Best Inverter Battery in India

Power cuts are one of the common problems in Indian households. That is why some homeowners have installed an inverter to get electricity consistently. However, what is the use of an inverter when its battery is dead? It is better to invest in the best inverter battery in India.

7 Best Inverter Batteries in India

When the power is down, and you start turning on the inverter, you find that the battery is not working. Thus, you need to replace the older inverter battery with the new one. We have now reviewed the best inverter batteries in India to help you in making the right purchase.

1. Luminous RC 18000 150 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

Luminous is one of the reliable brands manufacturing quality inverter batteries with advanced technology. As you have installed an inverter for your home and office, you can buy a Luminous RC 18000 Tubular Inverter Battery. You will get a long-lasting source of electricity with this seamless battery.

Luminous Red Charge battery has an alloy composition, which ensures a corrosion-resistant design. Thus, your battery will last long due to this unique composition. When your inverter is in contact with some moisture, there will be no issue. Moreover, the ventilated grain structure is another reason for which you will find consistent performance. Luminous has designed the battery in a way that it can endure longer power cuts. Due to the special internal composition, there will be no damage.

The best fact is that you can charge the rechargeable battery within a few hours. It ensures that you can avoid high electric bill costs every month.

There is a balanced plat design for which the battery has no adverse effect for voltage fluctuation. It also ensures protection against electrolyte loss and water. The heat-resistant, leak-proof battery has gained the attention of several inverter users. The battery has a nominal voltage of 12V, while its electrolyte volume is12.40 Liter.

Designed with tubular-plate technology, the battery ensures regulated and uninterrupted power availability. With this inverter battery, you can operate a fridge, an LED bulb, 2 tube lights, 3 fans, and an LED TV 40″. Thus, this battery enables you to run the major appliances.


  • High overcharge tolerance
  • Need no maintenance
  • No leakage issue


  • Not best for charging larger devices

2. V-Guard VJ145 135Ah Flat Tubular Inverter Battery

V-Guard is another reputed brand that has designed high-quality batteries for continuous power supply from your inverter. We have learned that the V-Guard VJ145 Flat Tubular Inverter Battery works smoothly with digital UPS systems from V-Guard and other brands from analyzing customer reviews. The battery provides a backup of about 3 hours, 30 minutes to 50 hours. The length of the battery is 505 mm, while its height is about 285 mm. It is a standard size of most of the inverter batteries. The ready-to-use inverter batteries save your effort, as you can install them in your inverters.

Manufacturers have designed the inverter battery considerately with positive tubular plates. Due to this uniqueness, the battery has high endurance and a long lifespan. The most notable fact is that it does not need much maintenance and generates the least amount of gas. The recyclable, nature-friendly battery can give the best value to your investment.

The tubular battery has an electrolyte volume of about 15 L. Moreover, V-Guard’s customer service is also reliable, and you can contact techniques to solve queries about installation. However, you may not need any serviceman to install the battery.

When the power condition of your house is fluctuating, you can rely on this inverter battery. The quality battery will add efficiency to your inverter. V-Guard VJ 145 comes with a standard warranty of 30 months. However, you may find a difference in the power backup duration based on the connected appliance load.


  • Quality battery
  • Decent backup
  • Best for deep-cycle applications
  • Reliable customer service


  • Consumes much amount of space

3. Luminous SC 18054 150 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

As Luminous is a highly popular brand, we have chosen an inverter battery in our list. Luminous SC 18054 with ratings of 150Ah ensures better performance and longer backup. The filled weight of the battery is about 51.2 kg, while its dry weight is 28.6kg. As one of the best tubular batteries, it works best for both commercial and residential applications.

You can choose between the boost mode and trickle mode. With this inverter battery, you can turn on 2 tube lights, 3 fans, 1 fridge, and an LED bulb. Moreover, there is a warranty on manufacturing defects for up to 54 months.

This Luminous inverter battery has a level indicator. Thus, it is easy for you to know when you have to fill it with fluid for proper functioning. The package includes a warranty card, inverter battery, and instruction manual.

It is easy to refill the fluid, and the battery does not need much maintenance. However, some customers have complained that the battery installation process is slightly complicated. While you find any problem, you can look for professional technicians. It is better to avoid DIY installation for safety purposes.

Due to the technologically advanced design, the battery has a ventilation system ensuring better heat dissipation during the backup. Although some inverters have an auto air cooling system, this ventilation technology is highly valuable. Available at a reasonable price, the inverter battery will be the perfect choice when there is a prolonged power outage.


  • Robust body
  • Withstand heavy shocks
  • High load capacity


  • Need better customer service

4. Amaron Inverter 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Compatible with different inverter models, this tall tubular battery is one of the affordable models. With a capacity of about 150Ah, the Amaron Inverter Battery is a perfect choice to provide power to your small enterprises and bigger houses. Thus, you can try out this battery and find the better performance of your inverter.

The battery has good reserve capacity, and it does not lose water due to its special design. Moreover, the decent backup period is another reason for choosing the inverter battery. When you reside in a region with frequent power cut problems, you may buy this inverter battery.

As this Amaron battery loses no water, you do not need to check the electrolyte level. Overall, the product is durable and has no risk of abrasion. The long-lasting battery ensures the best performance of your inverter.

While checking the design, we have found that the inverter has a robust design with a hybrid alloy coating. The scientifically engineered inverter battery does not need high maintenance, as there is a low lead reserve. It does not generate mist. Moreover, the battery takes minimal time to get charged. In most cases, consumers have found that it needs 8 hours for 100% charging.

Although Amaron has set a slightly high price, you will get the best value from the model.


  • No risk from high temperature
  • No acid leakage
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy charging


  • Heavy and bulky design

5. Luminous RC 25000 200 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

As one of the best battery brands in India, Luminous has offered a high-quality inverter battery. While other inverter batteries from Luminous have drawn attention, it is vital to review the Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 Battery. The tubular battery is one of the quality products from this brand. We have analyzed the product in detail.

The RC 25000 battery model works with a capacity of about 200 Ah. Moreover, we have found that the battery can supply energy to several appliances. When you have installed an inverter in a small office and home, you can invest in this battery. You may turn on your fans and computers with the battery inserted into the inverter.

The battery’s overall design is highly durable, and thus, it does not get damaged easily. Besides, the battery has a special polypropylene coating on its surface to prevent the effects of dust accumulation. It has an abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant feature.

One of the unique features is that it has two tubular plates to make the battery highly functional. The deep cycle capabilities have made this battery much reliable. As the best inverter battery in India, this model has some porous vents. That is why it will eliminate the generated gas. By analyzing these innovative features, we have found that this inverter battery is recommendable.


  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Tubular design
  • Good battery backup lasting for over 12 hours


  • Costlier than other similar models

6. Exide IT 500 150 Ah Tubular Battery

We have found Exide’S IT 500 Tubular Battery is another next-generation inverter battery. The tall tubular model is common in most other batteries. However, it is still different from several other models. The most notable thing is that Exide has used a hybrid technology for this battery to ensure that it can endure high temperatures. Moreover, this innovative technology prevents damages from dust buildup. Besides, it protects interior parts from abrasion and corrosion. Due to this special configuration, the battery will last long.

The battery is integrated with a small indicator to help you in checking the electrolyte level very easily. Lots of users have made positive comments on this inverter battery, as it has a dual plate separation model. The thick Faure plate grids with a unique paste formulation of litharge and red lead resist the issue, like internal short circuits. Thus, you can prevent shocks and vibrations in this model and use the system safely.

The battery has a top vented lid with anti-splash guards and coin-type flush vents. Those preventive plugs resist leaks and fumes. Also, you may purchase this leak-proof and spill-proof inverter battery. When you have installed an inverter to avoid frequent power cuts, you can think of buying this battery.


  • Advanced hybrid technology
  • Need no complicated maintenance
  • Spark arrestor
  • Long shelf life


  • Not easy installation process

7. Luminous RC 15000 120 Ah Tubular Inverter Battery

Luminous has designed a high-performance inverter battery with a unique composition of low antimony alloy. You need no effort for the maintenance of this battery. Thus Luminous RC 15000 120 Ah Battery is the perfect choice for any power storage need. The advanced technology used for the battery ensures regulated and uninterrupted power availability.

As the battery has a high-efficiency design, it can last long. Most of the users have found the superb performance of the inverter battery. When you have frequent power cuts, you may install this battery in your inverter. Luminous has manufactured this battery for heavy-duty applications.

The recyclable tubular inverter battery has a rugged and durable construction. The dry battery has a weight of about 21kg, while the filled battery is about 38.4 kg. The manufacturer has offered a warranty of about 36 months, and thus, you can use the battery confidently.


  • Water level indicator
  • High rated capacity
  • Good electrolyte volume


  • Heavy and bulky model

Buying Guide for Best Inverter Battery in India

It is not easy to find the best inverter battery in India, as there are several brands manufacturing this product. Choosing the right inverter battery is tedious for a buyer. The most reputed brands providing high-quality inverter batteries are Luminous, V-Guard, Amaron, and Exide. We have picked the inverter battery of these brands and analyzed their features. Still, you will feel confused while purchasing the perfect battery for your inverter. Thus, you may read our guide and make your decision.

Battery capacity

Capacity is one of the essential factors to avoid compatibility issues. The battery capacity indicates the output power, and it must be compatible with your inverter. Moreover, you need to know the Ah rating that signifies the power of the battery. In most cases, the best inverter batteries have a 150 to 200Ah rating. When you multiply the input voltage with the VA rating, you can calculate the battery capacity. However, manufacturers always mention the battery capacity, and you have to check it.

Inverter VA rating

Every inverter works with a battery of a particular size. Also, you will find the battery-related information on the inverter’s instruction booklet. VA represents Volt Ampere, the amount of current and voltage provided to your household. Thus, while buying a battery, you need to find the VA rating.

Warranty and after-sales service

The best brand provides after-sales services to help customers in solving technical issues. Moreover, it has to offer a warranty of at least 2 to 4 years. An inverter battery may start malfunctioning at any time, and thus, you have to look for warranted products.

While checking the warranty, you have to focus on two factors- ProRata and FOC. FOC stands for Free of Replacement. When your battery has standard malfunctioning within the warranty period, manufacturers will replace it free of cost.

Similarly, when the battery does not work during its ProRata period, you need to pay some amount for a replacement. Based on the MRP, the manufacturer will calculate the charge for a battery replacement. However, FOC is more important to buyers to purchase the inverter battery.

Check the manufacturing date

While buying the inverter battery, you have to check the manufacturing date. Lead-acid batteries can undergo a natural charging and discharging process. When it is an old manufacturing date, you can request manufacturers to recharge before making a purchase.

Types of Inverter Batteries

Gel batteries

Although gel batteries are comparatively costlier, they have eliminated the issues of lead-acid batteries. There is a separator absorbing the electrolyte present inside the battery. You do not need to add water to it. These gel batteries have a crisscross gel configuration in their containers for which the acid does not settle down. Moreover, you can find a higher amount of power backup per cycle. The eco-friendly gel batteries have faster-charging technology and cause no emission. Thus, your room will not be filled with harmful gas.

The most important advantage of the sealed battery is that it does not need service attention. You may place the battery in any orientation. But, the lifespan is shorter than that of other batteries.

Lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries have become a very common choice to operate inverters. They are rechargeable and generate a high level of current. Moreover, these lightweight batteries are available at a very reasonable rate. Most of the consumers have found that these batteries can last for 3 to 4 years. There are two electrodes present in the battery with an electrolyte solution.

These are lead dioxide and lead electrodes, and that is why they are known as lead-acid batteries. Dipped in sulphuric acid, these electrodes cause some chemical reaction to turn out DC current. However, you need to maintain these lead-acid batteries. Regular water toppings are essential to these batteries, and you have to check the electrolyte level. One of the drawbacks of these batteries is that they can release harmful gases. That is why your room must have proper ventilation.

Tubular batteries

Although they are lead-acid batteries, they are available in bigger versions. Nowadays, the best inverter battery manufacturers use this technology, and you can find tubular batteries in diverse sizes. When you have frequent power cut problems, you may choose these tubular batteries. Moreover, these have a longer lifespan compared to that of other batteries.

Tubular batteries need minimal maintenance. However, you must have good storage space for these batteries. While you have space constraints, you can choose the short tubular batteries, which are highly portable. Another option for you is the tall tubular batteries with more height and width. The backup time is longer and is one of the advantages of tall tubular batteries. As tubular batteries ensure faster charging, they consume less power.

Flat plate inverter batteries

These lead-acid batteries are best for frequent but low-duration power cuts. The cost of these flat plate batteries is comparatively lower than that of tubular batteries. Moreover, the faster charging rate is another advantage of these batteries. However, flat plat batteries do not last long and may have shorter warranties.

Thus, every type of inverter battery has its pros and cons, and you can analyze it to buy the right one.

Maintenance Tips for Inverter Battery

The battery plays a vital role in the performance of your inverter. Without a battery, your inverter cannot store electricity during an emergency. That is why you must maintain and take care of your inverter battery to find a longer lifespan.

Regular maintenance with a gap of 2 to 3 months will ensure the optimal performance of the battery. You can invest in the battery, maintain it, and use it for several years. We have presented you with some simple maintenance tips, and you do not need to call professionals.

Ensure proper ventilation to your inverter battery

The battery is the source of power to your electrical systems, like air coolers, fans, and tube lights. However, while supplying energy, it gets heated. Thus, it is safe to place the battery in some open space with a good level of ventilation. The proper placement helps with quick heat dissipation. You can avoid filling water frequently.

Use distilled water to refill your battery

You must check the battery water level every two months. It is safe to use distilled water for refilling your battery. Some users choose tap water and rainwater for battery refilling purposes. However, this water can affect your battery performance and lifespan, as it has minerals and impurities.

Keep your battery away from smoke and fire

Ventilation may not save your battery from smoke and fire. There is a risk of accidental bursts and sparks. Moreover, kids should be away from your inverter battery.

Ensure a rust-free and dust-free battery

You can use a piece of cotton cloth to clean the sides and surface of your inverter battery. Dust may block your battery’s vents, and ultimately, you will find a bursting battery issue for hydrogen gas buildup.

When you find corrosion signs in your battery terminals, you may use a solution of hot water and baking soda. Apply this solution to the corroded part and rub it gently with a brush. It helps in removing corrosion. Like Vaseline, Petroleum jelly also works for nuts, bolts, and terminals to prevent future rusting. The rusted terminals can cause slow charging and affect the flow of current.

Use your inverter battery regularly

Regular usage is one of the best options to get the optimal battery output. Although there are no power cut problems in your house, you have to discharge your battery every month. You may recharge the battery to use it at the best level.

Do not load your battery with high-power appliances

Most of the inverters work for common appliances and electronics, including tube lights, fans, and mobile charging systems. Thus, you must not use any high-power device to get electricity from your inverter.

Do not delay in replacing your damaged inverter battery

When you have a damaged and dead battery in your inverter, you have to replace it. The damaged ones can cause bursting problems.

More Instructions to Keep Up your Inverter Battery

  • You have to check the float indicator regularly.
  • Although some batteries have lead-acid, you must not pour acid into your battery.
  • The water indicator of the battery should not be open, as it can cause dust accumulation and damage the inverter battery.
  • It is better to choose the ground level to place your inverter battery.
  • An inverter battery is much weight, and you must not lift it on your shelf.
  • Do not overcharge your lead-acid batteries, as it may cause disastrous issues and make your battery lifespan shorter. Nowadays, modern batteries have a high tolerance level, and thus, they do not have any overcharging risk.
  • Do not discard your old inverter battery. The safest option for you to get it returned to the authorized distributor.

These are some maintenance tips to make your inverter battery long-lasting. As you have invested in your inverter battery, you have to take the best care of it. With little maintenance, you can find the best performance of the battery. Moreover, you have to take precautionary steps to avoid any risk from the battery.

FAQs to Buy Inverter Battery in India

Which is the best battery for households with frequent power cuts?

You know that high-capacity batteries ensure long backup. However, those who encounter frequent power cut problems should focus on other factors, like fast charging capacity. Moreover, the battery must have the capacity to withstand high temperatures. Tubular batteries provide you with these advantages, and thus, you can buy them confidently for your inverter.

Does the solar charging technology work with my inverter battery?

It is important to know the battery used for your inverter. Solar charging systems work with lead-acid batteries.

Do inverter manufacturers include batteries in their packages?

Most of the brands do not add batteries to the package. Thus, you have the responsibility to buy the most compatible and long-lasting battery for your inverter.

What can cause my inverter battery to fail within a short time?

In most cases, users do not know the right way of using the battery. For instance, they overcharge the battery, and it can cause damage. However, partial charging also results in the failure of internal components.

How do I know that my inverter battery is 100% charged?

There is an alarm indicator with inverters, and it helps you in preventing the overcharging problem. You will locate the indicator on the front side.

How long does my inverter battery retain its energy?

The backup duration may vary with your battery capacity. Thus, while there is a higher ampere, you will find a more extended backup. For instance, a 150Ah inverter battery works consistently for about 4 hours.

Is there any risk of inverter battery explosion?

The best battery manufacturers design their products in a way that heat does not cause any risk. However, low-quality batteries may result in some disasters. When a battery has touched 40-degree temperature, its charging process slows down.

The inverter is producing sound while it is turned on. Is there anything to be concerned about?

It indicates the sound of the current conversion. As the current flows from the battery, it undergoes a conversion process. However, when it is an odd sound, you have to consult with technicians and electricians. Professionals will help you to take the right step.

Can we operate ACs and refrigerators with our inverter batteries?

Nowadays, battery manufacturers use reliable and advanced technologies to design their products. They try to provide the optimal value to users. You may not face issues while using these batteries, as they manage heavy-duty loads. But, AC compressors and refrigerators need a high amount of energy for consistent performance. Some inverter batteries may not have the capacity to carry their loads. That is why you can avoid using these batteries for your refrigerators and air conditioners. Luminous and other brands mention what you can operate with your inverter battery.

How does an inverter battery differ from UPS?

You may have found manufacturers mentioned that their batteries work with inverters and UPS systems. However, these two systems have similar functionalities with minor differences. A standard inverter needs about 100 milliseconds to convert to battery power from the mainline. On the contrary, it is about 3 to 4 milliseconds for the UPS system. That is why some consumers prefer using UPS to connect electronics.

Which acids do manufacturers use for their inverter batteries?

In every inverter battery, there is a solution of dilute sulphuric acid and led plate. Dipped in the acid, these led plates help in the conversion of electrical to chemical energy.

Are SMF batteries better than flat plate and tubular batteries?

SMF batteries need no maintenance, and it is one of the advantageous features for consumers. Although there are different other batteries, SMF batteries are the safest options. Moreover, they do not emit harmful gases.


We have provided you with a brief guide on how to find the best inverter battery in India. Batteries are one of the important components to ensure an uninterrupted and consistent power supply. As we are highly reliant on electrical appliances, we encounter problems without electricity. Inverters are useful in both residential and commercial environments. Before buying the battery, you have to check your inverter’s technical details and manufacturers’ instructions. It will enable you to buy the right product.