Best Ironing Boards in India

Everyone wants to look neat and clean. And you can only achieve this look with a nicely pressed cloth. To get one nicely pressed fabric, you need to have a proper ironing area. As ironing in the uneven surface can ruin your shirt or dress.

Best Ironing Boards in India: Smooth and Efficient Ironing Experience for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

You must buy a good quality ironing board. But as you know, with quality comes the price. Therefore, read this article to learn about some of the best budget buy ironing boards in India. It can systematically help you with your clothes while avoiding a hole in your pocket. Read this guide to know the best ironing boards in India.

1. Bathla X-Press Ace Foldable Ironing Board

Bathla X-Press Ace Foldable Ironing Board is one large foldable ironing board that is strong and durable. The company incorporated various impressive features to make it usable for heavy and regular ironing. Every middle-class household can purchase this ironing board. The device is known to be multifunctional and versatile. The frame of the board is created from quality steel that provides extra life to it. It is stable and durable.

However, the precision moulded plastic part that comes with the frame makes the board highly flexible. It adds to the convenience list of the user. Besides, you can get a multipurpose tray around the leg hinges of this ironing board. You can use this to play the freshly pressed clothes. The iron holder comes attached to the board’s back. The area is heat resistant which prevents it from breaking or melting easily.

However, the wire holder that comes attached to the iron board is nothing but a lengthy wire. This wire helps to hold the iron’s cord wire. So you will not face any hustle while you are ironing your clothes. The aluminised cloth cover that is present on the surface of this board allows the transfer of heat efficiently. This anti-skid PVC shoe helps in the prevention of slipping while using the board. Moreover, it provides high stability. This ironing board comes with a warranty period of two years with such amazing strength and durability.


  • Anti-skid legs
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Availability of stepwise height adjustment
  • Minimal design


  • Expensive

2. Zemic International Quality Ironing Board

If you want to enjoy the task of ironing and laundry, then Zemic International Quality Ironing Board is the one for you. It combines effectiveness and luxury with the four leg support system in a silver Steel frame. The iron board provides such an abundance of work due to the wide top board. Whenever you work on this board, it allows proper circulation of steam and heat. It is what makes the board durable. Simultaneously, on the other hand, you can expect the longevity of this product due to the sturdy steel mesh top.

Besides, the thick fibre material of 8 mm offers soft padding that helps to prevent imprints and wrinkles from the board. The great power comes with a silicone coating. It helps to provide scorch and heat resistant properties. However, the battery cap and the four-leg support system keep the board sturdy even if using it on an uneven floor. All these qualities make this ironing board one of the best ironing board in India.

Intrinsically, all these qualities help to provide the user with consistent and crisp results. Moreover, the extra features, including the iron rest, make it convenient for the user to go for a quick ironing session. You can also use the adjustable hanger bar hanging materials that you need to iron. To adjust and set up this iron board, you need to change the metal leg lock. You can conveniently store this in any closet.


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Ergonomic features available
  • Availability of iron table stand
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Provides a short warranty period

3. Flipzon Wooden Folding Ironing Board

Flipzon Wooden Self Standing Folding Ironing Board is nothing but quality. The four-leg stand along with the rubber grip prevents this ironing board from moving unnecessarily. Not to mention its folding features. You can store this ironing board in any compact space.

However, the portability of this ironing board creates the best platform for your ironing task. You can shift your iron from one corner to another without any inconvenience. You can consider the weight of this ironing board to be handy enough to carry from one end to another without causing much effort. You can press the whole laundry easily without taking much time. It helps to save a lot of your energy and time.

Last but not least, one cannot say enough about the wooden base material of this ironing board. It helps to prevent shock while providing you with every kind of safety. This board provides the user with a steam-generating system. Moreover, this technology offers extra smoothness for your clothes. Nevertheless, you can adjust the height of this board to three different levels. The multicolour aspect of this ironing board makes it quite attractive.


  • You can easily adjust the height
  • Strong and durable product
  • The wooden board provides shockproof service
  • It comes with a wider base and bigger size


  • The multi-function tray is missing
  • Not worth its price

4. Meded King Size Premium Ironing Board

Meded King Size Premium Quality Ironing Board makes it one of the best choices for any Indian family. It is one of the best ironing boards in India due to its prolonged long-lasting life. The metal mesh surface of this board offers optimal steam flow. Due to this, you can consider it as an efficient earning board. Moreover, with reduced power consumption, it provides the user with the best experience.

Moreover, the king-sized square pipes offer excellent stability. The Three-layer board of this ironing board comes with foam padding for efficient ironing. One would take less time to deliver the task of irony because of the metal mesh surface.

Besides, it also offers protection to your iron due to the anti-skid rubber shoes. Nonetheless, you can adjust the ironing board as per your requirement. You can change the height of this board from 28cm and enlarge it up to 85cm.


  • Value for money
  • Offers sturdiness
  • It provides stability
  • Possible as you can easily fold it
  • You can easily adjust it


  • Heavier than its counterparts

5. Sasimo Foldable Freestanding Ironing Board

If you want an ironing board with great quality features, then the Sasimo International Quality Foldable Freestanding Ironing Board would provide you with the best experience. You can get various colours on this. Speaking about the height adjustments, it is very easy to change.

However, the company incorporated an ergonomic design in this board. It helps in the ease of ironing your clothes. It also offers convenience to users. Moreover, you won’t get any chances of burning your clothes as it has a base where you can put your iron when not in use. The strong legs of this foldable free-standing iron board make it one of the best iron boards in India. It comes with a rubber fit cap to make the product sturdier. Whenever you would be working on this, you will never feel any discomfort. It is covered in a premium cotton cover that has thick polyester padding.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to think about the durability of this product. It comes with a durable mesh that the company processed with the help of the crimping process.


  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to store
  • Convenience of use
  • Presence of iron stand


  • Stability could have been better

Buying Guide for Best Ironing Board in India


The length of your ironing board depends on the type of clothes that you would use for pressing. If you are going to press men’s trousers, then you require a longer board. Whereas if you are using it for pressing shirts or blouses, then you need a smaller one.


It is one of the crucial things that you must consider while buying the ironing board. A portable ironing board can save a lot of your space. Also, you can get various options from the tabletop or the standard models and the over the door models. Also, it is travel friendly and consumes less space.


If you can set the ironing board at your hip height, you can work conveniently. This convenience can offer you efficient and smoother performance. Generally, most of the models come with an adjustable height range somewhere between 28 to 36 inches.


It is another factor that you must look for while you are buying an ironing board. The user needs to put a lot of pressure on the ironing. Hence you must look for a sturdy model.

Add-on features

Check for the models that offer various features and add-ons. For example, the presence of an organiser and sleeve attachment can provide you with immense convenience. Also, the iron rest adds to the safety measure. You can use the availability of the hanging rack for hanging your newly ironed clothes.

Types of Ironing Boards

Before you buy any ironing board, it becomes imperative that you get to know about the type of board and the purpose it serves. Two different types of ironing boards can offer you various sorts of services. You can purchase one as per your need and preference. So before you visit any physical store or online shopping website, you should have an idea about the two types of ironing boards available in the market.

Built-in ironing board

From the name, you can understand what would be the type of this ironing board. You can build this type of ironing board directly into your room walls. They don’t occupy much space in your room. Hence they are very ergonomic in design. Moreover, if you are a permanent resident in your present house, these boards are ideal for you. They tend to stay with you for endless periods.

However, these boards are made of strong plywood. It is what provides longer life and durability to this product. You can fix one of these boards on the walls of your laundry room. You can also attach these ironing boards to your bathroom.

Portable ironing board

The portable iron boards can be moved from one place to another easily. This ironing board is quite lightweight. If your family has 3-4 members, this kind of portable ironing board is a must for you. These are highly adjustable when you are comparing this board based on size or height. These boards are convenient to use. Moreover, you have to pay a lesser amount than any in-built board. But you need to take care of the durability of this type of ironing board.

FAQs to Buy Ironing Board in India

Why do you need an ironing board?

You need an ironing board if you want to iron the sleeves or collars. Also, if you are a frequent iron user and want to iron your clothes regularly, you should use an ironing board to conduct your task effectively. However, if you are looking for any budget-friendly option, you can go for the inbuilt iron boards.

Can you use iron without water?

If you are using a dry iron, you do not require water. However, the steam irons acquire water for the best result. The main function of the steam iron uses water to offer you crisp ironed clothes. Moreover, if you do not want to use water with the steam iron, you can also get satisfactory results.

Where can I install an ironing board?

You don’t have to be specific about any area or place where you can place your ironing board. Even if you are looking for an inbuilt ironing board, you can choose any space according to your convenience. Remember, you need to fold your board and place it anywhere according to your convenience. You can also mount your ironing board inside your pantry door.


If you are confused by all the available choices, you should look into this article to find your best option. It is known to all how an ironing board helps you with one of your mundane tasks. Most of all, the best ironing board comes with all the features you require to carry on with your task conveniently. A good quality board would last you a long time. Hence if you are investing your hard-earned money in this purpose, you must choose the right product.

When you come with a clear idea about the various requirements that you need to look for while buying your ironing board, you can plan your purchase accordingly. The list of products that this article would not make you regret your decision. You should invest in something that would meet all your requirements while offering you comfort and convenience at the same time.