Best Dinner Sets in India

Almost all Indians know how important dinner sets are for their home. 8 out of 10 households have two types of dinner sets they use- one for guests the other for their own regular use. Though funny, most families keep aside the best dinner sets for their guests.

Best Dinner Sets in India: Elegant and Durable Tableware for Memorable Dining Experiences

This article will help you get to know about the best dinner sets in India that you must have. The detailed review of each dinner set will help you make a wise buy.

1. Larah by Borosil Opalware Dinner Set

Borosil is one of the most trusted glassware companies in India. So even when people have to buy gifts for functions like weddings or others, they mainly go for Borosil sets. Though Borosil has many dinner sets, Larah by Borosil Opalware Dinner Set is one of the best dinner set in India.

This particular dinner set comes with 32 pieces. This dinner set doesn’t use bone ash, thus making it 100% vegetarian! The strong opal glasses make sure that the edges don’t chip away due to regular use. Though made of glass, these dinner sets are as light as a feature, making them easy to handle. You can also use the bowls/plates in the microwave as they are 100% safe. One can also use spoons and forks without much tension as this dinner set is scratch resistant.

Even with all that oily/ spicy food, these plates/bowls won’t get stubborn food stains, and they are super easy to clean. If you don’t wish to wash it by hand, you can very well put the set in the dishwasher too. The set comes with six full-sized plates, quarter plates, mini and medium veg bowls and spoons each. It also includes two serving bowls and lids each and one bowl for multiutility.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Microwave and dishwasher proof.
  • Toughened glass to reduce chipping of edges.
  • Not made of bone ash, 100% vegetarian.
  • Comes with 32 different sized dinner utensils.


  • Not for families with more than six members.

2. LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set

Apart from Borosil, another big name in the field of tableware utilities is LaOpala. It is a perfect choice as gifts in marriages, engagements or any other special occasion.

LaOpala is known to make stylish yet affordable dinner sets. If you’re looking for some durable yet handy dinner set for yourself, then LaOpala English Lavender Dinner Set is the one.

This dinner set comes in three different colours, namely white, green and blue. Though circular in shape, the edges have floral trimmings on them, making them stand apart from the regular circle-shaped plates. Even if you choose the white plates, you don’t have to worry about oil/masala marks as they are stain proof.

Unlike its competitors, this dinner set doesn’t use bone ash while making its set. Since this set is dishwasher proof, it allows you to spend less in the kitchen! Though made of glass, the edges of the dinner set don’t chip away with regular use. You don’t have to use your hands in fear of scratching them as they are scratch-free as well as super light!


  • Comes in three different colours.
  • The dinner set uses toughened glass and is bone ash-free.
  • Perfect choice for Indian food as it leaves no stains.
  • It’s scratch resistant and microwave proof too.
  • Comes with salt and pepper shakers.


  • Doesn’t come with spoons/forks.
  • Not suitable for more than six-membered families.

3. Cello Blue Swirl Opalware Dinner Set

Are you planning to buy one of India’s best dinner sets or looking for some useful gift for a relative’s anniversary? If yes, then Cello Blue Swirl Opalware Dinner Set is the right option. This dinner set is a perfect gift for any small or three-membered family.

The dinner set is quite strong as it uses tempered glasses. The glossy finish makes it best suited for occasions like family gatherings or when you’ve special guests. The shapes of the dinner set are in such a manner that one finds it easy to stack them up. Since one can easily put this set in the dishwasher, one can easily have them washed up in less time.

The dinner set is non-porous; as a result, there’s minimal chance of getting irremovable stains. You can easily put them in a microwave as well as a refrigerator without worrying about cracking due to high temperature. However, white in colour but the vibrant floral prints make it attractive and classy. The set consists of six 10 and 7.5-inch plates each, in addition to 6 bowls of 150 ml.


  • Made of tempered glass.
  • Super glossy finish making it perfect for any occasion.
  • Stackable size
  • Best for nuclear families.
  • Light-weighted.


  • Doesn’t come with serving/multiutility bowls.
  • Doesn’t include spoons/ladles/forks.
  • Not for bigger families.

4. Larah by Borosil Orbit Opalware Dinner Set

If you are looking for a simple yet durable dinner set, then Larah by Borosil Orbit Opalware Dinner set is the one. This is another product of Borosil that is free of bone ash and is perfect for pure vegan people. You can easily clean them up in the dishwasher and place them in a microwave. This dinner set is perfect for small families for their regular use. The toughened glass makes sure the edges don’t chip away. This set comes with four 11 inch and 7-inch plates along with four bowls and a serving bowl.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Perfect for small families.
  • Tough glasses hence durable.


  • Not perfect for serving guests.
  • Doesn’t come with spoons to serve.

5. AmazonBasics Dinnerware Set

One of the best dinner set in India is this porcelain-based dinner set. This 18-piece dinner set is not only elegant but also durable. Unlike other sets, this particular dinner set piece can withstand up to 300-degree Celsius temperature. You can easily use AmazonBasics Dinnerware Set daily without worrying about damaging them. The unique feature of this set is it comes with one year of warranty. So if you receive damaged goods, then you can easily exchange them. You can easily clean them up in the dishwasher too.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It can withstand high temperatures.


  • Bit costlier than other dinner sets.

Buying Guide for Best Dinner Set in India

Now that you have the best dinner sets in India to choose from, you should remember some things before buying them. The buying guide will help you make a more informed purchase.


There are a lot of colourful dinner sets available in the market. Though most people prefer white plates for their dinner, many try to avoid fearing stains. So choose the colour of your dinner set accordingly.


Another important factor to keep in mind before buying these dinner sets is durability. Try to check the product’s specifications whether you can use it in a dishwasher or you can rough use it. Go for dinner sets that will be in use for the long term. If the dinner set isn’t strong, then a small scratch/crack can damage the set in no time.

Shapes and size

Since they come in sets, you have to keep in mind the family you’re buying them for. If you’ve or are planning to gift them to a large family, it’s better to go for more than a 32 piece set. In contrast, an 18-piece set might be perfect for small/nuclear families.


Are you someone who likes to host parties or small get-togethers? Then bone china set would be the right choice. But if you are looking for casual yet regular family lunchtime, then earthenware and melamine are best. So you have to choose accordingly.


Not all dinner sets are the same! Each uses a different type of materials like opal ware, bone china, stoneware, porcelain and others. Since each has different durability and structure, one should do some research before buying them. Also, the higher the quality of the material, the higher is the price.

FAQs to Buy Dinner Set in India

Even though dinner sets are common in India, people have some common questions before buying them. Here are answers to some FAQs that’ll clear some air.

Are dinner sets expensive?

If you compare them to single dishes, then they are expensive. But the price that you pay for an entire dinner set is quite reasonable. Also, the quality and the durability of the dinner sets are much better than single pieces.

How many pieces should be there in a dinner set?

It entirely depends on the number of members in the family. If you are planning to get it for a large family, then 30 pieces or more would be fine. But for small families, you can easily choose a 12 piece set.

Are all dinner sets made of the same material?

Of course not; you’ll find a dinner set of different materials. The most common is opal ware, along with bone china, porcelain. If you are looking for cheaper sets, then you can choose stoneware products.


To sum up, the article gives you a detailed study about the best dinner sets in India. The pros and cons of each of the 5 dinner sets make it easy for you to choose the best!