Best Handbags in India

With the U-turn that our fashion world has taken, handbags do serve utility functions along with style statements. Your look will never complete without a well-defined handbag. Besides, it has become the style statement for every woman nowadays. From your daily outing to attending a party, you require your handbag.

Best Handbags in India: Stylish and Functional Accessories for Every Occasion

Today’s women can’t think of going out without the perfect-looking handheld bags that have been stuffed with all the important and essential items. To solve this challenge of finding the perfect handbag, read the guide below. The article will help you complete your ensemble flawlessly with some options from the list of the best handbags in India.

1. Isle Locada By Hidesign Women’s Shoulder Bag

The Isle Locada is your one-stop destination for chic and trendy handbags. The company crafts Isle Locada By Hidesign Women’s Shoulder Bag with genuine leather. Every product of Isle Locada is known for its substance and style on every occasion.

With a smooth and soft glowing look, this premium quality leather bag can provide you with a statement for every occasion. The solid brass fittings of the Hidesign women’s shoulder bag have been carefully handcrafted to provide you with the optimum look.

With the promise of innovation, you can stand out on every occasion with this product. It is a leather red color shoulder bag appropriate for every office look. It is a perfect bag of average height with 21 cm length x 21.5 cm height and 8cm width.

This bag comes with two pockets and one compartment making it look sleek and simple. The slip-in pocket and the main compartment are differentiated with proper lining. You can also find one zip pocket inside the bag to utilize for small and necessary items.

The company provides a one-year domestic warranty on this handbag against all the manufacturing defects. Alternatively, you can carry this handbag for formal or casual outings. The minimalist design and elegant craftsmanship will make the overall look trendy.


  • Premium quality
  • Perfect for casual as well as formal outings
  • Stylish looks


  • Expensive

2. Lino Perros Faux Leather Handbag

Lino Perros Faux Leather Handbag shows how contemporary aesthetics are like. Now you can indulge in this innovative design and justify your style consciousness. This Lino Perros Faux leather bag can define the beauty of womanhood.

It claims the quality relevance and style statement. Once you care about this bag, it perfectly mimics your elegance. If you take care of it, it will take care of you. According to the brand, fashion has always been liberal. With this premium quality bag, you can add charm to your look.

Innovation is taken as the core of the company. Therefore, at Lino Perros, you can expect the trend to be imperative. It is a revolutionary concept that you will approach while purchasing a bag from Lino Perros.

The bags are stylish and roomy at the same time. Fabricated with the finest material, this bag from Lino Perros is one of the best handbags in India. You can see superior workmanship by experts with the highest proficiency. The precise details are highlighted on this lino Perros faux Leather handbag.

This product is definitely what everyone should buy. It will provide you with a 90% return value for what you have spent. While using this, make sure that you don’t expose it to extreme heat. Doing this will kill the longevity of the bag. It is an average-sized bag and is available in 3 colors. The company also provides a 90 days warranty on this product.


  • Perfect for formal outings and office
  • Durable
  • Looks trendy
  • Made from top quality material


  • Handle material is not up to the mark

3. Baggit Women’s Synthetic Handbag

This hobo-designed bag is made from high-quality PVC material. Baggit Women’s Synthetic Handbag is a perfect answer for every general outing that a woman looks for. A reinterpretation of the satchel bag incorporates a bucket patterned bag within itself without the presence of a drawstring.

This bag is a true creation of itself. It is an average-sized bag with a dimension of 29.2 1 x 12.7 x 26.0 4 centimeters. You will be going to feel comfortable while carrying this bag as it weighs 250 grams only.

The beautiful pink color of this bag accentuates the feminine side of every woman. Since it is made of synthetic material thus, you can expect longer durability of this product. Owing to the large size of this bag, you can use it for any short outings.

This bag is comfortable to carry even on the shoulders. You can carry it close to the body yet hang it closely on the arm. Thanks to the practical thinking involved during the manufacturing process of this bag. A little much height and it would have made this bag uncomfortable to carry. Due to the perfect shape and size, this bag allows its user to have the freedom of movement.


  • Made from synthetic material
  • The beautiful pink color adds to the elegance
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • No color option available

4. Caprese Tilda Women’s Tote Bag

Caprese Tilda Women’s Tote Bag hails from the unique fashion hub. The Isles of Capri defines the name of this brand. Ladies who care about styling, Caprese is a product that describes the statement of every woman who is a reflection of tomorrow.

With the aesthetic sense, sleek cut, and indulgent voice, this bag will suit any occasion. The design of this bag is a style testament of every woman.

The faux leather material of this bag is perfect for every office and informal outings. The white color creates the perfect look for an ensemble.

This bag is made of 41 cm height x 26 CM length and 15cm width. The zip closure of this bag provides safety to the items that you put inside the bag. Since this work has multiple compartments, therefore you can carry your world in this bag. The company has provided internal organizers in this bag to make it convenient for the user.

The back pocket of this bag is a perfect place to keep your cell phone. With the branded lining and tops zip closure, you can surely expect a class with this bag.

Remember to not expose this bag to extreme heat. As if you do so, it can kill the longevity of the bag. The chain handle of this bag creates a perfect look if you prefer it to carry on some evening outings.


  • Totes size of the bag is perfect for long outings
  • Contains multiple compartments
  • Top zip closure
  • Branded lining


  • White color can easily get dirty

5. Lavie Yalta Women’s Tote Bag

Lavie Yalta Women’s Tote Bag is surely going to catch the eyes of every passer-by. The aforementioned bag has been crafted from premium materials with top zip closure for the extra advantage of the user.

However, the soft premium material with gold-toned metal hardware creates a contrast in the handbag that enriches the look. Lavie is a company that offers handbags in almost every shape, color, and style. Lavie Yalta women’s Tote bag is a perfect accessory for your everyday outfit.

A center zip pocket separates the two compartments in this handbag. The three internal multi-utility pockets provide easy access. The embossed geometric line design of this handbag provides an elegant look. It is one of the stylish bags for everyday use.

The neutral color of this handbag makes it usable for all occasions.


  • Affordable
  • Functional
  • Looks elegant
  • Durable
  • Stylish and spacious
  • Good and decent bag


  • Not for a party look

6. Lino Perros leatherette Satchel

This sophisticated and classy handbag has been designed under superior craftsmanship. Lino Perros leatherette Satchel is a perfect company for your party, dinner date, or even wedding.

The leatherette material of this satchel is perfect for your everyday look. It is petite but can hold all your items of necessities. It comes with a contemporary design.

The high-quality fabric of this handbag makes it a worthwhile investment. The dimension of this handbag is a proper fit for a formal look. The zip-type closure of this handbag by Lino Perros makes it one of the most wanted handbags in India. For safety reasons, do not expose this handbag to extreme heat.


  • Classy looking and stylish
  • Light to carry due to its small size
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for party wear

7. Lavie Horse Women’s Handbag

Enjoy an array of sophisticated color palettes with this warm and neutral handbag from Lavie. The high-quality material makes Lavie Horse Women’s Handbag durable. The superior quality of the hardware holds this bag in its shape.

Lavie is a company that sketches the consciousness of environment lovers. The company opts for cruelty-free products; consequently, it produces bags made of vegan leather material.

The handbag dimension makes it perfect for keeping your charger, glasses, pen headphones, makeup pouches, and so on. You can keep much more into this handbag with ease due to the availability of plenty of space.

The spacious interior is another factor to look for while you are opting for this handbag. The one inner zipper and the two slip pockets can be utilized to safely keep your ID cards or keys. Besides, you have two spacious compartments that one can use to keep your itineraries intact.

The stylish dome satchel bag is a perfect fit for every occasion. Apart from that, the snakeskin texture uplifts the style statement of the user.


  • Spacious main compartment
  • Top zip fastening
  • Centre divider pocket
  • Elegant looking
  • Affordable


  • Quality could have been a bit better

8. Van Heusen Women’s Tote Bag

Van Heusen Women’s Tote Bag will make you feel ultra-fashionable by enlightening your style quotient. This versatile bag is made of synthetic material. In its dark inner color and the outer red color, this bag adds a touch of elegance that every woman craves for.

The bag has two compartments and two pockets with a highly mechanized zip closure. The compartment of this handbag is big and spacious to store your everyday materials in an organized manner. It is what makes this handbag one of the best handbags in India.

The size of this handbag is perfect for your outings or office look. The main compartment consists of a slip pocket key holder and an internal zipped pocket. Besides, the black nickel hardware finish of this pack provides a chic look.

The front plate logo adds to the elegance of this bag. The thin flat handle provides convenience to the user. This structured bag with a smooth texture should be a must for every woman’s closet.

While using this handbag, make sure that you don’t expose it to extreme heat to increase the longevity of this product.


  • Comes with a zip closer
  • Provides convenience to the user
  • Perfect size for office use and small outings


  • Not a party handbag

9. Lavie Ushawu Women’s Satchel

Lavie Ushawu Women’s Satchel is the best office bag that matches with a high heel and pencil skirt of your choice. This satchel has been made of synthetic material. Lavie is all about comfort and style. Ever since its inception, this company has completely changed the market of handbags in India.

The Lavie Ushawu Women’s Satchel caters to every woman’s wants and needs in color, design, and the latest trends. The handbag comes with five pockets and two compartments. Detachable and adjustable slingback belt provides convenience to the user.

The compact shape and satin texture make this handbag stylish. However, you should keep in mind not to expose the handbags to extreme heat while using. The zip closure provides safety and makes it one of the best handbags in India.

In addition, this bag contains two interior slip pockets for chargers and mobile. While using it, you can be satisfied. The maroon color also adds to the style statement. This bag will surely draw some envious stares.

Finally, the specific compartments and the internal zip pocket office bag make it functional.


  • Spacious compartments
  • Center divider pocket available
  • Internal zip pocket available
  • Value for money


  • Not fit for the evening outing

10. Diana Korr Women’s Handbag

Diana Korr’s Women’s Handbag is best suited for evening Galas, wedding ceremonies, parties, or important office functions. It is one of the best handbags in India. The facility model features all the functionality that every woman looks for in a perfect work purse.

You can carry this bag with your everyday attire. The perfect size of the purse holds all the essentials that you need to carry in your office. Since it has been manufactured with faux leather, therefore it is resistant to water.

Unique craftsmanship makes this bag famous in the international taste of handbags. This handbag ensures easy carrying. It has one compartment and four pockets with a good amount of space for your belongings.

The detachable strap offers you a dual-style statement. At the same time, the zip closer with double handles provides maximum safety attached with the bag. The faux leather also provides a sassy look to the bag.

Now you can carry this bag like a fashion pro. For maintenance purposes, you can clean this bag with a damp cloth. Also, refrain from exposing it to extreme heat.


  • Tan color provides a subtle look
  • Quite spacious
  • Perfect for all occasions
  • Affordable
  • Comes with detachable straps
  • Stylish and comfortable


  • It can be a little dull for evening outings

11. Da Milano Genuine Leather Blue Ladies Tote Bag

Da Milano is another brand that produces the best handbag in India. This company is known to blend affordability and luxuriousness. Whether it’s a wallet or travel bag, Da Milano Genuine Leather Blue Ladies Tote Bag provides customers with a wide range of products.

Owing to the brand name, this bag by Da Milano is made of genuine leather. The company provides a lifetime service warranty on this bag. The subtle blue color of this bag is perfect for every office outing or formal outing. This company has defined the sphere of the bag industry with a name in the global market.

Ever since the inception of Da Milano, it has become a one-stop destination for fantastic bags. The company uniquely redefines fashion by personifying perfection.

It is an average size bag with a dimension of 24.5 CM x 16 cm X 7.5 CM. The handle of this satchel bag can provide you with quality. Since it is made of pure leather, therefore you need to take proper care of it. You cannot expose it to the scorching sun for a long time.

With the best quality zipper, this bag will secure all the items inside it. You can rely on this product in matters of quality, comfort, and durability.


  • Made from genuine leather
  • Perfect for every office look
  • Lifetime service warranty provided


  • Expensive

Buying Guide for Best Handbag in India

As per buying Mantra, you should choose handbags according to your body type. And tall body types must go for wider bags and clutches. At the same time, little people can go for a medium-sized bag. Oversized or large bags are a big no for people with small body types.

For this woman, sling bags are a very good option. And for curvy or chubby women, avoid the indulgence of round bags or tiny bags. Besides, boxy bags and structured bags are a great buy for women with heavier body types.

The above list dictates some of the best handbags in India. But before youth choose, read the guide below to get the answer to your fundamental questions.


Bags are available in different types and styles. It is one of the most versatile and useful everyday items. While buying, do not get confused with the Tote bag for the sling bag or with the handheld bag. Tote bags are much bigger and serve casual purposes, whereas sling bags are smaller and serve party purposes.

Handbags are elegant and sophisticated accessories that serve a variety of purposes. Some come with straps, while others have slings. Choose the bag that might suit your need depending on the occasion and requirement you are buying.


You can have a lot of options to choose from the materials of the handbags. The most popular are faux leather, original leather, or rexin. But polyester is the cheapest and durable one.

Handbags that are made of leather are the most expensive ones. The cheap and easy substitution of the original leather is faux leather. Polyester is the most common material for handbags. These are mostly water-resistant and can survive every wear and tear.

If you are conscious about the environment, go for products like cotton or jute.


Ensure that your bag has adequate compartments to fulfill your need to have all the essentials in your handbags. Especially if you are college-goers or professional workers, look for spacious bags.

The compartment of your handbag should be segregated so that you don’t mix up your things. It is important as during the need you can easily find out your items when you need them.


You will find handbags with two types of zipper facilities. You can opt for either the standard zippers or indulge in the magnetic hooks. In both cases, ensure that the zipper secures your bag adequately.

It will make sure that your things stay intact inside your bag and do not fall off. However, few handbags in the market do not have any locking facilities. They might look trendy but be careful before you buy such handbags. While you travel, you should avoid such kinds of bags.

Size and portability

Accentuate your look with a subtle-looking average-sized handbag. You can understand and rather estimate that handbags are meant to be carried in hands from the name. Therefore, if you tend to buy heavy or bulky bags, you will have to regret it later.

The wind and the height of your handbag should be proportionate so that you don’t face any issues while traveling with the bag and even when you are going to your office.


Depending on your choice and preference, you can choose bags with crossbody sling double handles or single straps. You will usually find party bags with innovative and trendy handles. Gold chains are quite common when it comes to party handbags straps.

Some people love to hang their bags on their shoulders, while others don’t mind holding their bags. So, consider the kind of handles that you are looking for according to your requirement. Also, keep in mind the materials that you are going to put in your bag; if you are making your bag heavy, choose a bag that has sturdy handles.

Purpose and functions

Buy handbags according to the occasion that you are attending. If you are looking for something versatile, make sure that you go for a medium size that is the neutral color.

For office use, opt for a sober color like tan. But black can never go wrong on any kind of occasion. Also, the space of your bag creates a big deal. Look for a spacious bag for casual or work purposes, but for a party, you can delve into something shiny or shimmering just to carry your essentials like a phone and purse.


Color happens to be one of the important factors that the buyer might keep in mind while choosing the handbag. In every case, the purpose dictates the color that you opt for while buying handbags.

You won’t be indulging in a bright pink handbag for your office purpose. Instead, you will pick up a neutral shade like beige, grey, or black.

Nude shades are most versatile and can suit all kinds of outfits and personalities. You can choose neons, bright shades, florals, or even metallic shades for evening outings.


If you have a lavish or flexible budget, you can opt for a high-end leather bag, but if your budget is mid to low range, you can get a decent quality leather or PVC bag. In every case, you should stay away from low-quality and cheap handbags.

Other Details

Apart from the above factors, always check for the stitching or lining quality while you’re picking your handbags. Considering the above factors, choose handbags from the above list.

Characteristics of good handbags

A good handbag can save your day. You should look for handbags that suit every occasion and have versatile functions. Compartments or space in the bag should be adequate to carry your essentials of everyday needs.

Everyone loves to have a bag that has elongated longevity. Therefore, a strong and durable bag is everyone’s favorite. Another essential characteristic of handbags is the lock system. If the bag does not have any kind of lock or zipper, there is a high risk of falling things out of the bag.

Thus, when you are spending your hard-earned money, look for all these factors and then make your decision wisely.

FAQs to Buy Handbag in India

How to take care of handbags?

Handbags require different methodologies for washing most of the time. You can simply wash it by putting it in the dryer or washing machine. It is always recommended that you don’t wash your handbag with soap unless it’s a cloth bag.

Accelerate the longevity of your bag. Refrain from carrying food items directly into your bag; rather, you can carry them in a plastic pouch.

If you live in an area where you are exposed to too much mud and dust, opt for bags made of canvas. These bags can be easily washed, leaving you fewer headaches of washing.

How can I style my handbags with other accessories?

Everyone has different tastes and style statements. What you are opting for depends upon how you carry it. Someone likes to contrast and mix and match different color codes and trends, whereas others might match everything with their outfit.

It is suggested that you match your accessories with your handbag to create that classy look.

What are the types of handbags that my closet should have?

It is better to have at least four types of handbags in your closet—one for work and casual outing, party, Indian wear, and western wear. While you are buying your bag, make sure that you opt for neutral colors like white, blue, black, or tan. Apart from this, you should go for bags in varying sizes so that it serves your requirement.

How to choose the best handbags?

Choosing the best handbags can give you a lot of trouble. You have to consider that your handbag goes well with your outfit. This task can be a daunting one.

Don’t worry because the little tips can help you save your day. Little Black sling bags are an everyday favorite for people who wear western outfits. It can never go wrong. However, golden box clutch bags can match your Indian outfit pretty well.

Whenever you are heading for work, opt for leather shoulder bags. It will give a formal look for your entire attire. Moreover, during a party or any kind of gathering, an embellished purse clutch should be your best friend. It will set your entire look for the party.

For day outings or shopping, opt for handheld bags for optimum convenience.

While choosing a handbag, avoid having very heavy bags as this can be an uncomfortable purchase. It looks beautiful when bags come with narrow straps. But the thin strap loses its functionality. They can be ideal for a showcase purpose, but you cannot use them to the fullest due to the thinness.

Also, bags with too many compartments or pockets look clumsy. Choose the best handbag for you after checking for all these factors.


Everybody has different requirements for handbags. And more than that, for diverse tastes, there are a lot of choices that you will get. Rather than listening to others’ opinions, read this guide and choose the best bags as per your requirement.

Behind every successful woman, there is the accompaniment of a fabulous bag. Most women consider their handbags to be the most precious accessories. If you don’t have one in your closet, it is never too late to get one. Select from the above list and get yourself the best one.