Best BP Monitors in India

We all know that high blood pressure is a severe problem that leads to many other health diseases. If anyone in your house is suffering from high blood pressure, then it is natural that you have to check the blood pressure frequently. It is essential to control your blood pressure to avoid any other heart problems or high cholesterol. So, in that case, instead of visiting a hospital or doctor to get it checked, why not have the best BP monitor in India to regularly monitor your blood pressure at home.

Best BP Monitors in India: Accurate and Reliable Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices for Better Health Management

The best way to monitor your blood pressure is through a digital blood pressure machine in today’s time. They are practical and easy to use at home. As there is a wide variety of brands that manufacture blood pressure machines, it becomes a daunting task to choose the correct one for home use.

In this guide, you will get all details about the best bp monitors in India, and you can compare them and choose the right one as per your need.

1. Omron HEM 7120 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine

Omron is a reputed manufacturer of the best blood pressure machines in India. When we talk about Omron HEM 7120 BP Machine, it is an excellent device. This machine is automatic that ensures it provides accurate measurement of your vitals.

This best blood pressure monitor in India works on a particular technique known as oscillometric. It also helps you to monitor your pulse rate. This blood pressure machine requires no effort or time. With a single click, you can easily monitor your blood pressure.

To measure accurate blood pressure, you have to place the monitor’s cuff on the upper arm. You don’t have to worry about the cuff size, as it fits well on medium cuff-sized arms like 22 to 23 cm.

The cuff of this Omron HEM 7120 monitor inflates automatically as it has IntelliSense technology, which is the main highlight of the machine. It is a perfect machine for people with heart problems or frequently fluctuating blood pressure.

Another beauty about this machine is it monitors the slightest change in a heartbeat and provides you accurate measurements with no effort.

One of this machine’s great features is that it comes with a hypertension indicator where the device displays a special heartbeat symbol. If your blood pressure is above average, like 135/ 85, then you will get to know through this heartbeat symbol.

Also, there is an irregular heartbeat detection in this Omron blood pressure monitor. You can quickly check the history of your blood pressure measurements in this machine as it records the last monitoring.

The manufacturer also provides lifetime support and an excellent warranty period.


  • It is an automatic machine.
  • This monitor is easy to use as it works on a single button.
  • It is compact.
  • The best part about this machine is it is equipped with IntelliSense and Oscillometric technology.
  • It provides accurate measurements.


  • There is no light on the display of the machine.

2. Dr. Trust Smart Dual Talking Automatic Digital BP Monitor

Dr. Trust Smart Dual Talking Digital BP Monitor is the best BP Monitor in India that works on oscillometric technology to measure accurate blood pressure. It comes with a wide cuff that you can quickly wrap around your upper arm to monitor your blood pressure.

This monitor’s beauty is you can easily wash the cuff anytime you want or feel it is dirty. This product displays systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Also, you can check your heartbeat on this machine.

No matter if you are old or young, you can easily see the readings on its large display. The machine also shows the date and time with the user identity. All its features make it the best blood pressure machine in India. This machine also has a hypertension indicator, which displays a particular symbol when your blood pressure is high.

Three hypertension indicators come in different colors, green for normal blood pressure, yellow for moderate, and red for high.

The Dr. Trust BP machine’s main highlight is its talking feature; it works well for people who do not have good eyesight. It allows you to know your blood pressure readings through voice in various languages as per your choice.

You don’t need adapters to switch on the machine, as it is well powered with 4 AA batteries. Also, it has a USB compatible port which allows you to charge it through your laptop or tablet.

This BP monitor records 120 readings, so you can quickly check your previous readings whenever you want. It is a perfect advanced blood pressure monitor that comes with auto power-off and a low battery indicator. With a single push of a button, you can monitor your heartbeat and blood pressure.


  • It has an excellent talking feature.
  • This machine works on batteries, so there is no need for an adaptor.
  • It records the previous 120 readings.
  • The cuff is wide enough to fit in 22-24 cm arms.
  • It comes with a hypertension indicator.


  • Sometimes the light of the display does not work.

3. HealthSense Heart-Mate BP 100 Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine

Health sense is a well-known brand for blood pressure machines. HealthSense Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine is one of India’s best blood pressure machines due to its unique and great features.

The highlight of this BP monitor is its talking feature. It is best for older adults with weak eyesight as the machine announces the results. The device comes with great oscillometric technology and pressure sensors that give accurate readings.

The machine displays the data in a large black font. You can quickly check your pulse rate with blood pressure through the HealthSense automatic digital blood pressure machine.

This monitor’s beauty is that two people can use this machine, and it records the last 90 readings for both users. This product’s excellent feature is the WHO indicator that warns you if your blood pressure is above average.

Every machine tends to have some errors, but this is not the case with this BP Monitor. Also, you will quickly get to know if you are suffering from irregular heartbeat through this machine.

This monitor has 3 AAA batteries that mean you don’t have to plug the machine anywhere and take it while traveling. Also, it has a USB Port. It is a perfect device for your home when you want to manage your blood pressure and pulse rate.


  • It delivers impressive, accurate results.
  • This machine comes with great and helpful indicators.
  • It has USB compatibility.
  • This machine comes with a large display and font.


  • The built-up quality of this machine is not up to mark.

4. Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic BP Machine

Dr. Morepen Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, which is very easy and comfortable to use. This is among the best blood pressure monitors in India that deliver systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

If you want to monitor your pulse rate, this is one of the great devices you can get at your home. This machine is well known for its affordability. The best part about using this monitor is its four user interface and records 30 last readings.

It records accurate readings of your blood pressure and pulse rate and also comes with irregular heartbeat indicators. This monitor also calculates the last three readings and gives you average reading keeping in mind the calculation.

This machine’s excellent feature is its WHO indicator that signals you if your blood pressure is high. Also, the device has a large display, which makes it easy to read the readings.

With this machine’s particular inflation system, you will not feel any stiffness over your arm and get an accurate measurement of your blood pressure. Also, there is a low battery indicator that tells you to change the batteries, and the machine is equipped with 4 AA batteries.


  • The monitor has a unique inflation system.
  • The tremendous low battery and irregular heartbeat indicator make the machine the best BP monitor in India.
  • It has four user interfaces.
  • This machine offers excellent and remarkable accurate results.


  • The machine consumes a lot of battery.

5. Beurer 658.18 BM 27 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Beurer is a top manufacturer of BP machines in Europe. You can quickly and comfortably measure your blood pressure and pulse rate with Beurer Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

The device has an automatic error indicator and comes with an accurate readings mechanism.

With this blood pressure machine’s help, you can control your blood pressure and pulse rate by calculating the average of previous blood pressure that is well recorded in the device. This machine also helps in detecting arrhythmia and gives you signals when there is an irregular heartbeat.

This BP monitor’s main feature is a colored scale indicator that gives you information about your low or high vitals. The machine also has an auto-off feature, which automatically switches off when it is not in use and efficient.

This is the best BP monitor in India that is well made up of high-quality materials, and it also comes with adjustable cuffs that allow you to adjust it according to your arm size.

It has four user interfaces and can store 30 previous readings for each user.


  • It has an irregular heartbeat indicator.
  • The machine stores 30 readings for four users.
  • It provides excellent accurate readings.
  • This machine comes with adjustable cuffs.


  • The font size of the display is relatively small.

6. Rossmax GB102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax is a perfect manufacturer that promises to deliver the best products in every field. This machine is one of the great inventions of the company.

This Rossmax GB 102 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor is one of the best blood pressure machines in India. It is made up of high-quality material and comes with a latex-free cuff that is comfortable enough and does not harm the skin.

This machine is well equipped with white enamel 300 mm no pin stop manometer. And a single head stethoscope that provides accurate readings of blood pressure.


  • It gives accurate blood pressure readings.
  • This machine is made up of high-quality material.
  • It comes with a stretchable cuff.


  • The display is too small, which is not suitable for older adults.

7. Newnik SP501 Sphygmomanometer

Newnik SP501 Sphygmomanometer is the best BP monitor in India, which is an FDA-approved product. This machine is an accurate and durable product for medical professionals.

The gauge present in this BP machine is a certified 300 mmHg manometer that provides accuracy, and the cuff of the device comes with a large velcro that fits in every arm size. The cuff is well made up of high-quality nylon that is moisture and abrasion-resistant.

The machine has an inflation bulb constructed with non-latex and non-sticking PVC, and it is a crack-resistant bulb. The machine’s beauty is you will get a smart carry case that allows you to carry the BP machine while traveling.

You will also get a free stethoscope with the machine you have to use while measuring the blood pressure. It is an effective device, approved by ISO CE.


  • The cuff of this machine is adjustable and has big velcro for a perfect fit.
  • The inflation bulb is crack-free.
  • It has a 300 mmHg manometer that ensures the accuracy of readings.
  • ISO approves this machine.


  • The quality of the stethoscope is not good.

8. Dr. Odin Touch Screen Automatic Digital BP Monitor Machine

Dr. Odin Automatic Digital BP Monitor is considered the best blood pressure machine in India due to its unique features. This is a portable blood pressure machine designed so that you can carry it with your while traveling.

It has a large LCD that allows you to scan the data and has a large font. This product is known for its accurate results, which is essential if you have blood pressure problems.

There are many highlights of this product, and the main is the auto shut-off feature. The machine automatically gets switched off when it is not in use or forgets to turn it off. This machine is one of the most advanced blood pressure machines that comes with a touch display, and the machine automatically takes two measurements to provide the most accurate readings.

Another best part about this product is, it supports two users in an effective way. The machine also has an inbuilt USB Port, making it easier for you to charge through your laptop or tablet. It also has a large cuff size that fits well on large arms also. The beauty of this machine is its talking function.


  • It comes with a large LCD.
  • This machine has a USB Port for easy charging.
  • It has an auto turn-off system.


  • It does not have a talking feature.

9. AccuSure AS Series Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System

AccuSure AS Series Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring System is a tremendous automatic blood pressure machine that gives you accurate readings. This machine is compact, which is easy to carry.

This best BP Monitor in India is well equipped with WHO indicators that include hypertension indicators informing you well when the blood pressure is above or below the average.

The cuff of this machine is latex-free and comfortable enough for sensitive skin. This is a perfect one-touch operational machine.

AccuSure Blood pressure machine easily stores up to 60 readings and comes with an extra-large display.


  • It has a WHO indicator.
  • This machine also detects irregular heartbeat.
  • This device comes with an extra-large LCD display.
  • AccuSure BP Monitor has USB Port.


  • Customers have reported its inaccuracy.

Buying Guide for Best BP Monitor in India

Before choosing the best blood pressure machine in India for your home, make sure you consider a few factors before selecting it. You must check out their features and then spend your hard-earned money to buy a blood pressure machine.

Here are some considerations to buy a blood pressure machine:

Cuff Size

Before you get a digital blood pressure monitor at your home, make sure you check its cuff size. We should know if you do not have the correct cuff size, it may lead to inaccurate measurements. So you must look for the proper cuff size as per your arm’s size. In case you have a small cuff size, it may result in high readings and vice versa. If the cuff size is large, it will show you low results. You should know the upper arm’s circumference to fit the cuff of the blood pressure machine perfectly. Usually, most of India’s best BP monitors come with adjustable cuffs that fit all arms sizes.

Easy to Use Machine

This is true; when you want to use the device regularly, you don’t want something complicated or requires a lot of effort. You would want a blood pressure machine that is user-friendly and convenient to use. When you are buying a digital blood pressure machine, the display matters a lot, as it shows the numbers, so make sure the display is significant so that older people can easily read it. For easier accessibility, go for a blood pressure machine that works on a single button and has clear instructions on display.

Memory Storage

When you are suffering from hypertension, you may want to, or doctors ask you to keep track of your blood pressure and keep an average reading. In such cases, nobody wants to keep manual tracking; here come digital blood pressure monitors. Most of India’s best blood pressure machines come with excellent memory storage; some come with 120 records, 90 records, and 60 records. It varies from machine to machine. Even some blood pressure machines store data for two users or four users. So before you get one, check the storage capacity.

Irregular Heartbeat Indicator

All digital best blood pressure machines in India measure blood pressure and also your heartbeat. It is expected that a person has an irregular heartbeat, and it is essential to have a check on the heartbeat’s irregularity. So buy a digital monitor that reads the heartbeat and has a unique indicator for such function.

Rechargeable Batteries

Usually, many blood pressure monitors run on 4AA batteries. When the batteries are exhausted, it is essential to buy new batteries and change them. So instead of getting new, go for blood pressure machines that have rechargeable batteries. You can reuse the batteries after charging them.

USB Port

You can also buy a blood pressure machine that comes with a USB port, and it allows you to quickly charge the machine by attaching them with your laptop or tablet for charging.


Before you order the best BP Monitor in India, it is essential to check the manufacturer’s warranty period. Most of the manufacturers offer a 1 to 6 years warranty period.


Price is the main factor that decides your choice of blood pressure machine. The Machine ranges from 1500 to 3500, that depends on the features and benefits of using it.


When you have a blood pressure problem and travel a lot, how can you keep track of your blood pressure? Don’t worry, many blood pressure machines are easy to carry. Buy the best BP Monitor in India, which is lightweight and compact. Such blood pressure machines will not take much space in your bag.

FDA Approved

Make sure you buy a blood pressure monitor that is clinically proven to be safe to use. Get a machine that is FDA-approved.

Battery Indicator

Many best blood pressure machines in India come with a battery indicator that shows the battery life. This allows you to charge it immediately not to face any problems while measuring your blood pressure.

WHO Indicator

WHO indication is also an important feature that you must consider while buying the best BP monitors in India. You must be wondering why the WHO indicator is essential? With the help of the WHO indicator, you will get to know the correct data. In case the measurement is low than average, the indicator will signal you, and if it is high, it warns you about the hypertension problem. If you are concerned about your health and don’t want any health problems, get a blood pressure machine with WHO Indicator.

Talking Feature

Many machines have large displays allowing more senior people to read the digits clearly. Another great feature you can see in some of India’s best blood pressure machines is the talking feature. The machine reads out the result of the measurement, and the voice comes in different languages.

Reading Time

Reading time means how much time the machine will take to measure the blood pressure. Some machines give accurate results in 20 seconds while others give results in one minute. Of course, we all want a fast and reliable machine, so choose the accurate and fast one.

Advantages of Digital BP Monitor

You must have seen a doctor check your blood pressure whenever you have gone to see a doctor, and they use a sphygmomanometer. But when it comes to tracking blood pressure at home, you would want a digital and automatic one instead of a manual. So here we will share some benefits of Digital Blood pressure machines :


Manual blood pressure machines have more attachments as compared to digital blood pressure machines. An automated blood pressure machine is easily constructed with a simple structure with only a cuff with a tube running inside the cuff that needs to be attached to the machine to record blood pressure.


Digital blood pressure machines are straightforward to use. You will usually find there are no complications to use automated blood pressure machines. With the help of these blood pressure machines, you don’t have to hold a stethoscope. You don’t need any special skills to monitor your blood pressure through automated blood pressure machines.


People who are having the problem of hypertension need to check their blood pressure regularly. So, in that case, digital blood pressure machines are portable enough to carry them anywhere. Manual blood pressure machines are not portable enough. The digital machines easily fit in your bag while traveling. So you must know what kind of machines are comfortable to carry along with you everywhere.

Heart Rate

All digital blood pressure machines not only measure blood pressure but also read the heart rate. Both vitals are simultaneously displayed on the screen.

Types of Blood Pressure Machines

As there is the advancement of technology in all fields, with the invention of digital blood pressure machines, there is no requirement to visit a physician every time you want to check your blood pressure.

Over time, there are many user-friendly, lightweight, and compact best blood pressure machines in India. You will find three types of blood pressure machines in the market, they are :

Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

Many people prefer buying an arm blood pressure monitor because the cuff present in the arm monitor has the same resting level as our heart. Arm monitors are more comfortable and accurate machines. The benefit of such monitors is they come with comfortable cuffs that you can quickly wrap around your upper arm. You will get a central unit where the measurements are displayed, and most of these monitors come with risk indicators that show the risk of high BP.


  • They are more manageable and accurate than other types of blood pressure machines.
  • It warns you about high blood pressure.
  • Some arm monitors come with great memory storage and provide data for multi-users.


  • They are heavier than wrist monitors.
  • You have to get the perfect cuff size that fits your arm size.

Wrist Monitors

Wrist monitors are smaller versions of arm monitors. They are less accurate than arm monitors. Such monitors have fixed digital units on the cuff, and they are compact. Wrist monitors are suitable for people who have bulkier upper arms, as the arm monitors may not fit their arm size and can be uncomfortable.


  • Such monitors are lightweight and compact.
  • They are portable and more convenient options to monitor your blood pressure regularly.


  • Wrist monitors are not accurate.

Finger Clip Monitor

Finger clip monitors work on advanced technology; all you need to do is switch on the monitor and put your index finger on the opening. There is a cuff inside, and when it inflates, it automatically reads the blood pressure. These monitors take hardly 15-20 seconds to measure your blood pressure. There is no hassle of wrapping the cuff around your arm or wrist when you have a finger clip monitor.


  • It is a small and easy-to-carry machine.
  • You don’t need to wrap the cuff around your arm or wrist to measure the blood pressure.


  • They are less accurate than arm and wrist monitors.

FAQs to Buy BP Monitor in India

Is it easy to use a digital blood pressure machine at home?

All digital blood pressure machines in India come with cuff inflation. Where you have to wrap the cuff around your upper arm, and it automatically inflates to read your blood pressure. And the results are shown on display.

How can we get accurate results through a digital blood pressure machine?

When a person is getting inaccurate results, there could be many reasons behind it. People fail to take a few precautions and do not consider the proper procedure to use a blood pressure monitor.

Here is a set of precautions that you must take care of to get accurate blood pressure readings:

  • If you want accurate readings of your blood pressure, then never test just after you wake up. Once you get up, set your body right and give your body some time to relax, then check your blood pressure.
  • You must check your blood pressure test before your breakfast; never eat anything before checking.
  • If you are a person who usually goes for a walk and does exercise every morning, then it is recommended to check your blood pressure before exercise.
  • If you are a chain smoker or drink alcohol, then never get your blood pressure readings after doing such activities. Make sure you test your blood pressure before 30 minutes of smoking or drinking.
  • Before you check your blood pressure, first relax in a sitting position for 5 to 10 minutes and keep your back correctly with feet on the ground.
  • When measuring your blood pressure, you have to keep your arm and elbow at the same level as your heart.
  • You should wrap the cuff directly on your skin; if you are wearing any clothes, try to wrap them up and then check your blood pressure.
  • You should never speak or talk to anyone while you measure your blood pressure.
  • Before you use a blood pressure machine, read the instructions correctly. It is usually recommended to take 2-3 readings in a few minutes to know the average blood pressure of your body. This will also help you to get more accurate measurements.
  • It is essential to measure your blood pressure daily if you are suffering from hypertension. Make sure you set a time and try to measure it at a particular time every day. This will help you to know the average blood pressure measurements.
  • In case the blood pressure machine shows relatively high blood pressure, you don’t have to panic. You must do the reading thrice, and in case the results are the same, then rush to the doctor immediately.
  • If you are a patient with high blood pressure, get the best BP monitor in India that keeps a record of your readings. Check your previous readings to know the excellent effect of medicine or any other treatment you are taking to control your blood pressure.

Do we have any side effects of using a blood pressure machine?

We all know, everything that works on technology has some or other downside. Then is it like, if the best blood pressure machine in India has some downside, still we should buy it.

The main drawback of getting a digital blood pressure machine is they are not so accurate as sphygmomanometers. But in today’s time, people prefer to check their blood pressure at home. In that case, digital blood pressure machines are easy and convenient to use.

Regular checking your blood pressure at home will save you from heart diseases, as they still tell you, average blood pressure.

How can we read our blood pressure in digital machines?

Every digital blood pressure machine shows systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and usually, all machines show systolic blood pressure first and then diastolic. In case your systolic blood pressure is 130, and diastolic is 90, then your blood pressure is 130/90.

Which one is better, digital machine or manual blood pressure readings?

If you are a person who wants to keep a check on your blood pressure daily without visiting a doctor, then you should buy the best BP monitor at home. But you must know they are not as accurate as manual blood pressure readers. To get more accurate readings, manual blood pressure is always better.

How can we put batteries on our digital blood pressure machines?

Before you buy the best blood pressure machine in India, make sure you know which batteries it runs. Usually, all blood pressure machines run on 4 AAA OR 3AA batteries. Putting in the batteries is easy, and you only have to open the battery panel in the machine and change the battery when required. Make sure you appropriately place the battery for the proper working of the machine.

What is the best time to measure blood pressure?

When we wake up, our body is relaxed, so that is the right time to measure blood pressure. Otherwise, throughout the day, our body keeps moving or has some or other movement, and you will see the blood pressure is high during day time. So it is essential to check your blood pressure as soon as you wake up to get the correct readings of your blood pressure.


We all know that hypertension is a severe problem, and it requires regular monitoring of your blood pressure. To check your blood pressure daily, you must buy the best BP Monitor in India at home.

You can choose any of the ones stated above as per your requirement and budget. Also, you must read the above buying guide to buy a blood pressure machine in India to ensure you make the right choice.