered with twenty-watt speakers and advanced sound technology, you will notice the difference every time you watch or listen to something on Shinco.
  • Shinco has A-35 quad-core processor that runs almost four times faster than any other entertainment unit. It comes with 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM for better space as well as speed.


  • Although perceived as the best 32 inch smart TV in India, the screen has dark patches.

9. TCL (32 inches) HD Smart LED TV

TCL HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV is one of the best smart TVs available in the market at present. It has Google Play Store in-built so that you may download your favourite applications directly into your TV. What can be better than this, right? Evolve your entertainment experience with several streaming devices.


  • TCL TV has an A+ HD panel that assures detailed, clear, and enriching picture quality. With HD resolution, you can explore the details of the image in a seamless manner.
  • It has a micro dimming effect that evaluates the content in approximately 512 zones, adjusting darkness and brightness separately.
  • The TV has Dolby audio speakers and a built-in stereo box, which optimizes sound quality.


  • The user interface is a tad difficult.
  • The screen freezes sometimes.

10. Sony Bravia (32 inches) HD Smart LED TV

Sony is a multinational conglomerate of Japan and a leader in music and electronics all across the globe. To enhance your entertainment experience, please rely on Sony Bravia HD Ready Smart LED TV, which is the best 32 inch smart TV in India. The display resolution assures clear and crisp visuals. It also has in-built speakers, and thanks to the HDMI ports, connecting the TV with other technological devices is quite easy.


  • The high dynamic range makes sure you get to see the details embedded in the darkest and brightest corners of a picture.
  • Thanks to X-reality PRO, the picture processing increases for every pixel, generating excellent clarity. Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV closely analyses every frame and matches it with the special picture database.
  • Sony Bravia is known for its best sound that encompasses you from all sides. Hear songs and listen to dialogues with cent percent clarity.
  • Sony Bravia Smart LED TV is highly durable and designed to endure even the toughest conditions. It is resistant to power surges, humidity, dust, and lightning strikes.


  • The TV lacks Bluetooth connectivity.

Buying Guide for Best 32 Inch Smart TV in India

Smart TVs are categorized into so many versions – LED, 4K, HDR, OLED, and what not! The vast world of television is evolving with each passing day and is getting a tad chaotic too. So, it is natural to face difficulty when choosing a television from the plethora of options readily available in the market, all of which claim to generate an exceptional entertainment experience. You cannot just drop in a store and ask for the best 32 inch smart TVs in India. Things don’t work that way. To arrive at an informed decision, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

Learn About the Manifold Benefits of Smart TV

The providers of the best 32 inch Smart TV in India said such television sets have benefits no modern-day individual can ever imagine – starting from user-friendly nature to smartphone compatibility. For details, please continue reading.

Reliability: Even though the wide range of streaming devices can turn a non-smart television into a smart one, they are usually much less reliable than a genuine, smart TV. This is specifically true if you have a wireless Internet connection because buffering and limited WI-FI signals can hamper the overall experience. To put it simply, smart TVs are just better products as they can retain connectivity under all circumstances and make sure you do not miss any part of your favourite show.

Convenience: While the paid television companies may provide various programming options, including the on-demand, they are outright nothing when compared to the huge amount of content you will be able to watch on a Smart TV at your own convenience. What is more amazing is that all of the content is easily accessible for a single home screen. This means you do not need to swap remotes or input channels for viewing everything at once.

User-Friendliness: Smart TVs have gained massive popularity all across the globe, probably because they can be set up and used without much hassle. All you have to do is plug the television into your wall and connect it to your Internet network. Once the installation is done, use it as a standard streaming device or TV. Anyone, even a kid or an elderly, can learn innumerable features within an hour or so.

Decluttering: Do you have a paid TV box, a Blu-ray player, a streaming device, or a DVD player? If yes, you know exactly how many HDMI cords plug into your television. You also have to manage at least two remotes at once, sometimes more. Smart TVs, yes, even the best 32 inch smart TV in India, not only assure an excellent entertainment experience but allows you to have a decluttered entertainment unit. You can ditch streaming devices and watch movies by directly purchasing them from the apps. This even reduces the TV bill you pay every month.

Smartphone Compatibility: Although smart TVs do have their own remote controls, you can operate them via your smartphone. That is just great, right? You just have to download a specific app, and you have the entire smart TV at your fingertips. Forget about searching the remote throughout the house and surf movies while texting your best friend from one device.

Affordability: The experts offering the best 32 inch smart TV in India said that smart TVs had gained extensive recognition probably because everyone can afford them. Their price points are almost equal or at times less than the price points of traditional high definition televisions. This and the several benefits that we covered, doesn’t it make sense to get a smart TV? Yes, it does!

Screen Resolution and Size: Which Is Ideal for Your Home?

Everyone knows that television comes in diverse sizes. Some are as tiny as 24 inches and some as huge as 85 inches; at least that’s how it is in the Indian market. To narrow down your choices, please first pay attention to the screen size. Start by cautiously measuring the room in which you are planning on installing the TV. Calculate the distance between the sofa, where you will sit to watch the TV, and the wall, where you are going to mount the TV.

You must try opting for a bigger screen if, of course, you have sufficient money. A bigger screen assures an immensely immersive experience, and you do not need to squint when reading sports scores, news tickers, and names of people in reality game shows.

Now let’s talk about screen resolution. It does not matter if you are looking for the best 32 inch smart TV in India or somewhere else; a full HD is a must. It is also called the 1080p or 1920 x 1080 pixels. An HD panel looks sharp for TVs that are as big as, say, 55 inches if placed diagonally. But, if you are purchasing a television that is more than 55 inches, then opt for the 4K resolution, also known as 3840 x 2160 pixels or UHD. For televisions bigger than 85 inches, 8K resolution seems perfect.

Type of Screen

At present, there are two screen technologies available for OLED and LCD televisions. The former are generally expensive. All the other televisions are LCD or variations of LCD. The LCD screen can be further divided into VA, TN, and IPS LCD.

LCD panels have attained widespread recognition, probably because they can be afforded by anyone and everyone. Most of the TVs do not rely on this particular screen technology, but some brands might in order to reach larger segments of the population. Now the TN screens have excellent response times in terms of the pixel. The viewing angle is quite narrow, so only the people sitting right in front of the TV can see the content clearly. People on the sides of the room will face difficulty. The contrast ratios are also extremely low. So it seems better to avoid the TN screen type altogether.

The OLED televisions are noted for wide contrast ratios, exceptional colours, and wide viewing angles. That being said, they cannot always attain the brightness of some of the VA LCD or QLED TVs. They also have a problem called the pixel burn-in. When the same scene, frame, or image is displayed for a prolonged period, the content starts distorting. Although the image retention does go away when you play videos only for limited hours or shuffle channels, the damage can sometimes be permanent.

Applications and Software

All smart TVs, even the best 32 inch smart TVs in India, need to have a high-tech operating system to run the various applications, have amazing features, and maintain cent percent compatibility with the associated accessories. There are three operating systems that you may find in modern-day televisions – Android TV (launched by Google), webOS (launched by LG), and Tizen (launched mainly by Samsung). There are many TVs that run on Amazon’s Fire Operating System, which is based on Android but not easily available in the Indian market.

The best smart TVs have a large number of apps to stream video and audio content. Make sure you invest in TVs that are already equipped with the following:

  • Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Apple TV
  • Disney Plus Hotstar
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Voot
  • Sony LIV
  • Eros Now
  • Spotify
  • Zee 5
  • Discovery Plus
  • Ports and Connectivity

Smart TVs must have a sufficient amount of ports as well as numerous connectivity features. You must have a TV that has two HDMI ports at least. If a TV is full HD, it must have 1.2 HDMI ports. If the resolution is 4K, you may expect 2.0 HDMI ports, and if 8K, then 2.1. To be on the safe side and to preserve compatibility with the old camcorders, please see that the TV has one port for video input.

In the case of audio, the new television needs to have one coaxial or optical port to conduct the digital audio content. It must also have one pair of RCA ports on the left and right side, or at least a headphone jack of 3.5mm so you can connect your external speakers or headphones without a DAC.

Since all the smart TVs require internet connectivity, make sure the one you get has a WIFI and Ethernet port. If you have 4Kor full HD, you must get a TV with a dual-band WIFI b/g/n/ac or WIFI 5 or dual-band WIFI b/g/n or WIFI 4. For 8K resolution, WIFI 6 is perfect. It lets you stream 8K videos online or through network storage.

Bluetooth seems like an added benefit since it helps you connect wireless headphones and earphones with your TV when you do not wish to disturb anyone else at your home.

FAQs to Buy 32 Inch Smart TV in India

Smart TV seems like a significant investment; so, make sure you do not make the purchase randomly. Conduct comprehensive research to know which television will best suit your needs. Suppose you wish to buy the best 32 inches smart TV in India, then try asking someone who has the same product. To arrive at a decision that you would regret down the road, please procure answers to the following questions too.

What exactly is a Smart TV?

Smart television could be defined as a TV that can be easily connected to the Internet, thus, allow you to access various popular video streaming services like Netflix and Prime and utilize apps like Skype and Facebook. Smart TV provides easy access to a plethora of channels. You get too many movies, shows and listen to more music without tying to any specific cable service. That is amazing, right? You can also browse the web and play games on a smart TV.

Which top brands manufacture Smart TV?

If you are planning on purchasing the best 32 inch smart TV in India, you must make sure you rely on the right brand. At present, many manufacturers are launching their smart TV to remain relevant. This means smart TVs have become a sort of norm, and you can expect several brands to jump on the bandwagon. But, the ones that assure to provide what you desire under all circumstances are:

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • JVC

The choices may confuse you, so you can seek assistance from the best agent in your locality – someone with profound knowledge of what is in fashion and what would be perfect for your lifestyle.

How do Smart TVs work?

Smart TVs work by connecting to the Internet just like your usual PC. You must have an Ethernet connection, but several TVs nowadays have an in-built WIFI system. For such TVs, you have to connect to the home network. You may feel the need to move the router if it is placed away from the television to make sure you get uninterrupted service.

How to enjoy a Smart TV?

Installing a smart TV is quite easy. In order to make the most out of it, you must take into account a few things. For instance, you must have an excellent Internet connection. If you wish to stream movies and shows, you will need a high broadband speed. In this way, you can enjoy content without problems like low-quality images or lagging. You would obviously need the TV license even when you are watching on the BBC iPlayer.


Smart TVs have gained massive popularity all across the globe. According to the IHS Market, about 70% of the total number of television sets sold last year was smart televisions. The number is surely much higher among the big screens. So, it is possible that your next television will be the best 32 inch smart TV in India or any other version of the smart TV that helps you access several streaming services, including Hulu and Netflix.

The best products now make abundant content that you may find without any hassle. For instance, many Smart TVs have universal search, and that means you can look out for movies and shows across several streaming services. Many even have voice capacity. So you are able to perform searches, adjust the volume, change the channels and control the power button with definite voice commands. An increasing number of brands agreed to work with voice-enabled digitized assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.