Best Breast Pumps in India

Doctors always advise you to feed your baby breast milk till they are at least six months old. But what about moms who work or have a problem producing milk always? Breast pumps act as a boon to them. For those who don’t know what breasts pumps are or how they work, here it is. Breast pumps are a device that lactating moms use to store their breast milk. The suction caused by these pumps draws the milk from the breasts.

Best Breast Pumps in India: Efficient and Comfortable Solutions for Convenient Breastfeeding and Milk Expression

The expressed milk stored in the bottles makes the life of “new moms” when they aren’t around. Here are some highly-rated Best Breast Pumps in India that you can choose from.

1. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Medela is one of the few brands that manufacture the best baby products, and the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is one of them. The unique feature that sets it different from other breast pumps is its two-phase extraction. In simpler terms, this pump comes with a handle that has both shorter and longer ends. The short end makes you feel like the baby sucking and works best when you are relaxed. On the other hand, the longer side allows you to draw more quantities of milk with slow suction. This breast pump is easy to assemble as well as clean. It comes with different breast shields to cater to every kind of body.


  • Made of BPA-free plastic.
  • Comes with different breast shields.
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • Doesn’t make a noise like others.
  • Perfect for occasional use.
  • Can store up to 150 ml of milk.


  • The suction power gets less over time.

2. Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump

Philips is one of the oldest brands that has manufactured a lot of baby products other than household appliances. Though a bit costlier than the others, this Philips Avent Single Electric Breast Pump is quite durable. The unique feature about this pump is a mom doesn’t have to lean out to ensure the flowing of breast milk. The massage cushion gives the feeling of the baby’s natural sucking. This pump makes sure the proper flow of milk without causing any uncomfortable sensation to the mommy. One can easily assemble them after cleaning the parts. The pumps use BPA-free materials, thus making them completely safe for babies.


  • Easy to assemble and clean the different parts.
  • Designed specifically to maintain free-flowing of milk even in an upright position.
  • Soft massage cushion that gives the sensation of the baby’s natural sucking.
  • Reliable brand and durable product.


  • The suction might stop working within a few uses.

3. Dr. Trust Manual Baby Breast Feeding Milk Breast Pump

If you are looking for an easy-to-use breast pump, then go for Dr. Trust Manual Baby Breast Feeding Milk Breast Pump. The pump comes with 350 mmHg suction strength, which allows you to make a bottle of milk for your baby when you are in a hurry. The presence of a silicon massage pad makes sure that the new mom doesn’t face any problem while pumping and stimulates flow too. The device is quite light, thus making it a perfect choice to carry around when the mom is on travel. The breast pump uses PP, which is extremely safe for your children. This breast pump works quietly and is extremely reasonable to go for.


  • The device is extremely easy and convenient to use.
  • The pump uses PP material and is extremely safe for kids.
  • One can manually control the pump’s suction.


  • It might cause some discomfort while pumping.

4. R for Rabbit Delight Smart Automatic Electric Breast Pump

If you want an electric breast pump for yourself, then you can choose R for Rabbit Delight Smart Automatic Electric Breast Pump. With this pump, one doesn’t have to lean forward to draw breastmilk, rather can sit up straight and do it. A unique feature of this electric breast pump is it comes with 10 level massage modes and 15 different suction levels. The anti-backflow feature of this pump makes sure there’s no contamination, and the milk is safe for the baby. Though electric, the pump is quite easy to use, and it uses a 1300 mAH rechargeable battery. This electric breast pump is the perfect choice for traveling moms and babies.


  • It uses BPA-free materials.
  • Comes with 10 level massage modes and 15 different suction levels.
  • Quite easy to handle and assemble.
  • Easy to recharge.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Suction power is limited as compared with others.

5. Spectra Baby Hospital Grade Double/Single Breast Pump

How would you feel if you got a breast pump that can recharge itself on its own? It will solve your problem to put it on charge every time, right! It comes with a closed backflow protector that makes sure the milk doesn’t get contaminated. Just with a touch of a button, Spectra Baby Hospital Grade Double/Single Breast Pump can start the suction without causing any discomfort. The 45dB massage mode relaxes while it draws the milk. The 350mm HG allows maximum suction strength, which you can use both single/double pumped. Even when you sleep at night, the timer feature makes sure that you get up and pump out milk for your kiddo.


  • The pump works quietly without disturbing your sleeping kid.
  • It has a self-charging battery.
  • This device is extremely easy to clean.
  • The massage mode enhances lactation.
  • The device has different vacuum speeds and settings.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Bit heavier than other breast pumps.
  • It will need a plug point to work.

Buying Guide for Best Breast Pump in India

Now that you have a list of the Best Breast Pump in India, you can go for any one of them. But before buying one of them you need to keep a few things in mind. The buying guide will help you to buy the Best Breast Pump in India for your baby.


There are mainly four types of breast pumps available, namely manual, single and double electric, and hospital grade.

  • Manual pump: With manual suction pumps, the milk drawing process is time taking and requires you to work. With a manual pump, you might not be able to acquire the right amount of milk you want. But you can carry it anywhere and can use it for long hours.
  • Single electric pump: These pumps usually run with the help of a battery/motor. With the help of this pump, you can draw milk out of one breast at one time.
  • Double electric pump: Unlike a single electric pump, you can collect milk from both breasts with these double electric pumps. Thus this requires less time and is extremely easy to use.
  • Hospital-grade pumps: As the name suggests, these pumps are commonly used in hospitals. These pumps are for babies who are in NICU but need their mother’s breast milk. Unlike other electric pumps, this one has a better motor/battery that ensures better suction. This pump is completely safe for multiple women to use.


Your ability to purchase any product depends upon its price. The price of the best breasts pumps depends upon the type of pump you are using. Primarily the manual pump requires less money than the electric pump. But manual pumps require more time than electric pumps. So if you want to save time and draw more breast milk, you have to spend extra bucks on an electric pump. But if you have time and want less quantity of milk, then you can go for a less-priced manual pump.

Ease to use

When it comes to babies, it is better to go for less complicated things. If you use the breast pumps regularly, you need to make sure it’s easy to use. The more complicated the assembling, the more time it will consume. So it is better to go for breast pumps that you can handle easily.


While buying the breast pump, you have to keep in mind that you have to use it for at least one year. If you are going for an electric breast pump, the durability will depend upon the motor used. If you want to use the pump regularly, make sure the motor used is of good quality and comes with a warranty.


Though many breast pumps claim that they give the natural sensation of a baby sucking milk, many might find it uncomfortable. To make sure that you don’t end up hurting your nipple while drawing milk, try to buy as per your size.

The recommended Breast Pump

Whenever you are eyeing to buy any breast pumps, you need to consider the different pumps that can influence your purchasing decision. Especially if you are an avid user, you need to look into the matter keenly to make your purchase worthwhile. Every individual has a different approach and response to breastfeeding pumps. Also, the amount of milk he will pump into depends on various factors, including time of pumping, supply of the milk, and various emotional factors, including your general mind frame or stress. Out of the four breast pumps, you can use the manual one if you pump occasionally. Wildly, if you were pumping one or two times a week, the manual pumps are the best. It is pretty light on your pockets.

Moreover, it completely extracts the milk from your breast neatly. With the help of its unique design, you do not have to lean forward to do the job. Instead, you can sit back and relax while you pump. On the other hand, the manual breasts are hard on your hand.

If you are pumping more than two times, you can use the electric breast pumps. It is a good choice for those who tend to pump three to four times a week. It is easy and efficient. The first mechanism of this breast pump makes it a good choice for those who are working. The soft massage cushion that comes along with this pump is easy for the user to use. Also, it is gentle on your breast. It extracts milk efficiently and quickly.

However, if one tends to use it daily, they must go for the Medela Harmony manual breast pump. With such a distinguishing feature, this breast pump triggers a letdown reflex. But it may not be a good choice for everyone as it is pretty expensive.

How to Maximize the Quantity of Pumped Milk?

It is one of the common problems that every new mum faces while using the breast pump. Irrespective of the types, most mum has experienced the inability to pump adequate quantities of milk using a breastfeeding pump. Many have even spent 30 minutes to 40 minutes getting 10 ml to 20 ml of milk. It isn’t very reassuring. It happens because when you are feeding your baby directly from your breast, the presence of an emotional factor in that situation triggers a letdown reflex. But whenever you express the action with the help of a breast pump, the emotional aspect that should be present gets missing. The letdown reflex may not occur in this situation.

Therefore, to get the maximum quantity of milk with the help of a breastfeeding pump, you need to follow the following steps.

  • You need to massage your breast in a circular motion gently. One should do the action from the outer part of your breast to the nipples.
  • You should always pump milk out of your breast at the same time regularly.
  • The supply of milk in your breast is maximum during the early hours. Especially in the early mornings, you can get the maximum quantity of milk. It happens because of the long gap between the feeding hours. Hence if you want to check the mechanism of your pump, whether it comes with a defect or not, you can try to use the pump early in the morning. Also, you can use it after a long gap of at least 5 hours to 6 hours when you start feeling heavy on your breast.
  • If you pump after a warm bath, you can get the maximum quantity of milk. Also, to maximize the amount of milk while using a breast pump, you can apply a warm compress before pumping.
  • To stimulate your letdown reflex, you can express with your hand before using a breastfeeding pump.
  • You can also apply the tactic of thinking about your baby while you pump. It can help to trigger an emotional factor. Due to this, you can experience the maximum quantity of pumped milk.
  • Sometimes most new mothers make the mistake of using improper size pumps. It tampers with the quantity of the pumped milk. If you can use the correct flange size pump, it can help to maximize the amount of milk.

Apart from these tips, the doctors recommend that new mothers feed their babies directly as much as possible. According to some researchers, one can see that if you tend to depend on the breastfeeding pump every time, your supply of breast milk will falter after three weeks to 4 weeks. Hence, you must directly feed your baby as much as possible. It also stimulates your genuine emotions and let down reflexes.

Longevity of Pumped Breast Milk

Every baby and their mother comes with different needs. It is essential to provide them with the right appliance. Breast pumps happen to be one such appliance that helps both the mother and the baby. Especially mothers who tend to work in an office or are self-employed have little or no time to feed their baby. In such cases, breast milk comes handy. But most mothers question the longevity of the pumped milk.

Usually, the pumped breast milk stays fresh and intact in nutrients for 6 hours to 7 hours, even if you keep it at room temperature. But if you keep it in the refrigerator, it can stay fresh for at least 24 hours. To maintain the freshness, you can also place ice packs in contact with the milk container. No mother would want to stop providing proper nutrition to their baby. But some situations, including traveling, medical conditions for resuming work after maternity leave, can be challenging to feed a baby directly from the breast. Hence to effortlessly tackle some of these situations, you can use a good breastfeeding pump. Also, you can store the milk for the baby’s future use. But one must make sure to look for the quality of the milk before giving it to the baby.

While you store the milk, you must ensure that the bottles are clean. If you tend to keep it in storage bags, you must use a bag designed to store breast milk. Using bottles or storage bags as per the design to store milk will keep the milk fresh for an extended period. Besides, one must clean the bottle between every use. You should keep in mind that if you add frozen milk to the fresh milk, it will tamper with the quality and nutritional value of the milk. If you have excess milk that you have already thawed, you should avoid refreshing that milk as it may attract various bacteria that might be harmful to your baby. To keep track of the milk bags or bottles, you can label them. Labeling can help you to avoid any mistakes. It can also provide your baby the correct quantity and quality every single time.

If you want to milk your baby that you have already frozen, you need to thaw it. You can use warm water to thaw the milk. Once you put the milk out of the refrigerator, you need to keep it at room temperature for at least 15 to 20 minutes. You can use a large bowl of warm water to do that. Make sure that you do not boil or microwave the milk as if you expose the milk to a specific temperature change, and it can spoil the milk or tamper with its nutritional values.

Safety Tips of Using a Breast Pump

Be careful at the time of making use of a breast pump. A breast pump has been one rescue supply that enables every mother to make breast milk always available for their baby. Also, if you pump the breast milk, it increases the flow of your milk. Along with that, it relieves any engorgement issues.

Moreover, it is one of the cleanest foods that you can get for your baby. It adds proper nutrition to the health of your baby while helping them to grow. But due to various reasons, women may not be able to provide direct breast milk to their babies. At the same time, some of them are working, but we have to deal with premature babies who face difficulties while latching to the nipple.

These are some of the safety tips that one must follow while using a breast pump.

Before using the appliance, one should read the instruction manuals. It can make the user extra cautious while using the breast pump.

  • Whether you are a new user or an existing one, you should never pump your breast continuously to maximize the quantity of milk. It would not help you to get extra milk. Instead, it will reduce the supply of milk.
  • You must avoid storing the milk for a longer period. It tends to deplete the nutrition of the milk. Thus, when you provide the stored milk to your baby, it won’t do much good in terms of health.
  • To maintain health and hygiene, you should sterilize the different parts of the palm before and after use. The fixed equipment can expose your baby to various health risks. To avoid that, you must take proper precautions.
  • Before you buy any e breast pumps, you need to find the perfect flange size according to the size of your breast. It will help you to pump out the milk properly without creating any discomfort.
  • Whenever you face irritation or discomfort with your breast pump, you immediately need to change the appliance. Sometimes you may see signs of change in the color of your nipples. Whenever you experience that, you immediately need to take action to get a new breast pump.

Maintaining Tips of your Breast Pump

One must maintain the breast pump regularly so that it does not compromise the health of your baby. You must thoroughly clean the parts which come into direct contact with either your baby or your breast. If you do not tend the dried milk stuck to the pump, it causes bacterial growth. Your baby’s health issue can arise due to this fact. Hence every user must follow some maintenance tips while using a breast pump.

  • After you use the breast pump, you need to wash each part of it separately. You can also use a dishwasher to do the task. Once you wash it, you need to dry it thoroughly before you use it again.
  • If you want to wash the pumps inside your sink, you can use a large bowl filled with water. Make sure that none of the parts of the breastfeeding pump comes into direct contact with the sink. You can also allow all the parts to be in soap water for at least 5 to 6 minutes. Once you do that, wash the same in warm water. You should rinse the parts thoroughly and later dry them well.
  • You need to sanitize the pump before using it again. You should take a bowl filled with water and soak all the parts. Allow the bowl to boil. Keep the components in the bowl for 10 minutes in that position. Once the water starts cooling, remove the pieces to dry them completely.

This technique can ensure the maximum longevity of the breastfeeding pump.

FAQs to Buy Breast Pump in India

Though most moms use or have used breast pumps, there remain some questions in the mind of a new mom.

Can I borrow breast pumps from someone instead of buying them?

No, it’s not advisable to use a used pump for yourself until and unless it is a Hospital Grade Pump. The pump and the bottle might contain viruses and bacteria if not cleaned properly. So when you use someone else’s pump, there’s a high chance that those bacteria/viruses might get transmitted to you or the baby.

Can I store milk in the breast pump bottle?

Yes, most working women store their breast pumped milk in the bottle. You can keep it for long hours only when you store the milk in the freezer.

Are breast pumps costly?

Not costly, but yes, they are a bit overpriced than other baby stuff. Breast pump prices depend upon what kind of pump you want, manual or electric.


It is important to breastfeed your child. But for working mothers or mothers who can’t lactate enough, breast pumps act as a boon. So you can invest a tad more money in these breast pumps. So it would be best if you choose them wisely so that you can have the best breast pump in India for your munchkin.