Best Emergency Lights in India

An emergency light is an important tool that we need during critical situations. It will work as a constant light source during power cuts, fire, and others. If the situation arrives where we need to evacuate people from the houses, these emergency lights will help you a lot. So, if you are planning to buy an emergency light, go for it.

Best Emergency Lights in India: Reliable and Bright Lighting Solutions for Power Outages and Emergency Situations

Here, we will present you with a list of the best emergency lights in India. All of them are capable. You have to choose any one from them according to your requirements and preference. Pick up the one that you think.

1. Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light

Wipro Coral Rechargeable Emergency Light possesses numerous features that will help you during times of emergencies. Besides, it comes with a dual charging supply. For instance, you can charge it through solar power as well as with AC supply. So, if you are not getting access to the power supply, you don’t have to worry. You can charge it directly through the sunlight.

It comes with quite a powerful battery. The strength of the battery is 4000mAh. Hence, you can use this light for 20 hours without any problems. With this light on your side, you will witness maximum fun both day and night. There is also a knob in the emergency light that will allow you to control the light’s brightness.

With the help of that knob, you can dim the light according to your preference. Another impressive trait of this product is that it will provide you with 360 degrees light output. If you turn on this emergency light, it will light up the whole space. It will provide you with a natural appearance. Also, the solar charging option makes it an environmentally friendly product. You will get a tap holder with this emergency light to handle the product easily.


  • Dual Charging Supply.
  • It has a powerful battery.
  • The light output of 360 degrees.
  • Knob for brightness control and easy dimming.
  • Top holder to handle the product precisely.


  • Some people are not happy with the quality of the battery.
  • The brightness of the product is also questionable.

2. Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern

This is another emergency light from the family of Philips. It comprises 32 LED lights so that you can receive high luminosity. Also, it is a rechargeable lantern that you can use for a long period. It also comes with a top holder. It will help you to hold the emergency light from above. Philips Ujjwal Plus Rechargeable LED Lantern will ensure better light and visibility.

There is also an on and off button. It will help you to switch on and off the light whenever you want. Besides, it features a charge indicator. It is nothing but a small light that will indicate whether the product needs more charge or fully charged. The silvery metal plates between the LED lights are there to enhance the brightness of the light.

Those silver plates are also responsible for the luminosity. It reflects the lights coming out from the LEDs and improves the illumination outwards. It will also provide you with a 360-degree light output. If you take a look at the emergency lamp, you will find out that the crafters placed 32 LED lights across 360 degrees in the lamp indicator’s interior. This will ensure that the lamp is producing light in all directions.


  • 360 bright lights.
  • It comes in a handy size.
  • The construction ensures mobility.
  • Compact design along with plug and cable.
  • The intensity of this lamp is 250 Lm.


  • Compatible only with small rooms.
  • Not suitable for reading.

3. Eveready Portable Rechargeable Lantern

Another emergency light that you can buy for an emergency is this one. Eveready Portable Rechargeable Lantern has a 360-degree flexible head, which makes it a competent product. One of the most attractive aspects of this emergency light is using it as a study lamp. The bright light will soothe your eyes, and you can read comfortably.

Also, you don’t have to give any effort to its maintenance. It is a maintenance-free emergency light. You have to charge this battery, and it will keep on providing you with its services. The battery light of this light is also quite impressive. You can use this light for 15 hours straight, which is quite convenient.

Besides, it is a super bright light. It comes with the power of 30+9 LEDs. It will protect your light from overcharge protection and will provide you with deep discharge. With this light on your side, you can carry on with your studying even during the time of power cuts. Your kitchen works will also be easier if you have this light on your side.


  • 360-degree flexible heads.
  • It will provide you with a flexible head of 360 degrees.
  • Fifteen hours long battery life.
  • Overcharge protection.
  • Deep discharge protection.


  • The brightness of this product is not up to the mark.
  • As per some users, the quality of this emergency light is average.

4. Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern

If you are looking for an emergency light that can provide you with strong light, you can pick up this light. It comes with an emergency LED lantern that will serve your purpose during times of emergencies. Once you purchase this LED light, you don’t have to worry about deep discharge protection and overcharge.

Wipro Amber Rechargeable Emergency LED Lantern will take 8-10 hours to get fully charged. If you use the LED lantern’s strong light, it will provide you with light for 1.5 hours. Similarly, if you use weak lights, it will provide you with a battery backup of 20 hours. The number of LED pieces that you will get in this emergency light is 36. The easy and compact design will allow you to use the lamp vertically as well as horizontally.

Moreover, it is a durable LED light that you can use for a long time. The strong polycarbonate material is responsible for enhancing its durability. It also comes with a brightness knob that will allow you to adjust your brightness according to your preference. The single-line LED design will make sure that you are witnessing maximum efficiency. You can save a lot of power.


  • Durable emergency lamp.
  • Comes with a brightness adjusting knob.
  • Deep discharge protection.
  • Twenty hours of battery backup.
  • Single line LED light.


  • The brightness of this light is not satisfactory.
  • Some users are saying that it has average battery life.

5. Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern

Phillips is a reliable brand that produces good quality products. Philips Ojas Rechargeable LED Lantern is also a satisfactory product that encompasses various suitable features. It comes with the protection of overcharge and deep discharge. Hence, it will keep giving you service for a long time. Besides, it also has a lithium-ion battery.

This lithium-ion battery is accountable for the extra-long life of this emergency light. The capacity of the battery is 2000 mAh, and it provides an output of 3.7 bolts. Thus, once you fully charge the battery, it will serve for a long time. Also, it is a portable product that comprises a torch as well.

You can consider this emergency light to be the perfect option for studying. There are instances where you may have to witness unwanted power cuts. During those times, you can carry on with your studying without any hurdles. Besides, this emergency light will be quite useful for your kitchen work. It will provide you with a battery backup of 4 hours and take 8 hours to get fully charged. The auto-on feature of this product makes it more convenient for people.


  • Makers incorporated lithium-ion batteries.
  • The ideal of kitchen applications.
  • Perfect for studying.
  • It also arrives with a torch.
  • The battery backup is 4 hours.


  • A few users are a bit unhappy with its quality.
  • Low-quality plastic body.

6. Ibell Premium Rechargeable Emergency Light

If you are looking for an emergency lamp that can provide you with high brightness, you can look for this product. It is a natural light that will not create any pressure on your eyes. You can mount this lantern to your wall precisely. It comes with an unbreakable transparent cover that will help you to use this lantern without any worries.

This lantern arrives with a rechargeable battery. It is an acid battery that the manufacturers sealed in the lantern. Ibell Premium Rechargeable Emergency Light encompasses a charger indicator that will help you monitor your battery’s charge condition. There will be a small light that will play the role of the indicator.

Deep discharge and overcharge are some of the problems that a lot of emergency lanterns suffer. However, if you have this lantern on your side, you will not suffer from these issues. It will ensure that your battery doesn’t fail. Before using this product, you have to make sure you are giving it a charge for 10 hours. After that, you should start using this light.


  • Unbreakable transparent cover.
  • High Bright LED model.
  • It comes with a charge indicator.
  • Deep discharge and overcharge process.
  • Convenient on and off button.


  • The battery life is not satisfactory enough.
  • The package of this item is not fully packed.

7. Philips Ujjwal Mini 16-LED Lantern

The strongest attribute of the Philips Ujjwal Mini 16-LED Lantern is its battery life. It includes a lithium-ion battery that will ensure the long life of the battery. It is a 360 light, and its battery capacity is 1200mAh. Besides, it is a bright light with a brightness of 100 lumens. There is also a charge indicator in this product that will help you track your charge condition.

It will take 4 hours to become fully charged. Once you give a full charge to it, you can use it nonstop for four straight hours. It comes with 16 LEDs, which are responsible for its brightness. The power consumption of this emergency lamp is quite impressive. It consumes only 2W of energy. Hence, you don’t have to scratch your head regarding your electricity bills.

The manufacturers included only one LED indicator in this lamp so that you don’t have to worry about any price indication.


  • It is a 360 degree LED light.
  • The capacity of the battery is 1200mAh.
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery.
  • Bright light with 100 lumens.
  • One can make use of this light for an extended period of time.


  • Not suitable for studying.
  • It will not serve your purpose if you have a big room.

8. Pigeon Radiance LED Torch with Emergency Light

Durability is the strong suit of Pigeon Radiance LED Torch with Emergency Light. It comes with deep charge and overcharges protection. Therefore, being a user, you will always be safe. We can understand that frequent power cuts can hamper the daily activities of your life. Therefore, to get rid of them, you can buy this emergency light. You will get a charge indicator in this product.

You will get various tools whenever you buy this product. For instance, you will get a user manual, charging cable, and warranty card. Whenever you are using this emergency lamp, make sure it is fully charged. It will take 12-15 hours to make this lamp fully charged. It also has a press button that will allow you to on and off the product precisely.

Moreover, it doesn’t consume much power. It only consumes 11 watts of power. Therefore, you don’t have to get concerned about high electricity bills. It is also portable as well as a wall-mountable product. Thus, if you plan to trek or other adventures, you can carry this emergency light with you. It will help you a lot during your adventures.


  • Deep charge and overcharge protection.
  • Ensures the user’s optimum safety.
  • Portable and wall are mountable.
  • Come with a charging indicator.
  • It comprises 16 LEDs.


  • The changing pin has not much use.
  • It is not affordable for everyone.

9. DP 7103 SMD LED Emergency Light

The makers crafted this emergency light so that it will serve your purpose for a long time. To be precise, DP 7103 SMD LED Emergency Light comes with a long life. Also, you don’t need to make any efforts to maintain this product. It discharges quite slowly so that you can save some power. Besides, it will also help you to save a considerable amount of money.

Another significant feature that you will witness with this product is that it is lightweight. Therefore, you can carry this emergency light with you wherever you want. For instance, if you plan for a night adventure, this emergency lamp can be your ideal companion. You can also use this lamp during other emergencies.

Moreover, it is an easy-to-use lamp. It comprises a rechargeable acid lead battery, which is considerably durable. Whenever you use this lamp, it will blend perfectly with your surroundings. Also, it is harmonious with all types of places. One of the most convenient features you will find in this product is its solar panel. Hence, even if there is a power cut, you can charge it with solar energy.


  • You can charge it through solar energy.
  • Lightweight product.
  • Easy to use.
  • Perfectly blends in the surroundings.
  • Inbuilt portable hook.


  • Some users are grumbling about the battery life.
  • The brightness of this light is also not satisfactory.

10. Havells Glanz Rechargeable Solar Light

Havells Glanz Rechargeable Solar Light is a sophisticated product on the list. It consists of all the features that make it a sophisticated emergency lamp. It also comes with a solar light that will help you a lot during the power cuts. You can charge it with a charger. Besides, it has a solar panel that will allow you to charge it through sunlight directly.

It will take 10 hours to get fully charged. There is also a mini USB port present in the lamp, which you can charge through the computers. With this lamp on your side, there is no need to maintain it. It is a maintenance-free lamp. The power of the battery is 900mAh, which is enough for this lamp. Also, it is a portable lamp that you can carry wherever you want.

The sturdy ABS housing makes it durable as well as strong. You will get a power cord with this lamp, which will help you to recharge it quickly. The head of this lamp is adjustable. It also consists of metal reflectors along with bright lights, which enhance the brightness of the product. Besides, it is a safe product that comes without IR and UV radiation.


  • Light response.
  • Solar panel.
  • Easy recharge.
  • No UV and IR radiation.
  • 120-degree illumination.


  • The quality of the solar charging system should have been better.
  • The brightness of the light hits the eyes.

11. Syska Emergency Rechargeable Light

Syska Emergency Rechargeable Light is the last product on the list. 15-24 hours is the approximate charging time of this light. If you use the bright light, it will provide you with service for 8 hours. On the other hand, if you use the dim light, it will deliver you the service for 15 hours.

Whenever AC power fails, it will turn on automatically. It encircles a 6V 2Ah lead-acid battery. It is a rechargeable battery that you can use for a long time. Whenever you put this product to charge, the red indicator light will show up. It will help you to track the charge of this emergency lamp.

So, if the power cuts are disrupting your busy and daily life, this emergency light will serve your purpose. It is an overall convenient product that you can use at various points of your life.


  • It will provide you with a battery backup of 15000.
  • Turns on automatically when AC power cuts.
  • It is a rechargeable lantern.
  • 48 bright SMD lanterns.
  • Made of strong polycarbonate material.


  • Some units are turning out faulty.
  • The brightness of the lamp is a bit low.

Buying Guide for Best Emergency Light in India

The summer season every year brings frequent power-cuts, and we should always be prepared. The only solution in such cases is the emergency lamp that would chase away the darkness and brighten our surroundings again. A good quality emergency light is a must for every household, and we suggest you get your hands on one as soon as possible. Here are some aspects you should keep in mind while buying a good-quality emergency light.


We should always keep in mind the power output that an emergency light emits. Any light that gives brightness above 300 lumens is enough to light up a medium 12×12 sq sufficiently. Ft room. However, that would be just mild light.

If you are searching for a bit of a high-intensity light, 450-500 lumens should suffice. The brightness requirement may vary depending on the way an emergency light is being used. For those who use it for desk jobs, a very bright light is not recommended as it would put a strain on the eyes. A mild light of 350 Lumen is recommended for desk jobs, while lighting up a room, in general, may require a higher light output.

Material Used

The earlier emergency lights used CFL tubes, but now most such lamps have embedded strips of LED lights. The greater the number of LED strips, the brighter the lamp is. However, we should always ensure that the LED strips are replaceable and can be used for a long time. The light strips used are the most important decisive factor in the product’s performance and should be scrutinized closely before buying. We must always ensure that the emergency lamp has a detachable front panel so that the LED light strips could be accessible for replacement.

Build Quality

The earlier traditional emergency lights were made of steel-encased bodies. These made them very robust for use but greatly added to their bulk, making them highly unportable. Most modern emergency lights have a plastic casing or an outer body made of hardened fiber. Fiber makes the body lighter while also maintaining its durability.

The best emergency lights are made of ABS polycarbonate material. We should make sure that the emergency light we are buying has its light panel covering made of fiber instead of glass. This is because glass is prone to smudges and cracks while fiber is not.


We should always choose the emergency light design based on the specific reason for which we are using it. If it is supposed to be used as a backup light source during power cuts, we should prefer a plain solid design. It should have features like a wall-mount and a handle.

If the lamp is meant to be used at a desk, it should have a flexible 180-degree stand and a regulator that allows different light output intensities.

Desk usage may allow an emergency light to go easy on the robust design and have sophisticated features. We could get additional features like feather touch buttons, dual paneled light, and so on.


One of the major USPs of emergency lights is their durability. A standard emergency light should have a minimum usage time of six hours. We should always ensure that the best emergency light that we are buying has a minimum battery capacity of 2500 mAh. This is sufficient to have an emergency light running for at least six hours.


The earlier emergency lamps demanded a heavy usage of batteries. The more modern lamps make use of rechargeable batteries. However, we should always prefer those emergency lamps which can be recharged directly from the socket.

Such lamps have a wall mount to hook them directly beside the power socket. We should always prefer lamps with this mechanism as we just need to plug them for a short period of time and good to be used. Rechargeable lights also boast a better charging time-power output ratio.

A short charge of about 60 minutes can provide you up to four hours of battery life. We should look out for those emergency lights that can be simultaneously used while being plugged into a power source. A very useful but often overlooked feature that is a must is overcharge protection and a charging indicator. This would ensure the long life of your emergency lamp.


Always buy those lamps that have dual top and side handles. If we stretch the budget a bit higher, we can also get our hands on advanced emergency lamps with dual-panel light outputs. Such lamps have a light panel made of 2 and detachable smaller light panels. These can be unhooked to get effectively two smaller emergency lights. This is a highly convenient feature for those who take the emergency light for hiking and exploring purposes.


A good emergency light has many additional features that add to its value for money. An anti-skid base of rubber or foam is a handy feature. We should also consider safety features like mercury-free light panels.

Good quality emergency lights come with coated screens for protection. These are quite advantageous in the long run as they protect the eyes from overstraining due to prolonged time under the light. They also filter out harmful ultraviolet and infrared light. Some modern, sophisticated emergency lights come with LED panels that can produce light of different intensity and color. You can pair these lights with a smartphone to get different interesting light patterns of different colors and intensities.

However, such features may add to the overall price tag of the emergency lamp. Customers on a tight budget should always prefer the mainstream general emergency light. These are sure to have good build quality, decent power output, good battery life, and a light pocket pinch.

Considering these points will aid you in making the right decision in choosing an emergency light best suited to your needs. Whichever light you purchase, always make sure to charge it on time and take care of the appliance.

FAQs to Buy Emergency Light in India

How often do I need to replace the batteries of my emergency light?

You need to replace the batteries of your light as soon as the light output starts feeling dim. Standard 300-lumen emergency light with 2 hours per day usage needs batteries to be changed every 30 days.

Should I opt for a battery-operated emergency light or a rechargeable one?

It is always better to go for the rechargeable emerging lights. They have a better charge to output ratio and hassle-free operation. They also have a battery indicator that facilitates the charging maintenance of your light.

Is the light from an emergency light suitable for my eyes?

Most emergency lights have a coating on their screens to block harmful radiation if any. However, we recommend not using it continuously beyond 3 hours to avoid strain for a desk job. You should look for the best emergency light in India with a light intensity regulator that allows you to control the light intensity.

Do I need to keep my light plugged in all the time?

No. You need to plug your emergency light into the power socket once you see the light getting dim. In extreme power cut situations, some emergency lights allow you to use them simultaneously while charging. But it is always better to keep your light charged beforehand to prevent overheating.

Can I use an emergency light as a normal light?

You can use an emergency light for the said purpose. However, using it as a daily driver might come at a price. Normal led lights have low maintenance and considerably wider reach. Emergency lights are built for high-intensity output, and regular usage as a normal light may lessen its longevity.

What is the recommended brightness level on my emergency light?

Different usage of the said appliance requires lights of different intensities. Casual desk usage requires light of not more than 300 lumens. Microengineering under a lens requires a stronger light of about 500 lumens. If you are using the lamp as a substitute light source during a power cut, a brightness of about 500-600 lumen is enough.


So, these are the best emergency lights that you should check. All of them are convenient and will provide you with the best results.