Best Coffee Makers in India

Are you the one who starts your morning with hot coffee? Coffee is that beverage that is increasingly gaining popularity in India. Undoubtedly, India is well known for its top hot drink, tea, but coffee has also come a long way. For most of us, coffee was meant to be instant coffee from Bru or Nescafe. But when you get the best coffee maker in India, you can make different tastes of coffee.

10 Best Coffee Makers in India

We all have heard and experienced the complicated coffee brewing process, which involves roasting coffee beans, grinding, and filtration. Now we have a fantastic invention of a coffee maker which allows you to drink coffee without any hassles. In this article, you will get all details of the best coffee makers in India that will help you choose the best one as per your need.

1. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

If you want a perfect cup of espresso every morning, you need InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker. It is a French press coffee machine that is easy to use and lightweight.

This coffee machine comes in an ergonomic design that you can keep anywhere in the kitchen, and it is a compact size machine.

This French press coffee machine has excellent water level markings, which are well visible on the glass surface. The markings help you know the level of water and amount of coffee powder you have to add to get a perfect cup of espresso. By this, you will not waste your coffee powder.

InstaCuppa French press coffee maker comes with excellent attachments. They are two extra mesh filters, a cleaning brush, and a coffee scoop. Additional mesh filters are great that last for a long time, and you don’t have to buy replacement filters for a long time.

The cleaning brush that comes with this coffee maker has soft sponge bristles that allow you to clean the machine quickly and conveniently. The beauty of this cleaning brush is you will not find any scratches on the glass surface.

This best coffee maker in India comes with a small coffee scoop that helps you measure the coffee powder you add to your espresso.

Now you can easily make your espresso, cappuccino, latte, and Americano coffee in this machine. Also, this machine is excellent for brewing your teas like green tea or any other detox tea. You can also use this coffee machine as a milk frother or buttermilk maker.

The process of making coffee in this machine is straightforward and convenient. You only have to put some coffee powder and water as per your need. Make sure you add filter ground coffee powder to this coffee Machine.

This coffee maker comes with a great capacity of 600 ml, and the exteriors are made up of sturdy stainless steel material, which makes the machine durable.


  • You can easily make 6 cups of coffee in one go in this machine.
  • This coffee machine is elegant and stylish.
  • It is a multipurpose machine that also helps you to brew your Tea.
  • The plunger mechanism of this French press is smooth and easy.
  • The material of the device is durable.


  • You need finely grounded coffee
  • You have to keep a check on the time of brewing to avoid the bitter taste of the coffee.

2. Morphy Richards New Europa Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

Morphy Richards New Europa Coffee Maker is one of the best coffee maker machines in India. Now, getting a perfect cup of coffee is easy with the help of this machine.

This apparatus is excellent for your kitchen, especially if you are a coffee lover. Make your life easier by getting this product to make coffee in no time. It is a handy product that has various unique features.

It has an incredible 800 W motor that works great as an energy saver and does not burden you with high electricity bills. This is a stylish coffee maker that has a capacity of four cups. The sterling highlight of this machine is its steam control knob and strength selector.

No matter you like espresso or cappuccino, this is a perfect machine for you. You can easily make a cappuccino by taking advantage of a turbo nozzle that gives your coffee proper frothing.

You will get a heat-resistant glass carafe and lid in this coffee machine, which also helps you see your coffee’s output.

This machine’s main highlight is the drip tray, which is removable and can be easily cleaned. There are no hassles to clean the drip tray. All you have to do is remove it from the machine and rinse it underwater.

Another beauty of this best coffee maker in India is the coffee strength selector that allows you to set the strength according to your taste. The stainless steel two-cup filter present in this coffee machine helps in filtering the extracts efficiently. You will get a smooth and consistent output from this coffee maker.


  • It has an anti-slip base that makes it perfect for the kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about kitchen slips.
  • This coffee maker has a heat-resistant glass carafe.
  • This machine is easy to clean.
  • It comes with an 800-watt motor that reduces the electricity bill.
  • Morphy Richards coffee machine has an attractive neon light indicator.


  • There is no water level marking.

3. Cafe JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Maker

Cafe JEI French Press Coffee and Tea Maker is the best coffee machine maker in India, which is well made up of high-quality stainless steel that ensures the apparatus’s durability. You will get a heat-resistant glass carafe that is made up of borosilicate material.

You will get a pure and refined taste of coffee from this fantastic coffee maker as it works on a four-level filtration system. The machine contains two stainless steel screens, a spring-loaded base that ensures the device’s edges are correctly sealed while making coffee.

There is also a lid filter included with this coffee maker that traps any grounds. This product’s beauty is you will not find any unwanted muddiness compared to other french press coffee machines.

This machine is well designed in European style. All parts of the device are made up of stainless steel like lid, base, and handle with excellent polish that gives a fantastic shining effect to the product.

This coffee maker is perfect for espresso, French coffee, and latte. You can also use this machine as a milk frother. It has a capacity of making 6 cups at a time, 600 ml carafe.

The machine has a non-slip handle, which makes it easy and convenient to handle.


  • It is a stylish coffee maker.
  • Perfect machine to make espresso and froth the milk.
  • It comes with a capacity of 600 ml.
  • It is made up of a high-quality stainless steel base and handles.
  • The carafe of this coffee maker is heat resistant and made up of thickened borosilicate glass.
  • This machine has water markings.


  • Sometimes it has leakage problems.

4. Preethi Dripcafe Coffee Maker

If you are a person who constantly needs a tasty cup of coffee throughout the day, then this Preethi Driocafe Coffee Maker is suitable for you. You can quickly and easily make a perfect South Indian Filter coffee with this ideal machine.

Its unique features are considered the best among all the best coffee machines in India. It is an energy-efficient machine that works on a 450 W motor, and it does not burden you with a high electricity bill.

This best coffee machine in India comes with a 1-liter carafe that allows you to make extra coffee later. This machine’s working starts with a simple button, and it is easy to use a product that does not require any complications.

You can easily see the amount of water left in the carafe as it has a small portion that is transparent and has water level marking.

This coffee maker is made up of high-grade plastic that is heat resistant and durable. It comes with an automatic turn-off feature that saves energy and saves you from the coffee’s bitter taste.

You will get two filters that allow you to choose the one as per the decoction you like. Also, there is a thermal fuse present in this apparatus that helps in controlling the temperature. This machine is also equipped with a 450 W internal heating element that allows faster brewing of coffee.


  • It is made up of shockproof ABS plastic.
  • This coffee machine is cheaper than any other coffee maker.
  • The cord’s length is quite long, which allows you to keep it anywhere in the kitchen.
  • You will get fantastic decoction quality in this product.


  • Products built quality is not up to the mark.

5. Bison International Marine Coffee Espresso and Tea Maker

Now say no to Barista or Cafe Coffee Day’s coffee when you have Bison International Marine Coffee Espresso Maker with you. This machine will give you the purest and most refined form of a cup of coffee or tea.

This coffee maker works on classic methods that extract the best coffee bean oils and directly deliver the fantastic and bold flavor in your cup. It is designed in such a way, where it ensures nothing should come in between your love for coffee as it has a three-piece steel infuser filter system.

The glass teapot is well made up of thickened and high-quality borosilicate glass, making it heat resistant. You will get two filter screens and one tea or coffee scoop with this best coffee maker in India.

You can easily make the best hot beverage as per your choice, like espresso, tea, or French coffee. This apparatus is small in size, which makes it convenient and comfortable to carry while traveling.

It is a versatile coffee machine that is also useful to make cold coffee or iced tea.


  • It has a 600 ml capacity.
  • This machine is designed in a European style that adds luxury to your kitchen.
  • It is a multipurpose machine.
  • This coffee maker works on a unique four-level filtration system.


  • It is not a durable coffee machine.

6. Instalite French Press Coffee Maker

Instalite is a reputed company that focuses on providing elegance and utility simultaneously. They have introduced Instalite French Press Coffee Maker for instant coffee. The manufacturer has used the finest and premium quality to make this coffee machine.

By using this French press, you will have an excellent brewing experience at home. Because of its many unique and amazing features, it is a must apparatus for your kitchen.

Every part of this machine is well made up of 304 stainless steel, responsible for protecting the product from rust. You will also get a plastic lid strainer with this machine and a coffee press glass that has a capacity of four cups.

You would agree that nothing can get worse than getting grounds in your cup of coffee. In that case, this coffee machine has a great filter mesh that does not leave small grounds in your cup. This product works on a four-level particular filtration system.

The glass carafe present in this coffee machine is made up of borosilicate that withstands hot boiling water. You will also get a detailed instructions booklet with the product for an easy and excellent brewing experience.


  • It has an ergonomic handle that is easy and comfortable to use.
  • For smooth pouring of coffee, it has a v-shaped glass mouth.
  • The glass carafe is heat resistant.
  • This coffee maker is easy to clean.


  • The beaker is too delicate.

7. Delonghi ICM2 Drip Coffee Machine

Delonghi Drip Coffee Machine is the best coffee maker in India that comes with a transparent window on one side of the device. This machine’s main highlight is a permanent nylon filter that is easy to clean and lasts for a more extended period than other filters.

Another important and significant feature of this machine is the automatic off function, which means the device will automatically get shut off when it is not in use for a particular time. It is an easy-to-operate apparatus due to its water level window, allowing you to see your coffee’s water level through the window quickly.

The beauty of this coffee machine is the thermostat hot plate, which keeps your coffee hot for a more extended period; it is placed under the carafe. The anti drips system allows you to remove the jug anytime to clean. It has a tremendous capacity of 1.5 liters, which means you can make 10 cups of coffee at a time. This coffee machine is best for large families or dinner parties.


  • It brews hot coffee and keeps it hot for more than 2 hours.
  • It has an inbuilt nylon filter.
  • The capacity of the carafe is amazing, and it makes 10 cups at a time.
  • Water markings are available on both sides.
  • It comes with an anti-drip system.


  • Only black coffee lovers will like the output of this machine.
  • It is quite an expensive machine.

8. Tecnora New Classico Coffee Maker

Tecnora New Classico Coffee Maker is a multipurpose coffee maker and comes under the category of best coffee machines in India. Now you can quickly and conveniently make a creamy cappuccino, latte, or espresso with this machine.

The built-in steamer of this coffee maker is best for frothing milk. This coffee maker comes with a 1050 W motor that enhances the machine’s boiling power and provides constant steam to the milk for a perfect creamy cappuccino.

This coffee maker’s sterling highlight is a temperature control that allows you to set the right temperature for brewing and steaming. Another feature of this apparatus is two portafilter baskets, which will enable you to get two espresso shots at a time.

Also, there is a detachable water tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters. You can easily detach it and fill the water again to enjoy coffee with your loved ones. The machine also has an automatic turn-off feature that switches off the engine after 25 minutes of brewing or steaming.


  • It is an easy and convenient machine to operate.
  • This coffee machine is elegant and stylish.
  • You can easily make cappuccino and espresso with this coffee maker.
  • Make two shots of espresso at the same time with this machine.
  • It is an affordable apparatus for your kitchen.


  • It has a concise cord length.

9. Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug

Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug is a next-generation machine that gives a fantastic coffee experience. It is an all-in-one device that is lightweight and comes in the shape of a mug. You can easily carry this coffee maker anywhere while traveling.

You can easily prepare a wide range of coffee recipes in this Nescafe E coffee maker. No matter you like a latte, espresso, or cappuccino, this machine has everything for you.

This revolutionary coffee maker works on Bluetooth connectivity, and you can quickly start working through an application on your smartphone. The beauty of this machine is its thermal insulation that gives your perfect hot and cold coffee.

This machine gives your perfect cup of coffee within 60-90 seconds and silently. It has a leak-proof lid and stainless steel thermal insulation. This coffee maker gives you a perfect cup of coffee with a single click button.

With this on a to-go coffee mug, you can easily travel around with your favorite coffee.


  • It is an easy-to-pair coffee machine that you can easily connect through Bluetooth with your smart device.
  • This coffee machine is portable, which means it is convenient enough to carry while traveling.
  • You can prepare various styles of coffee in this coffee mug.


  • It is an expensive apparatus.
  • You need to clean this machine regularly, and it requires maintenance.

10. Pigeon by Stovekraft Brewster Coffee Maker

Pigeon Brewster Coffee Maker is a perfect coffee machine that prepares five cups of coffee at a time. It works efficiently for the instant brewing of coffee.

There is an anti-drip system present in this apparatus. All its features make it the best coffee maker machine in India. The main part of this machine is it’s easy to clean the filter.

It comes with a transparent carafe and a beautiful shining black body that enhances your kitchen’s look. With this coffee maker’s help, you can quickly get barista-style coffee at home without any hassles.


  • The anti-drip system of this machine avoids the flow of coffee when the carafe is removed.
  • It has a heat-resistant transparent carafe.
  • This product comes with a filter that is easy to clean.


  • The glass jar is not durable.

Buying Guide for Best Coffee Maker in India

Before you move ahead to buy the best coffee machine for you, you must look into a few considerations to enjoy your coffee without any hassles.

Types of Coffee Maker

Everyone has different coffee preferences. So buying the best coffee maker in India majorly depends on your taste. Do you like simple espresso? Or do you simply want a strong coffee or creamy cappuccino? The answer to such questions will make your choice of the coffee machine easy. As there are different types of coffee machines present in the market, starting from french press to drip models, you need to buy the best that gives you a perfect coffee as per your taste.

Jar’s Capacity

Depending on how much coffee you love to consume in a day will allow you to decide a coffee maker’s capacity. Or else if you are living in a big family or keeps organizing dinner parties, then it is essential to buy a coffee maker that makes 5-6 or more cups at one time. On the other hand, if you live alone or consume less coffee, then a coffee maker who prepares 2-3 cups in one go is suitable for you. So before you buy the best coffee maker in India, you must check out your coffee consumption and look at the capacity of water a coffee maker can hold.

Chip Smart

Honestly, when people have hectic schedules in today’s time, they prefer to get apparatuses that do not require manual labor. But when it is about coffee makers, you should say thanks to advanced technology. Many best coffee machines in India come with different and unique features that provide you perfect coffee cups without any hassles or hard work.

A few of the features are auto-off, water level indicators, programmable clocks, mechanical cleaning ability, and more, making the apparatus perfect for your kitchen. So before you get one, you must check out some of these features and buy the best one full of advanced technology.

User Friendly

You should always buy a coffee machine that is convenient to use and has a user-friendly interface. Get a device that is easy to clean.

Speed and Renewal

As said earlier, if you are in a hurry and want to grab a coffee cup, you will not like a machine that takes a little longer for brewing. Many best coffee machines in India take a few seconds to brew, and few bear a long time. So first, you need to look at your choice, whether coffee is your need or a taste, and then look at the delivery time of coffee.


When we talk about the best coffee maker machines in India, you will usually get three types of filters: paper filters, mesh filters, and water filters. This again depends on your taste; if you want the best espresso, get a coffee machine with a paper filter. To get strong coffee, I prefer buying a coffee maker that has a metal filter. But it is essential to clean the filters regularly.


The material which is used to make the machine tells you a lot about its durability. Always check the material before you buy one. Do not purchase fragile devices, and go for a stainless steel body.

Worth Your Money

Undoubtedly money matters; before you take out money from your pocket to buy the best coffee maker in India, you must know whether the machine is value for money or not. Buy one that has good quality and affordable price.

Types of Coffee Machines

Here we are providing you a list of various coffee machines that will help you understand what you need as per your requirement.

Espresso Coffee Machines

If you are an espresso lover, you would love to make an espresso shot at your home effortlessly. That’s where espresso coffee machines get a call in your kitchen. To get a strong espresso shot, you need to input fine-grained coffee grounds and then lock the coffee grinder properly. Then the machine automatically starts brewing the coffee, and within a few seconds, your shot is ready. Usually, the capacity of espresso coffee machines is less as compared to other coffee makers.

Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

You will usually find two types of automatic espresso coffee makers in India. They are fully automatic and partially automatic coffee makers. In partially automatic coffee makers, you are supposed to put coffee grounds and then easily attach it with a machine, then click the button to get a coffee cup. Fully automatic espresso coffee machines are convenient machines to use, but they don’t give a pure form of coffee. It works on simple push-button functionality.

Moka Pot Coffee Maker

These kinds of coffee makers use steam pressure to prepare a perfect cup of coffee. You have to fill the bottom of the machine with coffee grinds gathered in a cradle present in between two chambers. You will hear a sputtering sound when the water boils at the bottom of the section in this type of coffee maker, which is a great sign that shows your coffee is ready to drink.

Drip Brewers

These types of coffee makers are common and a bit affordable as compared to other coffee machines. Such machines are convenient and easy to use. The device itself does all the work, there is no manual labor required for preparing coffee. You will get various capacities of filtration coffee makers. You can easily make from 2 to 10 cups with such coffee machines. Many filtration coffee makers come with multiple features and advanced technology and you can easily make any coffee through these coffee makers. Some of them are perfect for frothing also. Whether you like drinking a latte, espresso, or cappuccino, you can quickly get drip brewers to prepare your type of coffee at home.

French Press

The easiest and convenient way to make coffee at home is through the French press. All you have to do is add some coffee grinds and water to brew coffee as per your taste. Just push the lid, and your coffee is ready.

Coffee Brewing Methods

There are many brewing methods, like cappuccino, strong black coffee, or espresso. Let us have a great idea about these methods.


The most common brewing method of coffee is espresso that gives your perfect experience like coffee cafes. If you are a frequent visitor or Starbucks or Barista, then save your money by buying the best coffee maker in India, and make a perfect shot of espresso at home. Coffee machines that prepare espresso have complete control of the texture and flavor of the coffee. You will get espresso within 25 to 30 seconds.

French Press

If you want a classic kind of coffee, then go for this brewing method. French press gives you a consistent black coffee in a few seconds. It is a much easier and convenient method.

Channi Coffee

If you don’t have any brewing equipment, then the most suitable method is channi coffee. All you need is coarse coffee grounds to make a great cup of channi coffee. In case you feel the coffee is a bit watery, you can always add more coffee powder.

Moka Pot

It is a perfect brewing method for those who love strong coffee. Moka pot brewing method is also well known as the stove pot brewing method. This way is the most inexpensive way to prepare your coffee.

Aero Press

Aero press is a standard and famous coffee machine these days, through which you can easily make an espresso shot at home and prepare a smooth filter coffee conveniently.

Pour Over

This method is best suited for coffee fans. You can easily control the temperature, dose, and timing of brewing to get a fabulous and tasty cup of coffee.

Cold Brew

The cold-brew method is meant for people who love smooth coffee. You only have to add water and coffee into a jar and leave it overnight to get Cold brew.

FAQs to Buy Coffee Maker in India

Which coffee is right for you?

Before you invest in the best coffee maker in India, make sure you know what you need out of it. Here are some points that will help you to decide which coffee maker is suitable for you as per your taste.

  • You have less time to brew coffee: Many of us love to have a coffee cup after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and we hardly have enough time to brew the coffee each time; in that case, a single-serve pod coffee maker is best. Such machines do not require any maintenance and give you a cup of coffee within seconds. You can easily make a variety of coffees in single-serve pod machines.
  • You love to brew coffee and do not like the idea of grinding: If you are looking to have a perfect coffee cup, you need fresh ground coffee beans. You have to add them every time, but this requires time, and in today’s scenario, time is a constraint. So get the best coffee maker in India that comes with an inbuilt grinder. All you need to do is press the button to start brewing and drink fresh coffee every single time. You can buy drip and espresso coffee makers in such scenarios.
  • You have enough time for brewing and loves perfectly brewed coffee: If you have sufficient time and love to drink great steamed or brewed coffee, there are many coffee maker options for you. Go for high-quality automatic drip and espresso machines.

Which coffee machines are considered to be best?

Drip coffee machines are best, due to many reasons. They are automatic and do not require any particular instructions. Within a minute, you will get a delicious cup of coffee through drip coffee machines.

Are drip coffee makers cheaper or expensive?

Drip coffee makers are considered the best coffee machines in India, and one of its main reasons is its price. They are a bit cheaper than any other type of coffee machine. The cost of a coffee maker also depends on the features you are looking for.

How can we clean and maintain a coffee machine?

All coffee machines are easy to clean. All you need to do is unplug the device and remove its attachments. Rinse all extensions under water and dry them. Some of the parts are also dishwasher safe. It is not recommended to keep the entire machine underwater. You can easily wipe the exterior part of the device with wet tissue.

Can we get durable and sturdy coffee machines?

The durability of coffee makers depends on the product you choose. All the best coffee machines in India are durable, but it majorly depends on maintaining them. Always select a stainless steel machine instead of a plastic body machine. Plastic bodies are not meant for the long run as they are not capable enough to hold the heating temperature of coffee brewing for a longer period.


Now you can easily buy the best coffee makers in India from the above 10. Your search for the best machine is over now. Just look at the products mentioned above and check their features to choose the perfect one for your needs.

With the above guide, the process of choosing the best coffee machine has become easy and comfortable. By getting a machine at home, you can save a lot of money that you used to spend at Barista or other coffee lounges to get a delicious cup of coffee. Make a perfect coffee at home with less effort and time, with the help of the best coffee machine in India.