Best Hair Straightener in India

Most women love smooth and straight hair that is easy to style and maintain. Straightening can change your appearance. By investing in a good hair straightener, you can style your hair. Check out the most reliable hair straighteners in India.

10 Best Hair Straighteners in India

A quality straightener not only straightens your hair but adds shine to your hair. So ensure that you buy the best hair straightener. Most straighteners come in a temperature range of 160-220 degrees C. For thicker hair, prefer higher temperatures (190oC or above). But for thin and damaged hair, go for 180oC or below.

Ceramic plated straighteners work perfectly for fine and thin hair. For thick hairs, titanium-plated is best. For curly or frizzy and damaged hair, you may use tourmaline straighteners.

With wider plates, faster you can complete the straightening process. Thinner plates work best for fine and short hairs. You must consider several factors like quality of product, durability, and ease of use before investing in a straightener. Here are some of the best hair straighteners in India.

1. Braun Satin Hair Straightener

Braun Satin Hair Straighteners are the world’s first SensoCare straighteners. They have built-in sensors that read hair 20 times a second. Further, they adapt to the ideal temperature for hair protection. Thus bringing hair straightening to the next level.

Perfectly creates curls and waves while protecting your hair from damage. Enjoy healthy-looking hair and long-lasting styles. You can add information about your hair to fine-tune the device’s automatic temperature adjustment. You can save hair conditions for 3 users.

It leaves you smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. Ceramic plates distribute pressure evenly to prevent hair damage. Protects your hair color from fading due to heat damage. With this straightener, you can achieve faster styling in fewer strokes.

2. Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener

Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener has ceramic plates that give shine to your hair. Heats up quickly in about 45 seconds and provides even heat across the plates. Suitable for daily usage. Helps in eliminating frizz and beautifully straightens your hair.

Floating plates adjust to the thickness of the hair and avoid pressure on the hair. Thus preventing hair breakage. You can easily achieve loose curls and waves using this straightener. The highest temperature it can attain is 210 degrees Celsius.

Convenient lock system for easy storage while traveling. Switch based on/off button and LED indicator is provided. It has an 18 m long power cord for easy usage. Provide a 2-year warranty for the product.

3. Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener has ceramic plates for smooth gliding. SilkPro care technology minimizes heat exposure. 210 degrees Celsius professional temperature gives you perfect styling. This plate is suitable for short hair.

It has a fast heat up in 60 seconds and straightening lasts for 2-3 hours. Narrow straightening plates with a rounded outer cover helps to curl your hair. 1.6 m heat safe cord has swivel cord technology. It prevents unnecessary tangles and conveniently rotates the cord.

Temperature ranges from 90-210oC. This easy to use product makes styling at home convenient. It is compatible with 110-240 voltage. From the date of purchase, the company offers a 2 years warranty.

4. Remington 230 S3500 Hair Straightener

Remington 230 S3500 Hair Straightener has longer length floating ceramic plates. Gives 4 times more protection and delivers smooth hair on every effortless stroke. Temperature selector with 30 heat settings and heats up to 230 degrees. It gets heated up in 15 seconds.

Compatible with input voltage ranges from 150-230 volts. The plate lock function helps you to store the product conveniently. The auto-shutdown feature is available. This long, narrow, and lightweight straightener is easy to handle.

1.8 m long swivel cord ensures more flexibility. A heat proof pouch is available with the product. The company offers a 2 years warranty for the product.

5. Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener

Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener gives you salon-like sleek and straight hair without much effort. It gets heated up in 30 seconds. Ceramic coated thick plates that can handle thicker sections at a time. You can operate this at 4 levels of temperature from 160 to 220 degrees Celsius.

You can style your wet or dry hair. But it is always better to use a straightener on your dry hair. 1.8m long swivel cord ensures flexibility and ease of use. LED indicator that indicates whether the appliance is on or off.

Shuts off automatically when it attains the desired temperature. Even distribution of heat protects hair from damage. Easy lock system provides easy and convenient storage.

6. Syska SuperGlam HS6810 Hair Straightener

Syska SuperGlam HS6810 Hair Straightener has temperature resistant ceramic coated plates. It glides smoothly through your hair to give a glossy look. Heat balance technology enables even heat across the plates.

The highest temperature it can attain is 230 degrees Celsius. 60 seconds of rapid heating so that you can start styling in a minute. The auto-off feature provides overheat protection. Designed with a sleek and glossy finish.

Simple lock function and lightweight design make it travel friendly. 360o swivel cord prevents unnecessary tangles and makes it easy to use. The company offers a 2 years warranty for the appliance.

7. Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener

Kemei KM-329 Hair Straightener gives you salon-like sleek and straight hair. Style your hair from frizzy to straight, and wet to dry in a few minutes. But it is better not to use maximum heat on wet hair.

Ceramic plates provide enough protection without damaging your hair. With 30 seconds rapid heating and auto shut-off feature make it more convenient. 4 level temperature settings ranging from 160 -220 degree Celsius.

1.6 m long swivel cord ensures flexibility and comfort. The LED indicator signals whether the appliance is on/off. Kemei hair straightener is an affordable device to style your hair.

8. IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener

IKONIC Pro Titanium Shine Hair Straightener is a premium hair straightener that demands a large sum of money. Still, it’s a great investment if you’re a professional looking for the best product for your kit. The straightener’s main highlight is its unique wider titanium plates that produce far-infrared heat and is better for your hair. It helps to straighten frizzy hair.

Being an expensive product, it packs some impressive features like a LED display and a wide temperature range of 130°C to 230°C. The PTC heaters are made of ceramic to help produce heat at a faster rate and provide better safety. It takes 10 seconds to heat up faster than any other product in the market. The sloping edges of the product help with styling and the adjustable plates prevent gaps or pulling.

It’s challenging to find adjustable plates in cheaper straighteners, so if you’re looking for a straightener with adjustable plates, you might check out this IKONIC Pro model.

The product also comes with a one-hour auto shut-off feature that turns it off after an hour of unattended use. The straightener also has a long and 360° tangle-free 9ft cable that adds to overall performance. IKONIC offers a one-year warranty on this straightener, valid from the date of purchase. So, if you’re willing to spend some extra bucks on a premium straightener, IKONIC Pro can be the best choice for you.

9. Babyliss ST387E IPRO 235 Hair Straightener

Babyliss ST387E IPRO Straightener is a cheaper alternative to IKONIC Pro with a couple of compromised features. The company is known for producing professional hair styling products. Although it doesn’t have titanium plates like the IKONIC Pro, the 24 X 120mm ceramic plates still manage to provide smooth gliding, eliminating frizz and providing a shiny look.

The product takes a considerable time of 60 seconds to heat up. It’s suitable to straighten both wet or dry hair. The straightener comes with six temperature modes with a minimum of 140° to a max temperature of 230°C. You can utilize the two buttons on the bottom to switch between intense and protect temperature modes. It also features a digital display for better convenience, and the heat-resistant mat improves safety.

It works on a universal voltage of 110-240V. The Ionic function provides instant heat up while preventing static electricity. The auto shut-off, locking system, and a 360° swivel-free cable make a huge difference in the product’s performance. It also features an extended warranty for three years. Overall, it’s an excellent mid-range straightener suitable for professionals.

10. VEGA Adore VHSH-18 Hair Straightener

Vega Adore VHSH-18 is one of the most affordable and best hair straightener in the market. Although it’s not very good for professional use, it can be a great budget pick for normal users. The design makes it easier to carry around. It doesn’t come with a digital screen but features an LED indicator as a replacement.

The 90 mm x 25 mm ceramic coated plates help distribute even heat and work like a charm. It takes 60 seconds to heat up and provide a glossy finish to your hair within minutes. Unfortunately, there are no preset temperature settings in the straightener, and it heats up to a maximum temperature of 210°C. The locking system helps to lock the plates with a single click of a button.

This Vega straightener is suitable for thin, average, and thick hair as well. It works at a voltage of 220-240V. A 360° rotating cord helps to prevent tangling and improves user experience. The straightener comes with a two-year warranty. Overall, it’s one of the best budget hair straighteners in the market suitable for personal use.

Buying Guide for Best Hair Straightener in India

Best hair straighteners provide a glossy and shiny look to your hair. It’s more than just a straightener. If you’re a normal user, you may not find it necessary to spend thousands on just a straightener. But there are some important things your hair straightener must offer to be effective. Or else, what’s the point of a machine lying in your drawers for months with no use. Here are some important things your hair straightener should have: –

Plate Type

Plates are the most important part of a straightener as it emits the heat required to straighten your hair. The better the plate, the easier it is to straighten. These plates are made of various materials, and it’s necessary to understand each type’s function. Titanium Plates are the best of them all; they emit heat evenly and quickly. At the same time, these plates don’t come cheap, so it’s better only to buy these types if you have very rough hair.

Solid Ceramic Plates straighteners are the most common and affordable ones in the market. They’re helpful to emit constant and even heat and help to straighten frizz. Tourmaline Ceramic Plates outperforms standard ceramic plates when it comes to emitting even heat. It generates more moisture-locking ions and helps your hair look glossy, and maintains natural oils.

Hair Type

People have different hair types and hair quality. It would be best if you considered your hair type before you make up your mind. Not every hair straightener is suitable for all types of hair. Delicate hair needs special straighteners with specifically designed plates. If you have curly or thick hair, they’ll require more heat to straighten. So, it’s recommended to get a straightener with wider titanium or ceramic plates to straighten curly and thick hair. You may avoid using straighteners if you have damaged hair.

Temperature Range

It’s evident that more heat helps to straighten hair faster, but it may also affect several hair types. It’s always better to look for a straightener that offers a wide temperature range and allows you to set the temperature. A good straightener may provide you with the option to adjust the temperature between 120°-240°C.

Heating Time

All the hair straighteners have different heating times. It mostly depends on the material used to make the plates. Most hair straighteners with ceramic plates tend to heat within a minute. However, if you’re looking for a straightener with faster heating, you may need to buy one with titanium plates as they can heat up within 10 seconds.

Plate Width

It can be tedious to use a straightener with narrow plates if you have long and thick hairs. You may end up wasting time, and the results won’t be satisfactory. So, it’s better to look for straighteners with two-inch or thicker, if you’ve got long or curly hair. You can opt for a straightener with one-inch plates for shorter and thin hair.

Weight of the Straightener

Lightweight hair straighteners always provide more convenience to users. You can use these straighteners for a longer period without causing fatigue to users. A heavy straightener can be a burden to your hands. It’s always recommended to look for a straightener weighing less than 500 grams if you’re looking for a lightweight product.


The price of the hair straightener heavily depends on the type of plate used to make it. Hair straighteners with titanium plates are the most expensive as they heat up the fastest and provide a glossy look to your hair. If you’re looking for a budget straightener, you can opt for a ceramic plate straightener. It’s not recommended to go for a dirt-cheap straightener; you may end up damaging your hair.

Additional Features

Other than the plates, there are many things to consider when looking for a good hair straightener. Modern models come with a digital display that makes it easier for users to use. A good grip allows you to hold onto the straightener for longer periods without hassle. The Auto Shut-Off feature also comes in handy when your straightener is on for a long time with unattended use. Also, a tangle-free power cord makes it effortless to turn around the straightener. These are the few extras that make a massive difference in performance.

Warranty and Customer Support

If I’m investing thousands in a straightener, I want it to last at least a couple of years. So, it’s better to look for a hair straightener that offers a two or three-year warranty. I won’t recommend you to go for a cheap China-made product and end up wasting your money just for a few months of use.

Ways to Permanently Straighten Hair

Keratin Treatment is the most common way to straighten your hair for a longer period. You may opt to do this treatment to straighten your hair for up to a year. It’s a chemical process, and you may consider taking the help of an expert. Not to forget, it costs a lot of money, and it is hard to maintain.

Thermal Reconditioning is another method to straighten your curls or frizz permanently. It helps break the covalent bond of the amino acids in your hair and eventually allows you to shape your hair. It’s also an expensive but most effective method for hair straightening.

Hair Bonding is another easy way to straighten your hair permanently. In this case, your hair goes through a chemical process to provide a smooth and straight style. The powerful chemicals break the existing natural bonds in your hair and rebuild new chemical bonds to help them straighten.

Hair straightening Kits are available everywhere in the market. If you’re looking to straighten your hair without visiting a salon permanently, you can check out these DIY straightening kits. It’s important to have proper information about these products’ usage, or you may end up damaging your hair.

FAQs to Buy Hair Straightener in India

Can I straighten wet hair?

No, it’s not recommended to use hair straighteners on wet hair until the manufacturer mentions it. It’s better to blow dry before using a straightener to avoid hair fall.

Do hair straighteners use a battery?

Standard Hair straighteners do not operate on a battery. They use electricity to function so that users don’t have to worry about changing batteries in the middle of straightening their hair.

Can hair straighteners damage your hair?

Usually, hair straighteners won’t cause any damage to normal hair. However, if you use them more than required, they may end up damaging your hair. It’s not recommended to use a hair straightener if your hair is already delicate.

Can I use a hair straightener every day?

Using a hair straightener every day can end up causing harm to your hair or make them dry. It’s better to use a hair straightener after you wash your hair or once every few days.

Can I control the temperature of the hair straightener?

Yes, some premium hair straighteners allow you to change between different temperature modes. However, they cost a lot more than standard hair straighteners.

Can hair straightener permanently straighten my hair?

Hair straightener only provides temporary straightening. It may last for a day or two and fade away when you wash your hair.

What’s the ideal temperature for hair straightening?

As we mentioned earlier, the more heat your straightener generates, the better your hair straightens. You may want to heat your straightener to 150-200°C to utilize your straightener perfectly. You don’t have to heat it to the maximum if you’ve got thin or short hair.


Hair Straighteners can be a great product to style your hair in various ways. It’s an excellent tool for someone who loves to experiment with their hairstyles. In this article, we’ve explained to help you find the best hair straightener in India. You can check them out and select the right straightener as per your personal needs and budget. An ideal straightener can provide a great glossy look to your hair, and I recommend you to opt for a reputed brand. Make sure you consider your hair type before making a purchase. Thanks for stopping by.