Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer in India

A baby’s immune system is not well-developed during the first year. So babies are more vulnerable to infection and illness than others. Mothers cannot take a chance. So it is important to sterilize all baby products for one year. Sterilizing bottles is not a necessity. But it’s quite a normal process that every mother opts for. You can sterilize bottles by putting them in boiling water on the stove. Another method is by using a baby bottle sterilizer.

9 Best Baby Bottle Sterilizers in India

Baby bottle sterilizers are a time saver for working moms. Some models can do the job in two minutes, others might take a bit longer. Certain bottle sterilizers dry the items after sterilizing them.

Some have a holding feature i.e, bottles will be able to stay sterile inside. Auto shut-off feature is available in many models. A baby bottle sterilizer can be useful if you are traveling. Below, we have listed the best baby bottle sterilizers in India.

1. Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer makes the cleaning process simple. It uses BPA-free materials. This sterilizer kills 99.9% of harmful germs. You can keep the items sterile for up to 24 hours. The sterilizer is suitable for bottles and other baby products.

This allows you to sterilize standard and wide neck bottles in one easy step. Also, you can put glass bottles, plastic baby bottles, teats, and other accessories. The sterilizing process in this advanced model takes 10 minutes and can hold 6 bottles.

This baby bottle sterilizer has an auto shut-off feature and a drip tray to reduce unpleasant odours. You can put Avent bottles or any brand nursing bottles in this. They offer a slender design which reduces the space requirement. With the open design, you can keep the heating plate clean. It allows you to sterilize with clean steam every time. Its easy-to-use and compact design have made it popular.

2. Chicco 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer

Chicco 3 in 1 Electric Steam Sterilizer simplifies the mother’s daily sterilizing process. Capable of killing 99.9% of harmful household germs. This is one of the best baby bottle sterilizers in India that has 3 modes of operation full size, compact, and microwave. We can adjust the size of the sterilizer depending on the items.

Full size can hold up to 6 feeding bottles. Compact size holds up to 2 baby bottles with other small objects. Also, this sterilizer occupies the least possible space in the kitchen. It is compatible with most feeding bottles, breast pumps, and accessories. Using a compact mode allows you to save up to 0.25 percent in time and energy.

Microwave mode enables you to sterilize even faster. It provides 24 hours protection if the lid remains closed. This sterilizer is effective and easy to use. Its slim design is suitable for any kind of kitchen. If you are planning to buy a baby bottle sterilizer, then this is a perfect option.

3. Trumom USA Electric Steam Sterilizer

Trumom USA Electric Steam Sterilizer is a blessing for new moms. It’s fast sterilizing that could kill 99.9 percent germs. This sterilizer uses 100 percent BPA-free plastic. The product can sterilize six baby feeding bottles (any brand) at a time.

You can sterilize many other smaller and bigger items. This may include breast pumps, bowls, spoons, small toys, teethers, and pacifiers. You can use it as a nursing-bottle sterilizer and as a food steamer. When your baby starts weaning you can use it as a food warmer. This sterilizer completes the sterilizing process in 9 minutes.

The sterilizer can hold these bottles for a long time with a closed lid. It has attachments including tongs, bottle shelf, nipple shelf, base, and cover. These attachments are so easy to assemble. It is rather handy and suits best for traveling. The body of the device uses food-grade silicone. This sterilizer is non-toxic, safe, and easy to use.

4. LuvLap Royal Electric Steam Sterilizer

LuvLap Royal Electric Steam Sterilizer introduces easy-to-use nursing essentials. This helps new mothers breastfeed and sterilize baby bottles with ease. With the use of this sterilizer feeding your baby has become more convenient. Capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

Sterilizing is efficient and quick and gets completed in 8 minutes. The large capacity tray can hold 6 standard or wide neck infant feeding bottles. The accessory tray can stack small objects. The bottle remains sterile if the lid remains unopened. It has a light indicator and auto shut-off feature. They have a bottle rack, and tong to handle warm objects.

Steam sterilizing cleans breast pump parts, bottle nipple, teether, pacifier, and small toys. It has a transparent body for easy viewing of the sterilizing process. This bottle sterilizer uses BPA-free, food-grade material. If you are buying a sterilizer, this can be one of the best choices.

5. Fisher-Price Bottle Sterilizer

The Fisher Price Bottle Sterilizer has a unique design that allows you to sterilize both bottles and accessories or separately sterilize bottles and accessories. It keeps your entire bottle-feeding set sterilized and ready for use for up to 12 hours.

Fisher-Price has built-in safety features to help protect your baby. Even if there’s not enough water, the sterilizer will automatically turn off to prevent dry heating. The plastic parts are made of food-grade material and are high temperature resistant, fluorescent free, and BPA free.

Single-dial timer lets you set the sterilizing time quickly and easily. Cleaning and maintaining the sterilizer is easy. It comes with tongs so you can pick hot, sterilized items without contaminating them. This set-up allows you to sanitize 6 bottles and accessories like teethers, pacifiers, and plastic toys in one go.

6. R for Rabbit Steam Sterilizer

R for Rabbit Steam Sterilizer is a suitable choice for infants. Its effective steam heating kills 99.9% of bacteria in the bottle. So providing protection for babies from diseases. R for Rabbit considers the safety of your new baby with utmost importance. So they use BPA-free materials.

Sterilizer provides an inbuilt display panel with an auto-shutdown feature. Its inbuilt timer helps the sterilizer to switch off on its own. This happens in case of a low water level. Sterilizer provides quick and effective sterilization. It takes 9 minutes for a fast sterilizing process.

They can accommodate 6 baby bottles in one go. The product comes with a stainless steel heating plate that is rust-free. This is an excellent choice for moms worried about their baby’s health. It is a convincing product that won’t disappoint you.

7. Morisons Baby Dreams Electric Sterilizer

Morisons Baby Dreams Electric Sterilizer makes the journey of motherhood more joyful. It makes the effective cleaning process of your baby’s feeding bottle easy. It can hold up to six feeding bottles, teats, pacifiers, small toys, and nipples. They provide fast steam sterilization which takes 8 minutes. The auto switch-off function is available.

The device gets switched off when it reaches the desired temperature. This ensures no temperature damage is caused to the items kept inside. So you can relax and continue your work without monitoring the device. Saves time as you can sterilize up to 6 bottles in one round.

Tongs are available for easy handling. Natural steam used makes the process safer and easier. All Morisons products do an important role in the life of every mother. They are the trusted brands by all moms for three decades.

8. Pigeon Bottle Steam Sterilizer

Pigeon Bottle Steam Sterilizer is ideal for home and perfect for travel. It’s slim and compact design takes less space. They sterilize all sizes of feeding- bottle, breast pump accessories, and toys. This bottle sterilizer holds 2 wide or slim neck bottles and accessories.

Another model that fits 6 bottles is available. It takes 12 minutes for the process of sterilizing. Its built-in thermostat keeps bottles and other accessories sterile for 6 hours. Auto shut off feature is available. For easy cleaning, we can dismantle it. The durable design ensures long-term usage of this sterilizer.

They are heat-resistant and easy to use. Pigeon baby bottle sterilizer promotes your newborn’s healthy growth. They have made many innovative and convenient products since their foundation. This baby bottle sterilizer is one of those. It’s a perfect one for the mothers who have to travel.

9. Mee Mee Compact 3 in 1 Steam Sterilizer

Keeps everything germ-free that comes in contact with infants is important. One of the best ways is to sterilize all the baby accessories. Using sterilized products gives great relief to new moms.

Mee Mee Compact 3 in 1 Steam Sterilizer helps in doing this in a quick and natural manner. Made from non-toxic BPA-free materials to ensure your tiny tot’s health. You can adjust it to three different sizes to save space and time. This sterilizer fits all types of bottles and accessories. You can use it for heating milk and warming other baby foods.

The sterilizing process lasts for 8 to 10 minutes. Designed with special care to be lightweight, portable, and compact. Meets international standards of safety. This product is baby-safe, durable, and makes sure that your workload gets reduced. If you are planning to buy a sterilizer, this one will be the best option.

Buying Guide for Best Baby Bottle Sterilizer in India

My inception experience with bottle sterilizers was a bit weird. Well, the mere presence of a bottle sterilizer in my tiny kitchen felt like the odd one among the all regular stuff. And why not? For someone well aware that breastfeeding is probably the safest option to feed your little one, the bottles come up with their own set of precautions and needs. You do get used to bottle sterilizers after a while and let me tell you; it’s the most assuring tool you could get for your little one to assure his safety!

When we specifically talk about the best baby bottle sterilizers, it’s a crucial and sensitive topic to understand. Well, it is no brainer that no witchcraft could protect your baby utterly from any harm. But what you have with you is a piece of information, being that the baby bottle sterilizers are known to reduce the possible infections by 99%! To maximize your child’s safety, at least for feeding purposes, you need to go through this very-informative buying guide we’ve prepared for you after putting in dozens of hours of research and usage!

Factors you need to consider when buying a baby bottle sterilizer are listed below.


Some add-ons to sterilizers are way too good to be ignored. Many sterilizers come up with an alarm that starts off the beeping sound when sterilization is completed is a great feature to have on.


It would be best if you go for a sterilizer that comes up with different stacking options. With the large storage capacity, you can clean and sterilize; not only the feeding bottles but also the teethers and other plastic toys that are important to disinfectant, considering they are as much in direct contact with a baby bottle.


No type of sterilizer could be considered as absolute best, blanketing the whole population. But there are some categories from which you could see if you belong to them, and which one then would suit you the best.

If you are running on a tight budget and are looking for something fast, microwave sterilizers could be the best option for you. If you are someone who often travels with your little one, you should get a U/V water sterilizer; whose USP is its portability. If you are looking to clean a sufficient number of bottles in a day, electric sterilizers are the thing you are looking for.


Portability is a huge factor for those who travel often or are out for most of the day. The ease of moving around a sterilizer reduces the efforts by a factor of ten and makes sterilizing much easier.

Drying Feature

I won’t consider this the deciding factor if I have to buy a sterilizer. But there are sterilizers out there that do not come up with the drying features and let the bottles wet after the sterilization, which increases the effort on your side to make it dry.


This, again, is a very subjective thing to break down. If you have a spacious kitchen, perfect, you shouldn’t care about it anyway. But as someone who had to make a lot of adjustments in the kitchen’s insides just to make space for the sterilizer, you should always look for a size you are comfortable with to ensure you don’t have to deal with the stress of accommodating it.


Sterilizers come under a considerable range of price tags. Starting from just around 1000 INR to the upper limit of 15000 INR. Obviously, the higher the price, the more advancements and features you’ll be ideally getting. But as long as the sterilizer is decent in its job, you don’t need to worry at all, even if the price falls on the lower end of your budget.

Types of Baby Bottle Sterilizers

The foremost thing you need to understand before getting a baby bottle sterilizer is realizing its need. When you start feeding your little one with a bottle, you are essentially inviting contamination and germs unintentionally, even after trying to clean up the bottle as harder as you can. Baby bottle sterilizers pop up as a savior concerning dealing with a bottle with maximum cleanliness, assuring a hygienic and germ-free bottle for your baby.

But when I look back to my times, I remember how overwhelmed I was initially during the year when I was trying to get a bottle sterilizer myself. There are just too many of them with distinct kinds of them. Before you try to stick to any bottle sterilizer as your favourite, you need to get aware of the different types of bottle sterilizers you’ll usually encounter on your search!

Steam Bottle Sterilizers

Out of the tons of different bottle sterilizers and distinct kinds of them, you mostly get an advantage on one which you lack from the other. While the best kind could depend on many factors and could surely be regarded as a subjective topic, I find the bottle steam sterilizers as the absolute best of all! And the popular opinion seems to dive in with me as well, as Bottle Steam Sterilizers are the major preference for a good proportion of the moms out there!

So that you know, Bottle Steam Sterilizers are known to cost relatively much higher than the other types we are about to discuss. So if you’re someone just about to get started and running under a tight budget, you might want to consider a different option;, even though it sounds a bit on the negative side, as long as you are getting a bottle sterilizer that works irrespective of the type, it’s all good!

One more downside you might encounter with a typical bottle steam sterilizer is the size! Steam Sterilizers are known to occupy much more size than any other type! The first bottle sterilizer I ever bought was the steamed type, and I was assured of the safety. I had to say that it was a literal pain to arrange the stuff around to vacate space for my steam sterilizer. I had to relocate my microwave to make up for the space needed. Personally, that was all worth it.

Steam Sterilizers can be further classified as Microwave sterilizers and Electric bottle sterilizers. As the name suggests, the Electric one works n electricity and gets the job done in around 10 minutes. It is known for efficient drying and providing a sweet fragrance by eliminating offensive odours.

Microwave Sterilizers work on a different principle. They require you to put up your bottle against the bowl that is defined especially for holding the bottles to steam. Though you will get your job done in a little over five minutes, the inefficient drying features and the inability to deodorize the odours could be mildly negative for most of us. Whatever suits you is your call, but I’d not hesitate to recommend the Electric ones, even after using both of them for a few months.

U/V Water Sterilizers

With the constant advancements in technology almost every year, water sterilizers have seen a tremendous change with the introduction of U/V water sterilizers. Ultraviolet rays are short-ordered wavelengths that are known to disinfect bacteria from material well on striking through it. The biggest plus of getting a U/V Water Sterilizer along with the safety assurance is the sheer portability of the machine. If you’re someone who often travels with your little one or is probably tired of trying to make the bottle contaminant-free which doesn’t work on maxima, then you’re missing the presence of a U/V Water Sterilizer in your life! These water sterilizers are known to disinfect a bottle almost instantaneously by eliminating bacteria, staph, MRSA, etc. It’s the easiest and the most straightforward type of sterilizer to use. Though you might need to disassemble and break down to the individual parts to disinfect everything utterly, it’s undoubtedly worth it!

Cold Water Sterilizers

I’m not the biggest fan of the Cold-Water sterilizers, but sometimes these could come off as really handy! There are easily available tables in the markets that you need to put inside the bottle full of cold water, and this gets the tablets soaking over the feeding bottle’s insides. It’s a great way to disinfect a feeding bottle since it’s the most convenient option of all kinds since you can use it anywhere, anytime! You are all set with this solution for just about 24 hours which isn’t great, but hey, it’s that easy!

FAQs to Buy Baby Bottle Sterilizer in India

Why do I need a bottle sterilizer?

The water we use daily for drinking purposes is good enough, but that doesn’t qualify by any definition as ‘pure’. Even a little bit of water contamination (easily found in the water we use all the time) is a habitat for bacteria through which it can spread quickly! Since we use the same tap water for cleaning the feeding bottles, it does a little harm every day, leading to an unwanted danger to your baby! It’s nothing much to worry about drinking that water on our side, but you need to ensure cent percent safety when it comes to babies. There is an ultimate need to sterilize, and bottle sterilizers are the best thing you could get to get the job done!

Is it safe to use a sterilizer?

Most of the lovely ladies I run into still prefer to opt for the boiling water method for sterilizing the feeding bottles for their grandkids/kids. While the traditional approach isn’t horrible, it is undoubtedly quite distant from sterilizers’ technology. A sterilizer works on the steam mechanism, which is considered way more effective and quicker than boiling water. The process is fairly easy and does not leave any scope for human error, which might cost you if you try to keep up with the traditional method. It saved you from the efforts of cleaning rigorously, along with the time you need to put into the cleaning. Coming to the safety part, stay assured, that sterilizers are utterly safe to use.

What if I don’t sterilize the bottle?

You need to understand that an infant till 18 months of age doesn’t possess a fully-fledged healthy immune system. After getting out of huge isolation of nine months, infants existing surroundings matter a lot to overall health. An underdeveloped immune system is likely not to protect a little one and give a fight against minor diseases, which could be much harmful to them. Babies are much more prone to catch an infection momentarily in this phase. All of the things that come in direct contact with the baby, mainly his mouth, need to be treated with utmost cleanliness to avoid bacteria getting through the baby. A parent won’t ever want their child to catch infections/diseases, which could cause a lot of harm for them. These all correspond to the crucial need for the sterilization of feeding bottles.

How often do I need to sterilize the feeding bottles?

Ideally, you need to sterilize the feeding bottle every 24 hours. However, it is strictly recommended to sterilize the bottle throughout after every use. The need to sterilize increases exponentially when the day clock is about to complete 24 hours before the lid is opened. Finding the right feeding bottles for the baby might be difficult. Check out our list of the best baby feeding bottle in India.

How do I clean the sterilizer to assure maximum hygiene?

You will surely get a detailed cleaning guide with whichever sterilizer you opt to buy. You can refer to that if your sterilizer comes up with some sensitive features that might be needed to be dealt with differently while cleaning. As a general thumb rule, the exteriors could be cleaned fairly well by wiping down a piece of cloth over the surface. Any removable attached part, unless mentioned otherwise, could be disinfected by the standard method of washing the part with soap and water.

From what age can I stop sterilizing?

As soon as your infant starts even crawling, you are better off to stop the regular sterilizing. Till the age of 12 months, a fair immune system is developed for the baby to help him fight through the common bacteria that could cause him nasty infections earlier. As soon as a baby starts taking things in the mouth voluntarily, he is already accumulating much more germs than what he would’ve got through a feeding bottle. Though you should pay more or less the same attention to the cleanliness of the feeding bottles, the need to sterilize is unnecessary, unless your little one gets an infection, you should, of course, start sterilization regularly till he becomes healthy again.


Every mom wants to give the best start to their baby. Sterilization of baby accessories is something that needs special attention. It’s something that both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms should take care of. Keeping the baby safe from all kinds of bacterial infections is important since they have low immunity.

Germs grow quickly if expressed breast milk or formula milk is added to the partially cleaned bottles. So parents should clean their bottles using a clean bottle brush immediately after all feeds. There are a number of methods available for sterilization like cold water method, boiling, and using a microwave. But many parents find that using the best baby bottle sterilizer is a convenient method. Such products help you save your effort, time, and energy.

The above-mentioned sterilizers will help you to choose the best suitable one for yourself. Many top brands like Tommee Tippee, Baby Brezza, Dr. Brown, Munchkin, and Medela also have bottle sterilizers. But we have listed here some affordable sterilizers which give the best performance.