Best Face Washes for Women in India

All girls dream of having a smooth and glowing face. But when it comes to applying a magic potion on your face, you must be wondering what the right face product for you is? Spending thousands of money on your skincare regime would not be called a wise decision. At the same time, all you need to do is to clean your face twice to achieve that dewy and glowing texture.

Best Face Washes for Women in India: Refreshing and Nourishing Cleansers for Healthy and Glowing Skin

To start with this cleaning regime, the first product on your list is face wash. Diligently washing your face will make the difference. And you have all the right to know what you are putting on your face. This guide will help you with the best face washes for women in India.

Washing the face helps eliminate pollution, dirt, and sweat, leaving the skin refreshed and light. But you should be careful about the type of face wash you are using. It will depend on the skin type you are having. No matter your skin type or budget, a compiled list of 12 face washes to suit various skin preferences are given below.

1. Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash

For all the 90s kids, this is one of the most familiar face washes. Every beauty closet contains Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash. Later on, Clean and Care came up with many flavors of face washes.

The bottle’s design and its unique shape with a blue cap dominated every drug store face washes. Everyone loved this clean and clear foaming face wash for oily skin due to its affordability and simplicity.

The content of the face wash ensures safety to your skin. It is one of the most useful products for every skin type. Glycerin shows its presence on this face wash. After applying, you will not feel that your skin is stripping off the moisture.

Most of the face wash contains chemicals that give a flawless result only for the time being. But Clean and Care foaming face wash for oily skin are far from all this. It has fatty acid, namely lauric acid, which gently cleans the surface of your skin. Being a fatty acid, it acts as a good anti-acne agent. The clean and clear foaming face wash contains beeswax, one of the great ingredients for any face wash.

Due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin A, this supports the regrowth and reconstruction of new skin cells. So you can be sure, after using one month you are definitely going to get healthy-looking and glowing skin.

But if you have dry skin, this is not the best option for you. As the name mentions, oily skin women can look for this as an option. The affordability of the face wash makes it one of the best face wash for women in India.

Besides, if you are suffering from blackheads, this can be considered an option. The cleansing beads present in the face wash pull out the blackheads as well as whiteheads gently. Being a non-comedogenic face wash, it does not clogs the pores of your face.

For the best result, you can apply this face wash twice, once in the morning and next in the evening.


  • Makes skin soft and flawless
  • Removes dirt and oils without drying
  • Does not clog the skin pores
  • Best for oily skin
  • Easily available in every drug store
  • Affordable


  • Contains propylparaben and methyl
  • Not best suited for dry skin

2. Lakme Blush & Glow Strawberry Gel Face Wash

If you opt for radiance and glow, then Lakme blush and glow Strawberry Freshness Gel Face Wash is a must for your skincare routine. The deep cleansing formula of this face wash cleanses your skin gently, leaving you with an afterglow.

The rich strawberry extract present on this face wash provides the skin with its proper nourishment. The extracts, however, aid in the growth of new skin cells. One can feel the burst of frooti freshness whenever applied.

The presence of gentle scrubbing beads leaves your skin supple without making it overly tight or dry. The nice refreshing smell of this face wash gives you an experience of freshness after use.

Besides, the consistency of the face wash is way better than its competitor. You can feel a little chilling sensation after every use. Women with acne-prone skin can use this face wash without any inhibition. The face wash is said to reduce the damage created by UV radiation.

But those seeking a natural face wash can avoid this due to the presence of harsh chemicals in this product. Beauty experts strongly recommend this face wash in combination with oily skin. Keeping the accessibility and affordability of this face wash in mind, it is one of the best face wash for women in India.


  • Leaves skin with the healthy glow
  • Very soft and gentle on the skin
  • Prevents blackheads
  • Effective for acne
  • Sweet fruity smell gives freshness
  • Provides mild exfoliation


  • Content of harsh chemicals present

3. Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash

The Plum Green Tea Pore Cleansing Face Wash has been tailored for women with acne-prone and oily skin. The goodness of glycolic acid present in this magic potion works wonders and gently exfoliates the skin’s surface. The special formulation of this face wash controls your skin’s sebum production that makes you go acne-free. A promise to cleanse all the grime, dirt and dead cells from your skin makes this one of the best face wash for women in India.

It is one of the common skin problems that every second woman faces in India. However, Plum has introduced this affordable skincare product that one can access easily.

The star ingredient of this face wash is green tea or Camellia sinensis leaf extract. As we all know, green tea helps to combat acne with its wonderful antioxidant properties. With the goodness of green tea, the skin retrieves its natural glow.

The cellulose beads present in this face wash exfoliate your skin mildly, preventing micro-tears. The face wash’s glycerin content provides mild cleansing to your skin, making your skin feel moisturized throughout the day.

Plum being a vegan company, has manufactured this face wash without all the nasties. This parable-free and silicon-less face wash are affordable as well as easily accessible. With 2 to 3 uses, you can feel the change of your skin texture for good. This simple, safe and effective face wash focuses on maintaining your skin by restoring its natural glow.


  • Best suited for acne-prone skin
  • Provides gentle exfoliation with natural cellulose scrubbing beads
  • Removes excess oil
  • Does not clog or block pores
  • Free from SLS and other harmful chemicals
  • Not overly drying
  • The presence of green tea extracts provides gentle cleansing
  • Affordable and easily available


  • Overpowering fragrance
  • Effective on oily and acne-prone skin types

4. POND’S Pure White Anti Pollution Charcoal Face Wash

Ponds Pure White Anti-pollution Activated Charcoal Face Wash is known for its pollution removal. With the goodness of activated charcoal, this face wash is said to observe all the pollutants and impurities from your skin.

Extracting the dirt and grime the pond’s face wash cleans out the skin pores leaving you with healthy skin. The activated charcoal is also responsible for detoxifying your dead skin cells and exfoliating the same. One can expect healthy and glowy skin with its first use.

When you apply the face wash on your face, it penetrates deep into your facial skin, unlike other facial washes. Healthy and glowing skin is every woman’s dream. With this facial wash now, no one can stop you from conquering your dream.

But you should be careful while using this face wash as some of you might be allergic to activated charcoal. You should always go for a patch test on your neck to see whether the face wash suits you or not.

Speaking about its affordability, it is one of the most affordable products which lets you uncover your natural beauty and inner spirit. The face wash acts as a magnet to all the traces of pollutants and allows your skin to breathe. The plus point is, this face wash also fights against premature aging.

The unique formulation not only increases the freshness of your skin but deeply cleanses your skin and helps to reduce pimples. Women with sensitive skin can use this product.


  • Removes tan from the skin
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Exfoliates dead skin
  • Longer shelf life
  • Reduces visible blemishes and dark spots


  • A little extra can dry out the skin
  • Not suitable for dry skin

5. Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

Johnson and Johnson have introduced this very gentle face wash. As we know that the company is famous for creating gentle baby products; therefore, Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser has the same formulation in their face wash.

This gentle foaming face wash leaves the skin supple and moisture without causing over-dryness. The cleanser is said to remove your skin impurities like dirt or excessive oil, making your skin look brighter after its use.

All you have to do is wet your face and work the face wash into lather onto your skin, avoiding the delicate areas. The face wash is best suited for normal to oily skin. Removing 99% of micropollutants can be considered a reason for you to try this face wash.

Apart from all the benefits, the Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser is free from comedogenic elements that cleanse the skin without clogging the pores. This product is designed specifically for youngsters and women in their late twenties suffering from skin pore issues.

The best reason to buy this face wash is that it balances the oil off your face, which in turn prevents acne from breaking out on your skin. But one should be careful while using this face wash during the winter season. It tends to dry out the skin. So as a precaution, you should apply a light moisturizer just after applying this face wash.


  • Helps to lighten the blemishes
  • Removes acne
  • Makes skin visibly brighter and softer
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Contains glycerin and beeswax


  • Cannot balance the face oil evenly
  • Gives a dry feeling during winter

6. Aroma Magic Face Wash

Aroma Magic Face Wash is one of the best facewash that one can possibly buy. It helps in reducing acne problems without drying out the skin.

The company is known to provide the best possible solution to all acne-prone skin without any doubt. Also, the face wash is free from any harsh chemicals making it absolutely safe for acne-prone skin.


  • Affordable
  • Suited for all skin types


  • Dries your skin quickly

7. StBotanica Vitamin C Face Wash

StBotanica Vitamin C Face Wash is made from natural ingredients like lemon turmeric, Neem extract, and Kashmiri saffron. The vitamin C content of the face wash reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It brightens the skin tone leaving you glowing throughout the day.

If you tend to face the scorching Sun, this face wash is perfect before and after the visit. It guards the skin against aging and sun damage.

This product is safe and suitable for all skin types, free from harmful chemicals like silicon sulfates or parabens. With brightening actions, the face wash retains the skin hydration giving you a boost of smoother and younger-looking skin.

Apart from all these facts, this face wash is dermatologically tested and cruelty-free.


  • Suitable for all skin type
  • Gentle formula brightens up the skin
  • Free from cruel and harmful chemicals


  • Expensive
  • Can cause skin breakouts

8. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Duo Action Facewash

The Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Duo Action Facewash is one of the pocket-friendly options you can go for. The face wash is enriched with yuzu lemon essence making you feel refreshed throughout the day.

It possibly lightens up your skin texture, providing you with a brighter look. If you are facing de-coloration or tan issues, this face wash can be effective for you.

The form-based face wash has a lingering smell that is lighter for your skin and makes your skin look natural.


  • Value for money
  • Suitable for oily skin
  • Brightens up the skin tone


  • Contains harsh chemical
  • Non-organic formula
  • May not suit dry skin

9. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam Facewash

With the boost of vitamin C, face wash claims to remove excess sebum from your skin, which boosts skin radiance. The L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam Face Wash removes the dead skin cells from your face and leaves you with a natural glowy-looking face.

Loreal has created this cleansing solution to provide flawless skin eliminating all kinds of skin impurities. This face instantly brightens the skin after its very first use.

The vitamin E content of this face wash helps to fight against any kind of skin damage. In contrast, the Tourmaline gemstone stimulates your skin cells’ microcirculation, revealing your natural and youthful glow.

The enriching and powerful skin brightening benefits of this face wash act on the melanin, making your skin brighter and whiter.

For best results, you can pair this up with night cream and day cream. However, being easily accessible and affordable, L’Oreal Paris white perfect milky foam face wash is one of the best face wash for women in India.


  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Requires a small amount peruses
  • Suited for dry to normal skin


  • A bit expensive
  • Contains chemicals

10. The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Wash

The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Wash has been introduced by the body shop making your skin sales software cleaner and refreshing all day long. It makes you feel moisturized and gentle on the skin.

The facial wash suits all skin types. One can use this face wash daily to get the best result. The formulation of this face wash has moisturizing wheat germ oil with the benefit of protective vitamin E. This face wash provides hydrating benefits to your skin.

You can use the Body Shop vitamin E facial wash twice a day to get the best result. But remember to leather the facial wash only using your fingertips and then rinsing it off with clean water. Users can also use the creamy light texture of the face wash to remove light makeup.

Combined with the goodness of Omega 6 and Omega 3, it improves the cell membranes of your face skin. No doubt, your skin will look plumper and fresher. This face wash’s effective nutrition gets easily observed in the skin, making it one of the best face wash for women in India.

It is a luxury product, and the price is a bit expensive. Also, you will get this face wash either online or in luxury beauty stores.


  • Makes skin texture smooth
  • Lightens scar marks or blemishes on the skin
  • Subtle fragrance
  • No need for moisturization
  • One can use it in a very small amount


  • A bit pricey
  • Not easily accessible

11. NIVEA Women Face Wash for Sensitive Skin

Finding an affordable product for sensitive skin is usually difficult. The majority of the options that you will get in the market are not sensitive skin-friendly products. However, Nivea has introduced this face wash, keeping in mind the concerns of sensitive skin.

Nivea Women’s Face Wash for Sensitive Skin has a charm that works like magic for women dealing with sensitive skin. The creamy consistency of this face wash nourishes the skin. At the same time, it is not going to make your skin overly dry.

The glycerin content of the cleanser moisturizes the skin and leaves it supple and soft. The antioxidant property of the rose Damascena flower water works wonders on the skin. You are going to be relaxed with the subtle Rose scent with every wash.

Not to forget about the known organic milk present in the face wash. It helps in the gentle cleansing of the skin, making your skin look healthy. Women suffering from skin irritation can consider using this product due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which protect the skin from any cell damage.

Without any doubt, this face wash will change your dry, irritated and itchy skin into soft, supple, and glowing skin. The pH content of the face wash is best suited for sensitive skin types.

Considering the price of this face wash, it is the best buy for sensitive skin.


  • Comes with a hydrating formula
  • Sensitive skin-friendly
  • Removes dirt and other impurities gently
  • Leaves your skin with the healthy glow
  • Contents of skin-caring agents like milk glycerin and rose
  • Affordable
  • Easily available in every drug store


  • Contains paraben and perfume
  • The presence of BHT makes it unsafe for every skin type

12. Lotus Herbals Anti-Acne Face Wash

The cherry tree content of Lotus Herbals Anti-Acne Face Wash leaves your skin hydrated and offers a noticeable glow on your skin.

The anti-clogging formula helps you achieve skin free from all kinds of impurities by regulating your skin’s sebum production.

Cinnamon is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing any kind of skin inflammation.


  • Cleanses the skin naturally
  • Restores the natural shine of your skin
  • Reduce skin swelling
  • Reduces acne scar and blemishes
  • Value for money


  • Being an herbal product needs time to show its action

Buying Guide for Best Face Wash for Women in India

Once you know everything about a product, there must be questions hovering over your head regarding the guide for buying these face washes. Which is the best face wash for their skin is a frequently asked question for India’s woman? Let us dive into this and find out some of the tips for buying the right face wash.


When it comes to choosing any face wash, it becomes important to check for the ingredients. One should always go for natural face wash, which is made of natural ingredients. If you choose a non-natural or drug store face wash, you should ensure that the ingredients are not allergic. It is advisable to buy face washes that are free from SLS or harmful chemicals like parabens.

Skin Types

Most people have confusion when it comes to knowing their skin type. Let us see the different skin types and their features.

Oily Skin

If you see rashes or breakouts on your skin after moisturizing, you have oily skin. Since your skin has larger pores, you need to choose a face wash containing vitamin E. It will help in the reduction of oil production by keeping the skin moisturized.

Dry Skin

During the daytime, if your skin feels dry, then you are a dry skin person. Best face washes for women with an amazing moisturizing property with no harsh chemicals is best suited for your skin.

Combination Skin

People with combination skin have oily t-zones, whereas other parts of the face are non-oily. Some of them have seasonal skin, which means the skin tends to become oily during summer and dry during the winter. Before you buy face wash, you need to find a product that can perfectly balance your skin’s moisture and oil. In this guide, you will find a lot of products which can do this. You can choose from any one of them.

Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin need to be very careful when it comes to choosing a skincare product. They are most prone to allergic reactions. You should check for the ingredients that comprise the face wash. Before using it, a patch test is a must thing to do. Though finding face washes for sensitive skin can be a little tricky, India has a wide range of face washes for sensitive skin people.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is not too oily or not dry. People with normal skin are blessed because they can use any kind of product with little chance of an allergic reaction. While buying face washes, you just have to choose a normal face wash that is free from any harsh ingredient.

Problem Types

Skin issues render the kind of face wash that you need to use. For instance, if you have acne-prone skin, use a face wash with salicylic acid. It will help in removing the extra dirt and oil by cleansing it deeply.


Face wash embedded with mild exfoliants is always welcomed in our beauty care product. But do not look for products with deep exfoliants as the daily usage might be harmful to your skin.

Shelf Life

Always look for the manufacturing date and the expiry date of the product. It is an important factor to consider while buying face wash.

Reviews and Costs

Before buying the face wash, go for a little research work to know about your skin type and the skin issues that you face. Looking for reviews and reading this guide will help you find your ‘holy grail’ face wash without any hassle.

FAQs to Buy Face Wash for Women in India

What is the basic difference between a cleanser and a face wash?

Face wash demonstrates cleaning property that is equivalent to soap usage. At the same time, cleansers are more hydrating and saturated. They are used to remove external dirt or cosmetics from your face.

One can use face wash as a substitution for a cleanser. Cleansers are much more effective when it comes to removing the pollutant while moisturizing your skin.

In other words, a face wash is a foaming cleanser, whereas the cleanser is hydrating and milky, not frothing in nature.

Unlike face wash and cleanser does not need to be washed off. You can wipe off the cleanser from your face to provide your face with the necessary nutrients. Face wash purges the pores of your facial skin due to its forming nature. When you are wearing a ton of makeup on your face, it is advisable to use a cleanser first, and then to unclog your pores, use a face wash.

Does skin need moisturizing after the application of face wash?

Of Course, your skin needs moisturization right after the application of your face wash. According to the American Academy of dermatology, once you wash your face with face wash, it can clog your pores and remove all the impurities keeping your pores still open and breathable. If you put on a moisturizer, your skin will suck all the necessary nutrients from the moisturizer and make you look soft and supple.

After washing your face, lightly pat your wet face with a towel and apply the moisturizer on your half-dried face to reap the maximum benefit.

How will the skin be glowing with the application of face wash?

Glowing skin makes one look healthy and nourished. To get glowing skin, you must exfoliate at least 1 to 2 times a week. While washing your face, you should use the tip of your fingers and massage your face in a circular motion to increase blood circulation.

When needed, you can double cleanse your face with a mild facial cleanser before applying face wash. Use face masks whenever necessary.

Apart from all this beauty regime, you should also include vitamin intake in your diet. Drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily can enhance your face’s glowing skin along with 30 minutes of exercise.

Which is a better option for skin: scrub or a face wash?

Scrubbing your skin once or twice will help you experience smooth and textured skin. Recently, many companies are coming up with facial wash consisting of small natural beads that will not cause micro-tears to your skin when applied. The beads’ coarseness allows you to pull the whiteheads and blackheads gently and leave your skin sans any pollutants and impurities.

But while using, you should make sure that your skin does not have any breakouts as it might cause more harm to your skin. Apart from beads-embedded face wash, one can use a regular scrub made from natural ingredients like coffee powder or caster sugar mixed with a teaspoon of honey and fuller earth. This technique will draw out more dead cells from your facial skin than any regular wash.


Now, after reading this guide, you know about the best face washes for women in India. You must include a good cleanser in your skincare regime. But don’t be fooled by thinking that cleansers will magically transform your skin.

Incorporating a good face wash can leave you with lesser skin problems letting you have acne-free and glowing skin. But you should be gentle while using the cleanser on your skin. As the skin is one of your body’s softest parts, you should use a gentle circular motion while cleansing and avoid rubbing harshly.