Best Drill Machine in India

Drill machines are one of the vital household equipment that every household requires. Across the world, there are a lot of uses of drilling machines. India stands no exception to this. Finding one of the best drill machines for home use in India comes with various layers. The unique quality and the fewer characteristics set one of the drilling machines apart from the rest.

10 Best Drill Machines for Home Use in India

Right from the machine’s stability to its grip, you need to take everything into account while choosing the best drill machine for you. Here, given below contain the list of the best drill machines for home use in India. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Bosch GSB 500W Professional Tool Kit

Bosch is the largest known German company to produce the best drill machine for home use in India. Professional and high-impact drill machines are used in every household in India. It helps to pierce through concrete wood or metal surface at a range of 26mm, 10 mm, and 13 mm, respectively.

Bosch GSB 500W Professional Tool Kit comes with a drill machine along with a toolset that measures 1.5 kg. It is what makes this professional tool kit by Bosch a lightweight and sturdy drill machine. The capacity rate of this drill machine measures 0 to 41600 BPM.

The long 10-millimeter cord of this drill machine offers you comfort while drilling in an area far from the power output. The speed controller of this specialized tool kit lets you control the speed with the help of your fingers.


  • Convenient to use
  • Simple
  • Perfect for home DIYs


  • It does not consist of a manual screwdriver.

2. BLACK+DECKER 550W Drill Machine

BLACK+DECKER 550W Drill Machine happens to be one of the ruling devices in the Indian market ever since its inception. You can use the powerful drill of this machine for drilling as well as hammering. Use the drill machine by Black and Decker to continue with reverse drilling functionality for the forward drilling functionality.

This drill machine works on 500 Watts of power. The shockproof body of the drill machine makes it one of the best drill machines for home use in India. It contains all the necessary features, including side handles, chuck keys, drill bits, and cords.

The metal body of this machine ensures it is rust-free even after keeping it for more than ten years. The rubberized grips provide comfort while you are drilling. The lock function of the machine allows the user to lock the speed while you are using the device for a more extended period.

The company has programmed this drill machine in such a way that it works both in the anticlockwise direction and clockwise direction. You will also get a six-month warranty from its date of purchase.


  • Combination of hammer and drill
  • Reversible drilling features are available
  • Availability of lock function
  • Efficient power consumption


  • Expensive

3. Bosch GSB 500W RE Tool Set

Bosch is considered one of the evergreen brands for drill machines. The product quality of this company has always been appreciated. Maintaining such service and quality, you can expect the drill machine from Bosch to have a powerful intact.

The ergonomic design of the Bosch GSB 500W RE Tool Set provides a better grip and ease of handling. The compactness, however, helps the user to use it for an extended period. The quicker shift that the company equipped the product with lets you switch from anticlockwise rotation to clockwise rotation. However, this feature is supported by a rotating brush plate, especially when using the drilling machine in screwdriver mode.

Electric control Technology lets you control the speed of the drilling machine while you are drilling for a longer duration. The drill bits that come along with this tool kit are made of either wood or metals.

It operates on 500 Watts of power supply. This drilling machine takes up 2607 every minute, while the drilling diameter can range from h 220 depending on what kind of surface you are working on.


  • Less power consumption
  • Ergonomic design
  • Electric control Technology
  • Rotating brush plate


  • Expensive
  • No color options to choose from

4. IBELL 650W Professional Tool Kit

IBELL 650W Professional Tool Kit is one of the most affordable drilling machines with a versatile tool kit. The tools of this drilling machine are tough and sturdy, which outlasts the usual life expectancy of a drilling machine. You will receive a spanner, chuck key, screwdrivers, metal drill bits, and other essential supplies that you require while performing the drill.

This powerful drill machine can drill a hole up to 24 millimeters in wood and 10 to 13 millimeters in metal. It takes up to 2800 rotations per minute. This feature makes it one of the best drill machines for home use in India. The compatibility and the better grip of this drill machine potentially decrease any kind of vibration while you are operating it.

You can use the machine in both reverse and forward directions. The premium quality metal covering the body of the machine parts safeguards the user from every kind of electric shock. You can avail this machine in red color consisting of black buttons and grips.


  • Affordable
  • Reverse rotation function
  • High RPM


  • Lacks the hammer function
  • It can be used only as a drilling machine

5. BLACK+DECKER HD400K50 550W Drill Kit

BLACK+DECKER HD400K50 550W Drill Kit has a robust professional drilling machine that is both practical and reliable for drilling purposes. The company has equipped it with a 550-watt powerful motor that operates on 220 to 240 volts of power.

You can use this machine on concrete masonry, brick, soft steel, wood, metal, and non-ferrous metals. The chuck key provided on this drilling machine helps tighten up or loosen the drill’s chuck.

The company has skillfully designed this drill machine to provide the user with the satisfaction of use. The decisive hammer action and the 550-watt motor offer an ultimate drilling experience.

This drill machine has been equipped with a two-finger trigger that provides the user with total control over the drilling machine. It is among the best drill machine in India as it can work perfectly well while you are doing a repetitive task. The lock-on switch helps the user to lock the trigger while working for long hours.

However, the hammer mechanism of this drill machine provides effective and quick operation. One can use this machine to do all the general repairing tasks at home.


  • Value for money
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for domestic task
  • 1-year warranty provided


  • No reverse operation is available

6. Dewalt 550W Rotary Drill

Dewalt is a USA-based company that can take care of your drilling requirements. You can opt for the different variants of this drilling machine based on its motor power. You can opt for the 750 watts or 1100 watts of the motor. Dewalt 550W Rotary Drill consumes 550 watts of power.

As per the performance discord bit tool profiles the user at every convenience of adjusting the speed, it is an inbuilt advantage that one can take while using this rotary drill. The speed limit of this rotary drill can go up to 2800 RPM, making it a perfect drilling machine for home use. The rubber grip provides a safe and comfortable feel when one uses this drill machine.

There is no doubt that it is one of the best drill machine for home use in India. The ergonomic design provides the user with accurate holes while you drill onto a hard concrete surface.

This machine offers a warranty of 2 years. The overall weight makes it as it is much lighter than other products. The capacity of this drilling machine is much higher than any traditional value. It ranges around 13 millimeters, 16 millimeters, and 25 millimeters on steel concrete and wood.


  • Available in more than one variant
  • Offers two years warranty
  • The rubber handle makes it more comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Generally preferred for commercial use

7. Foster Rotary Hammer Drill Machine

Foster Rotary Hammer Drill Machine is one of the most potent drilling machines that one can use to drill various surfaces, including metal, concrete, and wood. It works on 780 watts of power while having a 20mm capacity. The maximum drilling capacity on wood is 26mm. While it is 20mm on steel and masonry.

It works well with a speed of 850 RPM. The company has built this drilling machine with two modes, namely the drilling and the hammering mode. The ergonomic design of this drilling machine provides the user convenience while working. The insulated shockproof plastic body lets the user feel relaxed while working.

The reverse button system of the drill machine provides power in forward and reverse motion. With this reverse switch function, you can also change the switch-off of this rotary hammer drill machine whenever you feel the need to unscrew any fastener. If you want to retract the drill bits that got stuck in your workpiece, then the rivers will be of great use.

Despite all these features, the lock-on button feature steals the show in this drill machine. Last but not least, the comfortable grip of this drilling machine provides a comfortable hold to the user that maximizes the performance and quality of work.


  • Study enough
  • Ergonomic design
  • Various speed control available


  • Consumes much power
  • Expensive

8. Khadija Powerful Simple Electric Drill Machine

Khadija Powerful Simple Electric Drill Machine provides quality drilling at home. Whenever you need to maintain, repair, or fix your everyday household equipment, this powerful and straightforward electric drill machine by Khadija comes in handy.

The drill comes in a combo set consisting of a drilling machine, a diamond drill bit, and an HSS drill bit set. The company has manufactured this drill machine with a half metal body that provides powerful and efficient drilling action with a 10 mm chuck. The vent opening supplied in this drilling machine lets the machine cool immediately.

The ergonomic design of this drilling machine provides a proper grip over the device. This machine operates at one speed consistently. You can control the trigger by squeezing it to make it work. The button lock function assists the user during any continuous drilling task.


  • Powerful yet simple
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic design


  • One speed level

9. Cheston Powerful Drill Machine

Cheston Powerful Drill Machine produces high power and greater capacity, which is an ideal machine to work on plastic metal wood and even masonry. The compact design of this powerful drill machine ensures the highest level of comfort while you are operating the machine.

The dynamic power lock button of this drill machine helps you continuously throughout the process of drilling. The standard dimensions of this drill machine range from 10mm to 50mm on surfaces like aluminum, wood, or cement.

Due to its compact size, you can store this drilling machine anywhere in the house. You would also get six months warranty on this drilling machine.


  • High-quality cord available
  • Good handling
  • Less power consumption
  • It comes with complimentary five drill bits


  • Not much renowned in India

10. Camel Brand Electric Drill Machine

Camel Brand Electric Drill Machine sets a benchmark for its quality and efficiency. You can also function it as a screwdriver. It is efficient enough to provide effortless output on any kind of service, including rigid surfaces.

This drilling machine works on German technology. It reduces zero vibratory impact, which makes the drilling activity smooth. The motor of the frill machine operates on 500 Watt of power. It is what makes the drill machine a powerful one. It is one of the best drill machines for home use in India.

This drill machine by the Camel brand requires 220volts of power to run smoothly. It can drill in metals and even concrete surfaces at 260 RPM. This drill machine is studying enough to penetrate concrete, bricks, or steel.

It is one of the durable drill machines that you can have at home. The 1.5m long cord of this drill machine offers consistent performance. You can also change its speed as it has the varying speed option. The auto switch lock reduces power loss while you are performing the drilling process continuously.


  • Affordable
  • Availability of long cord
  • Reverse rotation function available


  • Comes with three months warranty

Buying Guide for Best Drill Machine in India

Variable speed

The speed of every drilling machine depends on the material that you are penetrating and the size of your device. A larger piece would require a slower penetrating rate when you compare it with a smaller workpiece. While using it, you must put a lot of strength to quickly pierce a hole in the workpiece you are dealing with.

The single-speed drilling machine has a fixed speed unit of 500 RPM. You cannot change the velocity and have to work with a constant rate. However, you can manage the versatile speed control of the drilling machine through to a trigger. Companies and introducing various drilling machines with variable speed. The user can control the speed of these drilling machines. These have versatile trigger stops, which allow you to fix the speed limit according to the goal.

Sometimes you can use the drilling machine consisting of variable speed to perform drilling and screwdriver while you control the speed limit of your device.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of your drilling machine is one of the essential parts of your drilling machine. If the handle of the drilling machine is not designed correctly, then the pressure of the drilling would affect the quality of your work. Companies manufacture the drilling machine by keeping in mind the importance of the work it does. Therefore, every company tries to produce a drilling machine with an ergonomic handle. With such an ergonomic handle, one can perform the drill rightly and effectively. You can even penetrate on any surface with a drilling machine that has an ergonomic design.

The handle of the drilling machine also affects how a person grips the machine. It becomes crucial while you are performing the drill. A well-designed and good handle provide a better grip that you can use to stabilize the entire process of your drilling session.

Speed lock button

Sometimes when you are performing the drill, you are required to have a continuous and sustained effort. During these sessions, you must maintain the speed limit of your drilling machine. However, it becomes challenging to maintain thorough and even speed. But thankfully, every company tends to manufacture drilling machines that have speed lock buttons. This speed lock button enables a person to maintain stability and precision while performing the drill, especially in case of construction purposes or while penetrating a wall; you need to have a device that has a speed lock function. It would offer you to work at high speed yet maintain your work quality.

Dual drill function

The dual drill function helps a person to drill a lot of surfaces in depth. With the introduction of a dual drill function in your drilling machine, you can switch between modes like rotary mode for hammering mode. The rotary motion can be used when you are trying to drill a delicate surface or soft surfaces like metal and wood. At the same time, the hammering mode helps to drill more complex surfaces like concrete by creating hammering motion.

Corded or cordless drilling machine

The corded drilling machines come with a fixed plug or drooping lead. It requires the need to be connected with a power source. You cannot use this drilling machine in the region of unavailability of electric output or Power output. You can, however, control the speed of the corded drilling machine. But sometimes, corded drilling machines are known to be the clumsiest.

Coming to the cordless drilling machine, they are an advancement of the corded drilling machine. These machines have improved in their quality and performance over time. The incredible advantage that cordless drilling machines offer matches none of the coder drilling machines. But when the battery gets depleted, you must make sure to replace it. Are charged battery pack wood permit the cordless drilling machine to work more than once.


Power is one of the essential factors that you must look for while considering buying a drilling machine. The power is referred to as wattage. A lion’s share model of a drilling machine performs while consuming 500 to 1000 watts of power. As a rule, the drilling machine should duplicate the solidness of the entire drill. It is the power consumption of the corded drilling machine.

The cordless ones perform amazingly while consuming less power. The battery pack of the cordless drilling machine contains 9.6 to 16 volts of power wattage. While some of the other cordless drilling machines aim to offer 32 volts full stop, you can choose anyone according to your need or preference. The more prominent you choose your figure to be, the further amazingly, it will work.

A keyless or key chuck

For the easy fitting of the machine bits, you need to have the key or keyless chuck. Generally, the keyless chuck gives more accessible access to modification of the bits. While it modifies the bits of your drilling machine, you don’t need to worry about wasting your time while searching for them.


The hammering includes tossing your drill while moving quickly in and out. It is primarily done when you are working with any stone pieces or blocks. The scoring apparatus generally mold the primary activity on big drilling machines. It enables the drill to pierce forward and backward while turning the workpiece. You need to apply a lot of physical strength while you hammer with your drilling machine. The more complex the substance that you choose you needs to use further physical strength.

Torque control

Drilling machines that come with screw diving components need to have torque control. You can have a list of 16 positions along with different screw sizes. Your machine’s torque control would help you work with the drilling machine without thinking about any malfunctioning that might occur inside the drilling machine.

Multiple bits and various other accessories

Drilling machine tends to work on different kinds of surfaces. The more features you have on your drilling machine it would be easier for you to work effectively and conveniently on other surfaces. While buying a drilling machine, you can get different accessories that come in handy during your drilling sessions. If your drilling accessories do not accompany your drilling machine, you have to worry about it while preparing for any task.


The budget of the drilling machine depends on features and the characteristics that it produces. You might find a drilling machine that costs a lot. But you need to make sure that it has appropriate features which satisfy the cost. In India, most companies produce and manufacture drilling machines that are affordable and require negligible maintenance. Before you get hold of one, make sure that you check for your drilling machine’s features and functionality.

Types of Drilling Machines

Drilling happens to be one of the most challenging jobs. It requires a gear or an individual device that performs the process of the drill. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and types according to its function. The drill machine used for home purposes is one of the valuable pieces of equipment that one can have. Some of the effective drilling machines are discussed below.

Portable drilling machine

These kinds of drilling machines are also called pass drilling mechanisms. Mostly the old construction companies use this particular kind of drilling machine. It is mainly second-hand equipment. Unlike other touchstone tools, these drilling machines are relatively older for drilling holes of any sort on rigid surfaces or rocks. You can use these drilling machines for small purposes at home. Keep in mind that these portable drilling machines are not suitable for any bulk work.

Sensible drill machine

The name also describes the sensible drill machines of bench drilling machines. These drilling apparatus have excessive speed and are then known for digging holes in the building. However, this drilling system is mounted on the bench with various nuts and bolts while you can install it on the hand.

Radial drill

You can use the radial drill engine for drilling bulky substances. At the same time, you can also use the ropes of the radial armrest of this radial drill to bring down the desired workpiece of sundry heights after semi detaching it from the primary workpiece. Most of the construction sites use this radial drill to make their work comfortable.

Spindle drilling machine

You can use the spindle drilling machine for drilling several holes in a workpiece. You can also use this drilling machine to drill the same holed on the matching workpieces. From the name, you can estimate that the spindle drilling machine comes with more than one spindle that accurately maneuvers the whole feed at the given matching duration.

Innate drill machine

These drilling machines are extraordinary devices that one can use to deliberate a complete hole. With the reduced amount of feed and prohibited critical hurry, this drilling machine is perfect for making hidden holes on the wall.

FAQs to Buy Drill Machine in India

Which is easiest to use from corded or cordless?

You cannot use corded drilling machines everywhere. As it needs power output, if any place does not have plug-in solutions, you cannot use the corded drilling machines. In such sites, the cordless ones are beneficial. However, the cordless drilling machine runs on charge or battery. Therefore, you have to ensure that your device is fully charged so that there is no risk of breaking while you are performing the drill.

The cordless ones are easier to use at home provided they have been appropriately charged or are on a full battery. However, the corded ones are beneficial only when you have a power output that enables this device to run.

Are our drilling machines safe to use at home?

Most Indian homes nowadays have a drilling machine in one of the corners of the house. To make a small hole just to hang a portrait, you need to call a worker. He is going to take an excessive charge just to do that little work. But if you have a drilling machine handy at home, you don’t have to think about anyone. It saves your time and money.

With proper precautions, you can use these devices safely at home. Having one drilling machine could save your minute and let you do the task on your own. You should read this guide to understand the different kinds of drilling machines available in the market so that you can choose the one according to your need.

Can we use drill machines on metals or wooden furniture?

The drilling machines are mainly used for drilling holes on the walls of your house, but you can also use the drilling machines on wooden furniture on metal pieces. But make sure that you follow every prudent method to be safe.

What are the safety measures to consider while performing the drill?

You must use a drilling machine by taking every safety measure. It is one of the hazardous tools while one is going through the drilling performance.

Do not adjust or shake the workpiece while you are still drilling. You should always keep a scrub handy while performing the process of drilling. Use that scrub to rinse any drilled matter present on the surface to curb any kind of burn.

Also, make sure that you do not put any kind of explosive equipment while performing the drill. You should always clutch your drill machine straight while you are performing the drill cut.


Drilling machines and no doubt one of the most necessary and valuable house products. These machines are easier to handle and use. Although you don’t use a drilling machine every day when you have to pierce a hole in the wall, that is the time when you need a drilling machine badly. When required, a drilling machine happens to be the essential household product, especially in some adverse situations.

After analyzing more than the desired number of drilling machines, the list above contains some of India’s best drill machines for home use. While you buy one such device, make sure the capacity of the machine approaches your every prerequisite. Check for all the other features and factors and select the one that suits you the best. It would be best if you buy a drill machine that comes with a total drill unit.