Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India

We are always looking for the best options for our little love, but are we making the smartest decision all the way up? We need to be extra careful when buying products for our babies, but the considerations become tougher when it comes to finding the best baby feeding bottles for them.

Best Baby Feeding Bottles in India: Safe and Convenient Solutions for Nourishing Your Little One

There are several options out there but are they the right option for your baby? Hygienic plastic, softness, and fluid flow speed are some of the most important decisions to make when searching for the best baby feeding bottles in India. But worry not, we are here to guide you in the quest of finding the best baby feeding bottle for your child’s need, and here are some of our top picks.

1. Philips Avent 260 ml Natural Feeding Bottle

Babies always crave the human touch; keeping this in mind, Philips made the unique bottle that resembles a natural breast very closely. With its super soft nipple and unique shape, the Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle is the wise choice for your growing baby.

Safe Material: It is very important to keep in check the health of the baby, and the first step towards the goal is to provide your children with safe materials. The Philips Avent bottle is made of plastic that is fully BPA and BPS-free for the safety of kids.

Flexible Soft Nipples: Once the baby is habituated with the breast, they tend to reject any other alternatives. Thus, often it is the case that they do not drink from the readily available bottle from the market. However, the nipple of the Philips bottle is ultra-soft and designed in a way to mimic the feel of the breast so that your baby stays happy and gets all the essential nutrients.

Anti-Colic Valve: Another area where you must focus on is the valve system of the bottle. You need to be sure that your baby can easily suck fluid from the bottle. To help parents in that region, Philips introduced an anti-colic valve that maintains the right speed and flow of fluids so that your baby feels comfortable every time drinking from it.


  • Design: The easy-to-hold design provides utmost support for the tiny hands of the babies so that they can hold it without any issue.
  • Transparent Measurements: The bottle is transparent and comes with the measurement scale so that you can see what is inside and keep a tab open on the amount of food your baby is consuming.
  • Softy Feels: The smooth feeling of the bottle is right for the little soft touch of your baby.


  • Size: If you are looking for an option for an infant, then this bottle size could be a bit larger and not suitable for the baby.

The best soft bottle that you can give your baby for a healthy upbringing.

2. Chicco 250 ml Wellbeing PP Bottle

The second in line is the funky coloured bottle from Chicco. If your baby loves colours and you’re looking for a colourful printed bottle for your child, then Chicco Wellbeing PP Bottle is going to appeal to you to the fullest.

Lightweight: Proper weight distribution is a significant factor while choosing the best feeding bottle in India. If the bottle is heavy and difficult to hold, babies will keep rejecting it repeatedly. Therefore, Chicco made a bottle that is not only easy to hold but weighs only 110 g, making it a perfect fit for your little bud.

Colourful Outlook: The outside of the bottle is printed with beautiful motifs that will spread a smile on the face of your baby. Leave them with this bottle, and they will keep playing with it for hours; that’s the charisma of it!

Right Capacity: With the 250 ml contained, the bottle is the accurate fit for your toddler. You can put milk, water, or food in it without worrying about over or less feeding your baby. And with the 250 ml capacity, it will not even weigh too heavy even when it is full.


  • Avant-Garde Plastic: The material used in the bottle is BPA-free and high quality, keeping the safety of your children at the utmost priority.
  • Medium Flow: For the safety of the baby, the flow level is set to the medium that suffices all the requirements of the baby.
  • Large-Cap: The top cap is large enough to fit the teat of the bottle without bending it.


  • Smaller Capacity: For the smaller capacity, it is not a suitable option for babies over two years or so.

A colourful option for your babies’ happy tummy and a happy smile.

3. Pigeon Peristaltic KPP Nursing Bottle

When you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your kid, this bottle will fit you just right. With the accurate capacity and shape, this Pigeon Peristaltic KPP Nursing Bottle is going to have your back.

Silicone Spout: It is an important factor in building a healthy eating habit for your baby. To help you in the matter, the Pigeon bottle has introduced the silicone spout. This material helps babies form a natural healthy habit just like breastfeeding so that even after giving up the feeding bottle, they can switch to regular eating cutlery.

Polypropylene Body: Kids love to throw away stuff, and their little feeding bottle is not even an exception. Keeping the kid’s nature in mind, Pigeon came forward and invented a bottle that has a polypropylene body. For this unique material, the bottle becomes durable and lightweight altogether.

Proper Air Ventilation: This nursing bottle has all the right ventilation systems that every baby needs. To lower the burps and pukes, the medicated air ventilation system provides babies with a smooth and comfortable drinking experience.


  • Slim Neck: The slim neck design of the bottle makes it easy to hold for new-born babies.
  • Medium Nipple: The nipple size is pre-set to medium to benefit your baby for a long time.
  • Affordable Pricing: This bottle comes in a much pocket-friendly pricing tag compared to other best baby feeding bottles in the market.


  • Nipple Type: The nipple type of bottle does not follow the modern trends of flexibility.

If you are a little short on budget and looking for the right choice for your baby, then you can go with this option without any doubt.

4. Mee Mee Premium Glass Feeding Bottle

Do you love to travel? But you cannot make your travel plans thinking about your kid. Well, not anymore, bring your little pal with you everywhere you go. All thanks to Mee Mee Feeding Bottle the best glass feeding bottle India well known for its premium quality and proper design.

Protective Cup: When we are traveling, often it is the case that we spill drinks due to the leakage in the bottle. But no more, with the perfect dome-shaped protective bottle cap, you can protect your bottle from licking any materials from it and travel all around with your kid.

Multipurpose Usage: You can fill this bottle with almost anything that you want, all thanks to its premium glass material. Fill it with milk, juice, or water; you can feed your baby without worrying about any harmful reaction. And for the glass design, you can clean it in a jiffy after every use.

Anti-Colic Ventilation: The anti-colic ventilation makes sure to reduce discomfort and colic. This way, your baby will consume only food without venting any air in the tummy. As a result, your baby stays healthy and does not develop unusual gas problems.


  • Non-toxic Material: Unlike other cheap plastic bottles in the market, this bottle is not made with harmful materials.
  • Variable Nipple Attachments: Use accurate nipples according to the needs of your baby. Choose among high, medium, or low flow as per requirements.
  • Vertical Teat Design: The special design mimics the feel of the natural breast and provides the needed comfort to your baby.


  • Fragile: As it is not plastic, it is all glass material; it can be fragile compared to others.

The nontoxic premium glass material bottle is the right choice for you if you want to provide your baby with a pure, clean experience.

5. Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Neck Bottle

Does your baby have a stomach issue? Is unusual gas-forming keeping your baby awake at night? If yes, maybe it is a problem with the current feeding bottle you are using. To help you eliminate the problem, here is Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Neck Bottle.

Even Weight Distribution: Babies’ hands get fatigued after some minutes of steady holding, and then they change the position of the bottle and intake air. That is one of the top reasons for babies to form gas in their tummies. But Dr. Brown’s bottle, weighing only about 59 g, is so lightweight that babies can hold it staidly for hours, so no more fatigue and unusual burping.

Flexible Venting System: You can use the bottle with vents or without the vent. The bottle has a unique design to provide the proper venting as per needs. If you feel that your baby needs venting, then you can use it, or else you can keep using it without the vent.

Wide Neck: The wide neck system makes sure that the bottle feels as natural as the breast. Babies tend to have the longing for a mother’s breast, and to provide the baby with their comfort; the bottle uses the wide neck system to make the bottle feel like a natural breast.


  • Easy Wash System: The wide neck bottle gives all the user the easy washable option due to its unique design.
  • Protect Gums: The scalloped teat of the bottle takes care of the soft gums of babies and protects the growing teeth.
  • Large Capacity: The large 270 ml capacity bottle will take care of your baby’s needs at all times.


  • Pricing: It could be a little expensive if you compare it with other brands of feeding bottles in the market.

If you want a medicated option for your baby’s wellbeing, then getting this bottle will help you in every way you can imagine.

6. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

As time passes, things change, but why not the baby’s feeding bottle? Searching for answers to the question, Comotomo has made a precision bottle keeping all the desires of kids in mind. So, if you are looking to give your baby something out of the ordinary to pamper fullest, then Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle is going to suit you the best.

Squeezy Design: Children are always active with their itty-bitty hands; hence this bottle features a unique, soft squeeze that feels so that your little bud can have a gala time even at the time of feeding with the soft toy-like bottle. And due to its softy nature, the bottle is very easy to clean as well.

Hassle-Free Cleaning: Often when it comes to cleaning the baby bottle, we become a little overwhelmed and clueless. Well, not anymore; with the Comotomo natural feel baby bottle, you can clean it hassle-free without compromising the health of your toddler. After your little love finishes using it, you can put it in your dishwasher or sterilizer as the bottle is dishwasher safe and heat resistant, both at the same time. You can easily rub off the outer layer with your hand for the soft texture of it.

Dual Vent Technology: With the dual anti-colic valve, your child will enjoy the food without any kind of disruption. The dual vent makes sure that your baby does not intake any extra air while enjoying the meal. Also, the anti-colic system prevents babies from throwing up, and as a result, your baby will have a healthy tummy and fit body.


  • Zero leakage: Regardless you put breast milk or baby food; not a single drop would waste. All thanks to its zero-leakage technology that will make sure that a single drop would not even go waste.
  • Latch Design: The natural lath design mimics the natural breast shape and makes sure that your child switches from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding seamlessly.
  • High-Grade Material: Safety always comes first, and this premium bottle is PVC, Phthalate, and BPA free for keeping your baby away from all the toxicity.


  • Costlier Accessories: The price of the bottle and the accessories of it is costlier than the regular baby feeding bottles.

If you want a bottle that gives your baby a luxury feeling along with taking good care of his or her health, then this option is a wise choice for you.

7. Medela Feeding Bottle

Are you looking for a bottle that will work both as a bottle and a part-time toy, then Medela Feeding Bottle is going to suit you the most.

Versatile Design: The versatile design of the bottle provides the support of easy holding among the children. The cylinder shape is not very large and helps to develop fine motor skills among kids. Also, the 250 ml bottle capacity is just right for babies under 12 months for the ultimate nutrition.

Sturdy Build: The bottle is crafted with premium plastic which makes the bottle sturdy and durable. So if you are eyeing a bottle that can last long, then this is the choice. Also, if your kid is always throwing things away and you want a durable option, then this option is still going to help.

Easy Cleaning: The cleaning process of the bottle is not at all tough, making your life as easy as possible. The special oval cylinder design of the bottle makes sure that you get the easiest experience for bottle cleaning. And for the oval shape, you can easily use any type of bottle cleaning brush for the deep cleaning of the bottle.


  • Fun Design: Babies love to see the fun prints on their bottles, and it will keep them active as well.
  • Toxic-Free: The bottle is made with toxic-free, BPS, and BPA-free materials.
  • Soft Nipples: The soft nipples of the bottle make sure that your babies always get the best.


  • Heavy: The bottle is on the heavier side.

The best plastic bottle that you can have for your beloved child right now.

8. LuvLap Anti-Colic Baby Feeding Bottle

LuvLap Anti-Colic Baby Feeding Bottle is another bottle for your jolly kid that will keep your baby engaged. The beautiful print on the bottle makes sure that your babies are always having a gala time when drinking from it.

Beautiful Print: The beautiful prints on the bottle make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. The cute, jungle, or flower print will keep your child preoccupied while helping them in their development. However, if you do not wish for any print and want your bottle to be transparent, you can also opt for it.

Smart Anti-Colic Vent System: The smart anti-colic system activates when your baby is drinking from the bottle. It makes sure that no gas passes at the time of drinking. As a result, your baby would have vigorous health and a strong digestive system.

Comfortable Latch-On: The slim rounded ergonomic design helps to get a comfortable latch-on. Babies can drink from the bottle without any sort of leakage whatsoever. And for the unique design, your kid can hold the bottle without your constant help.


  • Fully Sterilizable: The high-grade BPA-free plastic is cent percent sterilizable, removing all the impurities at the bay.
  • Less Nipple Collapse: The spiral grooved teat of the bottle will ensure that the nipple must not collapse, and babies can drink without any interruptions.
  • Variable Attachments: One can select from a low, medium, high, or variable teat flow for the babies, depending on the age group.


  • Prints: Some people may not like the printed option.

If you are looking for a funky bottle for your kid that will help in the growth of the kid as well, this is the option you should be looking for.

9. Chinmay Kids 3 in 1 Multifunctional Steel Feeding Bottle

Is your little bud turning into a big boy? Are you wondering what would be the right choice for him? Then your search ends right here. Here is the new Chinmay Kids 3 in 1 Multifunctional Steel Feeding Bottle that will help in every need.

Stainless Steel Body: Unlike the other prevalent options in the market, this bottle has a stainless-steel body and rugged in its core. If you are worried about the harmful effects of plastic, you can go with this option without even having a shred of doubt. Also, the stainless-steel body and the unique design help make the cleaning process of the bottle a lot easier.

Grabbing Handle Included: The grabbing handle that the bottle comes with is the best for the growing baby. Give your kid this bottle, and they can drink from it without your help. All thanks to this new gripping handle, the evenly placed handles are accurate to help kids to grab the bottle and hold it for a long time.

Convertible Bottle: The bottle has three different attachments in it. You can use it as a milk bottle, Sippy cup, or as the usual feeding bottle. If your baby is still a toddler, you can use it as a regular feeding bottle. And if your kid can hold a cup, you can use it for giving milk, water, or juices.


  • Aesthetic Design: The sweet, cuddly animated prints on the bottle will keep you astonished and make your little champ jolly.
  • Soft Nipple: Even though the bottle is made of rugged stainless steel, the nipple of the bottle is ultra-soft, keeping babies desires in mind.
  • Easy to Wash: Having a stainless-steel body, the bottle is dishwasher safe, and you can wash it thoroughly with your hands also.


  • Weight: For the metal body design, the bottle could be heavier than the other variants in the market.

If you are looking for the best stainless steel feeding bottle in India, then you can go with this variant without having any second thought.

Buying Guide for Best Feeding Bottle in India

Well, if you are feeling a little dizzy after browsing so many options for your baby feeding bottle and wondering what would be the best fit for your kid, then worry not. Here is an easy cheat sheet for you; check out the factors for making the most suitable option for you.


The first important consideration when buying the best baby feeding bottle in India is the material. There are various types of material available such as plastic, polycarbonate, or glass. Glass is the most hygienic option among all. However, if you are worried about its fragility, you can opt for high-quality plastic also. However, at the time you are choosing the plastic-based material, make sure that it is BPA, BPS, and toxicity-free. Today, the new type of stainless-steel baby feeding bottles are also available in the market, which is unbreakable and toxic-free. Select the one that suits all your needs at once.

Capacity of the Bottle

The capacity of the bottle alters as the babies grow. As the age increases, babies have different needs. You cannot except to feed the 15 months old with a 3 months old bottle. Therefore, it is important to think about the age of your baby when choosing the capacity. If your baby is around 3 months, go with 120 ml. For above 3 months and under a year age group, select the 240 ml, and for kids above 15 months, you can opt for a 300 ml bottle.

Nipples and Venting

For providing the best option to your baby, select an anti-colic vent system. This venting system assures that your child does not inhale unwanted air while having the food. With a proper ventilation system, your child would not burp or throw up food while eating. And as per the nipple, choose a soft silicone-based nipple that feels like a natural breast and encourages the child to build a normal eating habit. The soft nipple supports the gums of the child and helps in protecting the teeth of babies as well.

Easy Cleaning Option

You also need to be sure with the cleaning process. When selecting the best bottle, check out whether it is easy to clean or not. Some bottles are dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Check out our list to find the best dishwasher in India. Another consideration is to go with a wide neck variant. If you pick the wide-neck bottle, then you can easily clean it without any hassle. The wide neck bottle also feels closer to the natural breast shape. So, it will be a better choice for your little love too.


Last but not the least, rather a crucial factor when buying the best baby feeding bottle is setting the budget. There are several options out there in the market, but what suits your pocket? Even if you buy an expensive one, you must think about its maintenance. So, before you make any decision, it is important for you to make some considerations. Select the one that fits your pocket as well and your baby’s needs. Not only the price tag of the bottle but also check out the nipple extension prices. Clear your head, set a budget goal, and then choose the most suitable option.

If you select the bottle keeping these factors in your mind, then you can easily find the most suitable one for your little love in no time.

FAQs to Buy Feeding Bottle in India

Are all plastic bottles toxic?

No, certainly not. There is a chance of plastic bottles becoming toxic for babies, but if you select a high-grade material that is BPA and BPS-free, then you are good to go. Rest assured your child is on the safer side.

What is the ventilation system?

The ventilation system is the process of air passing when your baby is sucking liquid food from the bottle. Without the proper air vent system, your child may have difficulties drinking from the bottle. It can also result in burping, throw-ups, unusual gas formation in the stomach, and fatigue in babies. Therefore, professionals always advise going with an anti-colic air vent system.

What flow is right for my baby?

Babies require different flows at the different age groups. If you are considering getting a bottle for a new-born baby, then the low flow would be the right choice. When your child is over 3 months of age but under 12 months, go with the medium flow. And for the kids of one year plus, you can select the high flow system.

Which type of nipple should I buy?

There are both silicone and latex type available in the market for the feeding bottle. The latex teats are with natural rubber and also BPA-free. While silicone is both PVC and BPA-free, hence a better choice for your baby.

How often do I need to change the tips?

In general, it is a safe practice to change the tips of the feeding bottle after 4 to 5 months. However, if you notice any crack or leakage, you must change it immediately.

Do I need to clean the bottle every time?

Yes, it is vital to keep your baby bottle clean and hygienic all the time. You can use a bottle cleaning brush for effective cleaning. Also, you can think of investing in a bottle sterilizer for the optimum result. Check out the list to find the best baby bottle sterilizer in India.

What type of detergent should I use?

You can use any type of regular dishwashing detergent to clean the bottle properly. However, keep in mind that the detergent must be mild and better if it is gel-based. Just put the liquid in the bottle and clean it thoroughly.

What shape is right for my baby?

Cylinder shape bottles are always right for the babies. However, they are hard to clean. On the other hand, the wide neck bottle is easy to clean and great for kids too.


These are some great options available in the market. You can buy any of these bottles now for your little love. However, make sure that the bottle has all the right features for your baby and also provides convenience for you in every way.