Best Hand Mixers in India

Have you ever walked into a cafe? You were blown away by the amazing selection of pastries, bread, and bagels there. One taste of one of these felt like a bite from heaven. Well, if you are a pastry connoisseur, you can easily make these pastries at home. All you need is the best hand mixer in India.

Best Hand Mixers in India: Effortless Mixing and Whisking for Perfect Baking and Cooking Results

Did you know that you can buy the best hand mixer in India for less than $50? Just make sure that this hand mixer can do the following:

Perfect Mixing Capacity: You want to buy a hand mixer that can mix your ingredients – wet or dry – completely and in less than four minutes. There should be no lumps or uneven spots/places in the batter when you’re done!

Compact: The ideal hand mixer is as light as a feather (well, not literally) and will fit into any place in your kitchen (no matter how small!) Remember to pay attention to engineering and design. This is what separates the best hand mixer in India from the rest. Don’t buy hand mixers that don’t have a ‘sleek’ design.

Features: So this is a buzzword in the hand mixer world! After all, you want the hand mixer to do the mixing work. Look for hand mixers with dough hooks. Another great feature to look for in the best hand mixer in India is the QuickBurst Button. This will allow you to use different high speeds for a few seconds whenever you want to.

Affordability: You don’t need to spend an ‘arm and a leg’ on a good hand mixer. The best hand mixer in India will set you back at less than $50. This is a great deal considering all of the functionality and utility you will get from the average hand mixer.

Many Uses: Multitasking and multipurpose are the ‘in words’ today. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the business world or about cooking. People value people and objects that can do many tasks at once with little effort and according to expectations. Well, the same is true of the best hand mixers in India. You should look for a hand mixer in the under $50 range that can perform many vital tasks like blending, kneading, and chopping ingredients (among other things.) Please don’t stop at a hand mixer that’s only capable of mixing ingredients.

Now that you know what a hand mixer is, why you should use one, and what to look for in a good hand mixer, it’s time to discuss ten of the best hand mixers in India.

1. Philips HR3705/10 300 Watt Hand Mixer

There are many features that make Philips HR3705/10 300 Watt Hand Mixer the best hand mixer in India. What you’ll love the most about this hand mixer is its cord clip. You can wrap the cord around the clip. The entire hand mixer is then easy to store. The Philips also has smooth surfaces. You can clean the entire mixer thoroughly and in less than three minutes.

It also features cone-shaped beaters. This may seem like a trivial detail, but it’s major because it will allow you to beat batter more thoroughly and in less time. This leaves you with more time to attend to other cooking and cleaning functions in the kitchen.


Amazing power: Indeed, with a 300 watts power engine and voltage of between 220 – 240, this hand mixer is among the creme de la creme of the best hand mixers in India. It can take the stickest and the hardest ingredients and turn them into a cohesive batter in no time!

Multiple accessories: The Philips hand mixer comes with many necessary and useful accessories. These include a long cord (1.2 meters), dough hooks, four strip beaters, and much more!

Multiple speeds: It has 5 speeds. This mixer can take even the most challenging of mixing jobs with ease.

Warranty: The two-year warranty will cover any type of wear and tear you can subject the hand mixer to.


  • Beats batter well
  • Works at high power
  • It beats batter to fluffy peaks


  • Sometimes the blades malfunction after just a few uses

2. Inalsa Hand Mixer

Inalsa Hand Mixer is one of the best hand mixers in India. The fact that it has detachable attachments is one reason why. Now, you can interchange different accessories for different mixing and cooking jobs in no time! You’ll love this hand mixer if you love to bake or make desserts. You’ll be able to whip up amazing batter for gourmet cakes, pastries, cookies, and even ice cream in a few minutes!


Super powerful motor: Indeed, the Insala hand mixer has a super powerful motor that will do most of the mixing work for you. The motor also makes the hand mixer an energy (and time) saver. You’ll be noticing the difference with a lower energy bill and more money in your wallet every month.

Long cord: The 1-meter long cord makes any mixing job a cinch. Now, you no longer have to strain and reach over to mix ingredients far-away from mixing bowls.

Multiple speeds: With 7 speed settings, you’ll be able to control the intensity and time at which you mix ingredients. The multiple speed settings make the Insala a great candidate for other jobs like blending, grinding, and kneading different ingredients together.

Many attachments: It’s attachments like 2 detachable beaters, whiskers, dough hooks, etc. Indeed, there is no prep job that they can’t handle. You’ll be able to make gourmet, restaurant-quality meals and desserts with these attachments.

Eject knob: This feature is incorporated into the hand mixer. All you have to do is press the button and your attachments will glide out of the mixer.

Warranty: The warranty will protect you against wear and tear for one year.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Mixes ingredients well
  • Works with a powerful motor


  • Some mixers have a cord with a loose connection

3. Orpat OHM-207 150-Watt Hand Mixer

You can mix and whip any combination of ingredients for amazing baked goods, regular entrees, and desserts. What makes Orpat OHM-207 150-Watt Hand Mixer the best hand mixer in India is its powerful stainless steel blades. These mix ingredients into a nice and cohesive batter in just a few minutes.

It also comes with an ergonomic handle that makes gripping during mixing a cinch. This is a strong mixer with a 150-watt motor that will handle all of your mixing jobs with the skill of a real pro.


Multiple speeds: Indeed, this hand mixer comes with five speeds. It can mix any ingredients, no matter how hard or sticky, to a smooth batter in a few minutes.

Ejection button: You can remove any accessory with the press of a button. The accessory will gracefully drop out of the hole at the front of the hand mixer.

Three multipurpose blades: These three stainless steel blades are strong. They work together to ensure that your ingredients are thoroughly mixed within three minutes. These blades are also capable of blending ingredients.

Clean in a few minutes: Its detachable blending shaft makes cleaning a fast job. All you do is turn the motor off and unplug the mixer. Then push the beater button. Voila! The blades will be sparkly clean in a matter of seconds.

Ergonomic design: Now you don’t have to worry about the hand mixer slipping away from your hands when you mix. The design also makes the hand mixer look stylish in any kitchen.


  • Stays cool when mixing
  • Mixes ingredients well
  • Makes great and smooth batter


  • Blades don’t always fit into the mixer holes

4. SToK Easy Mix 300-Watt Hand Mixer

What makes SToK Easy Mix 300-Watt Hand Mixer one of the best hand mixers in India is its many features and state-of-the-art design. Its advanced engineering and powerful motor also help. Indeed, there is no mixing job that this mixer can’t tackle with grace.


Light as a feather: This mixer is very light. This is what gives it the ability to mix ingredients thoroughly in no time.

Strong motor: The 300-watt motor allows this mixer to ‘pulverize’ ingredients while mixing them. You’ll end up with a great and uniform batter.

Many speeds: This mixer has up to 5 speeds. It can handle any mixing job you can throw at it with great skill.

Multiple attachments: Its many parts include two hooks and two egg beaters (you can wash them in the dishwasher). But that’s not all. Its blades are made out of industrial-strength stainless steel. They won’t rust or tarnish, even after several uses.

Free of BPA: This mixer is made out of BPA-free plastic. Therefore, it’s perfectly safe to use around various foods.

Copper motor: The mixer will stick around for years because of this strong, durable, and powerful copper motor.


  • Whips up creams and batters in a few minutes
  • Chic and modern look
  • Intelligent design


  • The plug pin can break after even one use

5. BLACK+DECKER 250 W Hand Mixer

BLACK+DECKER 250 W Hand Mixer will stick around for a while. Its durability alone puts it in the league of the best hand mixers in India! But there are other awesome features that you will love.


Anyone can learn how to use it: It may not come with instructions, but its intuitive nature means that even a five-year-old could use it well.

More efficient: There will be more batter in your mixing bowl and less on the countertop. Indeed, this mixer makes 20% less mess when working.

Powerful motor: It can handle any mixing job, no matter how challenging, with its strong and powerful 250-watt motor.

Multiple speeds: The six-speed setting will let you mix ingredients for many dishes at once.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Mixes ingredients well
  • Mixes ingredients thoroughly in just a few minutes


  • Mixer can break on the first use

6. Bosch Comfort MFQ22100 375-Watt Hand Mixer

You can consider Bosch Comfort MFQ22100 375-Watt Hand Mixer as the best hand mixer in India. It’s so good that you won’t want to buy any other brand once you’ve used this hand mixer. But what makes it such a gem? Well, some of the answers lie in its brilliant engineering and design. But there are other features that make this hand mixer simply awesome!


Powerful motor: The 375-watt motor may be powerful, but it’s so silent that you won’t hear any noise when you’re mixing the ingredients.

Multiple speed settings: Its four-speed settings make it blend any and all types of ingredients in a matter of seconds. The pulse settings only add to this amazing quality.

Ergonomic design: Its smart design makes it as light as a feather (ok, so not literally!) It will fit your hand like a glove and do half of the mixing job for you in a few seconds.

Many attachments: It comes with many detachable accessories. These include state-of-the-art whisks that are brilliantly designed and engineered. It has kneading hooks. These take the pain and effort out of kneading dough.


  • Great job mixing ingredients
  • Cleans in a matter of seconds
  • Holding it is a cinch


  • Defective product
  • Customer service is terrible

7. IBELL HM580L 300-W Hand Mixer

There are many features that you’ll love about IBELL HM580L 300-W Hand Mixer. These features make it among the best hand mixers in India. Indeed, there is no mixing or kneading job that this hand mixer can’t handle. But there are other features that will make you fall in love with this mixer.


Many detachable attachments: You can easily blend, mash, beat, mix, and whisk ingredients with these attachments. Some of these include 2 detachable beaters and removable dough/whisker hooks.

Handles many mixing tasks: Now you can make the batter for pound cake or mix ingredients for chocolate chip and pecan cookies. You can even make dosa and idli batter with this hand mixer.

Intelligent design: It’s brilliantly engineered and very lightweight. This hand mixer will glide through the ingredients when you use it. You’ll also feel very comfortable using it.

Warranty: You’re covered for at least six months with this hand mixer. This is extended for up to a year when you register (for free!)


  • Works well
  • Packaged nicely
  • The powerful motor makes it a cinch to use


  • The eject button doesn’t always work

8. Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer

There is a reason why Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer is one of the best hand mixers in India. It has a powerful motor that will allow you to mix ingredients thoroughly in a matter of seconds. But there are other important reasons why you should buy this hand mixer:


Storage case snaps on: All you have to is snap the storage case on when you’re done with this hand mixer. You can store it anywhere in your kitchen for as long as you want to because of its compact size and lightweight nature.

Powerful motor: A 250-Watt motor gives this hand mixer the ability to tackle any mixing, kneading, blending job – you name it – in no time and with the skill of a pro.

Built-in bowl rest: You no longer have to worry about your mixing bowl sliding all over your kitchen countertop while mixing with this bowl rest.

Multiple speeds: It has a quick burst button. This speeds up the mixing or grinding process. The six speeds allow you to mix the ingredients needed to make the caramel.

Multiple attachments: Some of its many useful attachments include the beater and whisk.


  • Compact in the kitchen
  • Lightweight
  • Mixes all types of ingredients well


  • The mixing blades’ metal can rub off into the batter while mixing

9. Prestige Hand Mixer

Prestige Hand Mixer is a 300-watt motor that makes mixing any materials, no matter how sticky or hard a cinch. But there are other features that make this one of the best hand mixers in India:


Multiple attachments: The multiple detachable attachments make this hand mixer versatile. Indeed, it can do more than just mix ingredients. Two of these are the whiskers and dough hooks.

Many speed controls: You can control the speeds to mix ingredients for batter vigorously in the beginning and then slowly and steadily after a few minutes. It comes with three speeds.

Cleaning is a cinch: You can thoroughly clean this hand mixer in a matter of a few seconds.

Warranty: The 12-month warranty will protect against any wear and tear that you may subject the hand mixer to.


  • Good mixer
  • Cleaning is a few second cinches
  • All attachments are in great condition


  • The regulator is not always functional

10. Nova Pro NHM-2109 Hand Mixer

Nova Pro NHM-2109 Hand Mixer is one of the best hand mixers in India. There are many reasons that justify this position. One is its powerful 200-watt motor. This hand mixer can handle any mixing job that would fail conventional hand mixers. But there are other nice features about this hand mixer:


Voltage of 220-240: You can use this hand mixer in any European or Indian kitchen because of the higher voltage. Just use an adapter if you are going to use this hand mixer in an American kitchen.

Multiple speeds: There is no recipe you can’t make with the 5-speed settings.

Multiple attachments: Two of the many valuable attachments are stainless steel beaters and dough hooks.

Use right out of the box: You don’t need to do any installation. Just plug in and use it.

Warranty: The one-year warranty will cover any wear and tear that you could possibly subject this hand mixer to.

Multiple speed switches: The 7-speed switches will make kneading, blending, whisking, you name it, a job that can be done well in a few seconds.


  • Good look
  • Lightweight nature
  • Great mixer


  • The motor is slow and small – not good for heavy mixing jobs at all

Buying Guide for Best Hand Mixer in India

You could always use the traditional hand-held mechanical hand mixer to mix ingredients for your baked goods, but that would take forever. It would make your hands ache (mixing ingredients by hand is not easy), and it would limit your options. Mechanical hand mixers are only good for mixing ingredients.

The best hand mixer in India is multipurpose. This should have been evident from the descriptions of the ten Indian hand mixers. Not only can they mix many batters at the same time, but they are capable of mixing the ingredients for these batters at different speeds. Good Indian hand mixers also have many attachments that make them able to perform many other functions than mixing ingredients. You can also blend ingredients for an apple and raspberry smoothie. Try doing that with a hand-held mechanical mixer and see how far you get!

But there are many other benefits you’ll get out of using the best hand mixers in India:

Make cake and muffin batter

Ah yes, there is nothing more scrumptious than an eggless German chocolate cake. But it’s not easy to make the cake batter, much less German chocolate cake batter. The same is true for making muffin batter, especially blueberry muffin batter. The best hand mixer in India allows you to mix German chocolate cake batter to a uniform, smooth, and perfect consistency in just a few seconds. But why stop at German chocolate cake? What you can do for German chocolate cake you can do for any type of cake and/or muffin.

But you can also use the same mixer to make the delicious caramel-coconut-based frosting for the cake. You can’t do this with a conventional hand mixer.

Make butter

There is nothing more satisfying than creamy and sweet butter. Butter is rich in milk fat, and this is what gives its creamy and satisfying taste. Quality butter tends to be expensive, though. So is there an answer? Well, you could make butter at home – the way your grandmothers used to. That’s a long and labor-intensive process, though. You, leading a busy life, may not always have oodles of time to do this. So is there any alternative? There is, and it’s in the form of the best hand mixers in India.

By the way, you can use the mixing function of most top-of-the-line Indian hand mixers to make delicious ghee. Now, you no longer have to spend an hour and a half slaving over a hot stove to make ghee that has the right consistency, taste, and texture. Use the whisk attachment, and you’ll have airy and fluffy butter with a creamy consistency and great taste in a few minutes. The same logic applies to making ghee.

The eject button that most of the hand mixers will make the attachments glide right out of the hand mixer with little effort on your part. It’s this feature that makes cleaning the hand mixer and its attachments a job that can be done in a few seconds.

Get creative, make dals and dosa batter

Well, you can make dosa batter with the attachments that the best hand mixers in India come with. That was mentioned earlier in this article. But dals? Yes, it doesn’t take much time or effort with these mixers. Use the mix function to incorporate the right amount of air into your dals, dosa batter, or idli batter. Then cook away. Your guests and family will never know that you used a hand mixer to get the batter and its consistency.

Small and compact

Most hand mixers are six inches long or less. This is true of the best hand mixer in India. The reason for the smaller size is space limitations. The average Indian kitchen is not big. It must accommodate many other cooking vessels, appliances, cookware, utensils, etc. Since you’ll use the hand mixer often, you need a hand mixer that can be stored any place and at any time with ease.

Increased options

The best hand mixers in India can handle many tasks at once. They are capable of doing more than mixing – they can chop and blend, etc.This gives you many more options when you mix. You no longer have to use a bowl to blend. Instead, you can mix ingredients for your chocolate chip and walnut cookies directly on the baking sheet!

Never buy a hand mixer that doesn’t have these features!

There are some features that a hand mixer must-have. Never buy a hand mixer that doesn’t have the following features. And please don’t buy one of the best hand mixers in India if it lacks these features:

Strong motor

Any hand mixer is useless if it quits or gets stuck while mixing. Then you have to throw the hand mixer away! Also, remember those hand mixers with strong motors – they can perform many basic cooking tasks in less time and to perfection. Even humans can’t be perfect. Remember that ‘to err is human!’

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need a hand mixer with a 100-200 watt motor if you’re blending and pureeing food. You’ll need a stronger motor (in the 200-300 watt range) if you want your hand mixer to perform harder and ‘more labor-intensive tasks. This includes crushing frozen fruits. You’ll need a hand mixer with a motor of at least 400 watts if you want to chop nuts or ice.

Superior engineering

You can buy a hand mixer that’s made either out of steel or plastic. Neither kind is superior. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you do buy a plastic hand mixer, be sure to buy one that doesn’t have BPA. This is a chemical that can affect the normal hormonal balance in women’s bodies. It has been known to cause birth defects.

If you decide to buy a hand mixer made out of metal, choose a stainless steel one. These don’t rust or tarnish and are durable too. Please note that the best hand mixers in India come in both BPA-free plastic and stainless steel.

Good looks

You want to pick a hand mixer that has a good design. This has two purposes. It will last longer and do a better job of mixing, blending, crushing, grinding your ingredients. It will also look better in your kitchen and give your kitchen more personality and flair. Be sure to consider size when choosing a hand mixer based on design and looks. Never buy a hand mixer if you can’t easily reach the power button when using it. Also, make sure the hand mixer is portable before buying it.

Extra attachments are a must

Extra attachments in a hand mixer give it functionality. Now, the hand mixer is able to do more tasks than the traditional mixing. This gives it more value. Attachments also help the hand mixer last longer. Try to find a hand mixer with dough hooks, storage jars, and advanced beaters if possible.

FAQs to Buy Hand Mixer in India

Which is the best hand mixer in India?

All the above-mentioned hand mixers are good. We have included the best products in this list. However, there are several other renowned brands available in the market. No matter which hand mixer you choose, make sure you do some research and check the customer reviews.

How many watts is a good hand mixer?

Hand mixers with 250-watt motors are the best choice for all. You should pick up the one that is a perfect fit for you.

Is a hand mixer worth it?

A premium quality hand mixer will not only save your time but also make it easy for you to mix cookie dough or cake. You will never regret investing in a hand mixer.


The best hand mixers in India will work wonders for you. The best hand mixers in India are different from the type that your grandmother or even your mother used. They (hand mixers) do more than just mix food. They do the traditional job of a blender, food processor, and even the traditional knife as well. These hand mixers can multi-task. But, most importantly, they will help you finish your mixing and ingredient prepping job in a few minutes instead.