Best Hair Clipper in India

In this present era, grooming has become an important task. Your presentation reflects the kind of personality you possess. Sometimes dressing well might exude confidence, whereas, at other points of time, dressing shabbily diminishes your brand image. In today’s fast pacing world, going to the salon is quite troublesome. To give you that professional look along with comfort, many companies have stepped forward and introduced hair clippers. It does your job in the comfort of a salon at home. With high efficiency, this is one of the valuable products that every Indian house should have.

9 Best Hair Clippers for Men in India

Buying one can be a difficult task. Hence this article will make you go through the best hair clippers in India. Here are some of the top and best hair clippers that offer you maximum performance. Go through the list to estimate which one is best for you.

1. Philips Hair Clipper

Philips is a brand that is known for its innovation. By maintaining these innovative standards, Philips has invented the best hair clipper in India. The Philips Hair Clipper easily lets you cut your hair or trim it evenly without clogging. Getting a quick and easy haircut is now your simple solution with the Philips hair clipper.

The trim and flow Technology of this hair clipper prevents any kind of clogging in the product. So you can now style your beards and hair in one go. Performance-wise this hair clipper can be rated as one of the most efficient hair clippers. Philips has proven to its customers time and again with such innovative products. The presence of double sharpened blades provides twice the faster clipping than any other product.

The self-sharpening stainless steel blades offer durability to the product. It also helps in the control of hair length precisely. Now you can groom and style your look as per your need and preference.

This hair clipper by Philips has a 13-length setting from 0.5 to 23 mm. You can easily select one of the settings from these 13-length settings to get your desired look.

Apart from that, this hair clipper has corded use. But you should not mistake it for an inefficient one. It is one of the efficient power systems that every Indian man should have.

The ergonomic design of this hair clipper makes it much more comfortable to use. With that, you can easily control the different settings provided on these hair clippers. You do not need to give any oil for the maintenance purpose of the hair clipper. However, you can clean the steel blades easily.


  • Anti-clogging formula
  • Durable
  • It comes with self-sharpening blades
  • Affordable


  • Maintenance can be a daunting task

2. Wahl Home Cut Complete Hair Cutting Clipper

Maintain your beard and hair with the Wahl Home Cut Complete Hair Cutting Clipper. It is one of the practical and economical hair clippers that the company has produced. The company also engineers this product with blades of high carbon stainless steel. These blades are, however, long-lasting and self-sharpening.

Talking about the performance of the hair clipper, one would not have any complaints. This clipper works like a pro. The powerful electromagnetic motor provides a speed of 14400 strokes per minute. Due to this power, the device produces no sound when in use.

This self-sharpening blade provides durability to the product and makes it long-lasting even after multiple trimming sessions. These blades sharpen themselves when they are at work. You can adjust the adjustable taper with a thumb. It eliminates any kind of unwanted breaks during your grooming sessions. Now you don’t have to go through all those daunting tasks of changing the blades. Instead, you adjust the taper to continue with the service.

The ergonomic design of the hair clipper makes it one of the best hair clippers in India. For every beginner, this is one of the most wanted products. With the ease of using this product, it also provides the utmost comfort to the user. This hair clipper is ideal for every hair type. You can use this product on wet and curly hairs or dry and straight hairs. It works perfectly in every situation.

The inclusion of 10 guided combs that comes in various lengths helps the user to achieve different kinds of beard looks and hairstyles. All you need to do is to plug in and get started.


  • It gets charged quickly due to lithium-ion battery
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Durable
  • Convenient to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable
  • Use it as both cord and cordless


  • It might get heated up quickly

3. SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer

The wait for the best hair clipper in India is finally over; with the launch of the SYSKA HB100 Ultraclip Hair Clipper and Trimmer, Indian men have become stylish. This revolutionary product provides everything that one looks for in a hair trimmer or clipper. If you need a dedicated hair trimmer, check out our article on the best trimmer for men in India.

This hair trimmer is one of the most efficient ones, including its budget, which is quite affordable. The company benefits the user of this clipper with multiple grooming solutions. The 20-length settings of the Syska HB 100 ultra-clip hair clipper and trimmer can easily style your hair and beards in just some minutes.

It comes with stainless steel blades which have self-sharpening attributes. Not to mention the blades’ nice titanium finish on the edges, which instantly provides a seamless trimming experience. The blades grind against each other while they are in use. So you can now be tension-free about the maintenance of this product.

Also, this device has a washable head. You can simply clean the clipper’s blade under running tap water. Now get a flawless experience with the ultra-clip hair clipper and trimmer to buy Syska.

The best part of this clipper is the incorporation of travel locks by Syska. You can go wire-free with this product. The travel lock provided on the charging dock prevents the clipper from any kind of damage when you are traveling. Also, the battery indicator provides an easy understanding of the battery present on the hair clipper. The digital display and the LED light indicator offer an effortless reading about the battery life of the hair clipper.

Now get that smoothest trim with 0.5 mm precision and try out new styles every day.


  • It comes with a washable trimmer head
  • It contains travel lock and charging talks


  • It does not consist of self-sharpening blades

4. Kubra KB-309 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Now have easy access to beard styling and hair trimming like a professional. With the Kubra KB-309 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper, you can go for endless styling of your hair and beards. Now shave, style, and trim your beards and hair at your will in just a few minutes.

For an Indian man who goes through a hectic life, this battery-powered hair clipper is a perfect companion. It saves your money as well as time going to a salon. No matter how short or lengthy your hair is, styling and maintaining this advanced product has never been easier. You can quickly use this product in your home, office, or even in the car. Therefore the task of regular shaving has been simplified with this professional cordless rechargeable LED display hair clipper.

The long-lasting, long time of 120 minutes with a heavy 2200 mah battery never lets you worry about running out of charge frequently. The LED indicator keeps you updated with the knowledge of how much battery is present on the hair clipper.

The stainless steel blade expands the durability of this product. It also proves flexible on your body and face area. At the same point in time, the comb and the rounded blade tips prevent any kind of irritations to your skin.

The company has provided adjustable taper control to cut different lengths of hair with this trimmer. The most innovative and valuable feature of this hair clipper is that it can lift and trim even the shortest hair precisely. You can now style as per your requirement with this budget-friendly professional cordless rechargeable LED hair clipper.


  • Long-lasting runtime
  • Contains lead battery indicator
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Comparatively heavier than its other competitors

5. Kemei Km-809 A Rechargeable Cum Electric Hair Clipper

If you’re someone who prefers grooming and styling simultaneously, then Kemei Km-809 A Rechargeable Cum Electric Hair Clipper is the one for you. Kemei has introduced this 2-in-1 hair clipper to cater to the diverse needs of every individual. The multifunctions of the rechargeable hair clipper provide the user with a saloon-like experience of grooming at home. The stainless steel blades and the ultra-sharpness add up to the advantage.

The long-lasting battery life of the Kemei KM 809 rechargeable cum electric hair clipper makes it one of the best hair clippers in India. It provides the user with an uninterrupted period of styling sessions. Therefore the company has presented a variety of attachments and guiding combs to style up your look. You can even go for detailed styling with this hair clipper.

The presence of an LED indicator supervises the user regarding the status of battery content and charging. When the hair clipper has less battery or full battery, it will blink on its digital display accordingly.

Some of the additional accessories that come with this hair clipper include a pair of scissors, oil, and a comb.

The production unit has thought about the easy maintenance of this hair clipper. Therefore this hair clipper has been manufactured as one of the fully washable models. The rubber finish blades of this clipper provide accessible grooming experiences. It also maintains the safety standards of the user.

Overall this product will provide you with the best trimming performance. You can also easily shave those hard-to-reach areas as it has a free-floating head.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Provides long-lasting performance
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Diverse use


  • It does not have detachable blades

6. Dealsure KM 809A Professionals Design Perfect Shaver And Haircut

The Dealsure KM 809A Professionals Design Perfect Shaver And Haircut provide the user with a gentle feeling. It gently and perfectly cuts your hair as per your preference without producing any kind of obstacles.

This rechargeable shaver has blades of stainless steel. This product requires no maintenance at all. But the durability of this product proves to be ultimate. The rust-free blades of this professional hair clipper by Dealsure are easier to maintain. The user can clean it without getting hurt.

Although the company has provided a cord with a professional hair clipper, you can use it without a cable. This two-in-one facility provided in this hair clipper makes it one of the most portable hair clippers to use. You can easily pop it inside your bag, and voila! You are ready to go!

Apart from that, you can easily shave your hair and beards without thinking about energy or power consumption. This product uses only 220 to 240 volts of power. Use this hair clipper for the most prolonged period without burning any hole in your pocket.

This hair clipper happens to be one of the most versatile devices that has multiple functions. A user can use it as a razor, shaver, or trimmer. Even women can use it to shave their underarms, legs, arms, and even bikini lines.

The ergonomic shape of this hair clipper provides ease of use.


  • Ergonomically made
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Energy efficient


  • Noisy
  • Not that sturdy

7. Lifelong LLPCM17 Ace Pro Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Now style like a pro with Lifelong LLPCM17 Ace Pro Rechargeable Hair Clipper. This hair clipper has six easy attachments that provide a different grooming experience to the user. Now each time, you can portray a different look. Achieving your favorite style is now your cup of tea.

The company has provided clippers made of ceramic titanium blades that trim your hair easily and quickly. You can also detach these blades for cleaning purposes. Now charge your hair clipper in 5 hours to get the maximum use of the product for at least 3 hours. It is one of the travel-friendly hair clippers that you get in the market. The company has, however, included 1 USB charging cable along with the product. But you can also set this hair clipper with the help of a power bank.

The digital display provided on this rechargeable hair clipper shows the battery life. You can now know whether the battery of your hair clipper is full, charging, or empty. Get complete control over the styling of your beard or hair with this ace pro rechargeable hair clipper.

The multiple speed option provided on this hair clipper substantiates the product. However, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use on either hand. This hair clipper has a curved design to feel comfortable trimming any part of the body.

Keeping the hygiene standards in mind, the company has designed the product so that you can clean it even under running tap waters. You can also remove the blades to clean the product. Get rid of that unwanted debris without providing any obstacle in the operation of the hair clipper.


  • Durable
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Ergonomic design
  • You can use it as cordless
  • You can achieve different styling


  • You cannot use it for professional use

8. VGR 6 in 1 Multifunction Hair Clipper

VGR 6 in 1 Multifunction Hair Clipper provides the best experience of trimming. The low noise design and the low vibration provide the best use of the product. It offers a world-class cutting experience with the best technology that one can find in this multifunction hair clipper.

With two hours of charge, you can use this hair clipper for 2 hours. The design provides comfort while using the product. The cutting of hair becomes easy, just like you are combing your hair.

The hair clipper provides quick trimming. Ensure that you stand in front of the mirror while using this trimmer to get the desired precision. Always use the VGR 6 in 1 multifunction hair clipper in an upward direction against the natural movement of the growth of your hair.

Once you finish off with the trimming, make sure that you think your hair clipper is complete. Any residual on the mechanism and the blades of the trimmer can shorten the lifespan of the product.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Smart design
  • Powerful
  • Durable
  • Easy to carry


  • Not that efficient

9. Andis Easy Style Hair Clipper

Andis Easy Style Hair Clipper is one of the most professional hair clippers that one can find. The vibrator AC motor of this hair clipper provides longevity and durability to the product.

The powerful and heavy-duty corded clipper is ideal for everyday use. It can easily trim your hair and beards anywhere and everywhere. The 2 X 0.75 mm cord provides convenience while you are using the product.

This complete home hair-cutting kit provides precision with its self-sharpening adjustable blades. The seven kinds of attachments provided with this hair clipper let you style your hair to your preference.

This hair clipper by Andis effortless style is ideal for texturizing or tapering every kind of hair type.


  • Powerful
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Buying Guide for Best Hair Clipper in India

Let us see some of the essential aspects that the user needs to consider while opting to buy the best hair clipper.

Powerful motor

In the first place, it is the motor power of the device which talks about the performance. The hair clipper comes with a dominant motor that helps cut the dense hair without proofing much difficulty. Therefore going for a motor check becomes essential. When the motor of the hair clipper breaks down, then it would produce plenty of noise. Moreover, almost every user prefers to have a hair clipper that functions quietly. The soft-touch clippers are the favorite among everyday use. These hair clippers use higher motor speed.

Cord or cordless

The market has introduced two kinds of hair clippers, including the cord and the cordless ones. The machine which comes with the attached cable has more power and provides the output for a longer time. Since it does not depend on the battery, you can use it whenever the plug is on.

Attachments or accessories

The hair clipper comes with several accessories or attachments. These attachments enhance the performance of the hair clipper. Hence choose a hair clipper that you can use for accessible clippings of your hair effortlessly. Do read the user manuals that come along with the product until you know the workings of the attachments; it can be an annoying thing to use. Therefore make sure that you check for all the additional accessories or attachments that come with the product to make your purchase a profitable one.


Pay closer attention to the blades of the hair clipper. Ensure that your blades are removable so that you can use the clipper for a more extended period. Also, look carefully regarding the anti-corrosive property of the edge. It would enhance the functioning of the hair clipper.

Long-lasting combs

Hair clippers generally come with guide combs to make the operation relatively easier for the user. The durability of these guide combs somehow affects the efficiency of the hair clipper—devices that run on fragile guide combs would damage the hair clipper in a short period. Check for the frequency of vibration in the guide comb. If the guide comb produces a lot of vibration, then be aware of that product as it would damage the hair clipper soon. A few hair clippers are built on a metallic base, whereas the rest of them are plastic. The metallic motor has enormous longevity than the plastic ones.

Adjustable taper lever

Some of the hair clippers come with adjustable taper levers. It allows the user to change the closeness of your haircut. If you move the lever upwards, it will produce a closer cut, but pulling it downwards would provide you with a more extended amount. While you go for blending or facing, you can be precise with your skill.

Safe usage

When you start using the hair clipper, you must consider the hygiene factor. If your hair clipper has rusty blade edges, it can irritate by taking away the sharpness of the blade. Hence you won’t be able to cut the thicker hair. On the other hand, the irritation caused by the rusty blades can be the best breeding ground for bacteria. It might be one of the reasons for pimples. Thus, look for the safety measures value while you consider buying the best hair clipper in India.

Battery backup

Whenever you plan to buy a cordless hair clipper, you must consider the factor of battery backup. You do not have to charge your hair clipper with the most decent battery time every couple of hours. If you had to charge it after every hour, it would be the most infuriating feeling in the world. Therefore look for the battery backup that your device offers before you plan to purchase it.

Cleaning brush

Since you need to cut your dense hair with the help of hair clippers, it can turn messy at some point in time. Some companies offer cleaning accessories with the hair clipper. It adds to the maintenance process of the hair clippers. On average, you should clean your hair clippers after every two consecutive cutting sessions. Some of the hair clippers come with antibacterial oils that prevent the blade from corrosion or rusting. Maintain your hygiene with the best hair clippers that come with a cleaning kit.


Most of the hair clipper’s prices are average. But before you indulge in one of them, make sure that you check the different features that come along with the hair clipper.

Maintenance process

It might sound like a silly thing, but it is of utmost importance that you know the product’s maintenance process. The effectiveness, efficiency, and durability of the product depend on the proper maintenance of the product.

Despite all these, the quality hair clipper presents a lot of styling performance. Choose a product that should fulfill all your desires and needs. However, it is beneficial to check for the review and get a total overview of your desired outcome.

FAQs to Buy Hair Clipper in India

What should I choose for a home clipper or a professional clipper?

Buying a hair clipper comes with a lot of confusion. Knowing the difference between a professional one and the home one can help you choose the perfect hair clipper for your use. It can also simplify the process of selecting the best hair clipper for you.

A home hair clipper provides a quicker and more accurate cut. At the same time, the professional one requires more extraordinary skills to offer the proper amount to your hair.

Can I go for or different styles with the hair clipper?

It is a fact that the clippers that the company manufactures for beginners are not versatile or durable as any of the pro clippers in India. People looking for a clean and straightforward haircut without any frills should opt for a pro clipper. The barber clipper provides the trendiest and most intricate haircut. But these hair clippers offer ease of use.

How to maintain hair clippers?

Maintenance of your device would increase the durability of the product. Here are some of the maintenance tips that can provide long-lasting longevity to the product.

Keep the blades clean

Every user of hair clippers should clean the blades regularly. Sanitize the product before using it. Cleaning of blades would prevent any kind of debris that builds upon the hair clipper. It would invariably lend in the life span of the edge.

Follow proper alignments of the blades

If the product has an aligned blade, then it can cause nicks and cuts on your skin. You must check the alignment of your blades before you go for any haircut. Hold your hair clipper sideways to check the alignment of your blade. Make it perfectly straight to prevent every kind of unnecessary irritation. You can even loosen the screws of your hair clipper to align the blades.

Wash off the guards

Depending on your hair length, you can switch or adjust the clipper guard. Wash the clipper guard in warm water to remove any kind of oil, germs, or excessive grime. You can also use soap water to clean it.

Lubricate your blades

Application of oil on the clipper blade every time you opt to clip your hair would prolong the blade’s life tremendously. Make this a habit so that you can make your hair clipper work smoothly.

Replace it

If you damage or drop the blade without any further engagement, replace it. Switching on to the new blade would ensure that your cut is precise and accurate. The professionals always keep a spare blade to have an easy transition during the process of hair clipping.

Go for clipper spray

The clipper spray provides a cooling sensation to the blade. It prevents any kind of injury that you might do to your client or yourself. Apart from that, the spray disinfects the blades keeping everything safe and clean during the trimming process.


Once you have reached this segment of the article, you already know an ample amount about hair clippers. Now you can make a better choice of the best hair clipper in India. This guide attempts to make your choice powerful yet simple. Due to this, the best hair clipper is not far away from you.

Choose your machine after you look for the functionality and performance. Within every price point, you would get one hair clipper. But we recommend that you read this guide to ensure that the choices you make for the best hair clipper cater to your requirements and needs.

Looking fashionable has become extremely important and necessary—each of the products that this article offers a unique experience. For diverse preferences, choose the one that suits your taste. Now groom yourself with the best hair clipper in India to walk away in style.