Best Kitchen Hobs in India

A kitchen is a place where everything comes together. We cook our favorite dishes here. However, food becomes more enjoyable and tastier when it is cooked to the ultimate perfection. You may have the right culinary skills, but the utensils of your kitchen also play an important role when it comes to the final product. The kitchen hob is one of the most significant appliances in your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Hobs in India: Stylish and Efficient Cooking Appliances for Modern Kitchens

You can install a hob on your kitchen’s countertop as it is an essential part of every modern kitchen. They come in different kinds of sizes and shapes. To make it easier for you to choose, we have listed below the best kitchen hobs in India.

1. Faber 3 Brass Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

Faber 3 Brass Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top is of high quality. They enable your cooking to be efficient and safe with their consistent flames. These burners heat quickly that prevents splashes of oil on the burning surface surrounding the pan as they have adequate size.

Its auto-ignition system helps you to ignite your burner without the presence of an external source. This reduces the requirement for maintenance and enhances reliability. Besides, its ignition type is battery operated- built-in auto electric.

Support of the cast iron pan will allow the utensils to cook the dish in a proper way. This cast iron is easy to remove, so you can clean it without difficulty. There are operating metal knobs of premium quality made with superfine material. It helps the user connect easily with their gas appliance.

The presence of a black glass edge finish makes it long-lasting and durable. In addition, it enhances the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen. The black tempered glass is resistant to heat and scratches.


  • High-quality brass burners with consistent flames.
  • They prevent oil splashes.
  • Battery-operated ignition system.
  • Premium-quality metal knobs.
  • Black tempered glass is resistant to heat and scratches.


  • Chrome polish wears off.

2. Bosch Built-in Gas Hob

Bosch Built-in Gas Hob is the best kitchen hob in India. It has side mount controls with a black glass base. From the side, you can operate the cooking zones conveniently.

There are four gas burners with sword and side control knobs. A WOK burner is present at the front on the left side. The standard burner of 3.3 kW is present on the rear left side. The maximum power of the economy burner is a thousand watts.

A single-handed ignition with control knobs is there. You can also find a safety device in case of a flame failure. Square steel single cornered pan support with a 100 cm connecting cable and a preset for the liquid gas enhances its overall quality.


  • Side-mount controls with a black glass base.
  • You can conveniently control its cooking zones from the side.
  • Four gas burners with sword control.
  • Single-handed ignition with control knobs is present/
  • You can also find a preset for the liquid gas.


  • Flame is not uniform.

3. Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob with four kinds of double forged ring brass burners. These include two small and big burners for different cooking requirements. There is an integrated AC 230-240 V auto-ignition so you do not have to search for a matchstick or a lighter.

The eight mm thick toughened glass is easy to clean and is resistant to stains and scratches. The black color of this kitchen hob enhances the entire beauty of your modern kitchen. Its enameled vitreous pan allows the accommodation of large and heavy utensils. You will find a drip tray of fixed stainless steel for cleaning any spillage of food.

Its Bakelite knobs are resistant to heat and offer a hassle-free and firm grip. Moreover, the gas valve has high precision. Glen Gas Hob is suitable with LPG and you can convert it to PNG on a request basis. In the package, you will receive pan support, manual for user introduction, sealing tape, and burners.


  • In-built hob with four double forged ring brass burners.
  • The toughened glass is resistant to stains and scratches.
  • The drip tray prevents the spillage of food.
  • Bakelite knobs make for a firm grip.
  • High-precision gas valve.


  • High consumption of gas.

4. Elica 3 Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Elica 3 Brass Burner Cooktop Hob is the best kitchen hob in India. It has a floating ultra-slim design that makes it look luxurious and enhances the attractiveness of your kitchen. The black glass finish of the gas top also gives it an elegant look.

There are three heavy brass burners including two large burners and a small burner. The different types of burners allow you to cook different Indian dishes with ease.

Its cooktop is free-standing and allows easy installation. You will also get a sturdy grip for hassle-free and easy cooking. The high-quality knobs enable you to connect with your gas appliance. A 360-degree rotating nozzle is present that does not allow the user to change the gas cylinder position. You can just turn your gas nozzle towards the cylinder to connect it with a gas stove.

There is a cast iron enamel pan support that helps your utensil to have support while something is cooking. An inward and outward coating is present to prevent the formation of rust. The wide size of the kitchen hob will enhance the style of your cooking.


  • Floating ultra-slim designs enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your kitchen.
  • Different sizes of burners enable you to cook different Indian dishes.
  • The sturdy grip offers hassle-free and easy cooking.
  • Cast iron enamel pan supports your utensils while cooking.
  • Inward and outward coating eliminates the formation of rust.


  • It does come with an adapter.

Buying Guide for Best Kitchen Hob in India

Choosing a kitchen hob

Before choosing a kitchen hob, you must first understand the difference between the kitchen hob and a gas stove. A kitchen hob fits into your counter while a gas stove is present at the counter’s top. Below we have mentioned the best top features that you can look out for while buying the best kitchen hob in India.

Number of burners

When you are buying a gas stove, this is one of the most important factors. Depending on the size of your family, you must decide on the number of burners that you will need. A hob with four burners is suitable for a family that has four to five members.

Two-ring ceramic hobs have become quite popular in the market. If you have a small family of three to four members, you can opt for three burners. In case your family has two to three members, you can go for a hob that has two burners.

Size of the hob

It is another one of the most significant factors when choosing a gas hob. Since nowadays kitchens are becoming compact, the size of the hob has now turned into a top priority. People now look for hobs that fit into your modern kitchen. The size of your hob also determines that it gets placed properly without disturbing your kitchen’s setting.

Space in-between the burners

The space in-between the burners will help to decide the number of burners that you can use simultaneously. It is important for cooks who like to cook many dishes at the same time.

It is furthermore crucial for hobs that have three or four glass top burners. Several people use large utensils such as cookers that require ample space in-between them without touching themselves. If your burners do not have the required amount of space in between them, then you will not be able to use all your burners simultaneously.

Material of the burner

The material of the burner helps you to choose what kind of kitchen hob you want to purchase. Your burner material plays a key role in determining properties such as distribution of heat, rigidity, and resistance to corrosion. There are generally two kinds of burners.

Aluminum Burners

These aluminum burners are less expensive than brass burners. This burner is no less capable than brass burners. However, in comparison to aluminum burners, brass burners are more resistant to corrosion. The aluminum burners are also less durable and have a short life.

Brass Burners

Brass burners have a color similar to gold. As an alloy, a brass burner is a good conductor of electricity. They are more durable and you can use them both indoors and outdoors.

A brass burner distributes heat in a uniform manner. They have a relatively higher price than aluminum burners. And, the best kitchen hob companies in India use these types of burners.

Material of the hob

The material of the hob will decide its life and durability. The better the build quality, the better it will be durable. Hobs generally have a glass or stainless body. Stainless steel hobs are simple and plain but also durable. They are furthermore cost-effective than glass hobs.

Hobs with countertops of toughened glass has become a trend. They add to the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen and enhance its attractiveness. Nowadays, you can also buy hobs that match your modular kitchen.

These hobs are also resistant to bruises and scratches. They do not get affected by high temperatures and are easy to handle. However, they have a higher price than metal hobs.

Type of ignition

You will find kitchen hobs with two different kinds of ignition- automatic and manual. For manual ignition, you will need a lighter or matchstick. In automatic ignition hobs, you do not need a lighter. Just turn its knob on. There is a built-in ignition system that depends on the battery system.

For manual-type ignition, you require more effort to ignite your hob. The turning of your knob and the lighter timing determines how easily you can ignite it. In automatic ignition, you can just turn the knob on and the hob will get ignited.

The automatic type of ignition will save time and effort. It is also safer than the manual one. This is the reason why automatic ignition is comparatively more popular.


From our list, you can choose the most affordable hobs. Most people buy hobs that have a price range below rupees twenty thousand. Apart from affordability, you must also see whether the hob that you choose has efficient features.

Easy installation

Hobs require professional installation. It is also very complex. The hobs that are on our list make for easy installation which is why they are the best kitchen hobs in India. Also, they provide great service in comparison to other brands.


Cleaning hobs has always been a problem. So, you have to select ones that are best for cleaning purposes. However, it is not related to cooking.

Material of the top

The kind of glass used to make the top is important. There are three to four types of glass- tempered glass, heat resistant glass, Schott glass, and toughened glass. You can further choose the one that best suits your aesthetic taste.

Control of temperature

Induction hobs are some of the best options but people need time before using them frequently. Only these hobs have temperature control. You can purchase them online.


Hob users must research properly about the best brands available before making their final decision. However, you need to weigh out all the pros and cons. You must always choose brands that have a good reputation.

Some exciting features of gas hob

Many exciting and smart features are available in the kitchen hob. You need to look for these exciting features before buying any hobs, including the gas kitchen hob or the electric kitchen hob. Some of these features include:

Child safety control lock

If you have a young child at home, this feature is quite helpful. Young children are generally curious about new things. But they are unaware of the dangers related to it. Some of the gas hobs come with child safety control features to protect them from any dangerous situation. It takes the help of a touch control mechanism to lock the settings. In this way, you cannot misuse the stove.

Flame failure protection

During many situations like over spillage, the interaction of gas supply, and many more, one can experience flame failure. To avoid such disappointment, various companies introduced flame failure protection. The flame failure technology helps to protect any flammable gas from entering the burner.

However, the electromagnetic coil present inside the valve tends to hold the device. It immediately shuts off when the coil experiences any gas leakage. Therefore it offers protection from dangerous attacks.

Removable control knobs

The removable control knob comes in the form of a rotary control knob. It helps to control the gas hob knob by providing various inputs. For example, until and unless you change the knob position, the gas would not produce any variation in the flame.

Overspill protection

Some of the gas hobs come with the overspill protection feature. This feature helps to detect the spillage of any liquid over the burner. If it experiences any spillage, the burner immediately turns the power off. Most of the electric stores come with this kind of feature. However, many traditional models do not have this feature. It is one handy feature for those individuals who are always busy doing work while cooking.

Power booster

But some of the models of gas hobs have power booster features. You get to see this feature specifically in electric stoves. It increases the power of ring one or ring two for quick action. However, when it is not required, it automatically reduces the power usage.

Timer setting

The timer is one of the useful added features for any kitchen appliance. Manufacturers nowadays incorporate these features in almost every electrical device. With the timer feature available in a kitchen hob, you can set 20 minutes to 25 minutes. Once the hob reaches the time limit mentioned above, it automatically switches off. You can set the time and do your work accordingly without making frequent trips to the kitchen room. But make sure that you set an appropriate time for cooking as it might make your food flavorless.

Auto shut off

If your gas hob contains the auto shut-off feature, it can automatically turn off the power once the user finishes cooking.

How is a gas stove different from a gas hob?

The gas hob differs from the gas stove based on its design. A user can install the gas hob directly on any kitchen platform. In the case of gas stoves, you require a stand-alone device. You can place this device anywhere as per the preference and convenience of the homeowner, which is one of the reasons people prefer to use gas hobs instead of gas stoves. The gas hob is known for its comfort. Moreover, the gas hob’s compact size makes it more manageable and efficient than any traditional gas stove.

If you are looking for an ideal cooking medium, then you can try out the gas hobs. But if you have a large kitchen, you can try out some other options. In other words, a gas hob is a space-effective cooking medium that adds a style factor to the overall decor of your small kitchen.

There are plenty of options that you will find in the market. To make it convenient for you, read this guide before you purchase any of the following.

Process of installing a gas hob

Before installing a gas hob, you need to take out all the various equipment and tools. Don’t forget to take out the guide. You must follow every particular instruction given in the user manual. It can help you to set your device effortlessly. Simultaneously, keep reading this guide to know about the installation process of a gas hob.

  • First, you need to fix the necessary screws at four different corners of the gas hog. You should also pay proper attention to the gas suction pointer.
  • Put the gas hob at your desired position and accordingly at Just the other appliances of your kitchen.
  • Take out the strong pipe that is made of copper and rubber so that you can connect it to the cylinder or stove. While doing this, you must ensure proper safety. Do not allow your children in the room while doing this task.
  • After you set up the device, you need to turn the valve on. It will enable you to check whether the gas hob is working correctly or not.
  • In this way, you can install a gas hob to cook your favorite recipe.

Safety tips while using a gas hob

Every appliance comes with advantages and disadvantages. But one must use it sincerely to avoid any dangerous situation. You must go through some of these precautions and valuable tips to help you safely operate with your gas hob.

  • You need to turn the gas upside down while you fit the rubber grommets into their desired position.
  • While you light the burner, you need to open the gas valve. Only after that can you turn on the relevant knob.
  • Ensure that you do not let your children play with any parts of the kitchen hob, especially when cooking.
  • You must make sure that you never tilt the cylinder in a horizontal position while you are cooking.
  • Once you finish cooking, you need to remove the container for kids from the burner. You remove the dish appropriately and switch off the knob to ensure maximum safety.
  • You must always wear gloves to protect your hands from infections and allergies.
  • You should always hold your vessels so that they prevent your burning while cooking at a high temperature.
  • While turning off the burner, you should first turn off the regulator before turning the stove knob.
  • You must clean the kitchen hob burner with the help of water and liquid soap.
  • You should refrain from putting plastic dishes or boxes on top of the stove burner. You must only use the cooking pots for maximum safety.
  • Make sure that you close the cylinder valve with the help of a dust cap when you are not using the kitchen hob.
  • After you clean the kitchen hob unit to keep it under sunlight for 15 minutes to 20 minutes, it will quickly help you try out the hob. It can also prevent and alleviate the hob free from dust particles, grease, and other food items.
  • Ensure that you do not over boil your food, putting out the flame while leaving the gas on.
  • You need to remove all the parts of the cooktop and the burner while you clean it.

How can you clean your gas hob?

You must properly clean your kitchen items. It is one of the essential aspects of any kitchen. Cleaning ensures that your food is not spoiled, and it also helps keep you healthy and strong. To retain the kitchen hob’s hygienic condition, you can follow any of the two methods mentioned below.

  • You can apply any cleaning fluid to clean the hob. First, you need to put the fluid onto the gas hob and ensure that you do not let it dry completely. Use a microfiber sponge or soft cloth for cleaning the hob.
  • Rub the surface of the home with the help of white vinegar solution. Once you put the solution in, you need to clean the surface with a damp cloth immediately. It will keep the shine intact for a more extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the stove and the hob?

The primary difference between the stove and the hob is that the latter fits the countertop of the kitchen. It is fixed while a stove has some legs that you can move around.

How long does a kitchen hob last?

The kitchen hob lasts for at least four to five years. It also depends on factors such as usage frequency, hob installation, and servicing.

What are the best kitchen hob brands?

The best kitchen hob brands are Faber, Bosch, Glen, and Elica.


For kitchen hobs, you must determine the features that best suits you. You have to invest in something that saves you money and is hassle-free. It will further save you some effort and time. Some features that you can check out for a number of burners, size of the hub, space in-between the burners, the material of the hob, type of ignition, price, easy installation, cleaning, material, control of temperature, and reputation.