Best Egg Boilers in India

Some wise person has perfectly quoted, “an egg today is better than a hen tomorrow.” As an egg happens to be the staple food of every humankind, there is no doubt about eggs’ benefits. It is one of the most inexpensive and versatile foods that you can get with nutrients and proteins. But boiling the egg can be time-consuming, annoying, and a difficult task. Especially when you want to have a perfect hard-boiled egg or simple soft-boiled egg, you have to stand in front of your store for the stipulated period to make sure that you cook eggs as you desire. Sometimes that too can fail, as a novice person might not know the cooking time for the proper temperature for cooking the perfect boil. Keeping this thing in mind, companies have introduced egg boilers or egg cookers.

Best Egg Boilers in India: Quick and Convenient Egg Cooking Solutions for Perfectly Boiled Eggs

With the egg boiler, you can perfectly boil your eggs without getting annoyed or killing your time. This article describes some of the best egg boilers in India and the benefits of having them. With that, you will also get to know about the facts that you need to keep in mind while buying an egg boiler.

1. Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Kent Instant Egg Boiler is a savior for working professionals, bachelor’s, or hostellers who have no time or little time to cook eggs. The company Kent is known for its purity. With the same purity and quality, you can get seven perfect boiled eggs in just 3 minutes.

From three boiling options, you can choose to go either for medium hard or soft boiled eggs. Now no more hovering over the stove to cook your perfect boil. The Kent instant egg boiler’s heating plate makes it convenient for the user to boil eggs following all the safety measures. The automatic overheating protection free events over burning or overheating of eggs.

To boil eggs in this appliance, you need to follow three rules. Pierce, pour, and cook. The company built the body of the egg boiler with high-quality stainless steel.

However, cleaning is a bit tricky but with a one-year warranty on this product that the user can not overlook.


  • With a single switch, it is easier to use
  • Requires less amount of water for boiling
  • Cooks at least seven eggs in 3 minutes
  • It comes with an automatic shut off function
  • This appliance has overheat-protection


  • Cleaning is a bit tricky

2. Glen Egg Boiler

The Glen Egg Boiler comes with a two years warranty on the product. It provides hard to soft boiling as per your preference, where the user can boil eight eggs at once without any hassle.

The automatic off feature of Glen egg boiler never left its user feeling unsafe. The appliance has an egg-ready indicator providing the knowledge of the cooked eggs to its user.

This appliance comes with four poach-making trays or cups made with food-grade PP material. The steaming rack of this egg boiler aids in easy cleaning.


  • Stainless steel body provides durability
  • Boil 8 eggs at one time
  • Compact design makes it easily portable
  • It comes with four poaching cups


  • High power consumption

3. Milton Smart Egg Boiler

The Milton Smart Egg Boiler is a savior in every situation; the automatic power-off option shuts down the device once you boil the egg as per your preference. Now you can treat your guests with egg salads for Egg Benedict.

You can use this product for longer due to its stainless-steel body and plate, which provide an extraordinary heat transfer capability with the hygienic operation. The overheating protection provides safety concerns to the user.

Different members can have other egg preferences. The Milton smart egg boiler allows the user to boil eggs in hard, medium, and soft mode.


  • The one-touch operation provides convenience
  • It comes with three boiling mode
  • The automatic power-off feature never compromises with safety
  • Stainless steel body and plate provides durability
  • Affordable


  • Not power efficient

4. iBELL Egg Boiler

iBELL Egg Boiler is one of the most power-efficient and affordable egg boilers in India. Now you can get fresh and tender boiled eggs with this egg boiler. It comes with three boiling modes consisting of high, low, and medium.

The fashionable appearance of the egg boiler increases the sophistication of the product. However, the fast and easy operation makes it one of the best egg boiler in India.

You need to put the eggs on the holding tray and put some water into it. Close the lid and wait for or at least five after the automatic shut off; you can pour some cold water over the boiled eggs to easily deshell the eggs.

A one-year warranty covers this product. However, the company provides an additional one-year warranty on this egg boiler.

The fast and time-saving method of boiling an egg is every person’s dream. Cut down the hustle of preparing your breakfast with this egg boiler.


  • Provides fresh and nutritious boiled egg
  • Power-efficient
  • No pollution during use
  • Hygiene and safe to use
  • One-touch operation makes it convenient


  • Not for bigger families

5. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler

The Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler lets you boil seven eggs at once. If your guest comes over without any prior notice, you can provide them with delicious Egg salad, egg sandwich, classic deviled eggs, and much more.

Be a pro at boiling eggs with this egg boiler. With only 360 watts, you can prepare delicious eggs. All you need to do is book a small hole at the top part of your egg.

This appliance just does not boil eggs; it can steam your vegetables too. The design of the egg boiler provides safety from overheating and boiling dry protection. The egg boiler ensures healthy cooking with its body made of stainless steel material.

You will get a measuring cup and the piercing pin providing you with all the convenience of cooking. Inalsa has a positive reputation when it comes to providing safety precautions to its customers. This boiler gives one-year warranty and safety approvals like ROHS, CE, CB, and GS Certification.


  • It comes with a LED indicator
  • Dry run protection
  • It works as a vegetable steamer too
  • It comes with a multi-purpose steaming bowl
  • Auto shut off feature incorporated
  • Seven eggs holding capacity


  • Possibility of leakage

6. Lifelong Egg Boiler

Lifelong Egg Boiler provides customers to boil eggs as per convenience. You just need to add the desired quantity of water. Selecting your preferred mode will automatically boil the egg and let you know by ringing a buzzer when it cooks. The automatic operation of this boiler helps one to boil the egg without any hassle.

It is the best boiler for small families, letting you boil seven eggs at a time. The body is made up of stainless steel and adds up to the durability of the product. This boiler comes with a heating plate to provide efficient heating. You can now boil eggs in 3 different modes.

The automatic one-touch option of the boiler is easier to use and comes with overheating protection. For the convenience and safety of the user, the appliance comes with auto power-off functions.


  • Boils with three boiling options
  • See-through lid
  • Buzzer indication provided
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Budget-friendly


  • Hard to clean
  • Only for small families with a holding capacity of 7 eggs

7. Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler

Butterfly Electric Egg Boiler’s unique design supports hassle-free operation with one touch of your finger; also, it comes with a serving bowl, measuring cup, egg tray, transparent lid, and base. All of these come in high-grade stainless steel and plastic. With high efficiency comes the reliability and safety of using this product.

However, the device comes with an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the appliance when the eggs are ready to consume. It cooks eggs without the incorporation of fat or any kind of oil. It is a perfect fit for a gym and health-conscious person. Office goers and hostellers can feasibly use this product.

Give yourself 10 minutes, and you will be ready with perfect boiled eggs.


  • Good building quality
  • Convenient handling
  • Value for money
  • Overheat protection and automatic shut off feature provides safety


  • Cracking of egg is a common phenomenon in this appliance
  • Cleaning takes time

8. Nova Family Electric Egg Cooker

Nova Family Electric Egg Cooker steams seven eggs simultaneously with just a simple click on the switch. Nova is a known name when it comes to kitchen and home appliances. The hassle-free handling of this boiler makes it one of the best egg boilers in India.

Hostellers, mummies, bachelors, or travelers, you all can relax with this appliance as you can carry it to your office, hostel, or even hotel rooms. You don’t have to worry about your breakfast because making boiled eggs takes a lot of energy.

The high-grade stainless-steel body of the boiler provides long-lasting durability. The lid of the boiler has high-grade plastic without compromising on health.

You just need to follow some simple steps that the manual mentions and get boiled eggs as per your preference. The blinds will cook your ends within 4 to 5 minutes. The transparent lid of the boiler lets you monitor the process. Nova family electric cooker’s automatic shut-off feature immediately turns off the boiler once the egg cooks. So for the busy people out there, this is your life savior.


  • It comes with overheat protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Inbuilt timer
  • Easy to use and much easier to clean
  • Automatic turn off option after egg boiling


  • It emits a plastic burning smell, sometimes
  • The cord of wire is smaller
  • Provides only three months warranty

9. Hestia Appliances Egg Boiler

Hestia Appliances Egg Boiler is considered among the best egg boiler in India. The company has provided an extra egg slot for preparing seven eggs at once. The user-friendly egg boiler has three different modes consisting of hard, medium, and soft.

Due to the one-touch operation, the user will find this appliance convenient to use. The stylish design and the easy-to-understand instructions in the manual make this egg boiler suitable for every kitchen type.

The automatic dry-off function allows the boiler to turn off automatically once you boil the eggs.


  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • It comes with an egg piercing tool, measuring cup, egg boiler, and a tray
  • Built with BPS and BPA-free plastic
  • Inbuilt overheating protection


  • Not for bigger families

Buying Guide for Best Egg Boiler in India

Now you know some of the best egg boilers in India. So, you might be wondering to purchase one boiler to ease your work while making breakfast. Before you get hold of one, consider these factors for a budget buy.

Types of egg boilers

You might find it tempting to buy any egg boiler, which is wheat cheaper than the others. But considering your family members and the lifestyle that you bleed, you will find two main kinds of egg boilers.

Countertop egg boilers are self-sufficient and easier to operate. They will eat up the small space of your kitchen. You can use the countertop egg boiler for making poached eggs. With this egg boiler, you can get various options to cook multiple textured eggs.

Office goers for busy people can use the countertop egg boiler, which comes with a timer. You don’t have to monitor the cooking progress continuously; else, leave the rest to the cooking timer.

The additional features of keeping warm or delay timing functions can provide convenience while boiling.

Microwave egg boilers cannot work themselves like the countertop egg boiler. This boiler works like a microwave where you need to set your eggs and place them in the microwave after pouring water. But why will you prefer a boiler which does not have a self-sufficient function?

The answer to this is quite simple. The microwave egg boiler cooks the egg faster than the countertop ones. And after cooking, you can simply place them in dishwashers for cleaning. The simple design with no inbuilt mechanism or electrical cord makes it easier for you to use and clean.

Holding capacity

Cracking eggs is a common phenomenon while boiling. With an egg boiler, you can avoid this mess. However, the egg boiler restricts the use of as many eggs as you want to put in the egg cooker.

You will find egg boilers with a capacity of 6 to 12 slots for smaller families. But a more prominent family requires a boiler with 10 to 20 spaces.

While purchasing this appliance, you should go for an egg boiler with greater holding capacity. As with a larger holding capacity, you can save the time of boiling eggs in case of guests’ arrival.


Bigger size does not always mean better. Egg boilers that are space savers create an organized and neat look in your kitchen. You can prefer those models which come with two layers. Those egg boilers take half the space of your kitchen then the single-layered egg boilers. Also, you can rely on the on-body storage cord system due to its super compact design.


Most of the egg boilers come in either stainless steel aluminum or a combination of both. But you will also find plastic egg boilers in the market. The previous two mentioned wireless comes with a non-stick coating.

Boilers that are built-in premium quality stainless steel are much durable and cleans in a dishwasher. They retain the shine even after numerous uses.

But the aluminum egg boilers are not that durable as the Steel ones. Also, you cannot put it into an electric dishwasher. Compared to the price, these aluminum egg boilers are much cheaper than the stainless-steel ones.

However, the plastic dishwasher is a good option if you make sure the plastic is BPA-free. The only disadvantage of using a plastic dishwasher is that it can’t beat the heat if you displace the top rack while cooking.

The lid of the egg boiler

You can get two kinds of lids of the egg boiler. The Steel lid raises no question of being toxic. Durability is another advantage of using the Steel lid. However, since they are not transparent, you cannot check on the eggs while cooking.

On the other hand, the plastic lids are transparent and let you monitor the egg while cooking. But you will have to make sure that they are non-toxic. Handling them with care should be your priority while using them.

Power consumption

Electrical appliances which work super-fast can make your life way much more manageable. But high efficiency can give you a hiked electricity bill. But if your egg boiler works at a standard rate of speed, then you can save electricity as well as enjoy a perfect boiled egg. Less power consumption can provide you with a much portable egg boiler. The trick is to find a boiler that consumes less electricity with efficient performance. So, it becomes crucial to check the watt consumption of the egg boiler before you purchase it.

Time-saving options

You don’t have to stand in front of the egg boiler while it does its job. Therefore, it is a time-saving appliance that lets you put a timer to control the cooking process. Once your timer beeps off, you can leave it for 2 to 3 minutes and then enjoy your perfect boiled eggs.

Generally, egg boilers take 6 to 15 minutes to cook perfect boiled eggs. Adding a tiny amount of salt can speed up the cooking and leave you with an easy peeling mechanism.

The egg boiler also comes with an array of boiling mode settings. You just need to decide as per your preference and select the respective mode. Voila! And your work is done.

One more exciting feature of the egg boiler is the indicator which intimates you about the progress right on time. Those, as mentioned earlier, can be helpful when you are super busy. The egg boiler comes with visual as well as an auditory indication that comes with safety concerns.

Dishwasher safe

Companies are manufacturing egg boilers that are dishwasher safe. But before you jump two the conclusion, kindly note that’s the power cord, and one should never put the central unit inside the dishwasher. It can lead to terrible accidents.

However, the washable parts of the boiler are dishwasher friendly. This technology can help you from the fuss of cleaning each component manually. So, before you buy an egg boiler, check for the safe dishwasher tag that comes with the model.


You will get some accessories that come with the egg boiler. Make sure that your egg boiler contains a measuring cup with a pin on the back of the cup, lid, cover, egg holding tray, an additional tray for preparing omelets, and the central unit.

Before you purchase, check for all these accessories because a bit of extra can save a lot of your time.

Warranty period

Generally, egg boilers come with a one-year warranty period. But some of the reputed brands provide longer extensions on the period of the product’s warranty. Before you spend your money on this product, check the confirmation as later you don’t have to pay a high amount in case of any kind of defects, including the manufacturing defect.

FAQs to Buy Egg Boiler in India

What are the safety measures that I need to follow while using an egg boiler?

Electrical innovations and made to help the human immensely. But with help comes the safety measures that you need to follow while using the appliance. In the case of egg boilers, too, you need to follow some safety measures.

You should never leave the plug on the plug point once your egg cooker finishes cooking every time. Considering water to be a life-giver, but in some cases, it can be a reason for your life-threatening condition. While cleaning the range, you need to make sure that the induction plate and the power cords are away from water.

While placing the egg on the egg boiler, you always need to pierce the eggs before the placement. It is one of the essential steps of safety measures that you need to follow. Doing this will ensure your eggs do not burst or crack while it is cooking.

The trick is to pierce the broader side of the egg, which would face upward while you are cooking. If you Pierce the narrow beside, it can result in a mess due to dripping of the egg whites.

All the egg boilers come with an instruction manual which you have to follow before using the egg boiler. After you finish boiling the egg, you need to clean the boiler properly to maintain the hygiene standard. The manual will mention the process of cleaning your egg boiler. You need to follow those methods to ensure utmost safety thoroughly.

How can I make perfect boiled eggs in an egg boiler?

Every electrical appliance of the same family varies from one product to another. So, it is the same in the case of egg boilers. The primary mechanism of every egg boiler is the same. Let us go through the steps to your perfect boiled eggs with the help of an egg boiler.

The first and the foremost thing you should do is to Pierce your egg to ensure a perfect boiled egg without breaking or cracking. After that, you need to please the eggs carefully on the tray in the provided designated slots. Lastly, use a measuring cup and pour the desired amount of water.

If you want a hard-boiled egg to add in more water, lesser water will give you soft-boiled eggs.

Place the lid on carefully and plug on the device. Give a timer for the desired amount of time and wait until the indicator goes off. After you complete all this there your boiled eggs are ready to eat. But make sure that you please the eggs inside a cold bath to get brighter yellow yolk with a fine texture of egg whites.

How do I keep my egg boiler clean?

Healthy food eating habits will lead to a healthy life. Keeping all the things safe to use and hygienic, you must clean your egg boiler after every time you use the product. You must read the user manual to get a hold of the exact procedure of cleaning your egg boiler.

One thing that is common while cleaning every egg boiler is 2 to turn off your egg boiler switch and unplug the boiler before you start cleaning it. Water soap, white vinegar, and microfiber cloth are the requirements for cleaning an egg boiler.

Before you start with the cleaning process, you need to dismantle the additional part from the central boiler unit. Use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the induction pan. While doing that, make sure there are no cranny or nooks left.

After that, use the water and vinegar solution in equal parts to wipe the pan for hygiene purposes; the product’s material will decide whether it is dishwasher safe or not. You can otherwise wash them with soap and water and dry them before using them for your next cooking session.

You should avoid the use of any kind of liquid in your power cords area under any circumstances. Additionally, you can use a plastic film to cover up the wired area before cleaning it.

How will the egg be different if cooked on a stove other than an egg boiler?

As the egg boiler runs on electricity, it needs much less time to cook than the stovetop. While cooking on the stovetop, you need to rely on gasworks that the egg boiler notifies you whenever you boil the eggs.

Now coming to the eggs’ de-shelling part, an egg boiler makes it much more convenient than the stovetop boiled eggs. The egg boiler will undoubtedly give you more delicious and brighter-looking eggs, whereas the stovetop-cooked eggs will provide you with yolk most of the time.

How much time does the boiler need to boil eggs?

With the change in the brand of the egg boiler, the cooking time varies. Also, depending on the boiled egg’s consistency that you prefer, the cooking time will go either up or down. On average, the duration taken to cook eggs on the egg boiler is from six minutes to 15 minutes.

Is boiling eggs in egg boilers beneficial for health?

Electric egg boilers are good for health, and it’s completely safe. You will find causes of hazards while using electric egg boilers. But while buying the plastic egg boilers, make sure that the plastic used for manufacturing the product is of food-grade quality.

Can egg boilers burst?

Most of the egg boiler you will find nowadays has features like thermal protection or auto switch. All its mechanisms prevent the egg boiler from causing any kind of accident like the bursting of boilers.

If your boiler does not come with all these features, make sure you pay frequent attention to the indicator. Once the device indicates the end of cooking, you must switch off and plug off the machine without further ado. It represents you and your boilers from any mishap.

Can I make other egg recipes in egg boilers?

Yes, you can cook other egg recipes like an omelet or scrambled eggs on the boiler system. Still, it is recommended not to use it as it will take a lot of time to clean your device maintaining all the hygiene standards.


The simplicity and elegance of these healthy breakfast appliances can steal anybody’s mind in the first place. But make sure while buying this appliance, you should look for the style and look for the durability, and the warranty that comes with the product.

As eggs are the typical breakfast food in every household and for workout freak persons, it is the mandatory supplement; therefore, having an egg boiler is like doing half of the task.

With all the guides and buying information, you know where and what to look for as per your preference. Go ahead and make your purchase. Give your breakfast table a healthy dose of an adequately boiled egg!