Best Dog Foods in India

All of us want the best for our furry friend. The pet industry is increasing day by day in India. Hence, there are several overwhelming dog food options available in India. Being predatory animals, they need a balanced diet. A proper diet of carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, proteins, and minerals makes them healthy and fluffy. Every dog should maintain a proper diet. A dog’s diet consists of animal products with fibers and minerals.

In India, we believe that if the dog eats homemade food, they will be healthy. Most pet owners give their dogs leftover food. Owners of the pet prepare these foods with lots of oils and spices. Being very spicy makes the food tasty too. But eating this food can make the dog ill and sick. These foods are typically unhealthy and necessarily imperfect. Dog foods also contain a balance of all the nutrients along with digestible carbohydrates.

Best Dog Foods in India: Nutritious and Balanced Meals for Your Furry Friend’s Health and Well-being

We need to take into the fact that all human food is not suitable for dogs. The digestive system of canines is different from that of humans. Thus, the food which we find tasty can make them ill or sick. Hence the pet parents should think twice before feeding the leftover to the dogs.

However, finding the best dog food in India can be a tedious and challenging task. Various companies offer appealing offers and discounts on these food items. Some companies gimmick the products so that it becomes irresistible for pet lovers not to buy dog food. Some techniques help to decide on the purchase of these dog foods. Firstly, it becomes very crucial for pet lovers to read the ingredients and reviews before buying the products.

Also, buying the cheaper dog food does not qualify the product to be the best. One should take care of the fact that the pet should become accustomed to the product after eating.

Here is the list of best dog foods in India. Buyers can go through the features of the product before buying for a better understanding of the product.

1. Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dog Food

A French vet initially established Royal Canin, intending to aid the healthy development of kittens and puppies. In today’s market, we know Royal Canin Maxi Adult Dog Food for its nutritional expertise for all dog breeds.

The Royal Canin has done extensive research on developing balanced food items for puppies. They had one goal in mind: to make a diet that meets the requirements of the body of a healthy puppy and keeps them satisfied and happy all day long.

They have only one option, which is maintaining the good health of pets. It is the reason they take a lot of time in creating their recipes and try them and test them multiple times before releasing any new project in the market.

Their products have not only essential nutrients but also are rich in antioxidants. People consider it to be one of the best foods available for puppies in the market. Once your pet gets attached to Royal Canin, you will not get a scope to complain about his or her energy level or overall growth.

If you have a puppy when Royal Canin is the best dog food, you can get your hands on it in the market. The company has made it available online as well.


  • Royal Canin improves the digestive system of the puppies.
  • The Royal Canin provides good quality food for your pet.
  • It takes care of the proper bone mineralization of the puppies.
  • The well-researched and properly nutritious food enhances the defense system of the puppies.
  • It maintains the required energy level.


  • The only disadvantage of this is that it has a low moisture content.

2. Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

Orijen Original Dog Food produces a fatty diet and has a variety of fresh, whole animal ingredients from Turkey and chicken, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs.

With the excellent quality animal ingredients, about 85% of Orijen takes care of puppies and dogs according to their natural, biological needs.

Orijen uses fresh and animal ingredients, including organs, meat, cartilage, and bone, which can also be considered a balanced diet. Orijen has made its products biologically appropriate, grain-free diet that dogs have evolved to eat.

Only the known and trusted suppliers supply the ingredients to Orijen, ensuring an excellent quality of the raw materials.


  • Orijen’s low pricing and availability is its most significant advantage.
  • The manufacturer has given rice or other forms of green as the primary ingredient in the recipe.
  • The company usually keeps meat as the second or third ingredient in the recipe.


  • This recipe consists of many synthetic and unhealthy preservatives.

3. Farmina N&D Pumpkin Dry Dog Food

Farmina N&D has strict compliance with AAFCO (the association of American feed control officials) dog food nutrient profile for all life stages. This dog food makes Farmina N&D one of the most trusted brands by pet owners.

You may have just got your puppy, or you may have a full-grown dog; you can rely on Farmina N&D’s products to fulfill the nutritional needs of your pet.

The manufacturer has made its products meat-based and has additional nutrients that create a balanced formula for your pet that keeps him or her very healthy.

People often complain about their pet getting overweight. You don’t have to worry that if you feed Farmina N&D Pumpkin Dry Dog Food to your pet, it does not result in extreme weight gain.

Farmina N&D is a big, well-established brand, and yet it does not overcharge customers. It provides an outstanding quality of products at a very affordable price.

The company also keeps things transparent to the customers. It provides full details of the sources from where they have taken their ingredients to create their unique recipe. All these features make this product one of the best dog foods in India.


  • It is gluten-free.
  • Provides rich sources of new protein.
  • Permanent products enhance digestibility.
  • Does not promote excessive weight gain.


  • It may not suit every digestive system.

4. Drools Focus Adult Super Premium Dog Food

The company has made it one of India’s cheapest dog food, but that doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. Drools products are all about quality.

The manufacturer says that the USP of its products emphasizes the importance of clean and quality food items for your pets. Drools Focus Adult Super Premium Dog Food attracts a lot of dog lovers.

This company never compromises with the quality and always uses clean combinations of flesh and skin in their products. This uncompromising nature of Drools has made it immensely successful.

Keeping in mind that the nutritional requirements are way different from that of humans, they have formulated a unique recipe that will aid all dog breeds’ needs.

Drools check the raw materials used in manufacturing their products thoroughly to ensure that every pet receives the optimum food quality.

People consider it as one of the best brands for dog foods that are available in India.


  • Drools Focus Adult Super Premium Dog Food helps in building lean muscular bodies.
  • It improves the digestive system of the pet, which allows the pet to stay in good shape.
  • Consumption of Drools Focus Adult Super Premium Dog Food results in healthier teeth and bones.
  • It controls the tartar buildup.
  • It also helps in maintaining good and healthy skin.


  • The only flaw of the product is that it is low in moisture content.

5. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food

This company has a considerable reputation for providing complete and balanced food products for dogs. Pedigree has done an extensive research to prepare high-quality food items for your pets. The nutritionist at Pedigree understands the nutritional requirements of dogs very well. Thus, they have created multiple products which can work as an all-inclusive complete mail for your dog.

Pedigree has made the company’s ultimate gold to serve everything that your dog requires and deserves to lead a healthy lifestyle and bring out the best in them. Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food protects your pet from adaptability and digestibility-related problems and guarantees complete nutrition. The manufacturer guarantees that you will never have to worry about mineral deficiency or vitamin deficiency in your pets once you switch to Pedigree.


  • It is equivalent to a complete meal.
  • Pedigree boosts the immunity system of dogs.
  • It also helps with dog digestion.
  • Pedigree also assists in building up strong bones and teeth.
  • It also enhances the luster of a dog’s coat.


  • The only downside of Pedigree is that it is a bit on the expensive side.

6. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food is an international brand that provides the best budget dog food option. It provides a wide array of products containing Omega 6 fatty acid, which proves to be a delicious ingredient for dogs’ healthy coats.

A considerable number of Vets prescribe Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food. The manufacturer claims that your dog’s court will be better in just a month after switching to this. Many dog owners said that dogs like the taste of this product. The manufacturer offers dog food made mostly for dogs with digestive and skin disorders.


  • Provides highly specialized food, targeting specific needs for a dog.
  • Takes care of the health of dogs.
  • Healthy.


  • People do not widely adopt this.
  • It is expensive, considering its contemporary rivals.

7. Arden Grange Prestige Adult Dog Food

If you consider yourself to be one of those who do not want to compromise on any level while considering the health and well-being of your dog, then you must go with Arden Grange. Arden Grange Prestige Adult Dog Food has premium quality and is naturally hypoallergenic, rare; making it one of the best dog food companies in India.

The pet owners run Arden Grange, and thus they ensure that all their products meet the expectations of their customers and keep their pets happy and satisfied. The manufacturer supports all dogs’ right to access a well-balanced and research diet that will enhance the dogs’ physical strength, immunity system, and well-being. For this, they provide the perfect combination of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats, and fibers in their product.

The vets and the dog owners consider the dog food to be the best dog food available for canine pets in India because of the recipe’s high-calorie density. Be your dog fussy eater or a young puppy, and it fulfills all of them’ nutritional requirements.


Arden grange has made its product highly digestible.
The manufacturer has also provided very balanced nutrients in its products.
The Arden grange product helps in early growth.
Naturally hypoallergenic.


The normal range has not specialized for specific dogs with specific problems.
It’s a bit on the expensive side.

8. Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food

Chappi has rebranded itself as Chappi in India. People trust Chappie a lot in the United Kingdom, where it is still known as Chappie. The manufacturer made it a corn-based product. Chappi has made the cheapest dog food available in the market.

The dog owners who have used Chappi Adult Dry Dog Food have reported that their pets like the food’s taste. Some parents have also claimed that this product has had good results on their pets. One needs to be careful, though, as it is high in carbohydrates that can make your pet obese if you feed it much.

The company has used corn as its primary ingredient, which has no nutritional value. The company has also used meat by-products instead of actual meat. The company has manufactured this product’s protein from beak nails, claws, and everything humans do not consume out of animal husbandry. The vets do not recommend this for dogs under 12 months.


  • The manufacturer has made it affordable for everyone in the country.
  • The company has also not added any additives.
  • It contains Omega 3 and 6, which are suitable for pets.
  • The company has made the product easily digestible, even for sensitive stomachs.


  • The manufacturers have used meat by-products instead of meat which compromises the protein quality.
  • They have used too much cereal (corn) to produce this product which has no nutritional value.
  • It contains a lot of preservatives that are not healthy for dogs.

9. Purina Supercoat Adult Dry Dog Food

Nestle Purina has developed Purina Supercoat Adult Dry Dog Food with the expertise of a hundred years in nutrition and also provides the best dog food in India. The Purina super coat provides tailored nutrition with a specific combination of high-quality natural ingredients to bring out your pet’s whole body health both inside and outside.

The company has kept in mind the nutritional requirement of your dogs while preparing this recipe. They have nutritionally balanced food to boost your dog’s metabolism. The manufacturer has added the right amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid to develop a healthy and shiny coat and skin. They have also used a rich amount of calcium to build your pet’s teeth and bones. It also comes with a delicious taste, and your dog will enjoy his or her nutritious meal.


  • Contains tailored nutrition for your pet’s overall well-being to bring out his active best.
  • It is nutritionally balanced to boost your dog’s faster metabolism.
  • Enhances your dog’s shiny coat & healthy skin with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.
  • The calcium-rich diet helps to improve the quality of teeth and bones of your dog.
  • The company has made small nibbles to fit in the little mouth of the puppies.


  • Meat by-products reduce the protein value.
  • Grain and grain products increase the number of carbohydrates.

10. Kennel Kitchen Wet Dog Food

Kennel Kitchen Wet Dog Food contains a protein that is coming from a single source. The manufacturer has used a high level of the chicken liver that supplies a significant amount of protein, natural minerals, fats, and vitamins. The company has also used pumpkins that have a fair amount of natural vitamin A and potassium. This dog food helps regulate blood pressure, supports metabolism, improves muscular strength, and contains natural antioxidants.

Kennel kitchen has used a high level of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that help a healthy coat and skin. You can choose this product as an option for your pet’s nutritional needs on any given day.


  • The company has used a single source of protein.
  • The product has an adequate level of chicken livers to provide all the dogs’ required nutrients.
  • The high level of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids maintains a healthy coat.
  • The high digestibility of the product is another advantage.


  • The quality of the product may vary from packet to packet.
  • The manufacturer has failed to make it suitable for all dog breeds.

Buying Guide for Best Dog Food in India

Before one gets their hand on buying these dog foods, they should know the different classifications of dog foods. Generally, dog foods come in five categories. This article shall take a closer look and understand each to give the best experience to their dog.

Dry dog food

These dry dog foods are also known as kibbles. It is a very cheap option for dogs and perhaps easier to maintain for a more extended period. Cables contain small pellets which are dry and, of course, crunchy.

To avoid choking, one should place a bowl of water beside the dog. Pellets are convenient and travel-friendly. Dogs tend to grind the pellets with their teeth which helps to maintain good dental health. It also prevents Tartar buildup in the dog.

However, cables contain less moisture and somehow become difficult for the dog to eat. Besides, cooking kibbles pull off the ingredients and many essential nutrients.

Wet dog food

From the name, it suggests that this dog food contains 70% of moisture. Moisture happens to be one of the essential factors that prevent constipation and aids in digestion. This kind of food is generally mixed with cables and given to the dog to increase the food’s taste and moisture content.

But feeding only gravy food does not help the dog to build up their dental health. Therefore, it is never recommended. Condiments are much more expensive than kibbles and have a lower shelf life. Because of that, they need to be refrigerated. Dogs generally tend to prefer gravy food as they are much tastier here and more comfortable to eat.

Freeze-dried and dehydrated dog food

While Cooking these foods enhances bacterial growth, as we know that moisture supports any microbial growth in that particular food, it results in the food’s low shelf life. Therefore, the hydrated dog foods are processed and kept in a vacuum. Give another precise temperature. The company slowly hits the food and changes the water content into vapor.

This technique of preparation makes the food moisture-free and dry. However, the food is more nutritious than kibbles, and the raw aspect of the food gets preserved. Now, to prevent dogs’ stomach bloating, the dog-parent should mix this kind of food with water before giving it to the dog. They are a bit expensive.

Raw dog food

There are dog owners who like to feed raw meals to their dogs, especially the guard dogs. These people believe that by providing raw meat, they are making their dogs more aggressive. The nutritionists have proven this to be a myth and can have side effects on your dogs.

A few experts think this feeding type could cause a severe health issue for your pet, while others perceive it as a natural habitat.

Do people believe that feeding raw meat is better for your dog’s digestion as it produces a firm stool? It has some risks.

Feeding raw meat to your dog increases the scope of getting parasites and bacteria like Salmonella. Previously there have been instances where these bacteria have spread to human beings through dogs.

Cooked dog food

The unavailability of enough information about cooked dog food has led you to think that this form of food is not at all suitable for your pets. But in a country like India, people believe it to be the most popular diet for dogs. The best world has started developing products like kibble and wet dog food; people in India already feed home-cooked food to their pets.

Currently, only a few Indian and western companies provide packaged cooked food online, but many dog food recipes are available on the internet. One must notice that homemade dog food most often fails to provide the required nutrition like minerals, vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates for their dogs. In that case, one might have to add supplements to their dogs’ meals to supply nutrition adequately. The vet recommends regular health check-ups.

Prescribed dog food

Apart from these options, one can give homemade meals to dogs. These foods are safer for your dog. One technique can be boiling the chicken and implementing the mail with scrambled eggs or whole boiled eggs. It is essential to provide the dog with additives like turmeric, oats, and Omega 3 and 6 oil.

Feeding the dog with this kind of food helps the dog become healthy each year and protects the dog from various sicknesses and issues like heart disease, kidney failure, weaker bone, and other health problems.

FAQs to Buy Dog Food in India

Which are the best dog food brands?

In India, there are a lot of brands to choose from the list. One must always refer to the dog’s size, breed, or age to buy the best dog food.

As the best option depends on all these factors, some canines are adaptable to a certain kind of dog food, whereas others might have problems eating that. Companies now manufacture dog foods by putting on unique ingredients to provide a maximum health benefit. Some of these dog foods are as healthy as fiber, veggies, and other essential nutrition.

In addition to that, one should always be careful before buying dog foods as some of the dogs suffer from particular kinds of allergies. So before giving a healthier option to your dog, one must always consult the vet.

Should grain-free food be given to dogs?

Pizza is a fancy food for us, similar to dogs having fancy foods. Grain-free foods are the right choice for your fairy buddy. This option is, however, not essential. To ensure complete nutrition for your dog, one must give the dog foods like meat-based protein fat fiber, vitamin e, and c e and omega, fatty acids.

However, the pet owner should deliver provision the consistency of these products has to be given in a particular composition, full stop for instance fat in about 17%. Fiber should be at least 5%, and meat-based food products should be for 22%.

What are the foods to be avoided?

Before providing or buying food for our dogs, one must follow some golden rules. As spices can be harmful to the human body, these spices can make dogs feel uncomfortable after intaking. So, the first golden rule states the avoidance of feeding dogs that are excessively spicy and comes with the masala.

Secondly, before purchasing any dog food, one must be sure about the ingredients that comprise the dog food. Buyers must avoid any vaguely written ingredients to ensure a healthy diet for their dogs. Corn and wheat gluten should, however, avoiding this affects the fur of the dog. Purchasers should also avoid meat by-products, rendered fats, or food dyes as this affects the dog’s health in the long run.

What is the healthiest dog food available in the market?

A homely touch to any food item makes the food one of the healthiest options for anyone, including your furry friend. In India, dogs’ most beneficial option is the combination of dry dog food and homemade dog food.

Since the food industry is still a developing one, one cannot expect a full operation. Despite so many options available in the market, one has to be very cautious about what food one gives to the dog because the health of the dog directly depends on the intake capacity. If a dog falls, ill one should take proper measures to provide the best for them.

Is it okay to give dogs homemade food?

There is an array of options available in the market for dog food. Despite all these options, before giving dog food, one must always suggest or speak to the vet about it. The vet will still prescribe the food, which is specifically tailored.

However, one should avoid giving their dog home food that is full of spices and masala. These foods might affect the dog’s health and lifestyle, making your furry friend clumsier and sick.


The proverb goes prevention is better than cure. So, before buying dog foods in India, one should be educated and equipped with information about the right dog food. These are some of the best dog food options available in India. Before getting one of your furry friend’s food options, the buyers should keep in mind that the expensive food may not give your dog the best health option.

Discussion of some of the basics of dog food ingredients has been made. This article saves your time, makes sure you understand, and allows you to buy from any of the options without stress. If one does not worry about the budget, they should check the number of fillers in the product. After all, we want our best friend, our loyal buddy, to be healthy with us.