Best Compact Powders in India

As a woman, you have to face the complex problem of maintaining flawless makeup throughout the day. Hence, it’s essential to buy cosmetics like compact powder, which are of high quality. They prevent a dull look just after you have been outside for a few hours.

Best Compact Powders in India: Flawless Finish and Oil Control for a Naturally Matte and Radiant Look

Women use compact powder for setting their foundation and minimizing oiliness. A compact powder thus contains waxes and silicone that gives a tight layer to the skin foundation.

If you want your makeup to look long-lasting, you have to buy a compact powder that suits your skin. Therefore, to help you out, we have listed below the top best compact powders in India.

1. Maybelline Fit Me New York Poreless Matte Powder

Maybelline Fit Me is a setting powder that suits normal and oily skin. Maybelline Fit Me New York Poreless Matte Powder is available in twelve different shades and gives a matte look. This shows us how the brand is suitable for all skin types.

Maybelline is a famous brand in the makeup and glamor industry. The brand is an international bestseller for high-quality makeup products.

Maybelline Fit Me is a Matte Powder that will give you a quick touch-up before attending an important meeting. Or if you are looking forward to having the perfect skin for parties, then you can safely rely on this product.

Therefore, Maybelline Fit Me is the best compact powder in India for all women. It is the best type of face powder for everyday use in a women’s list of makeup. The powder has its base in Mineral Perlite Technology that gives a glamorous matte look and absorbs oil. Once you start to use the Fit Me compact powder, you will see how your skin says shiny and clean up to sixteen hours.

In addition, it makes pores disappear with micro-blurring powders. Therefore it gives a natural finish without actually clogging your pores.

You can use it even if you have sensitive skin as it is dermatologically tested for allergies.


  • It gives you a shine that is long-lasting.
  • It absorbs the excess oil from your skin.
  • Reduces the pores that are visible.
  • Tested by dermatologists.
  • It will not clog pores.


  • It can settle into some fine lines.

2. Lakme Sun Expert Spf Pa+++ 40 Ultra Matte Powder

Lakme Sun Expert is a compact powder that is ideal for all types of skin. It has a universal shade that also offers protection from the sun.

Many women spend their hard-earned money on costly sunscreens to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful effects and tan. But as soon as you step out of your house, the sunscreen will make your skin look greasy and oily.

To avoid such circumstances and to help your skin look radiant and glowing during summer, use the Lakme Sun Expert. This compact matte powder is suitable for everyday use as it protects the skin from UVB and UVA rays of the sun. Moreover, it’s long-lasting. Hence, Lakme Sun Expert Spf PA+++ is the best compact powder in India.

This compact powder offers a wide variety of advantages. Firstly, it gives a high layer of coverage from the sun. Secondly, it helps manage and take care of your oily skin. Lastly, it enhances the natural glow of your skin and reduces skin blemishes. Thus, it instantly gives a perfect look to your skin.


  • It stays for a long time.
  • It is non-sticky and light.
  • It prevents dark spots and sunburns.
  • It reduces the chances of skin darkening and premature aging.
  • It gives a matte look.


  • It may not suffice the needs of T-zone on oily skin.

3. Revlon Photoready Powder

Revlon Photo Ready Powder has very lightweight on the surface of your skin. This compact powder helps to even out the tone of the skin. Revlon Photo Ready contains SPF14. Additionally, it is free of any fragrance and oil.

True to its name, it will get you ready for professional and perfect photographs after using its powder. There are many photochromatic pigments in Revlon that reflect and bend lights. It further erases all flaws from your skin while you click your photos.

The product comes with an applicator brush of small size. However, a puff applicator can be a better choice for the even application of this powder. It has three different types of shades.

Revlon Photoready Powder has a micro-refined texture that makes it undetectable virtually. And it brightens up your skin. Besides, it eliminates shine.

Another benefit of using Revlon is that it gives you good coverage.


  • It is free from oil and fragrance.
  • It comes in three different shades.
  • Micro-refined and ultra-light texture.
  • It will give you the perfect pictures.


  • The brush applicator is not suitable.
  • It is expensive.

4. MAC Studio Fix Powder

The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is available in various shades that are suitable for every skin tone. It is one of the best compact powders in India for dry skin.

You can use Mac on your skin and blend it quickly. This will make your skin look flawless. The best powder brush that you can use to apply this foundation plus powder is kabuki. You can also use a cosmetic damp sponge.

It gives good coverage, and you can use this powder with your sunscreen and moisturizer. Moreover, it evens your base and lasts for a long time.

MAC suits all types of skin and controls the excess production of oil from the skin. You can use it for a long period of twelve hours. It is also sweat-friendly and does not look cakey.


  • It is available in fifty different shades.
  • You can wear it for a long duration of twelve hours.
  • It reduces pores.
  • It makes you look good in photos.


  • It is quite expensive.

5. L’Oreal Compact Paris Powder

L’Oreal Paris Compact Powder that lasts for a long period of sixteen hours. It engrosses the extra oil from the skin and keeps away shine from your skin surface throughout the day. The pressed powder has lightweight that gives all-over matte medium coverage.

You can use it alone to set your foundation after application all throughout the day. This will help you when you need quick touch-ups.

It gives your skin a natural look. Moreover, it has the right products that will enhance the texture and tone of your skin. Hence, you will get a complexion that will be flawless.

For best results, you can apply it to your t-zone areas like chin, cheeks, and forehead. This will give you a lasting look for the day.


  • It lasts for up to sixteen hours.
  • It gives matte medium coverage.
  • Provides a natural look.
  • It enhances your skin texture and tone.
  • It makes your complexion flawless.


  • It does not suit sponge application.

6. Rimmel London Pressed Stay Matte Powder

Rimmel London Pressed Stay Matte Powder controls natural shine for up to five hours. It controls the appearance of the pores on your skin. Also, it gives a matte finish.

Rimmel London Matte Powder is tested dermatologically and helps to set your makeup. Besides, it keeps away oiliness from your skin. So, if your skin has a tendency to become oily during the day, then you must try this product.

Its foundation blends properly with any type of skin texture and adds a natural look. The powder does not have any parabens or oil. And it is odorless.

Lastly, it suits all types of skin.


  • Effective and simple application.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Suitable for summers.
  • It has twelve types of shades for the skin tone of Indians.


  • It does not cover redness or blemishes.

7. Coloressence Compact Powder

If you want to invest in a powder that is economical, then go for Coloressence. This powder will give your skin a fine toning without you spending much.

Coloressence Compact Powder also meets the needs of the modern woman. It gives a natural finish after its application which makes for a classy nude look.

However, the powder will not be able to hide your skin blemishes and unclog the pores. But, as it evenly tones your look, it makes you appear gorgeous naturally.

This compact powder has special micronized particles that settle easily on moisturized skin. Additionally, it gives your skin a velvety shine.

You can switch to your compact Coloressence powder to resolve makeup-related problems and to increase your natural glow.


  • It makes your skin look luminous.
  • Its texture is creamy.
  • It stays fresh over the night.
  • Your skin won’t look cakey.


  • Can form fine lines.

8. Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder Sheer Compact

Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Sheer Compact Powder suits a combination of oily and dry skin. It is free of oil and absorbs shine. The pressed compact powder is suitable for quick touch-ups.

The texture of this powder is ultra-sheer. Therefore, your skin always has the perfect matte finishing when you use this powder. It is further suitable for dealing with oily spots and oily skin. Lastly, it gives your skin a fresh feel and looks after getting touch-ups frequently.

You can apply it with the sponge applicator that it comes with, or you can use a powder brush. The application can be on the full face or on the oily spots of your skin.

Its sponge applicator is washable with water and soap. So, if you wash it, make sure you dry it thoroughly before your next usage.


  • It suits both oily and dry skin.
  • It gives the perfect matte finish.
  • It makes your skin look fresh.
  • Washable sponge applicator.


  • Expensive.

9. Lakme Compact Radiance Natural Powder

Lakme Natural Radiance Compact Powder is a fast-selling product in India. It is one of the best compact powders in India for people who have sensitive skin.

It has the richness of vitamin E and C that moisturizes and nourishes your skin. The coverage that this compact powder provides is also relatively even. The powder has minerals that are not harmful to your skin. In addition, it suits all types of skin, including dry, sensitive, and oily skin.

The advanced micromesh technology of this Lakme Compact Powder gives your face a matte finish. Moreover, there is an allantoin complex that protects against pollution and soothes the skin.

Lakme Radiance Compact Powder suits all skin tones of Indians. Also, it comes in three different types of shades.


  • Portable and compact.
  • Available in three different shades.
  • It protects your skin against pollution.
  • It contains vitamins E and C.
  • It suits Indian skin tones.


  • The applicator sponge is not quite good.

10. Sugar Dream Cosmetics Cover Mattifying SPF15 Compact

Sugar Dream Cosmetics Compact Cover is one of the trusted brands in the world. If you want your everyday makeup to have a matte finish, this is the perfect compact powder.

Sugar Dream Compact Powder gives your face an oil-free look. The powder has a rich source of mineral SPF extracts and Vitamin E.

It provides your skin with the right amount of nourishment and makes it look glowing throughout the day. You can also use this powder for a touch-up.

In addition, this compact powder absorbs oiliness from your skin. And, it makes your face look glamorous. Moreover, it blurs lines and the pores present in your skin. You can have young-looking and flawless skin with the application of this powder.

This compact powder lasts for five hours. So, you do not have to apply the product frequently while you are busy with your daily work and routine.

There five different types of shades that you can select from your natural skin tone. This makes your skin look elegant. You can get the perfect dark or light shade to increase your facial beauty and avoid makeup problems.

You can get the Cappuccino 15 shade for a light-medium tone of the skin. Thus, it will complement your natural skin. It will also hold your makeup for a long period of time.


  • It protects against oiliness for five hours.
  • Suitable for everyday use.
  • It provides light and heavy coverage.
  • It offers a matte finish.
  • It comes in beautiful packaging.


  • It does not suit dry skin.

11. Faces Canada Stay Matte Weightless Compact

Faces is a brand of cosmetics from Canada that provides skincare products, makeup, and personal care items. It provides variety that suits every skin tone, type, complexion, texture, and ethnicity.

Faces Canada Stay Matte Weightless Compact Powder gives you the perfect skin texture and tone. It also protects the skin and comes with 200 pa+++ SPF. This protects your skin against harmful UVB and UVA sun rays. Therefore, it works you round-the-clock to protect you from the sun.

The powder is lightweight and micro-fine. It gives your skin a mattifying effect because of its absorption of excess sebum. In addition, it smoothens your complexion and hides imperfections.

It has the perfect mixture of agents like shea butter and vitamin E that pacifies your skin. The shea better fight against inflammation and contains healing properties. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that effectively combats free radicals and improves cell function. It thereby protects the health of your skin.

It comes in four different types of shades that are Natural 02, Sand 04, Beige 03, and Ivory 01.


  • It suits daily use and gives a natural complexion.
  • It makes your skin look refreshed and hydrated.
  • Provides moisturization and soothes skin.
  • It works well with acne-prone and oily skin.


  • It requires many layers of coating.

Buying Guide for Best Compact Powder in India

Every woman wants a glow on her face that is ever-lasting. Due to the harmful rays of the sun and pollution, it’s challenging to achieve that goal.

Compact powder is easy to use and quite accessible to makes your skin look radiant throughout the day. They remove the excessive oil from your skin. You can use it after applying your concealer and foundation. You can even use it on your skin directly.

Moreover, you have to ensure that your skin looks moisturized and avoids cakiness since they contain a high concentration of silicone and wax. It provides a long-lasting look with extra coverage.

You can look at the following things you need to keep in your mind before buying a compact powder.

Types of compact powders

Nowadays, there are different types of cosmetics that suit the needs of various customers. This makes it essential for you to collect enough information about compact powders. Each compact powder has its advantages and disadvantages. For your convenience, we have listed below the different types of compact powders.

  • Pressed Powder– Pressed powders are suitable for meeting the needs of a modern working woman. You can use them for getting quick touch-ups, and they are easy to carry. All you require is some application sponges, and you can get the perfect makeover that you want anytime and anywhere. When you use this type of powder, you will not have to deal with any mess or hassles.
  • Loose Powder– Loose Powders are best for use by salon professionals. You can make your skin have a natural glowing look with a perfect touch. If you are looking for options that give your skin a porcelain-like feel, then this is the best powder for you.
  • Finishing Powder– The finishing compact powder is quite translucent naturally. And, they hide pores and fine lines. People, in general, use this powder to get many camera pictures.
  • Setting Powder– Setting powder is best for those people who need a permanent solution for all makeup needs. They come in both pressed and loose powder forms. You can use the powder to prevent stickiness and to give your foundation a final touch. This enables you to cover your blemishes and absorb the excess oil from your skin. Lastly, it makes your skin have a smooth texture.

The right way of applying the compact powder

Many women have the best compact powders as a part of their beauty regime. However, they struggle to get the perfect glow that comes from the radiance of this powder.

You can only get the best results when you know how to use the products in the right way. To create the perfect uniform blend of cosmetics, you need patience and practice. Below are some of the ways to apply compact to get rid of grease and dullness from the face.

  • Before you start to use your favorite powder, you need to make sure that your face is clean completely. You can do that by cleansing your face with proper soap to eliminate bacteria, makeup residues, and dust particles.
  • You can start your makeup regime by the application of a thin coating of powder or a moisturizing agent. This will help you to hydrate your skin and make it last for a long period of time.
  • You can apply concealer and foundation on your skin to cover blemishes and get a smooth texture.
  • If you want a naturally radiant look, you can only pick a fluffy brush. It will take up small powder amounts and make gentle strokes from the center to the outer part. You can do a similar thing for your neck and face.
  • Finally, you can take the help of a setting spray. This will enable you to keep your makeup in its place for a long time period.

How to choose the right compact powder?

Many women make the mistake of picking popular products without paying attention to their skin needs. You can keep in mind the following if you want to buy a compact powder.

  • Find a powder that matches the natural color of your skin. You must also consider your skin type. If you buy a compact powder that is darker or lighter by two shades, then you can ruin your makeup. Besides, it makes you look awkward.
  • Before making your decision, you need to try out the shade first. If the online websites make you feel confused with their different shades, you can try them in your local stores. Firstly, you need to note the shade number down and then buy it online.
  • You can even ask the assistant of sales to help you pick the right shade for your skin tone. This is the best way you can find the compact powder that matches your skin texture and shade.
  • You need to check the requirements of your coverage and undertone. People who have light-colored skin must go for pink undertones. Also, you must pick a shade that is lighter than your original complexion.
  • People with a skin of deep color can go for orange and yellow undertones. They suit the natural skin complexion.
  • You can get your hands on sheer coverage and translucent powder. They will enhance your natural glow. Your primary concern can be to get rid of blemishes. In that case, you can go for the compact powders that give full or medium coverage.

Select the right compact for your skin type

Due to the climate of India, people have different types of skin. Hence, picking the right shade of compact powder becomes crucial for your appearance.

For oily skin

  • You can look for a compact powder that keeps away excessive oil.
  • Keep away from products that make your skin look shiny as they can highlight your oily skin.
  • Look for a face powder that is waterproof and helps to control sweat and oil.
  • Ice cube rubs on your face before makeup can help your compact powder work better. It will close pores and minimize oil secretion.
  • You need to apply an extra coating of compact powder on the T-zone area.
  • Do not forget the application of primer as it controls oil.

For dry skin

  • People with dry skin must avoid using multiple layers of compact powder. This can make their makeup look messy and ashy.
  • Avoid the products that give a matte finish. You need to choose compact powders that are cream or mineral-based. They enable you to keep your skin glowing and hydrated.
  • You can avoid the compact powder application in extremely dry areas—for example, the under-eye area and cheeks. Your focus must be more on your chin and t-zone. This will evenly balance your skin.
  • Applying a moisturizer will make the powder on the skin look less dull and flaky.

For sensitive skin

  • Avoid products that have chemicals, fragrances, and waxes. Even artificial addition can cause a bad reaction to sensitive skin.
  • Try to look for an organic or herbal base product.
  • If you are getting confused after picking a powder, you can consult your makeup artist or a dermatologist.

FAQs to Buy Compact Powder in India

What is the best way of applying a compact powder?

With the help of a sponge, you can lightly press the cake powder. Then you can start the application from your forehead, cheeks, nose, and lastly, chin.

You can also do downward light strokes. Moreover, you can check if there are any powder buildups and then clean everything up.

Are compact powders safe for use in the long term?

Yes, you can buy safe compact powders from brands that are popular. This is because these brands will never put chemicals that are harmful into their compact powders.

Do all the compact powders have SPF protection?

Nowadays, many compact powders come with an SPF formula. It helps to give the modern powder the ability to protect your skin from the sun.

Does a compact powder suit all skin types?

There are different types of compact powders that suit different skin. But, if you have an allergic reaction, you must go for another product. You can also consult your dermatologist in this regard.

Can you wash a compact powder sponge?

The sponge that comes with some compact powders for application is washable. However, you need to dry it out properly before your subsequent use.

Is a compact powder essential?

If you are a working woman who uses makeup regularly, then it is vital for you. A compact powder of good quality enables you to retain the foundation of your makeup. It also provides an oil-free and smooth finish. This will make you look camera-ready. Also, it will enable you to avoid a cakey, greasy, and chalky appearance.

Is a compact powder bad for the skin?

If you select compact powders made up of harmless and natural ingredients, they will enhance your look. Therefore, it will be better to rely on the top brands for maintaining your overall skin health. You do not have to buy powders that can damage your skin texture.

Can I apply compact powder after moisturizer?

Depending on the type of your skin, you can apply the powder after the moisturizer. For best results, apply the compact under the eyes or on the T-zone. These areas often get oily. This technique helps women deal with their dry skin to give a smooth and flawless look for a long time. Additionally, you will get both of their benefits.


If you are ready to say adieu to your oily and dull face, then get a compact powder. It will protect your skin from harmful UV rays, skin damage, and darkening.

The compact powder is an easy-to-carry makeup product. Thus, you can take it with you to fight against the humid and hot weather. Moreover, it will give your skin a refreshing look.

But before buying a compact powder, you need to check whether it checks your skin type. When it matches your skin, it gives off a natural glow by blending perfectly. Finally, it’s suitable for everyday use.