Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

While the tantalizing aroma and mouth-watering taste of Indian food tempt you to cook more, the stubborn and greasy stain on the kitchen tiles and ceiling may make you think twice before you try new dishes. The aromatic tadka always leaves oil stains on the wall, especially when you do not have a kitchen chimney.

Best Kitchen Chimneys in India: Smoke-free and Odorless Cooking Experience with Efficient Ventilation Solutions

If you are one of them who always complains about an untidy and sticky kitchen and if you always find yourself cleaning greasy tiles every alternate day, it’s time for you to get a chimney. With the best kitchen chimneys in India, you can maintain a clean and smoke-free kitchen while cooking tasty and spicy dishes. But how to find the right one when so many options are there? Confused? Well, don’t be. Let us help you choose the best chimney that is the right fit for your lifestyle.

1. Hindware 90cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Comes with some advanced features; Hindware 90cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney can make your kitchen smoke-free. This premium steel grey chimney has a powerful suction (1200m³/hr). Its one-touch control technology makes it easy to operate. One of the reasons why we have included it on our list is that it has a high-quality metallic blower. Some of the other reasons include minimum power consumption, longer life, less noise, high suction capacity, etc.

Key Features

Thermal Auto Clean Technology: Hindware Nevio 90 comes with thermal auto clean technology and thus ensures fuss-free cooking.

Metal Blowers: Hindware Nevio’s metal blowers ensure efficient suction. And the best part is it is durable. The metal blowers have a connection with a duct system.

1200 m³/hr Suction Capacity: Its excellent suction capacity makes it the best kitchen chimney in India. With 1200 m³/hr suction capacity, this chimney can efficiently suck harmful gases from your kitchen and thus, making a healthy and fresh environment.

Two LED Lamps: Once you install this chimney with two LED lamps, you don’t have to switch on lights in the kitchen to view countertops. This chimney with LED lamps will thus help you save a lot on your electricity bill.

One-Touch Controls: This chimney is super easy to use due to its one-touch control feature.

Durable Metal Oil Collector: The sturdy and long-lasting oil collector made of metal is easy to clean. It is more efficient than a plastic oil collector since it can store more residues.


  • Comes with one year warranty on the product and 5 years on the motor
  • Provide world-class performance and thanks to its thermal auto clean technology
  • Energy-efficient LED lamps to illuminate your dining area
  • Absolutely suitable for every Indian kitchen
  • Comes with a metal oil collector cup and stainless-steel filter
  • Maintain clean, fresh, and smoke-free kitchen


  • Produces noise sometimes

2. Faber 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Faber 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney comes in black colour. Faber Hood Orient Xpress HC SC model is the chimney every Indian kitchen needs. Its filter-less technology that is the next generation of conventional auto clean technology, makes it so popular among the residents in India. Because of this filter-less technology, this chimney requires minimal to zero maintenance.

The high-quality motor comes with 1200 m³/hr suction capacity, and it ensures a smoke-free environment. The added touch control panel & motion sensor will make it easy for you to operate this appliance. People who have already installed this chimney are happy with this product, and most of them consider this to be the best kitchen chimney in India.

Key Features

Filter-Less Technology: Want to get rid of oily fumes and smoke while cooking? Installing the Faber Hood Orient Xpress HC SC model could be the best solution for you. Coming with filter-less technology, this chimney will keep your kitchen and dining area smoke-free and clean. Isn’t it worthy of investing – what do you think?

Excellent Suction Capacity: With 1200 m³/hr suction capacity, this chimney is absolutely suitable for Indian kitchens where heavy frying is regular. It is designed for average-sized kitchens that are 200 square feet.

Touch Control and Motion Sensor: The touch control technology and motion sensor of this appliance make it user-friendly. 3 speed setting touch buttons allow users to set the speed limit as per their requirements.

Auto Clean Technology: Presenting Faber Orient Xpress Chimney, one of the best options for a smoke-free and clean kitchen. Coming with auto clean technology, this chimney ensures an effortless and quick cleaning process and near-zero maintenance. The oil collector cup that comes with this appliance collects oil and thus, making it easy for the users to keep the chimney clean.


  • Powerful motor and great suction capacity
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with auto clean and filter-less technologies
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Eye-catchy design and curved glass finish
  • Comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and 5-year motor warranty


  • Like the previous one, the noise level is a little bit high

3. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

A kitchen chimney with advanced auto clean technology for you. This chimney is easy to clean and maintain since it comes with auto-clean technology. The stainless-steel baffle filter that comes with this appliance ensures smoke-free cooking and dining area. So, if you are one of them who often cooks heavy frying food and grilled food, you are surely going to love this chimney. Yes, Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Kitchen Chimney is what you need the most to maintain a clean environment in the cooking area.

For easy and quick operation, Eurodomo Kitchen Chimney is designed with a touch control panel. The digital display makes it look more attractive. So, what’s more, do you want? Isn’t it clear by now why you should invest in this appliance? What do you think?

Key Features

High-Quality Baffle Filter: A high-quality baffle filter made of stainless steel helps in making kitchens oil-free and smoke-free. This filter does not need much maintenance which means, you don’t have to clean it more frequently.

Curved Glass Finish: A flawlessly designed HC TC 60 electric chimney with a curved glass finish is what you need to add aesthetic value to your sophisticated kitchen. This eye-kitchen chimney will enhance not only the aesthetic value of your home but also your kitchen’s functional value.

Heat Auto Clean Technology: In order to clean your chimney, you don’t have to seek help from experts. Just touch a button, and it will be done. Coming with heat auto clean technology, this chimney ensures an easy and quick cleaning process. Once you touch the cleaning button, the chimney will efficiently gather all the oil particles and other spares within different oil collectors, which can later be cleaned easily.

1200 m³/hr Suction Power: The chimney with a suction power capacity of 1200 m³/hr ensures dust-free and smoke-free cooking. Once you install this chimney, you will not have to clean kitchen walls or tiles every alternate day. Isn’t this reason convincing enough why you should install this chimney?


  • 2 energy-efficient LED lights for easy cooking
  • User-friendly touch control panel
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy installation and elegant style
  • 5-year warranty on the motor and a year on this product


  • The suction capacity is not as good as expected

4. Elica 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Are you in search of a smart chimney? If yes, then Elica Auto Clean Chimney is surely for you. People who already installed this chimney consider it to be the best kitchen chimney in India, and the reasons why they think so include advanced auto clean technology, maximum airflow (1200 m³/hr), touch panel, motion sensor, long-lasting baffle filter, energy-efficient LED lamps, etc.

This chimney is easy to operate and energy-efficient, which means you will not have to pay a lot on your electricity bills for it. Also, it requires near-zero maintenance. So, basically, you are going to save a lot on its maintenance and power bills once you install it in your kitchen. What more do you want?

Key Features

Premium Design: Elica 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney that comes with a motion sensor has already conquered the hearts of thousands of residents in India because of its striking design. The black matte finish, premium design, and heat auto clean technology have made it worthy of investing. To make your kitchen beautiful and also to keep the area clean and fresh, don’t forget to install this chimney.

Efficient Baffle Filter: Comes with a baffle filter, Elica 60 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney ensures no smoke kitchen. This easy-to-clean filer keeps the cooking as well as dining areas oil-free and smoke-free. The best thing about these filters is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

Oil Collector: TBC HAC TOUCH BF 60 MS NERO Chimney comes with a separate oil collector, allowing users to clean it easily and quickly. This oil collector is designed to collect oil conveniently. Made of stainless steel, this oil collector is durable.

Heat Auto Clean Technology: Designed with heat auto clean technology, this chimney ensures a fresh, clean, and smoke-free environment in the cooking area. If you want to say goodbye to a smoky and greasy kitchen, then you should get this appliance.


  • Maximum airflow with a suction capacity of 1200 m³/hr
  • Comes with a motion sensor and a baffle filter
  • Touch control panel
  • Premium quality oil collector
  • LED lamps and excellent design
  • 5-year warranty on the motor and a year on the overall product


  • Customer service is not as good as expected

5. Faber 60cm 1000 m³/hr Chimney

When it comes to kitchen essentials in India, most people count on Faber first. Faber 60cm 1000 m³/hr Chimney has an eye-catchy black glass curved chimney with a patented triple-layer baffle filter. This chimney can be the best option for you if you have become tired of cleaning greasy and sticky kitchen tiles. With a powerful suction capacity of 1000m³/hr, this chimney is worthy of investing.

Easy to operate, Faber 60cm 1000 m³/hr Chimney comes with push buttons. With these buttons, you can easily set different speed levels as per your requirements. Also, there is another push-button for light. Eye-catchy design, durable and powerful motor, excellent suction power are the reasons why users consider it the best kitchen chimney in India.

Key Features

Super Suction Power: Suction capacity helps you understand how well the chimney will perform in consuming smoke, oil, and other particles while cooking. The higher the suction capacity is, the better environment you can expect in the kitchen. This chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1000 m³/h.

Powerful Motor: One of the major reasons why we have included this one on our list is because of its powerful motor. The Faber chimney, designed with an efficient motor, ensures an oil-free, clean kitchen. The best part is, unlike the other chimneys, it comes with 12 years motor warranty. So, you will not have to worry about motor damages for 12 years.

Minimum Noise Level: No, you do not have to hurt your ears because of this chimney. While cooking, you can easily maintain a calm environment since it produces less noise than other chimneys.

Baffle Filter: A premium quality stainless steel baffle filter is there to keep your kitchen clean and oil-free. This filter will drag down smoke, oil, and other unwanted particles and make the cleaning job easy for you.

LED Light: This chimney comes with 2 LED lights that are energy efficient. They will keep your cooking area illuminated, and you don’t have to pay a lot on the energy bill for this.


  • 12-year warranty on the motor and one year on the product
  • Suitable for 200 sqft kitchens where deep frying and grilling are regular things
  • 3 easy to operate speed setting push buttons
  • Excellent suction power and stainless-steel baffle filter
  • Stunning design and affordable


  • Not easy to install

6. Elica 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Are you in search of the best kitchen chimney in India? Elica 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney will undoubtedly be the best choice for you if you want to maintain a clean and healthy kitchen environment. Coming with advanced features, this chimney is suitable for all Indian kitchens, where residents cook heavy frying and grilled food.

Talking about the brand, Elica is a leading name in the kitchen hood industry. All the products they supply are safe to use and energy-efficient. Once you buy this chimney, the brand will take full responsibility regarding the installation and will install it in your home within 48 hours. We promise that you will never regret buying this product.

Key Features

Filterless Technology: Coming with premium features, this chimney, manufactured by Elica, can enhance both the aesthetic and functional value of your kitchen. Its motion sensor makes it easy for users to operate this appliance with ease. The filter-less technology is another valid reason why it is in huge demand. Stunning design, advanced features, and user-friendly operation – all these could be the reasons why you should get it right now.

Unbeatable Suction Capacity: Elica 90 cm Filterless Auto Clean Chimney comes with a suction capacity of 1200 m³/hr that ensures a clean and fresh environment. You will not have to put much effort into cleaning the greasy tiles when you install this chimney. And the best thing is it is energy efficient and requires less maintenance.

Advanced Technology: Its heat auto clean technology will make sure that your kitchen remains clean and smoke-free. It makes the cleaning process easier for users. Just think about it – how relieved you feel when you finally become successful in maintaining a clean environment. You will get a break from this boring cleaning job.

Easy to Operate: Elica 90 cm 1200 m³/hr Filterless Auto Clean Chimney has conquered our hearts because of its impressive design and excellent features. The touch control panel that comes with this chimney makes it suitable for sophisticated kitchens. Easy to operate, this chimney is a must-have appliance for your kitchen.


  • Heat clean technology and filter-less technology
  • Maximum airflow
  • Motion sensor and touch control panel
  • Smart and energy-efficient chimney
  • 5 years motor warranty and one-year product warranty


  • Installation experience did not remain smooth for some users

7. Hindware 60cm 1100 m³/hr Auto-Clean Chimney

Another auto-clean chimney with high suction capacity for you. A chimney with a 200W motor and suction capacity of 1100 m³/h could be the best gift for your kitchen. To experience a healthy and fresh environment while cooking your favourite Indian dishes, quickly buy Hindware 60cm 1100 m³/hr Auto-Clean Chimney online. Two super energy-efficient LED lights will illuminate your cooking area, and you will definitely enjoy cooking comfortably.

To convince you, here we have some solid reasons why you should invest in the best kitchen chimney in India – long-lasting oil collector, 200W motor, one-year product warranty, thermal auto clean technology, push-button control, smoke-free environment, and energy-efficient solution.

Key Features

Excellent Design: This wall-mounted chimney with a curved glass finish will surely grab your attention. To enhance the aesthetic value of your sophisticated kitchen, you can install this chimney right now.

Efficient and Silent Motor: This chimney will be easy on your ears since it comes with a silent yet powerful motor. Hindware Elena is equipped with a 200W motor that provides excellent performance. The best part about it is that it is energy-efficient and thus, you can be sure that you will not have to spend a lot of money on your power bill.

Thermal Auto Clean Technology: Because of its thermal auto clean technology, you can trust it completely. It will help you maintain a healthy, clean, and smoke-free environment while cooking various dishes. No, you don’t have to put a lot of effort and spend hours cleaning greasy countertops and tiles. This chimney with advanced technology will make your cleaning job easier.

Impressive Suction Capacity: With an impressive suction capacity of 1100 m³/hr, Hindware Auto-Clean Chimney is what you need the most. It efficiently sucks all the harmful gases and thus, maintains a clean and fresh environment. It will definitely make your cooking experience great.

Push Button Control: The added push-button controls ensure ease of operation. And, thus, it makes this chimney user-friendly to all.


  • LED lights for better visibility
  • 1-year product warranty and 5 years on motor
  • Sturdy and durable metal oil collector
  • Push-button controls for easy operation
  • 200W powerful motor for clean cooking environment


  • The installation process is time-consuming

8. V-Guard A10 60cm Kitchen Chimney

Do you often feel like your modular kitchen is incomplete? You perhaps need the best kitchen chimney in India – what do you think? If you say yes, then we have this high-quality V-Guard A10 60cm Kitchen Chimney for you.

Equipped with 1200m³/h powerful suction, this chimney is what you need to keep your cooking area oil-free, fresh and smoke-free. Efficient 2 layer baffle filters, auto clean oil collector tray, feather touch control, and motion sensor – all these have made this appliance worthy of investing. Moreover, you will get a 6-year motor warranty and a 1-year product warranty. So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t all these reasons convincing enough to buy this chimney?

Key Features

2 Layer Baffle Filter: Equipped with 2-layer baffle filters, this chimney will save your time in cleaning the kitchen. Unlike the other filters, this one is easy to maintain and clean. Also, it is long-lasting and efficient.

Powerful Suction with Wide Chamber: Designed for all Indian kitchens, this chimney from V-Guard comes with a powerful suction of 1200m³/h capacity. This suction chamber is 60cm wide. All these ensure easy and efficient cleaning.

Auto Clean Technology: Based on auto clean technology, this chimney is easy to clean. While cleaning it, you will not have to put effort. After every 30 working hours, it will be cleaned automatically. You absolutely don’t have to worry about cleaning it manually.

Oil Collector Tray: A detachable oil collector is there to ensure easy cleaning. It makes the chimney more efficient.

Motion Sensor: Easy to use, simple hand gesture motion sensor can be a good reason for buying this chimney. Adjustable speed setting buttons are there to allow you to set the speed level as per your requirements.

Long-Lasting Plastic Sealed Motor: V-Guard company uses plastic sealing for this chimney motor because they want to protect the powerful motor from grease and oil. This plastic sealing also protects the motor from water and fire.


  • Advanced thermal auto clean technology
  • Feather touch control
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Stunning design and low maintenance
  • 6 years warranty on the motor and a year product warranty
  • Specially designed for Indian kitchens


  • The sensor panel is not as responsive as expected

9. Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney

With a suction capacity of 1000 m³/h, Glen Kitchen Chimney ensures a smokeless and clean environment. Once you get this appliance, you will not have to worry about whether your kitchen tiles become sticky and greasy while cooking your favourite snacks. The thermal overload protector ensures safety. The motor will never get damaged because of overheating.

Some of the other reasons why you should get this best kitchen chimney in India include easy-to-operate push-button controls, two 40W energy-efficient lamps, easy installation, and so on. The best part about this chimney is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

Sleek Design: Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Pyramid Kitchen Chimney is the best fit for your kitchen. Because of its sleek design and black finish, it has become one of the favourite options for residents in India. This could be the best gift for your modern kitchen.

Efficient Baffle Filters with Dynamic Airflow: Stainless steel baffle filters with dynamic airflow always maintain a clean environment. Highly efficient, these filters are easy to clean and durable.

Powerful Lamp: 40W lamps that come with this chimney will illuminate your cooking area efficiently. The lights are energy efficient.

Powerful Italian Motor: 100% copper-made powerful Italian motor is there to keep your cooking area clean and smokeless. A thermal overload protector is there to protect the motor from overheating damages.


  • Speed control buttons
  • The high suction capacity of 1000m³/h
  • Flame resistant plastic made housing and fan
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to operate and install


  • Suction pipe length is not as long as expected

So, this is our list of the best chimneys suitable for Indian kitchens. If you ask which one to choose, we have the following buying guide for you. Here, we are going to explain how to choose the best product, as per your requirements. So, check this out now.

Buying Guide for Best Kitchen Chimney in India

A kitchen chimney is designed to eliminate oil fumes, smoke, and other harmful fumes from the kitchen. Thus, it can keep your kitchen clean. But you will get the best result only when you choose the right product. So, make sure that you choose wisely. The following points will undoubtedly help you make the right choice.


There are mainly three types of filters available, and they include baffle filter, charcoal filter, and cassette filter. Among them, baffle filters are the most suitable for Indian kitchens because of the excessive use of spices and oil while cooking Indian dishes. All the chimneys we have included in our list come with baffle filters.

Chimney Size

The average size of Indian chimneys is 60 cm. It is suitable for a medium-sized kitchen (200sqft). While deciding the chimney size, you should keep in mind the size of your kitchen. If you use stoves in your kitchen, you need to go for large sized chimney with high smoke absorption capacity.

Suction Capacity and Other Features

A chimney with 1200 m³/hr can be considered an efficient one. Chimneys with excellent suction capacity and wide hose can make your kitchen smoke-free within a short time.

Apart from the mentioned points, you should consider the following features while finding the best kitchen chimney in India – auto clean technology, push-button controls, detachable oil collector, LED lights, auto heat sensor, etc.

FAQs to Buy Kitchen Chimney in India

Which type of chimney is suitable for Indian kitchens?

All the chimneys we have included in our list are designed for Indian kitchens, where cooking deep-fried food and grilled food is a day-to-day matter. Kitchen chimneys with a good suction capacity of 1200 m³/hr are suitable for Indian kitchens. Also, the chimney should have a powerful motor and oil collector.

At what height, a kitchen chimney should be fixed?

The best height for chimney installation is 21inches. However, it depends on your gas stove type, where you should install it. Besides gas type, there are several other factors you need to consider while deciding the height, and they include chimney size, kitchen design, etc.

How frequently should I clean the chimney?

It depends on the type of food you cook daily. If you cook deep-fried and grilled food on a regular basis, you need to clean the chimney more frequently. Chimneys with auto clean technology are the best options to choose from. You will not have to bother about cleaning it manually when you have a chimney that comes with this feature. Maintenance is the secret to a long-lasting kitchen chimney. Therefore, make sure that you clean the best kitchen chimney in India regularly.


Finding the right kitchen chimney is pretty much confusing, and we know that. Since so many options are available in the market, the buying process often becomes difficult. Hence, we have made this list. Also, our buying guide is meant to make your buying journey smooth. Now that you have got all the information regarding the best kitchen chimneys, hopefully, you will be able to find the right product that is the best fit for your lifestyle. So, what are your waiting for? Find your favourite kitchen chimney and cook with ease while maintaining a smoke-free and clean environment. Happy cooking!