Best Air Coolers in India

One of the unbearable and intolerable climates in a year is the summer season. The sunlight and the heat can make one feel despairing. The awful sun makes us crave a comforting and cool environment. After a long, tiring, and humid day, air coolers are the most comforting things which can make one drop all the weariness. A wide range of coolers is available for Indian customers nowadays. These coolers offer their customers the utmost comfort with their advanced and improved technology and their enhanced features.

10 Best Air Coolers in India

From the big living areas to the cozy bedroom, office rooms to shops the smartest to choose for coolers with diverse use can be an ordeal. Here we offer a list consisting of the best Air Coolers in India built on their functions and features.

1. Bajaj Platina PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Coolers

One of the sensations of the brand Bajaj is its Bajaj Platina PX97 Torque 36-Litres Personal Air Coolers. Fabricated with Hexacool technology, it gives cooling capacity like no other coolers.

This cooler aids to give the fastest cooling with the slightest water consumption. Bajaj projects innovations that simplify human life. With this, the product aims to provide super air delivery, confirming a higher delivery while cooling any and every part of the house. Projecting its smarter side, this air cooler can freshen up the surrounding by removing the humidity.

Topping that is the 3 side cooling technology which adjusts the airflow as per requirement consuming power of 100 watts and operating voltage of 230 voltage. For all these reasons, it is amongst the best air coolers in India.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Efficient power control
  • No noise
  • Efficient and silent operation with good ventilation


  • A pungent smell may arise while working due to the chemicals used for cleaning the honeycomb pads
  • Won’t work effectively if not cross-ventilated

2. Symphony Siesta 45-liters Desert Air Coolers

Following this, next, we have Symphony Siesta 45-liters Desert Air Coolers presenting effective cooling with contoured 3 side cooling pads. The product comes with castor wheels that rotate at a 360° angle, making it portable around the house.

The product is engineered with an overflow outlet helping to drain residue water without any spillage. For an even oscillation of cool air, it is systemized with the auto louver movement. The air cooler is also embedded with an ice/water chamber maximizing the cooler’s cooling capacity.

The best part of this product is the power consumption as it runs on the operating cost of a fan, that is, 230 volts with a consumption power of 150 watts.


  • Easy to use dial knob control
  • Contains a water release plug for easy water release
  • Low power consumption
  • Designed grill with powerful fan for faster cooling and better air throw
  • Comes with an empty water tank alarm


  • Bulkier body
  • Unopenable side doors

3. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler

If you are looking for a cooler that can cool every nook and corner of your room, look nowhere else. Havells Celia Desert Air Cooler is a powerful cooler that comes with a capacity of 55 liters. Unlike other coolers, you don’t have to worry about its sound. It comprises a unique fan design that will ensure low noise cooling.

The air delivery of this cooler is quite strong. To be precise, it is capable of delivering 3500 m3 of air within an hour. Therefore, you can comprehend the fact that it will provide you with effective cooling, even in larger areas. Well, you don’t have to come across any complications while using this product.

It comes with a fully functional remote. With the help of that remote, you can operate the air cooler precisely and effortlessly. One of the best parts of this cooler is that you don’t have to give much effort to cool it. It encompasses fully collapsible louvers. The purpose of these louvers is to protect your cooler from unwanted dust and insects.

There is a cord winding station for this cooler. This station will allow you to store your electric in a clutter-free way. Well, this winding station enhances the efficiency as well as the convenience of the cooler.


  • The auto-fill feature allows a continuous supply of water
  • It will create low noise while running
  • The ice chamber allows you to enjoy chilled air
  • Collapsible louvers protect the coolers from insects and dust
  • It delivers strong air


  • There is no inlet pipe for filling water
  • In case there is a full tank, you cannot move it around

4. Crompton Ozone 75 liters Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Ozone 75 liters Desert Air Cooler arrives with all the necessary features. It boasts plenty of features that will make your life easier during the scorching summer days. Well, there is a wood wool cooling pad in the air cooler. The purpose of this pad is to enhance cooling performance as well as water retention. It is designed in such a way that it can deliver a 4200-meter cube of air in an hour.

Ice chambers are also embedded in this product. Due to these chambers, you can witness the ultimate cooling experience. It will allow you to put ice cubes into it so that you can receive the chilled air.

The capacity of this cooler is also quite impressive. You can store 75 liters of water in this cooler, and it will save you from filling the tanks multiple times. To be precise, this feature adds to the convenience of the product. Besides, it is sleek and portable, which you can carry to different rooms in your house.

Be it your bed, dining table, or sofa, you can place this cooler wherever you want. Also, this cooler is efficient enough to cool a room of 500sq ft. The motorized louver movement ensures the four-way deflection of air.

If you are residing in an area with electricity issues, consider this cooler to be the ideal choice. It encompasses an inverter that will take care of the uninterrupted power supply.


  • It has a rust-free body.
  • You can clean it easily by wiping it.
  • You can enjoy the uninterrupted cool air.
  • Compatible with big rooms.
  • Ice chambers will let you enjoy the cool air.


  • There is no water outlet in this item.

5. Voltas Mega Desert Cooler

The first thing about Voltas Mega Desert Cooler that will grab your attention is its elegant and sleek design. If you purchase this product, it will enrich your home decor. Besides, you can accommodate at any place. It will not take much space as it comes with a sleek design. Well, it is compatible with all your rooms.

There is a trolley embedded in the cooler. That trolley makes it a portable item, which you can carry according to your necessity. Also, the trolley enhances the utility of the product. Also, the honeycomb cooling pads of the item will optimize the cooling efficiencies. This product is a blessing during the summers.

The turbo air throw feature will provide you with a powerful air throw. This feature is incorporated in this cooler to cool the large spaces. Besides, it plays a significant role in optimizing the humidity of the air. Well, after bringing this cooler to your house, you can stay comfortable during summer days.

Now, we will talk about the capacity of this air cooler. It comes with a capacity of 70 litres. And for that reason, you don’t have to fill the tank of the cooler frequently. This will save a considerable amount of time.


  • The design of the item is elegant and sleek
  • Honeycomb cooling pads improve the cooling efficiency of the product
  • The capacity of this Voltas air cooler is 70 liters
  • It will cover the large spaces in your house
  • You can transport this cooler to other places in your home due to its trolley


  • Noise is the only drawback of this cooler

6. Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Ac-303 65 L Air Cooler

In case if the size of your room is 700 sq. ft Maharaja Whiteline Rambo Ac-303 65 L Air Cooler is the ideal one for you. It consists of various impressive features that will make your summer days enjoyable. For instance, it will send you high air delivery of 3000 m3 /hour. Therefore, you can comprehend that it is capable of cooling large areas.

It doesn’t matter if you are sitting far away from the cooler. It can throw air up to 45ft and can deflect air in four ways. Therefore, you will receive its air sitting at any corner of the room. You will also get the option of controlling the speed of the cooler- slow, medium, and high.

Moreover, there is an antibacterial tank that will protect you from various diseases. You don’t have to worry about its noise as it creates minimal sound. We also know that sometimes air coolers create a pungent smell. However, this product comprises an aroma chamber, where you can add your favourite fragrance.

There will be no issues with the durability as this cooler has a shock-proof body. Besides, the power of this cooler is also considerable, which is 165 watts. This air cooler is also compatible with the inverter. Hence, there will be no problems during power cuts. You can enjoy incessant air for a long time.


  • It can deflect the air in 4 ways
  • The antibacterial tank will protect you from diseases
  • This cooler will present you with high air delivery
  • The heavy air throw will allow you to enjoy the air even if you are sitting 45 ft away from the cooler
  • You don’t have to get irritated with the noise


  • Sometimes, it may create some unwanted humidity

7. Orient Electric Snowbreeze Slim CD5501H 55 Litres Air Cooler

Another product that you can keep on the consideration list is Orient Electric Snowbreeze Slim 55 Litres Air Cooler. It arrives with dense honeycomb pads. It will ensure 25% more cooling as well as 45% water retention. Hence, you can understand the competence of the air cooler. The performance of the air cooler is also impressive.

The high-performance motor is responsible for this satisfactory performance. The cooling capacity of the product is 400sq ft, which is quite a large area. The air delivery of the cooler is also satisfactory. It can generate 3000 m3 of air within an hour. Also, if you want to adjust the speed of the cooler, you can do that precisely. You will get three options of low, medium, and high. Amongst them, you can choose the one depending on the necessity.

This product also boasts an auto-fill feature, which will save you from various hassles. To be precise, you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted cooling. Also, the ice chamber will allow you to accomplish quick cooling.

You don’t have to lose your cool during the time of power cuts as well. The cooler is compatible with inverters. Hence, you can enjoy continuous air from your cooler. Furthermore, your room’s interior designs will also look gorgeous due to the sleek design of this cooler.


  • The honeycomb pads of the cooler are quite dense
  • It is attuned with inverters so that you don’t have to worry about power cuts
  • Ice chambers will provide you with quick cooling
  • Motor of the cooler is adjustable
  • The motor is also a high-performance motor


  • The flexibility of the ventilation pads are not up to the mark

8. Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler

Kenstar Little Dx 12-Litre Air Cooler is the idyllic product for you if you want to avoid installation complications. It is an easy-to-install cooler that is free of any hassles. Also, it is one of the most economical products on the list. Compared to most of the coolers, it will consume less power. Besides, the cooler is capable of cooling your room uniformly.

Furthermore, if you are sitting away from the cooler, you can also enjoy the cool breeze. It is capable of throwing air 35 feet away. The air delivery is also considerable. It can generate air up to 900 m3 /hr. This product is also competent enough to create air deflections in all the direction. Hence, there will be no questions regarding the uniform distribution of air.

Honeycomb evaporations pad serves the purpose of cooling media. It plays a pivotal role in improving the water retention and cooling capacity of the cooler. You can also consider the item to be the best air cooler in India if you are going through some budget issues. The price of the cooler is quite reasonable. It will not create a hole in your pocket.

The cooling area of this air cooler is 20 m2. Thus, you can acknowledge the fact that it is a good choice in every aspect.


  • It can deflect wind in all four directions
  • You can adjust the speed based on your requirement
  • Honeycomb evaporative pads enrich the performance of the product
  • You can install it effortlessly
  • You will be able to save a considerable amount of money


  • This is a bit noisy cooler

9. Usha Maxx Air 70MD1 70-Litre Desert Cooler

To become compatible with your cooling requirements, Usha Maxx Air 70MD1 70-Litre Desert Cooler comes with the option of adjusting. There are three options that you can opt for, such as low, medium, and high. The cooler’s capacity is also pleasing as it can hold up to 70 litres. So, there is no need to fill up the tank again and again. The honeycomb cooling media improves the cooling and water-retaining ability of the cooler.

Also, you will find a smart sleeping function in this product. It lowers down the speed of the fan after a specific period. This smart feature made its place in the list of the best air coolers in India. Apart from that, there are various intriguing features embedded in the cooler. For instance, it encompasses a low water alarm. It will help you to monitor the level of water.

The honeycomb cooling medium uplifts the ability of this cooler. To be precise, it improves the water-retaining and cooling capability. There is also a child lock, which will protect your child from unwanted accidents. Besides, the inverter’s compatibility is also a required feature that you will find in this product.

Another unique attribute of this air cooler is that it comes with a memory mode. With the help of that memory mode, you can store the combination of fan, pump, and swing settings according to your necessity.


  • Smart shield technology will protect the tank from bacteria as well as the growth of fungi
  • It is compatible with inverters
  • The child lock will safeguard your child
  • Memory mode will allow you to store your combinations
  • The smart sleep function will help you to save some power


  • Some customers are complaining that the air deflection system is a bit problematic

10. Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85 H Desert CD-168501HLA 85-Litre Air Cooler

Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85-Litre Air Cooler is the final product on the list. Like most of the other coolers on the list, it boasts honeycomb cooling pads that will help you attain cooling quickly. Besides, it also boosts the water-retaining capacity of the cooler. You will also be able to control the speed of the product when required. The 3-speed control feature will allow you to do that.

The stylish chrome knobs will make your look stunning. To be specific, this air cooler will add up to the decor of your house. Moreover, there will be no questions asked regarding the efficiency of the item. It will deflect the wind to the four directions of the room so that you can enjoy uniform cooling.

It is compatible with the inverters. So, power cuts are not going to bother you if you have this cooler on your side. The motorized vertical louver of this product is responsible for its performance. The air delivery of the cooler is also considerable. It is capable of generating a good amount of air. Also, it can throw air up to a suitable surface area.


  • Honeycomb cooling pads will ensure the cooling of the air.
  • It is compatible with inverters.
  • This air cooler will supply you with high air delivery.
  • It can deflect air in all 4 directions.
  • You can control the speed of the cooler.


  • The effect of cooling is not as expected.

Buying Guide for Best Air Cooler in India

With a steep rise in temperature by each passing year, the demand for air coolers has risen amongst the Indians. The blending of advanced technology, power consumption technique, and cost-effectiveness makes any product work well for the Indian market.

Before getting a hand on one of the best, let us venture into the arrays of features for a better and wiser purchase.


Due to the technique of Evaporating Cooling Method, it is advisable to buy air coolers with larger tanks ranging from 20 to 30 liters for Personal coolers and 31 to 50 liters for Desert coolers. It will save a considerable time of yours. You don’t have to fill the tank of your cooler again and again. To be precise, it will enhance the convenience of the cooler.


The airflow of coolers is measured in terms of CFM (cubic feet per minute). The CFM indicates the quantity of air that is regulated into your space each minute. The user can pick the perfect size of the cooler by computing the CFM vital for your room. CFM is nothing but the parameter that describes the amount of air entering your room. If you can calculate the CFM required for your room, it will be easier for you to choose the cooler’s right size.

Cooling Pads

For any air coolers, the cooling pads have a direct impact. The absorption of water and allowing the air to flow through them depend largely on them. For better cooling, thicker cooling pads are essential. Honeycomb pads are much more reliable than the Aspen pads as they are thicker. With higher life and low maintenance makes it the best cooling pad for air coolers. However, compared to the Aspen pads, they will cost you a bit more. But the efficiency of the honeycomb cooling pads is worth the price.


As air coolers take up space, people generally don’t prefer buying air coolers. But nowadays, the manufacturers are coming up with sleek and stylish air coolers with castor wheels. Well, whenever you are choosing the design, aesthetics are important. Or else, it will look odd in your room. If you want to take our recommendations, we would suggest you choose anyone from the list mentioned above. All of them are stylish and compatible with your home decor. Hence, you shouldn’t hesitate to get any one of them on the boards.

Types of Air Coolers

It is also a vital parameter that you have to acknowledge. You have to decide the type of air cooler according to your requirement. Well, it will be easier for you to choose if we mention the types to you. So, here are the types of coolers that you should check.

Desert Air Coolers

If you are residing in a dry place, you should always opt for desert air coolers. If you evaluate them with personal coolers, they are a bit larger. They are designed in such a way that they are capable of cooling large rooms. They also use huge fans and water tanks that will deliver cool air even if someone is standing far away.

Personal Air Coolers

Personal air coolers are the ideal option if you are living in a humid place. They are specifically made for small places. They are also quieter and consume less energy. Despite having smaller tanks, they can provide you with cool air for hours.

Topping that, air coolers in current days work on inverters too. If you live in a place that experiences frequent power cuts, these air coolers are the best options. They also consume up to 50% less power than any standard air coolers.

FAQs to Buy Air Cooler in India

What are the best brands for air coolers?

There are numerous brands that you can check. It will be a herculean task to pick up the best brand amongst all. One thing that you can do is to opt for the brand that you have used earlier. Also, you can take recommendations from your friends who are using air coolers. If you want to take our suggestions, we would recommend you choose the best one from the list mentioned above. We assure you that it will help you a lot.

Which one should I choose between a normal cooler and a desert cooler?

Desert cooler is more preferable compared to normal coolers. However, these days normal coolers are also coming to you with attractive features. They are so capable that they will make desert coolers run for their money. Well, the best option for you is to conduct thorough research. It will aid you to choose the best air cooler in India.

How to improve the functionality of the coolers?

If you want to enhance your cooler’s functionality, there are numerous ways of doing that, such as:

  • Make sure to place the cooler in the place where it is getting the cross ventilation.
  • Monitor the room’s humid level.
  • There must be a window in your room. Or else, it will be hard for your cooler to throw the warm air out of your window and attract the cool air. Doors and windows will allow the coolers to work efficiently.
  • You can try putting ice on your cooler. It will allow you to enjoy more cooling.

Where should I place my room cooler?

Now, it is one of the most important things that you need to consider. Placing the cooler in the right place is imperative. Well, the best place to accommodate your cooler is somewhere with plenty of fresh air. It can be near the window or the door. The cooling of your room depends a lot on the placement of your air cooler.

Do air coolers save energy?

Well, compared to the air conditions, air coolers save a lot of energy. To be precise, if you use air coolers instead of air conditioners, you will be able to save up to 70% of electricity. So, you can save a lot of energy as well as money.

What is the working principle of a cooler?

The coolers comprise cooling pads. Through those pads, warm air passes and converts into cool air as the pads are already wet. It throws cooler air inside the room and warm air outside the room. This is the fundamental functionality of the air cooler.

Do coolers smell bad?

Yes, there are instances when the coolers smell bad. One of the reasons is bad water. Also, it smells bad due to insects. So, if you want to get rid of the bad smell, you have to clean it at a regular interval. Also, you can buy a cooler that requires less maintenance.


In this era of optimization, we look for one product with several functions. Air coolers happen to be one such product with relaxing qualities that can make your tiring day into a relaxing one. Considering the buying guides and your preferences, we have a list of the best air coolers. Amongst them, you can choose the best air cooler in India. It might help you save time.

We assure you that you will not get disappointed once you buy any of those coolers from the list. They have all the required features in their palette. Once you buy them, you will understand that it is a good investment. Also, they are the best tools that will help you to tackle the scorching summers.