Best Glucometer in India

Due to unhealthy lifestyles, India has become the diabetes capital of the world. It’s a shocking fact that one among the six people with diabetes in the world is from India. Timely detection and proper care help patients to lead a normal life. To control diabetes, regular monitoring of blood glucose levels is essential. A glucometer is an essential device that helps in checking blood glucose readings regularly.

8 Best Glucometers in India

Gone are those days that needed a prolonged wait for the test results. With a glucometer, you can monitor your blood glucose readings quickly. This handy little machine helps you to check blood glucose levels at any time. A glucometer is a valuable tool for a diabetic person that comes with high-end smart features.

With the advancement of technology, glucometers come with features like voice command, high memory storage capacity, and smartphone connectivity. With several options around, it is challenging to select one among them. Every product has its own pros and cons. Here is a list of the best glucometers in India that may help you to pick the right one.

1. Accu-Chek Active Glucometer

Accu-Chek Active Glucometer is one of the most accurate tools to check your sugar level effortlessly. No coding is required which makes it easy to use. Visual double check allows you to double-check the result.

If insufficient blood is provided, the device gives 8 seconds to redose it. With only two buttons to operate it is easy to handle the device. Pre and post-meal markers differentiate glucose levels before and after the meal.

Postprandial reminder reminds you to test two hours after the meal. It can store up to 500 test results and you can view test average for up to 90 days. Comes with an inbuilt USB port to transfer saved test results to a computer. Accu-Chek Active Glucometer is one of the best glucometers to buy in India.

2. Dr. Morepen BG 03 Gluco One Glucometer

Dr. Morepen BG 03 Glucometer is a smart glucose monitor that measures blood glucose levels quickly and accurately. It has a sleek and ergonomic design. No need for coding to get precise results.

Requires only 0.5 µL of blood to get the results quickly. The glucometer kit includes 25 test strips and 10 lancets. A beeper alert mechanism will let you know the variations in sugar levels.

Comes with inbuilt memory and can store up to 300 records. This affordable product comes with a lifetime warranty. Glucometer readings are for general information. This is not a substitute for a medical examination from a registered practitioner.

3. Dr. Trust Glucometer

Dr. Trust Glucometer is a fully automatic monitoring system that needs only 0.5 µL of blood for testing. Based on the latest GDH-FAD strip enzyme technology that avoids oxygen, galactose, and maltose interference in blood samples. It allows you to take blood samples from the fingertip, forearm, upper arm, thigh, and calf.

Provides instant results with a smiley indicator. Gives an early warning if your ketones are rising above 13 mol/L. Comes with three modes like General, AC (empty stomach), and PC (after taking a meal) modes. General mode allows you to take glucose readings at any time.

Store up to 1000 test results along with respective dates and times. LCD comes with a backlit display which makes it easy to read at night. Comes with a one-push strip ejection button to minimize the risk of contagion. A reminder alarm allows you to set an alarm for taking the measurements. Includes 60 strips and offers a 1-year standard warranty.

4. Contour Plus One Glucometer

Contour Plus One is an affordable glucometer that also comes with 25 free strips. The device promises better accuracy as it exceeds both clinical and lab benchmarks. It can be an excellent choice for people that need a compact and effective glucometer for a lower price. The device has a no-code technology that reduces the chances of errors in the test results.

Bayer Contour Plus One Glucometer comes with a Bluetooth feature that users can utilize to connect it to their smartphones. The company has a monitoring app you can download to sync your device with it. It helps you keep records of your glucose levels, and diet and reminds you to take tests. Overall, it makes it a lot easier and more convenient for users to check their glucose levels.

It has some unique features like second-chance testing, which allows you to apply more blood within 60 seconds. It helps you save a strip and the trouble of lancing again while providing incredible accuracy. It requires 0.6µl of blood which is just a small drop to measure the readings. The Glucometer also consists of an innovative light technology that alerts you when the glucose levels are higher or lower than recommended.

Moreover, it only takes 5-6 seconds to deliver the readings. It has a memory that can store 800 readings in the database for up to 90 days. Contour Plus offers you a lifetime warranty for your Glucometer that you can register after purchasing the product. Overall, it’s effortless to use and an accurate glucose meter you should consider.

5. Accusure Simple Glucometer

Accusure is yet another brand that provides a great glucometer at affordable rates. It also comes with 25 capillary action test strips along with the device. The product has a standard stop-watch design and consists of two up and down buttons.

It has an LCD backlight screen and displays results in visible and large fonts. Accusure Simple Glucometer passes the ISO benchmarks and provides accurate readings. The strips provided with the device have longer expiry and more shelf life than regular ones. These are 4th gen enzyme strips that provide more accuracy and convenience. The device requires a lesser blood sample of about 0.5µl and gives the readings in about 8 seconds.

An alternative site testing option allows you to take samples from your arm or palm as well. It has a memory to store 1000 readings along with the date and time. The device consists of many other impressive features like indication light, ketone warning, and strip ejection functions. You can also link your device to your PC to quickly access the records. It’s easier to keep track of your sugar levels with this handy Glucometer.

You can also use the preset settings for before or after meal tests. It’s important to set this to get a better idea of your glucose levels. The company provides an exclusive lifetime warranty with this Glucometer. Overall, it’s a cheaper yet effective device that can help you manage your diabetes with ease.

6. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer is very easy to use. It’s a simple device with no setup, no coding, or no buttons. With ColourSure technology, it is easy to understand if there is variation in blood glucose levels.

Requires only 1.0 μL blood for testing and obtains results in just 5 seconds. The OneTouch Delica Plus lancing device makes testing virtually pain-free. Alerts you if the battery is low.

The box contains 10 free strips and 10 lancets. The device does not have any memory. It stores only the last reading. Other than this it is totally worth buying this glucometer.

7. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer

BeatO Smartphone Glucometer turns your smartphone into a blood glucose management tool. This compact, easy-to-carry glucometer plugs into the audio port of the phone. It works perfectly with Android devices and iPhones.

Readings are constantly monitored by BeatO’s Certified Medical Experts. They will guide you in lifestyle management in order to effectively manage sugar levels. Works with feature-rich BeatO App. Its automatic alert system ensures your family, Doctor and Personal Medical Expert get an alert when your reading is not in the safe zone.

BeatO Glucometer kit comes with 50 RGB Sinocare strips (20+ Free 30) and 50 lancets. Only 0.6 µL of blood is required for testing. The device can do up to 4000 tests and offers a 1-year warranty for the glucometer.

8. Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer

Accu-Chek manufactures some of the best-selling glucometers in India. People prefer them because they’re more reliable and accurate. Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer only has a single button and a no-code technology which makes it effortless to use. The company provides ten free strips, a carry case, and a couple of batteries and the device. The backlit display is very bright, and the navigation is pretty straightforward. Its design is overall pretty impressive and modern.

The Glucometer is compatible with global accuracy standards. It is Bluetooth enabled, and you can connect it to your smartphone to keep records of your glucose levels. The company also has a management app making it more convenient to track your data. It also provides you with PDF reports and graphs of your sugar readings.

It comes with a unique target range indication system which you can adjust according to your normal levels. It makes it easier to understand when your glucose levels are higher or lower. The Glucometer only takes about 4 seconds to deliver accurate results.

You can keep records of 720 glucose tests, and the device shows you the average of up to 90 days of results. However, you can only check all test results on the application. You also get a lifetime warranty with Accu-Chek instant glucometer. So, if you’re looking for a reliable glucometer that can measure sugar levels fast and accurately, you should check out this product.

Buying Guide for Best Glucometer in India

It’s important to look for an accurate and reliable product when it comes to your health. It would help if you did not compromise your well-being by saving a few bucks. What’s the use of a glucometer that doesn’t help you check your sugar levels accurately? Additionally, many other various factors affect the performance of a glucometer. Here are some important things the best glucometer should consist of, and you must crosscheck when making a purchase: –

Testing Time

The testing time doesn’t matter for many buyers. But for diabetes patients who need to check their glucose levels many times a day, before and after every meal, it’s convenient to get fast results. Glucometers come with a wide range of testing times depending on the level of details and take around 4 to 15 seconds to measure your levels. So, if you’re someone who wants a glucometer that can deliver fast results, you may look for the one with a test time of 4-5 seconds.


Glucometers come in a wide price range with a lot of variations. It’s better to look for a glucose meter consisting of all the necessary features, not to forget that you need a lot of other things and the device like lancets, test strips, etc. You should also consider the quality of these accessories before making up your mind. Many companies provide low-quality accessories to keep the price cheaper, and it affects accuracy. So, I recommend you spend a few extra bucks and look for a reliable glucometer with better accessories.


What’s the point of buying the Best Glucometer in India if it doesn’t measure your sugar levels accurately? Using an inaccurate glucose meter can be harmful to your health, as you may not get the right treatment. It’s recommended to check if the Glucometer is compatible with the latest ISO accuracy standards. There can be a minimal difference in readings, but that doesn’t harm you. Bad testing strips also impact your glucose readings, so make sure you get the right ones. A device built with no code functionality will also help you to minimize any reading errors.


A good glucometer should be easy to use and display clear and bright readings. Generally, these devices come with an LCD or an LED screen. The fonts must be easy to read and larger so that there’s no misunderstanding when checking your sugar levels. Many glucometers come with a backlit display that helps to read the results in dark or low lighting conditions. Small things like a good display screen make a huge difference in the overall performance of a glucometer.

Alternate Testing and Sample Size

Many people don’t like it when a device requires a lot of blood to test glucose. Fortunately, many glucometers need just a single drop of blood to measure your glucose. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like to prick at a particular point, it’s better to look for a glucose meter that offers your alternate site testing feature as well. This allows you to prick blood from your arm or palm too.

Storage Capacity

A lot of glucometers in the market come with a memory chip installed. It stores your previous test results and allows you to access them later. This saves you from manually keeping a record of your readings. These chips can store readings from a range of 500 to 1000, depending on the memory size. You can access these results for up to 90 days in most cases. Overall, it becomes a lot easier to keep track of your progress with this feature.


Many glucometers come with Bluetooth, which allows you to connect your device to your smartphone or PC. This makes it more convenient to be in check your sugar levels. You can download the reports and share them with your doctor as well. You’ll also get to sync your Glucometer with a monitoring app of the brand. These apps provide you with reports, and test reminders and make your life a whole lot easier.

Additional Features

Other than these basic things, you may find some other useful features in more recent models of glucometers. This may include better quality capillary action strips, and indication alert light for higher or lower glucose levels. Some glucometers may allow you to apply more blood on the same strip to minimize wastage. You can also find glucose meters that provide you with a ketone warning function.


If you want your Glucometer to last, it’s always good to go for a product that offers a better warranty period. Many glucose meters provide you with a lifetime warranty. You should look for brands that provide a warranty on other included accessories as well. It’s recommended to invest a little more in a quality glucometer that’ll help you with your health for a more extended period.

FAQs to Buy Glucometer in India

How to use a glucometer?

To check your sugar levels with a glucometer, you’ll first need to set up the device and insert a testing strip into it. Prick your finger with a lancet and pour a drop of blood on the test strip. The Glucometer will display your glucose levels on the screen within a few seconds.

Can you reuse test strips or lancets?

No. It’s not recommended to reuse your test strips or lancets. These are disposable accessories meant for one-time use. Reusing them may result in high inaccuracy or even have side effects like an infection. It’s better to be safe and throw away test strips and lancets after a single use.

Are glucometers accurate?

Yes, glucometers are accurate to an extent. Many glucometers are compatible with ISO accuracy standards which means there’s only a 10-15% variation in the results. It’s better to do regular lab checks and consult your doctor to get an accurate idea.

What’s the best time to check glucose?

It’s always good to check your glucose levels early in the morning before breakfast. This is because your body doesn’t have additional glucose from the previous day. You may also check your glucose after breakfast to better understand the changes in glucose levels.

Does a glucometer require a battery, and how long does it last?

Yes, all glucometers come with a battery included. Some are rechargeable, while some need to be replaced after a few months. A normal glucometer battery may last more than a year. But it also depends on the number of tests you do per day. You may need to replace the battery in 6 months if you test your glucose 3-4 times a day.

How long do these glucometers take to check glucose levels?

Glucometers are known to provide faster test results. They save a lot of time, and this is why people prefer to buy these devices. A good glucometer will measure your sugar levels within 5 seconds. Any device with a testing time between 5-10 seconds will do the job reasonably well.


Glucometers can help people who have diabetes and need to check their glucose levels regularly. It saves you from the hassle of going to the lab to test your sugar levels. Modern glucometers are highly accurate and provide results within seconds. It makes it a lot easier to live a healthy life without caring about your sugar. The above listed are the best glucometers in India. You can compare and pick any of the above-listed products as per your requirements.