Best CCTV Cameras in India

Installing CCTV cameras at your premises is always a good idea. It will help you to track criminal activities. Similarly, if someone is carrying out any illegal purpose, you can monitor that with CCTV cameras. Another interesting fact that you should know about CCTV cameras is that they will improve your home insurance rate.

Best CCTV Cameras in India: Reliable and High-quality Surveillance Systems for Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

CCTV cameras will also deliver you peace of mind. Here we will present you with the list of the best CCTV cameras in India. All of them are capable and will play a significant role in protecting your house and office.

1. MI Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera

MI Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera is a sophisticated CCTV camera that comes with plenty of interesting features. One of the imperative features of this camera is the AI motion detection alert. It will provide you with a 360-degree vision that will monitor your whole house and your office. When it comes to the vertical views, it is capable of rotating 96 degrees.

It doesn’t matter if there is low light; it will provide you with full color. The low-light true color technology will allow you to witness a full-color palette, even if it is evening. Also, it will alert you when there is an intruder. The deep learning technology is integrated within this camera. Hence, it will understand when to send you an alert and send a notification to your phone.

Once you start using this CCTV camera, you will understand that it generates 1080p quality pictures. It is compatible with a 64GB SD card. It also comprises infrared night vision.


  • AI motion detection alert.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Talkback feature.
  • Provides perfect picture quality.
  • It is compatible with up to 64GB SD cards.


  • Some users are saying that it comes with some software bugs.
  • Providing continuous WiFi is not possible all the time.

2. TP-Link Wireless Indoor Security WiFi Camera

Another CCTV camera that we include in the list is TP-Link Wireless Indoor Security WiFi Camera. It comes with a smooth pan as well as tilt. In the case of horizontal range, it will provide you with the flexibility of 360 degrees. Besides, the vertical range of this camera is 114 degrees. You will also enjoy high-definition video once you install this camera on your premises.

The best part is you can capture every detail of the video in a crystal clear way. The advanced night view is another imperative feature that this camera boasts. Even at night, the camera will deliver you a visual distance of 30 ft, which is quite remarkable. It will help you precisely in the process of detection.

Motion detection and notification features will play a pivotal role when you are far away from your home. We can understand that there are certain things which make you bother. In that case, you can install the camera and stay with those things.


  • You will receive notification during the emergency systems.
  • Advanced night view.
  • Notifications as well as motion detection.
  • Offers high definition video.
  • Two-way audio allows communication with others.


  • The software comes with some bugs.
  • There is no delete option.

3. Qubo Smart Home Security WiFi Camera

If you are looking for a camera with the best intruder alarm system, you can consider Qubo Smart Home Security WiFi Camera. It comprises advanced AI capabilities, which will detect as well as notify if there is an intruder in your house. Also, you can enable the automatic siren if an unwanted intrusion happens.

The infrared night vision will help you during the night. You can keep the monitoring during the night. There will be no complications as you will see a vivid quality video. If someone is hiding in the dark near your home, you can spot him or her effortlessly. The two-way talk is also a significant feature of this product. The built-in speaker and microphone will make that happen.

It is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. So, you can view the camera feed using your voice command. It will make this camera more convenient.


  • Intruder alarm system.
  • Crystal clear video quality.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • You can monitor your premises remotely 24×7.


  • Sometimes the camera may not respond.
  • The WiFi connectivity of this camera is a bit problematic.

4. D3D CCTV Camera

D3D CCTV Camera is compatible with smart homes. It arrives with smart home automation as well as sensors. It consists of a unique feature that will allow you to attach additional WiFi switches and plugs. It will ensure your smart home automation. You can also add additional security sensors such as swing and door sensors. This camera also includes smart auto-tracking.

This feature allows the camera to track a person’s movement. Besides, it will record the moving object automatically. To be precise, it will rotate automatically. For that reason, you can consider this camera to be the best security camera in India. This camera also encompasses a WiFi IP camera system and home security CCTV. There is an inbuilt SOS siren, which you can trigger from your mobile app. You can alert your family members of potential threats.

The video quality of the camera is also up to the mark. It is an important feature that will provide you with a crisp and clear image. Besides, it is harmonious with all types of operating systems.


  • Smart Auto-tracking.
  • SD card as well as cloud recording.
  • Comes with smart home automation.
  • Provides ultra HD 1080p videos.
  • Compatible with all types of OS.


  • The quality of the software is not impressive.
  • Motion detection is random.

5. YI Dome Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

Once you install this camera in your home, it will help you to record 720p HD videos. Besides, YI Dome Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System will also provide you with clear images. It will help you to track the criminals easily. The two-way audio will allow you to interact with people. It consists of 112 degrees wide-angle lens, along with 940nm infrared non-invasive sensors. It will make sure that the camera provides clear images even at night.

Moreover, it has reliable WiFi connectivity. Therefore, you will be able to use this camera effortlessly. You can install the YI Home app and control this camera meticulously. Due to this convenient app, it is the best CCTV camera in India for many people. You can protect your videos on an SD card. Besides, you can also access the history of videos whenever you want.

This camera will allow you real-time streaming and deliver you activity alerts whenever the motion sensor detects a movement.


  • Comes with reliable WiFi connectivity.
  • Real-time streaming.
  • Provides optimal clarity.
  • Non-invasive sensor for a peaceful sleep.


  • Some users are complaining that it provides a bit of a grainy picture.
  • It will not send you alerts always.

6. Realme Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera

If you are searching for a camera that can provide you with indoor and outdoor securities, this is the best security camera in India. realme Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera is harmonious with both outdoor and indoor security. It comprises an infrared night vision feature. If someone is trying to enter your premises illegally during the night, you will be able to detect him or her through this camera.

There is also a 3D noise cancellation in this product, which will help you stay in peace. Besides, when it comes to video recording, it will deliver you 1080p quality video. The camera is also capable of tracking moving objects. It is a significant feature that will help you to monitor unwanted movement.

Real-time motion tracking is also a significant feature that you will find in this camera. You can prevent strangers from entering your house illegally. You can also monitor your pets with the help of this motion sensor.


  • Compatible with outdoor and indoor security.
  • You can move the tracking object.
  • Smoot tilt and pan.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Comes with a voice talkback feature.


  • WiFi catching is not up to the mark.
  • The camera gets heated up quickly.

7. CP PLUS Cosmic Full HD Night Vision Camera

CP PLUS Cosmic Full HD Night Vision Camera arrives with all the necessary features. For instance, it includes a superior image sensor. It has full HD resolution as well as CMOS superior image sensor. This sensor is responsible for figuring out all the minute details. It is a shockproof as well as a damage-resistant product. It is made in such a way that it is capable of withstanding the severest of shocks. Therefore, there will be no issues with the damage.

The speed of this camera is also exceptional. The makers integrated the latest technology that came to field surveillance. It will allow you to enjoy the maximum speed of 25/30 frames per second. This speed is quite striking. The camera boasts a wide digital dynamic range. The purpose of this feature is to provide you with a clear image even if there is low light. There will be no problems regarding the image quality.

After installing this camera, you will get the best picture qualities; no matter whether it’s night or day.


  • Night and day vision.
  • Digital wide dynamic range.
  • Amazing speed.
  • Damage resistant.
  • Shockproof.


  • It may stop working after a few days.
  • Black and white camera.

8. Sricam Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera

After buying Sricam Wireless Waterproof Outdoor Security Camera for your home, download the SRICAM app. You can download it on your iPhone as well as on your android. Make sure to create an account, and after that, you can customize the settings according to your preference. Motion detection is also an imperative feature that you will get in this camera. If it detects any motion, it will send you an alert.

Moreover, the night vision feature is also there in the camera. Even if it’s dark, you will get a clear picture. This camera is completely waterproof. Hence, it is the best CCTV camera in India for outdoor purposes. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining like cats and dogs; this CCTV camera will withstand that. You can even record your videos on the SD card.

It comes with an SD card slot, and it is compatible with SD cards up to 128 GB. You can connect it through LAN and WiFi as well.


  • Completely waterproof product.
  • Motion detection.
  • IR Night vision.
  • Supports SD card up to 128 GB.
  • Ideal for the outdoor facility.


  • Some memory slots are coming out a bit faulty.
  • The functionality of this app is not up to the mark.

9. Blurams Home Pro Security Camera

Blurams Home Pro Security Camera has a lot of smart features. You will receive smart real-time alerts once you get this camera on the boards. It will not only detect motion but also detect other things as well. For example, it will detect a specific person’s sound, like the cry of a baby. Also, if someone raises the alarm, this camera will detect the sound of that alarm.

Furthermore, if a stranger is entering your house, it will alert you. The facial analysis technology will send you an alarm if it detects an unknown face. With the help of this product, you can access 4 cameras at the same time. For that, you have to visit the official website of the Blurams. You can also download the app of Blurams. With the four cameras, you can track each area of your house or office.

There is also optional cloud storage which will allow you to archive your videos.


  • Smart features.
  • Optional cloud storage.
  • Smart real-time alerts.
  • 24/7 connectivity.
  • You can control 4 cameras at a time.


  • Sensitive to noise.
  • The communications system lags a bit.

10. EZVIZ by Hikvision Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera

Installing EZVIZ by Hikvision Wi-Fi Outdoor Camera is quite an easy job. You have to install the app, and after that, you have to scan the barcode present in the product. Once you do that, you can enjoy live monitoring. One of the interesting features that you will find in this product is its external dual antennas. These antennas are quite powerful. The purpose of this antenna is to provide you with a stable WiFi connection.

Also, it has an internal waterproof MIC that supports audio pick up. It is capable of picking audio up to 5m. You can also conduct a video recording along with sound with the help of this MIC. The infrared filter and anti-reflection ensure that you will get clear videos up to 30m during the night.

The makers included IP66 for dust. It also helps in the waterproof operation.


  • You can install it easily.
  • Comes with external powerful antennas.
  • Infrared filter and anti-reflection feature.
  • Compatible with an SD card of 256 GB.
  • It has cloud storage.


  • Some people are not satisfied with the video quality.
  • Not compatible with Linux.

Buying Guide for Best CCTV Camera in India

In recent times, CCTVs have become one of the essential appliances in every household or office premises. It might be easy to buy a CCTV, but it can turn out to be difficult if you don’t know the specifications. If you want to buy the best CCTV camera in India, there is a buying guide for you. If you follow it, the next time you buy CCTV cameras, you won’t be easily confused. The guide will help to find the best security cameras in India in the midst of thousands of other average surveillance cameras.

What do you mean by an HD CCTV camera?

While you are out there in the market, you should know what an HD CCTV camera is. Those who don’t know what an HD CCTV camera is will be well aware of it once they read this. An HD surveillance camera is the one that helps you to get 720 pixels high definition videos/images. So if you want to have a surveillance camera that records the minute details, you should buy HD CCTVs.

Why should you choose an HD CCTV camera?

Once you know what an HD CCTV camera is, you must be thinking about why you should choose this? Well, here’s why you should buy this.

  • HD gives you the best visual allowing you to see the minute details. Unlike other CCTV cameras, this one provides 3 to five times clear images/videos.
  • The higher pixel you choose the better clarity you get. That’s the reason why a 12MP camera has better picture quality than a 5 MP.
  • The final reason why HD CCTVs are an excellent option is to maximize the picture without blurring it.

Different types of cameras

Before you go to buy a surveillance camera, you must know how many types of cameras/systems are there. There are typically three kinds of systems available in the market, namely-

  • HD – CVI systems – this system works perfectly with BNC connections and coaxial combo cable. This system is best suited for an HD CCTV camera that gives you the best visuals and clarity.
  • Traditional Analog CCTV Systems – if you are looking for a reasonably priced system, this is the one. You can work this with Siamese or RG59 cable. The only disadvantage of this system is that it provides very minimal zoom resolution.
  • Network IP Systems – if you’re looking for a CCTV to be set over cable nets, then this is the system you should choose. But if you want a 4k resolution, then you must choose this. This system works best with 6 Ethernet/ CAT5 cables.

Different types of CCTVs for security at home

One might think all CCTVs are the same; the one put in a home and an office. But they are not. If you’re planning to put a surveillance camera in your home, then there are two types of CCTVs to choose from.

  • Video doorbells – if you don’t want anyone to notice your CCTV cameras, then you can go for this one. These surveillance cameras are already fitted with the doorbell. Whenever someone shows up at your door, it immediately sends out signals on your laptops/smartphones. Apart from sending alerts, its two-way audio system allows you to talk to people outside the door without opening it. Setting up this surveillance camera is damn easy. All you need to do is fix it with some existing wires of the doorbell! You can set these doorbells even if you have low voltages; it will work perfectly. Though this one’s storage is based on Clouds, occasionally, it also comes with a slot for an SD card.
  • Wireless security cameras – if you want to get rid of all the wiring hassles, you can go for them. You can set these CCTV cameras in or out of your house. These cameras are waterproof, which means they will work fine if you put them outside on rainy days. All you’ll need to do is connect it to your smartphone or iPad, and you are good to go. Like the video doorbells, the storage here is based on Clouds, while a few models support SD cards.

Cover areas of CCTVs

One of the vital things you must bear in mind while buying CCTV cameras is how much it covers. Or how much you want to see through the CCTVs! Generally, almost all surveillance cameras capture 5-10 feet less during the night. The lens you choose decides what kind of view you are going to get. If you go for a standard lens (3.6 mm), you’ll get a perpendicular view (90 degrees). This is the one that people generally use for CCTVs at home/offices. But if you’re planning on viewing a large/wide area, you should choose 2.8 mm lenses. It will give you a 110 degrees pan view. Once you have thought about which kind of view you want, you can go for the right kind of lens.

Types of CCTV cameras

Once you have known a little about surveillance cameras, the real problem starts when you’ve to choose one. To be honest, there are a huge variety of surveillance cameras available in the market. And it really becomes a tough job to select the best security cameras in India midst varieties. So here’s a list of a few commonly found CCTV cameras that you can go for.

  • Wireless cameras– this is one of the most common surveillance cameras one can find in the market. It is very easy to install, and most of the models are waterproof. As they are wireless, they can provide up to 70 feet of view.
  • Dome cameras – these cameras are generally used in shops or small spaces. You’ll find most of the shops in India have these. Mainly because the dome shape makes it hard to pinpoint the camera and provide an extensive view. Also, these cameras have better longevity and are safe against any kind of harm.
  • PTZ cameras – Pan, tilt, and zoom cameras are better known as PTZ surveillance cameras. These kinds of cameras are generally used in police stations or malls where a large area needs surveillance! These cameras can capture visuals even if you place them at high altitudes. Though set at a fixed place, these cameras rotate and zoom in/out, and tilt as per need.
  • Bullet cameras – if you want an extended surveillance view, then you can choose bullet cameras. Almost every bullet camera is waterproof and has infrared features.
  • Hidden cameras – these kinds of CCTV cameras are generally used for sting operations or any other secret recordings. However, small these cameras give you excellent visuals. These are mostly used by the police/investigating department.

Things to keep in mind to buy CCTV camera

You are well aware of how surveillance cameras work or how many types are there. When you go out in the market to buy them just keep in mind to check these features. These features will help you decide which CCTV is the best for you.

  • Price – one of the important aspects to keep in mind before making any purchase. Prices play a great deal when you intend to buy these kinds of appliances. If you’re looking forward to setting it at home, then you should prefer a surveillance camera that is reasonably priced. But when you want to buy it for shops or other enclosed areas, you can spend few a extra bucks.
  • HD view – when you’re spending money, make sure your CCTV camera has HD clarity. If it isn’t, then blurry images will spoil your purchase.
  • Night vision – when you’re looking for the best CCTV camera in India, make sure they have night vision. Only if your camera can work at night can it give you the best service. Always try to buy surveillance cameras that have infrared features.

FAQs to Buy CCTV Camera in India

What is a CCTV camera?

This is the most common question for any first-time buyer. Though many people are aware of the term CCTV, few know the full form. CCTV stands for closed-circuit television; it allows you to see things within a specified range when you’re not present. It helps you to keep a close tab at your home/office for security purposes.

Can I set up a surveillance camera on my own?

If you have a wireless CCTV camera, you can no doubt set it up using the manual. But if the camera needs help with existing wires or has a complex design, an expert might come in handy. But once the camera is set up, you can easily control it.

What is the maximum sweep of surveillance cameras?

One of the common doubts in the mind of many buyers is this. Well, the range of any CCTV camera depends on the kind of image sensors & lens used. The better the lens, the maximum is the range that one gets. Like if you use a standard lens (3.6 mm), you’ll get a perpendicular view (90 degrees). Whereas if you go for 2.8 mm lenses, it’ll give you a 110 degrees pan view.

Do traffic police use CCTVs to check rash driving?

Of course, traffic police do use CCTVs cameras to keep in check the traffic. In fact, unlike the CCTVs that you use at home, these come with a program, i.e., license plate recognition. This feature allows the traffic policemen to catch the right rash driver.

Can surveillance cameras detect motion and audio?

Previously CCTVs were not able to detect motion/audio. But due to the latest technological development nowadays, CCTVs can detect any kind of audio or motion. This feature enhances the security of your home/office; thus sending out alerts to you at the right time.

Can CCTVs be used for audio purposes?

Yes, there are specific CCTVs that allow you to talk through them. With the help of video doorbells, you can talk to the person standing on the other side of the door. These kinds of surveillance cameras allow you to inquire about any unknown person without opening the door.

Do I need a surveillance camera with infrared vision?

Well, it is entirely up to you whether you will go for infrared vision or not! But if you want a total security for your home/office, you must opt for infrared vision. The main feature of this vision is that it allows you to see even at night. So if there’s any kind of abnormal commotion at night, you’ll get alerts.

How much do surveillance cameras cost?

One of the basic questions that many of you might think of is the price. Well, these CCTV cameras won’t cost you more than four thousand.


So, here is the list of the best CCTV cameras in India. They are quite capable and will help you to protect your home. These days, criminal activities and illegal activities are increasing. Hence, it will always be a good option to install a CCTV camera at your house and your office. They will give you peace as you can monitor your house. Those cameras will send you alerts if they detect any unknown movement. Besides, they will also send you an alarm if they identify a specific voice, such as a baby’s crying or any other people.