Best Baby Carriers in India

Raising your child can be one of the most magical and wonderful experiences. Moreover one needs to deal with the special events that attach with a baby right from their growing period. Even though babies cannot talk now, they tend to form an unquestionable and strong bond with their parents from such early years. You can establish this bond by simply holding your baby in your arms. But this is not a feasible option. Therefore the concept of baby carriers comes in here. For every parent, including the working ones, baby carriers are a boon. While it is a no-brainer for many parents, choosing the right one can be the most daunting task.

Best Baby Carriers in India: Comfortable and Secure Options for Keeping Your Baby Close

In this article, we try to eliminate all the hustle you might go through while choosing the best for your baby. Let us look at some of the best baby carriers in India. Listed below are some of the best baby carriers in India.

1. LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier

LuvLap Elegant Baby Carrier is one of the most easy-to-use and elegant baby carriers in India. This elegant baby carrier by luvlap is an ideal baby carrier that maintains the European standards of EN13209. Due to this certification, this baby carrier ensures superior performance and safety standards. You can carry this baby carrier in four ways which contain three padded straps and a cushioned seat.

The adjustable straps on the shoulder and the mesh fabric provide comfort to your baby. At the same time, the waist belt provides lumbar support to the parent. The leg opening and the armhole of this elegant baby carrier provide the ultimate comfort due to its exceptionally soft feel. This removable and adjustable hardboard protection provides support, ventilation, and protection to your baby’s back and head.

The soft cushioned seat of this carrier makes it one of the best baby carriers in India. It comes with a leg hole opening and padded arms, consequently making it a comfortable place for your baby to sit. At the same time, the 4 in 1 carrying positions provide the parents with the ease to use the product. One can carry their baby on this baby carrier in the piggyback position, and horizon feeding position. Also, you can let your baby face the parents and even face out.

The adjustable waist belt and the wide shoulder belt provide maximum comfort. The company has engineered this carrier with an adjustable side opening buckle. You can adjust it as per the comfort and size of your baby. You can easily insert your baby into this carrier. However, the front utility pocket helps the new parents to carry essential baby items like smoothers or napkins.


  • For carrying position
  • Front pocket for storage
  • Breathable and removable hard would support
  • Supports toddlers up to 12 KG
  • It comes with four carrying position
  • Attached with adjustable and padded belts
  • Extra question provided on the seat


  • The front part is hard
  • Material and straps look substandard

2. TRUMOM (USA) 3 in 1 Baby Carrier

If you are looking for a comfortable yet fashionable baby carrier, then these breathable fabric baby carriers should be your ideal investment. TRUMOM (USA) 3 in 1 Baby Carrier will not prove heavy on the shoulder of the newbie mother.

Trumom is one of the US brands that manufactures and designs products to give a helping hand to the parents. All the products of this company are made from certified material which is BPA-free. It provides comfort to both the baby and the newbie mother.

This baby carrier proves to be one of the best to date. It comes with stronger buckles that prove the study even after 60000 times of unlocking and locking. The high-quality polyester fabric makes it lightweight, but that does not compromise the stylish look of the baby carriers. You can carefully place your baby single-handedly. With the introduction of large seed and adequate padding, this carrier holds weight up to 12 KG making it ideal even for a three-year-old baby.

The bag comes with a wide frontal pocket that comfortably stores burp clothes, milk bottles, or other essentials. The heavily padded shoulder straps distribute the weight equally across the shoulders and make it comfortable to hold. At the same time, the cross belt at the back does not make it painful for the parents when holding for a long time. The wide seat and the padded headrest make this baby carrier one of the best baby carriers in India. The baby can rest comfortably. The side opening has been engineered with velcro, allowing your baby to sit comfortably while swinging their legs.

Above all, you can get a 15 days warranty covering all the manufacturing defects in zipper and fabric. This baby carrier is one of the practical stories for every fashionable mum. The ergonomic design of this carrier provides support to the baby’s overall body without hurting the bottom area.


  • Breathable fabric reduces skin irritation
  • Inclusion of handy front pocket
  • Study buckles and high-quality zippers last long
  • Convertible seats that provide three positions
  • Wide seats support the entire body


  • No waste strip

3. INFANTSO 4-in-1 Adjustable Hip Seat Baby Carrier

INFANTSO 4-in-1 Adjustable Hip Seat Baby Carrier is a baby carrier that has been engineered as an ergonomic hip seat. This carrier has four carrying positions, including facing out and backpack. The weight carrying capacity of this baby carrier ranges from 3.5 to 14.5 kgs. The sturdy built of the carrier ensures safety for your kid almost all the time.

You can expand this seat carrier for older kids, whereas, for younger ones, you can narrow it down. This feature makes the Infants 4 in 1 adjustable hip seat baby carrier one of the best baby carrier in India.

For perfect circulation of air, the carrier has been built with breathable mesh fabric. This mesh fabric keeps the baby cool in every weather condition. Once you start using this baby carrier, you won’t suffer any kind of pain or strain. Due to the padded shoulder straps and the supportive waist belt, your baby’s weight gets distributed evenly.

The presence of a pocket on the shoulder strap provides space for you to keep your keys and phone. At the same time, the front pockets help to keep your baby’s wipes and diapers.

The stretch forward design of the pocket happens to be the best part of this baby carrier. It stretches forward when you pull the pockets forward.


  • It comes with an ergonomic feature
  • Has enough adjustable buckles
  • One can use it in four carrier positions


  • Expensive
  • It tends to get hot

4. R for Rabbit Cool Hip Seat Carrier

R for Rabbit Cool Hip Seat Carrier has been defined by the European standards of stringent safety certifications. Parents can use this famous hip seat carrier for three months babies till he or she grows up to 24 months. The maximum holding capacity of this baby carrier happens to be 15 kgs.

The economic design makes this product easier to use. It perfectly fits the parents while they can secure them with fewer adjustments. This sit carrier is one of the perfect products for every growing baby. The company has specially designed it to provide proper support for babies’ hip, spine, neck, and head areas. Now you can give me the warm embracement with R for rabbit upsy Daisy cool hipseat carrier.

After the birth of a baby, every mother goes through a certain kind of pressure or pain. This hip seat allows every new mother relief of any kind of lower back pressure. The natural setting position of the baby allows it to grow naturally without hurting or making your baby feel uncomfortable. It supports the thigh and the bum area of the baby without making your baby experience any undue abnormal pressure.

The multi-position versatility of this carrier proves to be one of the best baby carriers that almost every parent should have. The hips seat can be detached to be used in left-right or center positions with supporting arms. Other good features like the inclusion of a cap make this cool hip seat carrier the most comfortable.


  • Provides support to babies hip head and neck area
  • Designed
  • It comes with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt
  • Easily adjustable
  • Suitable for 3 to 24-month-old baby
  • Detachable hip set for multiple carrying positions


  • Zip is not durable
  • Stitches might unravel easily

5. Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag

Kol Kol Baby Carrier Bag provides safe seating with a touch of comfort for your baby. You can easily pull out your baby and put them in this carrier bag. The carrier bag enhances the development of the baby. Despite all, the new mom feels comfortable in this carrier bag as the weight spreads over to the shoulder, arm, and back.

This baby carrier bag by Kol Kol has been made of 100% handwoven cotton fabric. It is natural, pure, and breathable. Hence you can use this carrier in any weather condition. The shoulder straps come with extra padding to provide comfort while one carries the baby. The hood of this carrier provides privacy to the baby while taking a nap. In comparison, the padded leg openings of this carrier bag offer maximum comfort to the baby’s thighs.

The supportive waistband of this baby carrier bag won’t put any extra pressure on your back. The company has produced this carrier bag in such a way that it can support the position. Your baby should be five months to 4 years old to fit in this carrier bag. The compactness of the baby carrier bag makes the product 100% lightweight.

Now keep your baby cozy, close and secure with this carrier bag by Kol Kol. You can get this product in multiple colors and prints. This made-in-India product ensures that both the mother and the baby enjoy the new adventure.


  • Can carry weight up to 20 kgs
  • Ideal for babies aging six months to 4 years
  • Made of pure cotton fiber
  • Suitable for every weather condition
  • Unisex and easy to wear
  • Availability of spacious pockets.


  • Lack of back and head support
  • Expensive
  • It does not contain any user manual

6. Mee Mee Lightweight Baby Carrier

Mee Mee Lightweight Baby Carrier is relatively a new brand in the market which has provided a huge relief to all the new parents. Its durable, lightweight, and structured carrier bags have made their place in the top 10 list of India’s best baby carrier bags.

This lightweight carrier bag by Mee Mee can hold babies who weigh 10 to 12 kgs. The best part is that this carrier bag grows with the baby, which means that you will adjust the set straps and height of the bag as the need and preference of your baby. To make your baby feel comfortable, the leg holes of this carrier have been well cushioned. Your baby would not feel restricted in this lightweight carrier.

The well-padded and soft headrest protects your baby’s neck region and delicate scalp, which needs maximum support. The weight of this baby carrier is only 400g. The smoothness and feel of the favorite provide comfort and safety to your baby’s skin. During the hot summer days, your baby would feel fresh and dry as it is made of breathable mesh fabric.

Talking about the product’s durability, the company has produced a super durable product that can allow the parents to hold their babies in four positions. If you have a strict budget but want to balance comfort, safety, and quality, this would be the best product for you.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Grows with the baby
  • Lightweight
  • Cross Belt for back support
  • Durable
  • Well-padded headrest support
  • Four holding positions


  • No provision of the headcover
  • Lack of proper back support for the parents

7. Chicco EasyFit Baby Carrier

Chicco EasyFit Baby Carrier is one of the innovative baby carriers for new parents. You can wear it like a t-shirt as the company has engineered the Chicco easy-fit baby carrier to ease the parents’ effort. It is very simple to wear. The adjustable seat dimension provides the parents with comfort while carrying.

It has been approved to provide comfort and support to your baby from the time of their birth until they weigh 9kgs. The international design of the Chicco easy-fit baby carrier provides comfort to the newborn and is of handling two there mummies. IHDI has approved it as one of the hip-healthy products.

The ergonomic design of this baby carrier makes sure that your baby goes through healthy development. To maintain the correct position and posture, the company has provided a natural C position fit for the baby carrier. Along with that, the extra support that this baby carrier offers provides support to your newborn’s neck muscles and head.

You can also get a cuddle pocket that allows every newbie parent to caress an infant’s head and assure them a sense of closeness. The easily foldable design of this baby carrier offers every user the convenience of easy carrying and easy storage.

The intuitive and simple design of this baby carrier provides the user with the utmost comfort. Also, the fabric of this carrier can be hand washed in cold water.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports baby’s back and neck
  • Provides comfort
  • One can use it in two ways
  • Easy maintenance and storage


  • It can be quite uncomfortable for a healthy parent
  • Expensive

8. Fisher-Price Bella Baby Carrier

Fisher-Price – Bella Baby Carrier is an all in all baby carrier. You can carry your baby in 3 e carrying positions, including back carry, outward-facing, and inward-facing. You have the choice to choose the best and the most comfortable position according to your baby’s needs.

The lightweight of this carrier makes it super easy to use even on the bumpiest road. This baby carrier is one of the perfect carriers for every Indian weather. The comfortable and breathable fabric provides your baby with the most comfortable stay on this carrier.

The ergonomic design provides comfort to the parents while carrying it for a longer time. Now comfortably carry your baby without straining your back or shoulder muscles due to the lumbar support that has been provided on this carrier.

The baby carrier by Bella is one of the best baby carriers in India. The easy-to-use fastener and straps make it easier for the parents to use them. You can easily wash it without any hassle. Now you don’t have to worry about your baby spitting on the carrier as the maintenance process of this product is easier.


  • Economic design
  • Comfortable wear
  • Lightweight
  • Offers three carrying position
  • Adapts according to the growth of the baby
  • Affordable


  • It does not contain a headrest
  • Not suitable for infants
  • No supports available

9. Polka Tots Baby Hip Seat / 6 in 1 Baby Carrier

Polka Tots Baby Hip Seat / 6 in 1 Baby Carrier is ideal for every newborn. It is made of stretchable soft cotton with insurers that your baby fits comfortably on this ergonomic baby hip seat.

You can adjust the size of your baby carrier using the two rings. The ergonomic design of the 6 in 1 baby carrier provides extra comfort in all six positions. The extra padded shoulder strap evenly distributes your baby’s weight by minimizing the pressure by 80%. At the same time, the strong velcro grip and the broad waist belt minimizes every kind of pain and backache.

Additionally, this carrier offers a bib for your baby that is a hundred percent cotton and child-friendly. The breathable mesh fabric of the carrier helps to provide proper air circulation and comfort during every climatic condition. You can also get access to a storage pouch in this baby carrier. This carrier comes in handy when you want to keep home keys or other small accessories.

You can adjust the seat with buckles that support your baby in a natural ergonomic position. You can also expand the size of this baby carrier up to 47 inches of the waist. The design of this carrier provides the baby a feeling of security and warmth. For the nursing parents, it is the best choice.


  • Prevents back and neck pain
  • Free air pump for an adjustment
  • Economic design
  • Provides comfort
  • Provides proper carry capacity of the baby
  • Specially designed for every cesarean mother
  • Available in 3 colors


  • Expensive
  • Can provide backaches if not used properly

10. Little Pumpkin 3 Way Carry Baby Carrier Bag

Little Pumpkin 3 Way Carry Baby Carrier Bag has been certified as one of the safest products for babies. The European standard of safety certification provides the most stringent certification. The company has specially developed the ergonomic design of this baby carrier bag to provide proper support to the baby’s neck, spine, hip, and head area.

The child can be carried in three ways intrusion front carry facing out, front carry face in, or back carry. You can carry your child facing towards you. But at which time, when you are a child, grows, he or she can sit on this carrier fishing out in the back.

This baby carrier bag is suitable for 62 27-month-old babies weighing a maximum of 15 kgs. It is one of the perfect carrier bags for infants. Your baby can use this from the age of 6 months onward.

The wider shoulder straps and adequate padding provides extra support while carrying your baby. At the same time, adequate padding around the leg area provides the baby with optimum comfort. The ergonomic design of the three-way carry baby carrier bag by little pumpkin provides the mummy and the baby with ultimate comfort and satisfaction.


  • Ergonomic design
  • White parrot shoulder straps
  • Comfortable and wider leg opening
  • Designed with best safety features
  • It fits 24-month-old babies
  • Supports three types of carrying positions


  • Price is higher than its other competitors
  • Not well fit

Buying Guide for Best Baby Carrier in India


While you are wearing the baby carrier, you must always pay special attention to the baby’s neck and head area. There should be at least 1 inch of space between your baby’s chest and chin. Depending on the weight and age of your baby, you must use the positions of the carrier. Make sure that you do not bend over while having the carrier onto your body. Your baby happens to be the priority, and everything comes later.


The choice of your carrier depends upon the age of your baby. Choose the one for your baby which provides adequate support. Some of the models come with extra cushions for extra comfort. If you have any queries, you must consult a doctor.


Your baby should be comfortable along with you on that baby carrier. Some carriers provide extra support due to the design, whereas others provide less support. If your baby is 12 to 18 months old, then use a baby carrier with extra padding and lumbar support. It would distribute the weight of your baby uniform day without any stress.


Best baby carriers are more convenient to use than strollers. A minimum padded carrier must be used at home, whereas a heavily padded one should be spotted while going outdoors. With the right baby carrier, you can even go running or jogging. But it would be best if you kept in mind the consequences of these kinds of physical activities with your newborn babies.

Nursing friendliness

Whenever you need to nurse your baby in the baby carrier, the need for adjustable features becomes prior. Therefore look for a baby carrier that can fit well and is not too tight. Many models in the market come with nursing-specific features. These models have additional flaps that provide privacy to the mummies while breastfeeding their child in public.


Like every other product, you can have a driver’s choice of baby carrier for your newborn baby. The choice specifically depends on your budget and preference. Some of the models are quite expensive, and their durability justifies the expense. Whereas others are averagely priced

Safety measures to be taken into consideration:

  • You need to remember these facts while looking for the baby carrier. It will ensure safety for your newborn.
  • Check for the support that baby carriers offer. The headrest should be available in the correct position to ensure proper support. If you do not wear the carrier properly, it might affect your baby’s physical development.
  • Ensure that while you are putting the baby on the baby carrier, it should not restrict the baby’s movement.
  • Practice using the carrier without putting your baby inside it to make sure that you do not make any kind of mistakes.
  • Whenever you are wearing the baby carrier, always ensure that your back muscle or neck muscle is not strained. You should balance yourself properly on both of your feet. While you pass through any doorways, there should be sufficient space around you to avoid entangling any straps.

FAQs to Buy Baby Carrier in India

How to choose the right baby carrier?

Choosing the right baby carrier might seem like a daunting task. But this guide I would help you to choose the right baby carrier. Before you consider anything for your baby, you need to understand the needs of your baby. Suppose you have a heavier and older baby opt for a carrier that supports at least 20 kgs of weight. Also, don’t forget to look for the provision of back support. Considering the duration of wearing the baby carrier. If you are one of those breastfeeding mums, opt for the carriers that provide this facility. There are many lightweight baby carriers in the market that ensure ease of movement. Opt for one of those as they won’t provide any unnecessary weight on your back and shoulder.

Baby slings are ideal choices for newborn babies as they don’t have a stronger spine to sit upright. At the same time, a ring sling can be opted to provide support to the baby’s back.

How long can you let your baby stay in the carrier?

This fact depends on the comfort level of your baby. Your baby can sit in the carrier as long as she or he is comfortable. However, you should ensure that the carrier has the right kind of support to prevent any kind of discomfort. It is important, especially for the younger babies or infants whose back and neck muscles have not developed.

But make sure that you don’t keep your baby in the baby carrier for a prolonged period. If they are visible and crying, you should take them out of the carrier.

Is it safe for your baby to sleep in the carrier?

If you can correctly fasten the baby carrier, your baby can safely sleep in the carrier. Moreover, the mother and baby bonding promotes a sound sleep to the baby.

Is the baby carrier safe for the baby’s hip portion?

Different kinds of baby carriers are designed to provide supports to the baby’s legs. When your baby’s legs dangle off from the carrier and stay in that position for a prolonged period, it can cause hip dysplasia. Ensure that you choose the right product for your baby to provide a safer stay in the carrier.

How to clean the baby carrier?

While cleaning the baby carrier, avoid the use of bleaches and strong detergent at every cost. Babies have very sensitive skin. Using strong detergent can make your baby suffer from any kind of skin problem like rashes.

However, you might get various baby-friendly detergents in the market that parents can use to clean the baby carrier.


New parents are always conscious about their newborn babies. When the baby is out of their sight for a longer period, they become anxious. But the baby carrier has been one of the best inventions to keep your baby in front of you.

Whether you are traveling or strolling in the park, you can feel your baby’s heartbeat, ensuring that your baby stays with you. It is one of the wisest investments that parents should encourage to provide their baby and themselves with comfort during the early growing period of their child. Support your baby with the best baby carrier in India after going through this informative guide.