Best Mattress in India

Everyone deserves a good sleep after a strenuous day. Post a specific point in time, a worn-out mattress can affect your sleep cycle. So, you will not get much rest. The right mattress will improve your sleep quality and prevent aches. As a result, you will feel fresh after waking up. Besides, sleeping well can enhance your health.

12 Best Mattresses in India

India’s market is filled with mattress brands. Therefore, choosing out of these innumerable options can get overwhelming. That’s why we have made a complete review of the top mattress in India.

Below, you will find a list of the best mattresses in India, depending on their features and functions.

1. SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The SleepyCat Orthopedic Gel Mattress provides you the right amount of plush comfort and support. This mattress has a dimension of 78 inches X 48 inches and 8 inches.

It comprises premium two-inch of memory gel foam, and the first layer offers orthopedic support with pressure relief. Besides, its base layer is built with high-density top-quality foam to give it durability, structure, and strength.

Because of its sink-in feeling, it restricts movement during sleep and lets you have an undisturbed sleep. Thus, it is best suited for those who have a light sleep at night.

The presence of a Smart Cover Zipper helps the mattress unzip in two different parts. Thus, you can easily remove layers individually when required for cleaning purposes. Also, its fabric is breezy and allows the air to flow within the mattress. It does not slide off due to its anti-skid base.

There is zero toxic material in this mattress, and it has a warranty of ten years. Moreover, the product will arrive vacuum packed for optimum hygiene.


  • A feeling of plush comfort
  • Orthopedic support
  • Smart Cover Zipper
  • Warranty of ten years


  • Retains a lot of heat

2. SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress

The SleepX Dual Comfort Mattress is the most famous brand of Sleepwell. We will first talk about its main features. It is 6-inch thick with premium-quality mesh fabric for comfortable breathability.

Then, it’s Fresche Neem Technology creates a fresh and clean sleep experience. This mattress has foam rebounded material as its main component, and the reversible design makes it more convenient.

SleepX Dual Comfort has two sides- one hard and another relatively softer. Besides, the foam offers maximum comfort to your legs and hips. And, sleeping on the stiff side will benefit your neck.

In the winter season, you will get better results as it can maintain the body heat. So, you can opt for this mattress if you live in cold areas.

The air-mesh fabric gives the mattress a fresh smell for an extended period. Consequently, it has better durability and prevents easy tearing.

However, after using it for a couple of months, you might sense a bit of sagginess on the soft side.


  • Dual-side suits different seasons
  • Minimal vibration during turning
  • Low maintenance
  • Four different sizes
  • Comes assembled


  • Expensive
  • Body heat retention

3. Sleepyhead Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress can keep the elasticity intact for more extended periods than a spring mattress. The Sleepyhead mattress has layers of this foam to provide adequate airflow through its gaps.

Also, it enhances the comfort of the user. Therefore, the Sleepyhead is the softest and most supportive mattress available on the Indian market.

Additionally, this mattress is made in such a way that it’s convenient for most body types. Besides, the pressure-relieving factor also makes the weight distribution even.

Since it is a memory foam orthopedic mattress, it provides the perfect bounce. So, even if you turn and toss, your partner will not face much disturbance. It will further prevent back problems.

There is an exterior, washable cover to keep your bed free from dust. It makes it ideal for children. Its three layers have the correct density amount, which makes it the best mattress in India. The Sleepyhead comes with a warranty of ten years and a hundred night trial period.


  • The high-grade foam makes it comfortable and attractive
  • Resolves back problems
  • Washable covers


  • It is not waterproof
  • Gets dirty quickly

4. Emma Comfort Memory Mattress

Emma Comfort Memory Mattress is a European mattress brand that has made its way into India. It provides the perfect support and alignment to your body due to its HRX patented foam. And, the memory Visco-Elastic foam alleviates back pains and aches.

The soft side works efficiently and perfectly shapes the section of your neck. It has eight kinds of size options. So, it easily adapts to different body types. Also, its German-build quality makes it very unique.

Open Airgocell Technology enhances breathability and controls temperature. Hence, it is best for the scorching heat of India’s summer. This is an eco-friendly mattress as it’s made up of non-toxic, vegan, and organic material.

Its distinctive structure of the spine provides better balance and weight distribution. Further, it negates transfer of motion so the person beside you can sleep without interruptions.

This mattress has covers that are removable. Also, it comes with sealed-vacuum packaging. So, you can transport it very easily without any problems. Another great advantage of using it is the twenty-year warranty and trial period of hundred days.


  • Available in different sizes
  • Relieves hip and back pain
  • Distinct spine structure
  • It is portable
  • Eco-friendly


  • The thickness creates problems

5. Shagun Foam Mattress

Shagun Foam Mattress is a more affordable mattress on our list. Firstly, it has a top layer of fabric, which improves the quality of your sleep. Secondly, the foam of high-density offers much comfort. Besides, it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

This mattress has foam as its principal material. So, it will be soft and get soggy quickly due to lack of firmness. But its high-density makes it the perfect choice for your spinal cord, shoulders, and neck. Because of this reason, it is ideal for young and old generations. However, despite its density, it does not have much weight. That is why you can easily transport it.

Besides, Shagun Foam Mattress comes with different types of customizing settings for its customers. There are various size and thickness options available. You can get one that is best for your needs.

As the mattress has a low price, it exhibits few problems in quality. But, since it has a warranty of five years, you can return it if you face any issues.


  • Highly affordable and economical
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Breathable as it is a mesh product
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Unsuitable for long-term use
  • Poor quality

6. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress gives support to your back. Its breathable cotton premium quilted fabric makes it very comfortable. Moreover, it also maintains the right temperature of the body and bed.

Each of these mattresses constitutes materials that are of high-quality. Thus, they are durable and last for a long time. They are also available in different sizes- double, single, queen and king.

It has all elements of a good mattress- Rubberised Natural Coir that gives back support by keeping the right posture. The material that it is made with is authentic. There is a Foam PU Layer to enhance the mattress support. Besides, the base support caters to a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

This mattress goes through various quality stringent tests to provide the best sleeping experience.

With a warranty of five years, this Orthopaedic mattress lasts for an extended period.


  • Offers back support
  • High-quality material
  • Availability in different sizes
  • Maintains the posture
  • Five-year warranty


  • Hardness

7. Sleep Company Smart Mattress

Sleep Company Smart Mattress is creating a stir in the Indian market with its Grid Smart technology. It is an improvement over the Latex, Spring and Memory Foam mattresses.

The innovative sleep technology allows it to adapt to different shapes of the human body. Our shoulders and hips bear our full body weight when we are asleep. This mattress has a patented technology that eases down the pressure on these parts of your body to provide a soft-cuddling feel.

Altogether, the user gets a comfortable experience while sleeping at night as it relieves pains from our body. The Grid Smart technology has a material of polymer hyper-elastic gel. It helps to absorb the body pressure and provides comfort.

Protruding parts such as shoulders and hips get a soft feeling. Moreover, it reduces back and body pains in the morning after you wake up. The grid’s open structure allows the air to flow freely. Hence, the mattress stays fresh. And, the user does not sweat at all during the summer months.

Its polymer gel stretches around two thousand percent and quickly bounces back to its primary shape. Since it does not sag, the product is durable. In addition, the Isolation Motion Technology eliminates disturbance while you sleep.


  • Portable
  • Low vibration
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lowers heat
  • Eases body pain


  • Expensive

8. Comforto Duplex Foam Mattress

Comforto Duplex Foam Mattress gives you the liberty of choosing between the firm and soft comfort feels. This mattress is medium-soft on one side and medium-firm on the other side. Before choosing, you do not have to think about its firmness level due to its soft and smooth plush cover.

These mattresses are directly delivered from the unit of manufacturing. Thus, between the prospective customer and mattress, there is no personnel for logistics and manufacturing. There can be variation in its color- it may be off-white or white.

Comforto Duplex Foam mattresses constitute fine raw materials that enhance their quality. Besides, they have thirty-five years of experience in this industry.

Finally, it has an eleven-year warranty, including a complete guarantee of two years followed by a pro-rated contract.


  • Good quality
  • Dual mattress
  • Direct delivery
  • Eleven-year warranty
  • Relieves back pain


  • Some customers complain regarding stiffness

9. Duroflex Livein Memory Foam Mattress

Duroflex Livein is a mattress that is roll packed. It is medium-firm and provides the best combination of plush comfort and support. This mattress comes packed in a vacuum in an easy setup of a DIY box.

Duroflex Livein Memory Foam Mattress helps to contour your body shape with a foam base that is resilient and increases support. To top all this, it has a super comfy soft layer of foam that gives a cloud-like feeling.

This mattress also has a Triple Anti-microbial treatment that protects the user from fungi, bacteria, and mites of dust. It further offers you a comforting and healthy sleeping experience.

Duroflex Livein’s memory foam relieves pressure from your body and gives it the perfect amount of bounce.

You can do the setup by yourself with ease, and it saves energy, time, and effort for your sleep. It comes in two different colors that are grey and white.


  • Good-quality
  • The price is cheap
  • Relieves back and neck pain
  • Anti-microbial Treatment
  • Comfortable


  • Smell due to fabric’s anti-microbial nature

10. Peps Springkoil Bonnell Spring Mattress

Peps Springkoil Mattress has Bonnell Springs that gives the perfect support for the back. The mattress is moderately soft, which makes it very comfortable. Therefore, you can use it in a guest room, kid’s room, or even your own bedroom.

Its PU Foam has a rejuvenating layer to provide comfort to your body’s contours and relieve pressure. At the top, there is a soft, ruffled woven fabric that makes it strong and rigid. This mattress retains its shape even after prolonged use.

Besides, it is designed in a way that you can use it from both sides and give the same level of comfort after much use.

Bonnell Springs have been introduced in the twentieth century, and it helps in the construction of the core. It is more durable than cotton and coir mattresses and offers firm support. Border Wire maintains the alignment of the spring and protects it from losing shape in its length and width.


  • PU rejuvenating foam
  • Relieves pressure
  • Can be used on both sides
  • Durable
  • Warranty of five years


  • Needs more firmness

11. Insleep Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Insleep Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress is made with memory foam, which is advanced and approved by NASA. Its HR pure foam helps it to adapt to the body’s natural curves.

In addition, the mattress reduces the body heat quickly and conforms to its position and weight.

You can have restful sleep with its ventilated open-cell memory that reduces vibrations, relieves pressure points, and bounces. It also lowers the pains and aches of your body and makes you feel rejuvenated in the morning.

This mattress uses antibacterial high-GSM knitted fabric to provide a sleep that is hygienic. Moreover, it lowers bacterial growth and prevents body odors.

Insleep Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress cushions and gives support to your shoulders, back, and hip. Adjustable bed-base is compatible with the mattress.

And, it comes rolled and vacuum-packed that reduces footprints from carbon.


  • The thickness provides a good night’s sleep
  • Lowers joint and back pain
  • Minimal vibration
  • Worry-free extended ten-year warranty
  • Reduces the carbon footprints


  • Lacks hardness

12. Livpure Regal 8” Memory Foam Mattress

Livpure Regal Memory Mattress has multiple layers that maintain your health. It has memory foam of high-quality, which lets you sleep peacefully even if your partner tosses and turns at night. This is the best mattress in India for warm weather.

Firstly, it arrives in a box that is sealed with a vacuum giving you the best first impression. The cushion-like regal mattress provides a comfortable sleeping experience.

As soon as you lie down, you will meld within the bed. Its layers will also ensure that there is no stress on your spine and back. Also, the HR 6” foam and the premium 1” latex give the base much needed support.

Livpure mattress has a textured finishing that tightly holds onto its position on the bed. There are different options of thicknesses to choose from. Besides, you will not have trouble while sleeping with your partner. Its responsive memory foam provides seamless sleep with zero disturbances.

The outer Kooltex cover lowers the temperature of the surface by one degree and spreads moisture to a large area. Additionally, there is a cool-gel, and its external covers are removable and easy to maintain.


  • Suitable for warm weather
  • Aligns the spine
  • Durable with an extended warranty period
  • Removable cover
  • Cushion-like mattress


  • Edges may turn after a couple of usages

Buying Guide for Best Mattress in India

Buying the right mattress online is not at all an easy job when there are so many options available. You need to keep many factors in mind while purchasing mattresses online. So, here is a buying guide for you that will help you make the right choice.

Now let us look at the different aspects of buying the best mattress in India.


Indian mattress size differs from the US size. The size of your mattress should be compatible with your bed. But the standard sizes such as Single, Twin XL, Twin, Double, Queen, King, and California King are not available in India. Those which are available have been described below.

King size

They are the biggest size mattress. So, they are suitable for children and couples.

Queen size

They are bigger in size than the double mattress. Two big adults can sleep comfortably on them with a child.


A single-size mattress is ideal for teenagers. Though, for a child, they will be too large and too small for heavy adults.


They are not double in size as the single-size mattress. However, a heavy adult can sleep peacefully on it. It is even suitable for adults of medium-size.


For buying the best mattress in India, you need to check its durability. To find out their durability, you need to go through its reviews. By this method, you will also know about its lifespan.

A proper durable mattress lasts for seven to eight years, depending on your use. Frequent use will shorten its life. But, if you use it carefully, it will last for ten years.


The mattress’s thickness is an important feature. Many of them have ten-inch thickness. However, there are other mattresses with their thickness ranging from five to fifteen-inch.

You have to consider your body weight as it will determine your mattress’s depth. A heavy person will need a thicker bed, and a light person needs short beds.


Sometimes your mattress produces a creaking noise when you turn from one side to another. Innerspring mattresses are the noisiest due to the presence of springs. Besides, airbed mattresses make noises while turning or sitting down.

Foam or latex mattresses will solve this problem. Unlike airbeds, they do not have air chambers and electric components. With these, you will enjoy a sound and deep sleep.


All mattresses are heavyweight. You require more than three people to reverse or move a mattress.

King-size mattresses weigh around 50 kilograms. The airbed, foam, and spring mattresses have lighter weight in comparison to the hybrid and latex mattresses.

Support System

A mattress’s support system depends on the surface’s evenness. The product’s constant alignment will determine the support it provides to the spine and pelvis.

Primarily, most of the mattresses give good support to the body’s heavy parts. But, as you use it more frequently, its supporting capabilities decrease. It is seen more in soft products like latex and memory foam.

Spring and airbed mattresses have a stiff upper surface that aligns your body and gives it support.

Motion Isolation

When you move in your sleep, the motion gets transferred to the person lying beside you. This can be a problem, especially for couples.

The most uncomfortable is the spring mattress in terms of motion isolation. But, the latex, foam, and coir mattresses are much better.


Usually, people like to sleep in a warm bed. But, some of the mattresses trap the body heat. They cause a lot of discomfort due to their warmness. Foam and latex mattresses are the warmest because of supportive solid cores.

However, the innerspring and hybrid mattresses are neutral to temperature and allow free circulation of air.

Types of Mattress

Latex Mattress

Latex comes from rubber trees. Besides, they can be synthetically produced. You also get latex in hybrid mattresses. Among other materials, they also have poly-foams. There are different firmness levels to suit a variety of sleepers.

They regulate temperature, contour the body, relieve shoulder and back pain. Latex mattresses are of two types- Talalay and Dunlop. They last for eight years.

Foam Mattress

The best mattress in India is made of foam because of its soft upper surface. Therefore, it offers much comfort. Some have layers to provide support to your neck, back, and shoulder.

These are of two types, including memory foam and re-bonded foam. The former memorize your body’s pressure points, and the latter keeps the shape intact. They reduce neck pain. So, they are better than the memory foam mattress.

Coir Mattress

They are only available in India. Coconut coir is its principal element. Also, it is an eco-friendly mattress. Since they are firm, they can be uncomfortable compared to the foam mattress, but they are economical.

Because of its firmness, it restricts motion transfer. They last for a period of five to six years.

Spring Mattress

They are more affordable and have a spring system. Also, they are soft and bouncy and eliminate sagginess.

Airbed Mattress

They are inflatable and perfect for accommodating guests. You can store them in cupboards by folding them. Camping can also be done with them.

They prevent bedsores and suit different sizes and shapes. Polyvinyl chloride, rubber, and urethane plastic are used to make these.

Features of Mattress


You can use this mattress in two ways. Typically, one side is harder than the other side. Therefore, you can enjoy both the soft and firm side. These mattresses are suitable for specific uses.

Pillow-top Edge

These mattresses have a soft, small bulging upper section, which offers a pillow-like feel. You only need one more pillow with these mattresses. Contrary to popular belief, these are relatively cheap.

Re-inforced Edges

The mattress’s edges have the most wear and tear. So, now mattresses have re-inforced edges. There are additional padding and double stitches for ensuring there is little sagging on the edges.

Hypoallergenic Mattress

Dust is the most common issue when it comes to mattresses. But hypoallergenic mattresses resist the build-up of dust. As a result, it also reduces dust mites. So, if you live in a city, you can opt for these mattresses.

FAQs to Buy Mattress in India

Which mattresses are better- firm or soft?

Generally, people believe that firm mattress are better than soft ones. It is true as the firm ones last for an extended period. They also don’t sag quickly. But, if you suffer from neck or back pain, this will not be the right choice for you.

Besides, firmness increases the product’s overall weight. So, it will be difficult to transport it from one room to the other.

Can a mattress topper extend its life?

It is a widespread belief that a mattress topper solves all the problems and increases its lifespan. But in reality, it is not valid. However, you can relieve pressure points from firm mattresses with these. They also enhance the comfort level.

How frequently should you wash your mattress?

It depends solely on your usage of the mattress. If you regularly use it, then it will get dirty and dusty quickly. In that case, you must wash it around three-four times every year. But if you use it occasionally, then cleaning it every six months will be alright.

Are there benefits to using a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam is the most comfortable type of mattress. But, it depends on your preference. It might suit an individual while it may not be comfortable enough for the other. That’s why one should check the levels of comfort before buying a mattress.

Do a more significant number of coils improve a spring mattress?

The coil numbers are not a determining factor. However, the material’s quality for the manufacturing of the coils is essential. Having many loops but a thin gauge is not going to serve your purpose.

Does gel provide a relaxed sleep experience?

Most spring mattresses have a foam layer that has gel infusion. But, this type of layer also retains some warmth. People tend to have a more relaxed sleep though the foam gel-infused mattresses work differently.

What is the best mattress in India?

Each mattress available in India has its unique standards. So, choosing among one of them can be entirely objective. But you can select one of the best mattresses in India from our review.

However, buying the best mattress in India is not enough. You also have to take care of its maintenance. Besides, a vacuum cleaner can prevent dust build-ups and eliminate mites. Disinfectants like baking soda can eradicate insects and bacteria.

You can also deodorize your mattress with it. You can use hydrogen peroxide, table salt, liquid soap, water with ammonia, and detergent for cleaning everyday stains.


The right mattress can help you have a better quality of sleep. That is why you should be careful while choosing a mattress. You can go through our detailed review to make the right choice. Also, read their cons beforehand to avoid making any mistakes.

While buying the best mattress in India online, you have to keep certain things in mind. For instance, knowing the return policy is essential. Exchange offers help you to exchange your old mattress for a new one. Trial periods, delivery price, and assembly are some other things you need to keep in mind.