Best DSLR Cameras in India

So, you are a passionate photographer and thinking about buying a brand new DSLR camera. Well, that’s great. You are just in the right place now, and we promise that we will give you all the basic information you need before purchasing a DSLR camera. We are here to make your buying journey as smooth as possible. So, just stay with us.

Best DSLR Cameras in India: Capturing Moments with Precision and Clarity

First, let us give you some convincing reasons why you should buy the best DSLR camera in India. You are going to invest a lot of money in a good camera with advanced features. So, you have the right to know the reasons before you proceed further.

Why Should You Buy a Brand New DSLR Camera?

Let’s begin with the obvious one. Of course, the superior picture quality is the prime reason why people choose DSLR cameras over point-and-shoot cameras. However, there are several other causes, and they include:

  • Allowing you to use different lenses
  • Long battery life
  • Easy and fast focusing
  • Allowing you to capture photos in low light
  • Controlled aperture settings
  • Coming with an optical viewfinder

Now that you know your reasons for shopping for a DSLR camera, let’s check our list of best DSLR cameras in India below.

1. Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera

Canon EOS 1500D is recognized as the best DSLR Camera in India that is cost-efficient at the same time. This stunning DSLR camera has the capability to capture HD resolution images as it has an extensive 24.1 megapixels and an APS-C CMOS sensor.

With this budget-friendly DSLR camera, you will feel happy while clicking pictures, and you can get a photoshoot smoothly. People find this camera a remarkable option that enables you to take high-quality pictures in a low-light condition with the least sound. When we talk of its price, this Canon EOS 1500D camera comes under a budget of 30,000, and if you look for other eCommerce sites, the more likely are the chances of getting it at 25,000. Besides this, it has a fleet viewfinder that enables capturing the expressions efficiently.

Apart from the five creative filter effects available in the camera, you will get the ‘shoot by ambiance’ choice. This is a different way to generate exceptional images. It also gives built-in WiFi connectivity that allows for matching the camera along with smartphones. With the built-in WiFi, you can use the smartphone to store and upload photographs to social media.

Why Should You Have It?

High-Resolution Sensor: This Camera with a 24.1 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor ensures that you will be able to capture the best quality photos in a jiffy. It offers high resolution for image cropping and large photo prints.

Accurate Photography: This camera ensures accurate photography with a high-quality image processor of DIGIC 4+ with 9 autofocus points. A large share of customers has already fallen in love with this product because of its accuracy in autofocusing features. Also, it is great for burst photography.

Best for Low Light Photography: It comes with a 100-6400 sensitivity range. This means it will allow you to obtain grain-free photos, even in low light.

Excellent Video Resolution: So, what is the one reason that you will make you fall in love with this product? The answer is – it’s full HD video quality and the manual control feature. It will allow you to select frame rates as per your requirements.

Lens Mount: This camera comes with an EF-S mount that is compatible with almost all EF-S and EF lenses.

Bluetooth and WiFi Connectivity: One of its best features is its built-in NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity. It will allow you to control your camera remotely.


  • This Camera is comfortable to use.
  • This DSLR camera ensures long battery life.
  • This Camera offers a built-in sharing mode.
  • This Camera is ideal for a high-quality picture.


  • The Camera sometimes generates noise.
  • The output image quality of this camera is not so excellent.

2. Nikon D5600 Digital Camera

Nikon D5600 Digital Camera is the best price for money for keeping the best DSLR Camera in India. It is a popular member of Nikon’s D5000-series cameras available in DX-format Nikon SLRs with an angle screen. This camera shoots within a range of 5 frames each second. Moreover, it consists of an ISO that ranges between 100 to 25,600, which helps to assure HD quality in low-light conditions. It involves a more extensive LCD screen, which flips out and revolves around to face the head for vlogging and acknowledges touching, together with a more superior autofocus system, WiFi, and a whole range of distant control on the core. It helps Bluetooth, WiFi, and NFC in terms of connectivity. The Nikon D5600 is a great choice and gets stuffed with points that can help you begin severe photography.

The range’s series of novice-friendliness, a vari-angle screen, and small size gives both first-timer camera users and photography learners ideal. Nikon has been on something of a list, making small DSLRs with excellent ergonomics, regular metering, some of the best picture sensors, often a very useful autofocus JPEG engine that gives events that lots of people like.

Why Should You Have It?

Performance: It consists of a snap bridge system, which is impressive. The d5600’s autofocus, white scale, and exposure modes work well. Most of the time, you can move the camera to go out the right frames.

Automatic Updating of Info: The d5600 automatically synchronizes its time and place information to that of your active method. When we see, it seems considerate when moving to different time zones.

Video Quality: This camera has superb video quality. All the videos can be recorded at 1080p resolution. You have a choice of automatic or manual exposure. This camera offers a maximum chronicle time that ranges within 10-20 minutes to take 50fps clips – 60fps clips.


  • This camera offers excellent image quality
  • It brings a comfortable handgrip.
  • Good overall battery life and performance that is rated at 820 shots per charge.
  • The optical viewfinder is clear, bright, and gives coverage of 95% of the case.
  • It has a touchscreen interface.


  • It guides a snap game that requires work
  • It represents only 1080p video
  • It is somewhat pricey similar to its opponents.
  • It does not hold a 4K video.

3. Canon EOS 80D 24.2MP Digital SLR Camera + EF-S 18-135mm

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera is a camera of your support. It provides an outstanding quality model and arrives with a full range of opinions. It has a camera of 24.2 MP following by a sensor that provides HD quality images. The sensor of this best DSLR Camera in India is designed to allow extraordinary detail with more delightful precision. At the same time, it holds Dual Pixel autofocus that supports getting focus instantly.

It is nearly equal to the design that its antecedent has. When we turn to the Live View and video autofocus system, the 80D arranges Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology like the 70D, which implies it, have phase-detection parts on the imaging sensor itself. The new design is more delicate and more durable than the one in the 70D. However, it has a high-speed autofocusing that often is not good when you are shooting video. It is possible to adjust the rate of the 80D’s system over seven steps for more intentional focus relays.

Canon started its Anti-flicker form with the 7D Mark II to help give conventional look and benefit when shooting below daylight can likely flash. This smart technology, which sees the recurrence of the flicker and past shots so that they are used when the influence on display and appearance is minimum, has now made it into the 80D. The Canon EOS 80D is added alternative worth thinking about if you are looking for the best DSLR camera in India.

Why Should You Have It?

Live View & Touch Screen: The Canon 80D consists of a Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor, which is very functional and fast. Like other canons’ best camera series, you can experience the dual pixel AF in a constant mode for still shooting.

Image and Video Quality: The Canon EOS 80D appears with a 24-megapixel sensor that is great at taking impressive photos of any sound picture size. There are also many changes in the duration of the effective area and noise act. If you think of the video capacity, you can shoot 1080/60p when using the standard IPB compression and MP4. This is the added reason why this DSLR camera is one of the best.

Battery: Like many other best DSLR cameras out there, the Camera EOS 80D arrives with the LP–E6 rechargeable lithium-ion series. It comes with an LC-E6 wall charger. When you load it completely, you can get at least 960 shots on a single statement.


  • It accompanies by built-in WiFi 2.
  • It is very comfortable to work.
  • The Camera gives a sound battery alternate.
  • This amazing Camera has a super-fast performance.


  • Its price is somewhat expensive.
  • It is not perfect for shooting in low-light situations.

4. Nikon D3500 DX-Format DSLR Two Lens Kit

Nikon D3500 DX-Format DSLR Camera reaches under the budget of around 40,000. It is a preferred choice for most photographers. This DSLR camera consists of fast and precise focus. This Nikon camera highlights a 24.2MP CMOS sensor and is powered by the Exped 4 processor. The 11 autofocus features obtainable in this camera are spread over the frame and offer great shots.

It is a handy choice that has a simple to use procedure. Its battery life is awesome, enabling you to click up to 1,550 images on a separate charge. It carries Bluetooth connectivity. Beginners can use this camera as inside the SLR camera; you will notice fine tunes representing wonderful backgrounds with every turn. It is very simple to use, and all beginners can easily use it.

Nikon has restored and renewed one of its traditional forms to keep it fresh, understanding, and appealing to first-time DSLR users. It seems as good now as when it started, and falling costs only make it more attractive. The Nikon D3500 does have its flaws, clearly, because of its price and its expected public. Still, we believe it is simply the best DSLR Camera in India.

Why Should You Have It?

Fast, Accurate Focusing: Just like regular smartphones, fast-moving cases create no difficulty for the D3500. At the same time, you capture marvelous shots after shooting.

Videos at the Touch Of A Button: This camera allows beautiful recording video with the D3500 is as smooth as soliciting photos. Just flip the Active View bar and hold the record key. You will be taking wonderful 1080/60p Full HD video directly and effortlessly. You can use the lens’s zoom ability to shoot the best videos.

Portable Camera: This portable camera enables you to take pictures that are more interesting. They catch the heart of the time, a sense that can be bestowed instantly with your colleagues and people and then relived for a life.


  • This wonderful camera is ingenious.
  • It is a durable product.
  • You will get HD video quality.
  • It has a compact redesigned body that is easy and has all the rear buttons to handle efficiently.
  • With this DSLR camera, you can shoot complete HD videos.


  • It is not resistant to water.
  • Its battery is not long-lasting and gets hot after some time.

5. Canon EOS 200D II 24.1MP Digital SLR Camera

Canon is a famous name in the camera industry, and most of the time, it maintains dominance and a strong portfolio of lenses and DSLRs. This cost-efficient best DSLR Camera in India begins with impressive features. Canon EOS 200D Digital SLR Camera has a sign layout that provides this camera an astounding look. In addition, this camera has a stronghold on the top side, where you manage all the sites.

It is a small product and does not take much space. The most exciting thing about Canon EOS 200D camera is the -inch color performance, giving a smooth and accurate touch response. The camera’s base saves the collection and SD card, and on the right bottom, you’ll get the HDMI and micro USB port for shifts. With built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS, giving illustrations from the DSLR to the phone could not be simpler.

If you are an amateur photographer, seeming for a conventional camera with smart features without ought to tell the bank, the EOS 200D II is a no-brainer. The lightweight layout of the best DSLR Camera in India makes it simple to bring around, so experts can rely on Canon’s new player if they need to go daylight without all the big things. Canon EOS 200D II is worth buying for the price, particularly Amazon India’s price for the dual-lens kit.

Why Should You Have It?

Real-Time Action: Enjoy the versatility of Live View rushing through the LCD screen or turn to the visual viewfinder for more excellent resistance and efficiency in fast-moving closing cases. There is no point lag within the original head movement and your viewfinder performance so that you can adjust in real-time all the time.

Intelligent Shooting: It is ideal for getting excited right off, even if you have nevermore adopted a DSLR before. You can easily turn on Intelligent Auto shooting mode in this camera. Moreover, you will see the light and direction in each view and change perspectives for optimal presentations.

Powerful Image Processing: Powered by an almost 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and the tardiest DIGIC 8 image processor, it requires vibrant and sharp images with every snap.


  • This Canon camera is very light in weight.
  • This DSLR is very handy.
  • The digital SLR camera powered by Canon is cost-effective.


  • Here, you will see lower focus points.

6. Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR Body

Produced from a passion for providing HD performance and change in a more dense connected camera, the D7500 gives the top-notch resolution, ISO range, image processing, and energy efficiency of the award-winning D500 in an enthusiast-level DSLR. Like the D500, Nikon D7500 DX-Format Digital SLR uses the same image sensor with a 20.9 MP DX-format and EXPEED 5 image-processing engine. Thus, you can take your photography skills to the next level, when you have this camera. You can obtain a unique sharpness, especially in low light conditions.

If you are thinking of entering the career of filmmaking, the D7500 is your gateway. It is experience-rich, and its comprehensive 4K Ultra HD videos can be shot through industry-leading NIKKOR cameras. It is smooth for you to create stunning four K Ultra HD time-lapse films. Whatever movie you want, you can record it in MP4 format. Besides this, it will allow you easy playback on active devices. The D7500 adapts to your original workflow with the option to film to an outer device. These devices can be the camera’s memory card etc.

It is best to share your most majestic shots with the people. You have to install the snap bridge app powered by Nikon, which is compatible with the phone. Further, you have to connect to the D7500 if you are looking to share photos, take automated backups, and remote camera triggering.

Why Should You Have It?

Active D-Lighting: This camera goes with Active D lighting that helps save the tone during the shooting to guarantee the photos come in high contrast. Simultaneously, it offers rich scale and normal light.

Electronic VR: It can capture a smooth picture, no matter you are using it via a tripod or a single focal length.

Exped 5 Image Processing: This DSLR camera leaves no stone unturned in expanding the image preparation that manages consistent shooting. It records the videos at 30p without any hassle.


  • It allows a soft grip over the camera.
  • This camera has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity feature.
  • It offers special effects mode.
  • It has a flicker reducing function that lessens the exposure disparity.


  • It offers only one SD card slot.

7. Sony Alpha ILCE 6000L 24.3 MP DSLR Camera

If you are looking to click a clear picture, Sony A6000 is the best fit for you. The Sony A6000 camera consists of an interchangeable lens. The Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L Digital SLR appears with a 24.3 megapixel APS-C Exmor sensor and lens varying from 16 mm to 50 mm. The camera is competent in taking consecutive shots at the rate of 11 fps. Therefore, it can capture clear pictures.

The Sony Alpha ILCE-6000L digital SLR guarantees sharp pictures and videos. It also has a rotatable LCD screen and customizable keys, making it soft and comfortable to work. The design also highlights an excellent image processing method with a high picture processing activity. Hence, it is a favored option for every artist.

Now, you can also benefit from the most advanced camera offered by Sony. The all-new 4D Focus lets you take passing things with absolute clarity. It smartly blends wide coverage, autofocus speed, and constant tracking using a high-end AF algorithm. The A6000 also got a barrier slope, shooting twice as many RAW images before the buffer fills up.

Why Should You Have It?

Full HD Video Recording: This camera offers a full 1080p video record option. You can record a video of 1080p at 28 Mbps. At the same time, it is easy to record a dual video of it. Once you record the video from it, you will be complemented because of its HD video option. Also, it accompanies a built-in stereo microphone that holds design and record audios simultaneously.

Built-In WiFi Connectivity: The a6000 offers a built-in connectivity system to instantly share imagery to mobile devices for direct sharing online to social networking, via email, and to cloud storage sites.

Autofocus: This camera accompanies a hybrid autofocus system that means its camera is excellent. You can easily switch the camera from a single shot to continuous focus, and that too, without any intervention. Apart from tracking the human eye, this camera can be used to memorize up to 8 faces to let the camera track.


  • This camera offers extensive coverage of the frame.
  • It has a comfortable camera without any mirror.
  • It offers 4D focus, which means you will get a high-quality image.


  • It does not have good battery life.
  • This camera does not support video recording. As, after 30 mins of usage, it gets shut down automatically.

8. Nikon D750 24.3 Digital SLR Camera

Introduced in the year 2014, The Nikon D750 Digital SLR Camera is a perfect choice for all enthusiasts. Maybe, many feel complicated for this camera as its first number symbolizes a D700 line. It is built with a carbon composite body with a robust sheathed construction for a rugged body and enhanced grip for added depth. Its upgraded body is strong enough to handle the dust and moisture droplets.

This camera is a perfect choice to capture videos and photos, and it is perfect for all professionals. This camera emphasizes a newly formed monocoque frame with a robust structure for a covenant, a strong frame, and an improved grip.

Why Should You Have It?

View: When we talk of view, this Nikon camera has a full-frame feature, and it has a 3.2-inch screen. It balances the color and accordingly matches it to the color monitor. You can view the shooting to get the redesigned information about it. It is easy to match the view and vision of it as it provides 100% coverage to make adjustments.

Nimble Design: The other best thing about this camera is its lightweight and compact design. Both the front body and front cover are formed with carbon-fiber thermoplastic, and the top cover is formed of magnesium alloy to create a balanced combination of nimbleness. It has a slim style and ergonomic layout.

A Creative Mix: While using this camera, you can bring out your creativity. It has an impressive dynamic range, which you can further enhance as per your comfortability. Also, it consists of some special effects that you can apply to your pictures. These effects can be the Miniatures effect, Selective color, HD videos, and so on.

Built-In Sharing System: Now, it becomes obvious to share the D750 photos without any wait. This camera enables the artists to share everything fast. The best part about Nikon D750 is it is compatible with all the devices like Tablet or a Smartphone.


  • This DSLR offers the best in a class ISO range of 51 -51200.
  • The sensor is quite big. Actually, it’s a full-frame sensor.
  • You will get a WiFi connectivity option.


  • The features it comes with do not justify its price.
  • This camera does not consist of Cfast or XQD cards, which is worse.

Buying Guide for Best DSLR Camera in India

Smartphones are an essential part of our lives, but without a DSLR, it becomes difficult to get a stunning and HD clarity picture for your home. Moreover, before purchasing the best DSLR Camera in India, it is essential to understand some things.


An image sensor is generally used in Digital cameras that helps in converting the lights received on the device into a digital image. Every camera accompanies different pixels. Most of the time, you will observe that the camera is equipped with the full-frame APS-C sensor, which further helps to enhance the picture quality through color gradations. Even photographers can adjust the lens by following the zoom-in and zoom-out options.


Affordability is the main deciding factor before finalizing a DSLR camera. You need to decide on a price bracket and further look for the camera under your budget. Finalizing the camera that is not under your budget will disappoint you only.

Quality optics

This factor is generally dependent on the lens quality that you have. At the same time, it plays a part in the quality images also. Those lenses having high-quality optics will help you in capturing the image you want.


ISO generally means the camera’s sensitivity to light. ISO is defined as a measure of ability to capture the light with cameras and its conversion through electric signals for image processing. It is easy for the photographer to set the ISO sensitivity in this best DSLR Camera in India. This is one of the important features that everyone needs to look for before buying a DSLR camera.

Image processor

The other thing to consider is the capability of advanced processors that captures the light. This light is further processed and converted into a RAW image. When you have a camera with an advanced image processor, you can easily target any object as well as focus perfectly. The more expensive a DSLR camera, the better is the processor and the lesser time to correct the image.

FAQs to Buy DSLR Camera in India

How does the sensor of the camera work?

A sensor is formed with little cavities that trap the light. This light moreover transforms into an electric sign to form a digital model. The digital formation of the picture takes place after the screen stops. The electronic charge of every pixel or photosites of the sensor is measured and turned into a digital value.

What is a great sensor volume of a camera?

The good sensor size of a camera depends upon the usage. The best sensor size has a full-frame sensor.

An APS – H and C cropped sensors also help the performance with the crop impact and lens increase the coverage and quality, which fits well in budget and purpose.

Do higher megapixels ensure high photo quality?

Megapixels do not affect the picture quality as it depends on the factors like Lighting, Composition, Lens, Sensor, etc. Megapixels runs for the printability of images. If the camera accompanies more pixel resolution, it means the printable size of the image. More pixels also provide cropping and zooming in best DSLR Camera in India of the pictures without negotiating on quality.

Why do I want added lens?

Lenses come with varying focal lengths, and varied lenses result from shooting things at a different distance, size, and coverage. You will need a telephoto range to shoot things at a range you cannot do with your best lens or regular lens.


Those mentioned above are some of the best DSLR Cameras in India available as of now. It is ideal to choose the DSLR camera carefully by seeing your expertise in taking the best photography. If you are a beginner, consider choosing the basic DSLR camera that is easy to use and comes with a manufacturer guide.