Best LCD Writing Tablets in India

Notepads in India are on the rise for various reasons. In this era of digitalization, children can practice writing on a digital writing pad. Moreover, instead of allowing them to get hooked on television or phone, you can provide your children with the best LCD writing tablet in India. It will enhance their creativity.

Best LCD Writing Tablets in India: Paperless Writing and Drawing Solutions for Digital Creativity

Besides, the possibilities with these writing pads are endless. It is one reason that it can make you fall in love with LCD writing tablets. The list below speaks about the best LCD writing tablets in India.

1. Portronics Portable RuffPad Rewritable Board

Portronics Portable RuffPad Rewritable Board comes with various features that are useful to every user. With a sleek design, anyone can easily have a grip on this pad. The size of this rewritable board is quite optimal. You will find four magnets attached to the back of this writing pad. These magnets help to stick the pad on any metal surface. Hence you can write, paint or draw without holding it in your hand.

It is loved by millions of users, making it one of India’s best LCD writing tablets. The pressure-sensitive screen helps the user to write in various thicknesses. You can get thin lines with light strokes, whereas with pressure strokes, you get thick lines. It also has an eraser button that makes it a reusable product. You can also expect special writing pens with Portronics Portable Ruffpad rewritable board.

Moreover, you can get various colours, including blue, black, and pink, at the exact pricing. The inbuilt battery provides power to the LCD. The green background offers convenience to every colour blind user.


  • Widescreen of 8.5 inches
  • Ultra-slim office convenience
  • Colour-blind people can use it
  • Availability of user pen
  • Pressure-sensitive screen


  • It does not offer mobile connectivity
  • Selective erase not available

2. Boogie Board Jot LCD eWriter

Boogie Board Jot LCD eWriter is one of the best products that one can ever see. The advanced features make it the best LCD writing tablet in India. You can use this for drawing or taking interactive notes. Once you use this product, you cannot simply differentiate between pen and paper and this writing tablet. You can reuse this writing tablet as it comes with an erase button. The accidental erase prevention lock helps to stop any accidental erase. Moreover, with the press of the controller, the display clears out every scribbling on the writing tablet. It provides you with the opportunity to start using the digital writer once again.

Due to the advancement in technology, this writing tablet is built with a lithium metal battery. This battery lasts more than 4 to 5 months with light usage. It is rechargeable. With the top-notch material, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the Boogie Board Jot LCD E-writer. The ultra-thin tablet feels great to work with. Besides, the 11-inch LCD screen offers the convenience of working with this writing tablet.


  • The exact erase technology is available
  • Perfect for both office and home use
  • You can avail of automatic scanning with jot app
  • Useful for taking quick notes


  • Expensive
  • Not that durable

3. Proffisy Colourful Screen LCD Writing Tablet

Generally, all the LCD writing tablets are mono-color writing pads. If you love colours, then the Proffisy Colourful Screen LCD Writing Tablet is the best choice. You can write on this tablet by using multiple colours. The entire product is built-in high-grade abs plastic. Due to that, it offers durability and sturdiness to the writing pad, which is a colorful screen. You can make fantastic sketches or write your memos by availing yourself of various colours on the device.

The tablet comes with a sensitive LCD screen that is easier to use. The company offers a special pen for this product. The soft tip of this pen offers adequate pressure on the LCD.

The erase button of this LCD writing tablet clears everything on the LCD screen with just a touch of the button. It does not emit any harmful toxins; hence it is safe to use around children. You can also get three colour options, including pink, black and blue.


Pressure-sensitive screen
Availability of soft tip writing pen


Display brightness is relatively low
Challenging to check the text on the screen sometimes.

4. Newyes LCD Writing Tablet

Newyes LCD Writing Tablet is one of the budget-friendly writing tablets that you can avail yourself of. It comes with an advanced pressure-sensitive technology that helps the user to create lines of various thicknesses. If you put pressure on the tablet while writing, it will provide you with thick lines. Now you can allow your kids to scribble or draw in colour. Moreover, you can quickly delete the images with a one-touch button. Sometimes if you are traveling with this writing tablet, it can create some marks on the screen. To get rid of that, you need to press the delete button.

The company offers a thin design that makes it easier for your child to hold and write. It is perfect for every girl or boy to use this product. This paperless and portable device needs no plugin or charge. Moreover, you can use this anywhere and everywhere, from offices, airplanes, classrooms to even restaurants and on the go. Now you can prevent boredom with this 8.5-inch writing tablet. It can bring out the creativity of your child.


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Pressure-sensitive screen


  • LCD touch is very delicate
  • Thin and little stylus
  • Looks cheap

Buying Guide for Best LCD Writing Tablet in India

If you don’t indulge in proper research, you are certainly gambling with the situation. Before you purchase the best digital writing tablet, make sure that you check for these factors.


You can get various sizes of the best digital slate in India. Consider the dimensions, requirements, and usability of the model. A length between 7 inches to 10 inches would be sufficient for your necessary and primary scribbling. If your secondary need is writing and your primary is drawing, you should choose one above 10-inch size.

Writing instrument

The writing pads work well with compatible accessories. Some of the writing pad comes with special pens that help you to show your creativity. Make sure you choose one that has the availability of a pen.

Display quality

You should pay attention to the display quality of the writing pad. Every writing pad has different variations as you can get a capacitive touch screen or registered touchscreen. Before you buy one, always check whether the device offers you the highest quality display or not. The display brightness is also measured in the Nitz unit. If you can get one with higher quality, it will offer you a better quality display.


Before buying a writing tablet, you must ensure that it has sufficient features to satisfy your needs. You should be able to customize, erase, write or colour in your writing tablet. If your writing pad does not contain these four functions, then you must reject the product and look for one that comes with these four features.

Warranty period

After-sales services are one important factor that one must consider before buying a writing tablet. You should take it more seriously. Having less warranty on your product is deemed to be useless. You must immediately ignore such products. Moreover, you should choose a writing pad that has a warranty period of at least more than one year.

FAQs to Buy LCD Writing Tablet in India

How to use an electronic writing pad?

It is elementary to use an LCD writing tablet. You need to buy one according to your preference. Some of the pads come with colour where you can add colours to your text. The pen provided on the writing tablet helps you to write down or scribble your ideas.

Do electronic writing tablets need a battery to run?

The electronic writing tablets do need a battery to run. They are good with lithium batteries. Some of the writing pads come with rechargeable batteries. And you do not need to replace or buy them.

How can you connect writing pads to a computer?

The average writing pad cannot be connected to the computer. But the advanced ones are compatible with your computer. Ensure that you have the necessary drives installed on your computer before combining it with your digital writing pad.


Scribbling and drawing are great ways to express your ideas. If you provide your kid with paper and a pencil, they will use them to the maximum. But is it efficient to waste paper and harm your environment just for the sake of convenience and creativity? In such a situation, using the best LCD writing tablet in India with an LCD screen can be much more comforting. It can save a lot on your environment and keep you from further expenses on paper.

If you are interested in indulging in one tablet, make sure that you get the best for your kid. This article will help you to find the best as per your preference.