Best Menstrual Cups in India

Menstruating women typically use around twelve thousand sanitary napkins or tampons throughout their course of life. And do you know how they are contaminating the land? In the landfills, they gradually decompose taking over a hundred years. However, the recent bandwagon of searching for hygienic and sustainable alternatives has been favouring the rise of menstrual cup popularity.

Menstrual cups are the most practical and useful menstrual products to date. They are a healthy, convenient and sustainable alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Usually, they are 100% Medical Grade Silicone products and FDA approved.

Best Menstrual Cups in India: Sustainable and Comfortable Alternatives for Period Care

A menstrual cup is leak-proof and free of toxins, chemicals and perfumes. You can comfortably wear them for as long as 12 hours and then change them. In addition, if you can maintain it properly, your menstrual cup will end up lasting for ten years.

Hence, it would prove to be affordable in the long run. In this article, we will help you find the best menstrual cups in India that you should pick. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the main topic and enjoy an easy-breezy five days menstrual cycle.

1. Safecup USA – Menstrual Cup for Women

Safecup USA – Menstrual Cup for Women is a feminine menstrual product of the USA that comes under the registration of US FDA approved. So, it comes with materials none other than 100% platinum-cured gentle medical grade silicone. In addition, there is no other use of colours or dyes for your hygiene and safety. The whole process of manufacturing runs in the USA and offers the best feminine hygienic alternatives to sanitary pads, cotton pads or tampons.

The one thing that you will notice about this cup is its unique stem and rim. Dance, jump, play, sleep or do anything you want wearing this super convenient Safecup USA reusable menstrual cup.

Yes, this is a reusable monthly period blood flow collecting cup. This means you can use a cup every month for up to 10 years if you take good care of it. Hence, you do not have to worry about rushing to the washroom to change your sanitary pad or tampons.

This is available in all the 3 sizes-small, medium and large to collect the monthly menstrual flow. So, save money and mother earth simultaneously. Overall, we can say that it is one of the best menstrual cup in India.


  • It is leak-proof and free of additional colour
  • There is no hassle of constantly rushing to the washroom for a check.
  • Wear it overnight
  • Freedom to move and engage in physical activities


  • Steeply curved rim

2. Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women

If you want to buy a reusable menstrual cup that will be affordable but efficiently does the job of an expensive one, the Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup for Women is for your needs. Sirona menstrual cups come with a modern design, convenient to wear and economical.

Insert it into your vagina and relax your vagina muscles. Engage in physical activities like cycling, trekking, climbing, dancing or performing an active lifestyle in those menstrual days. Unlike cotton pads and sanitary pads, you can even enjoy swimming and moving freely without worrying about leaks.

Sirona menstrual cups are a product of 100% high-quality medical-grade ultra-soft silicon that has the certificate of FDA approval. The brand provides a safe way to collect menstrual blood without leaving toxins, allergy or odour. Besides, you can use this cost-effective, reusable cup for up to 10 years.

Another great quality of this menstrual cup is its ability to maintain the natural pH. Now coming to its design, Sirona Menstrual Cups have a flexible rim that makes it possible to seal the vacuum and set appropriately. Plus, they have a curved body and grooved stem to resist falling.

Choose from its 3 sizes-small, medium and large mainly based on your flow, age and suitability. With a Sirona reusable menstrual cup, enjoy rash-free, odour-free hygienic periods!


  • Indulge in any physical activity, sleep or travel without difficulty
  • No changing hassle
  • Gentle on vagina
  • Available in all three sizes


  • No such

3. PEESAFE Menstrual Cups for Women

Peesafe is among the best menstrual cups in India, which you can also try to change your menstrual hygiene game. This famous brand uses 100% medical-grade silicone in manufacturing and is also FDA-approved. Plus, the cups undergo several extensive quality tests to make them safer for the vaginal insert.

Moreover, the manufacturing facility of Peesafe is free of germs and sterilised. This means PEESAFE Menstrual Cups for Women are BPA-free, latex-free and also free from other harmful toxins.

Indulge in daily chores, travel, swim, trek or anything with ease. Plus, there’s absolutely no requirement to draw out the cup while peeing. Once you insert this cup, you can go yay for at least 8 hours! Although the cup can give protection up to 12 hours, still check the menstrual cup once after a gap of 8 hours.

For your personal satisfaction, you may rinse the cup before wearing it.


  • Safe, comfortable and leak-proof
  • Reusable for up to 5 years
  • Free of all chemicals, odour and skin allergies
  • Easy to wear and sleep, swim, jump, etc.


  • Relatively tiny stem makes it difficult to remove

Buying Guide for Best Menstrual Cup in India

Since there are several brands out in the market now selling their menstrual cups, chances are higher that you may get lost in the sea of options. If you are already in that situation wondering which one to buy as the first menstrual cup, here is a complete guide for you.

Before you consider the popular brands or something that’s available more easily, you must consider some factors to ensure you get the first menstrual cup that suits your bodily needs.

Check the length of your cervix

The height of your cervix is perhaps one of the most vital factors that you must consider when selecting a menstrual cup. Try to check the cervix when your menstrual cycle is near or running.

In order to do so, first, stand up and stay in a position in which you insert tampons. Keep one leg up on the bathroom counter or a chair and use one of your fingers to your vagina. Now observe how far you have to insert to feel the cervix.

Cervix may feel a bit unique than the remaining vaginal canal.

  • High Cervix: If you notice that your finger is going all the way, but you cannot touch the cervix, this means you hold a higher cervix.
  • Medium Cervix: If you notice that you can insert your finger till the second knuckle and touch the cervix, you have a medium cervix.
  • Low Cervix: For determining if you have a lower cervix, you would be able to touch it in the first knuckle.

In case you have a high cervix, go for longer cups as that will prove to be more sustainable to you. Choosing shorter cups would be difficult for a high cervix because the attachment will be deeper into your vaginal canal. So, they are better for menstruating women who have a low cervix.

Understand the flow

The next factor you must determine is the flow of your menstruation. If you are using disposables like sanitary pads and tampons, note how often you need to change them?

Generally, tampon boxes come with estimates of different sizes and their capacity to absorb. You can easily compare the capacity that you currently use with the menstrual cup capacity. For instance, if you are currently using a 12ml capacity of tampon that lingers on for 3 hours, a menstrual cup with a capacity of 25 ml can continue for 6 hours.

However, it is a difficult task in itself to estimate the flow using a sanitary pad as they don’t usually have absorbency ratings. So, if you use sanitary pads right now, try to make an informed decision to choose the cup capacity. You should determine how often you have to change them.

Size of the cup

Now that you know your cervix area and menstrual flow, it’s time to decide on the size. There are different sizes of menstrual cups available in the market to do the job conveniently.

  • Large: The large menstrual cups come with a capacity of 26ml. They are usually suitable for women aged above 30 years and have delivered normal childbirth.
  • Medium: The medium menstrual cups have a 21ml capacity that is more suitable for mothers of C-section babies. Also, they are, of course, suitable for women above 18 years of age.
  • Small: Small menstrual cups are usually suitable for girls under 18 years of age. It comes with a 16ml capacity.

However, these are just general sizes. If you are unsure, check out the previous factors first.

The firmness of menstrual cups

The firmness of the menstrual cups is essential, especially if you are enduring a bladder issue like a sensitive bladder. In such cases, you would really not want to get a firm menstrual cup. Firm menstrual cups are more likely to put pressure on the bladder and continually make you feel the need for peeing.

Again, you should also avoid menstrual cups having exceptionally sturdy rims as they also push against your bladder firmly. So, it is ideal for you to choose a softer menstrual cup since it tends to avoid uneasy pressing against the bladder.

However, menstruating women who have a stronger vaginal muscle and pelvic floor or lead quite an active lifestyle should choose a firmer cup. The strong vaginal muscles may, unfortunately, crush a softer cup and break the seal.

So, it is suitable for you to choose a cup that can efficiently hold the shape when it is inside your body.

Choose a reliable brand

You can easily waste your money on knockoff menstrual cup brands. However, it is important for you first to know the best brands. Suppose you buy a menstrual cup from an unreliable brand, and after some use, you see that they are breaking apart.

Remember, menstrual cups are a type of medical device as you are inserting them into your vagina. So, if you aren’t sure about the quality, refrain from buying them as a cup with dubious material can do more harm than good.

Hence, we recommend buying menstrual cups from brands like PEESAFE, Sirona, and Safecup USA. These brands indeed trade the best menstrual cup in India. They provide silicone menstrual cups approved by the FDA.

FAQs to Buy Menstrual Cup in India

How does a menstrual cup work?

A menstrual cup is the most practical and sustainable alternative option to tampons. This means that you can reuse a menstrual cup for many years. Accordingly, you are going to reduce the amount of production of the waste over the course of your period.

Unlike tampons and sanitary pads, a menstrual cup efficiently collects your menstrual blood without absorbing it.

What are the benefits that menstrual cups offer?

Menstrual cups come with a bundle of advantages, and this is why hundreds of women are choosing menstrual cups over other period products. Here are some reasons that will make you feel like getting one for yourself.

  • Affordable buy: If you are currently using tampons or sanitary pads, you will second this point that you spend a good amount every year to buy them. However, in the case of menstrual cups, you pay only once and reuse them for years.
  • Safer to use: Since menstrual cups only collect the period blood instead of absorbing it, you can stay safe from the risk of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This is a rare, life-threatening condition that is often associated with tampons. Plus, they usually do not contain any chemicals or release smell while it is inside the vagina.
  • Excess capacity: A menstrual cup has the capacity to hold more menstrual blood than tampons.
  • Eco-friendly product: Where millions of tampons and sanitary pads go into the landfill and take hundreds of years to decompose, a reusable menstrual cup is a sustainable option that can last up to 10 years. So, while switching your menstrual product, you are also contributing towards keeping the environment clean and safe.
  • Easy to move and travel: With a menstrual cup, you can relax for 12 hours without the risk of staining your clothes. However, a tampon can absorb blood for an average of 4 to 8 hours only. So, say bye to repeated rushing to the washroom. Relax and have fun!
  • No dryness: Menstrual cups don’t dry out your vagina like a tampon. Furthermore, they help to preserve the good bacteria and protect your vagina from getting infected.

How can I use a menstrual cup?

Correct insertion of a menstrual cup will not let you feel there is a foreign product inside your vagina. You would be able to sit, stand, jump, walk and just do anything without the cup falling out.

If you have previously been using a tampon, then it will be somewhat easy for you to insert the cup. Nonetheless, follow these steps to make the process of menstrual cup insertion smooth.

  • First of all, wash your hands with a mild soap or liquid hand wash and water to maintain hygiene down there.
  • Apply a vaginal lubricant or water to grease the rim of your menstrual cup.
  • Now firmly fold the cup using any of the techniques
  • Insert it facing the rim upside into your vagina. The cup should conveniently sit just a few inches beneath the cervix.
  • After that, rotate it carefully to open and make an airtight sealing. It will help to avoid leaks.

How to fold a menstrual cup?

If you are planning to make a switch from tampons or sanitary pads to menstrual cups, you must know how to fold them correctly. You should know that there are not just one but a few ways to fold a menstrual cup.

  • C or U-fold: C or U folds are one of the most common cup folds. The folding is quite wide, and therefore some even find it difficult to insert. If you want to fold your cup in C or U shape, hold it with your hands exactly under the rim. See if your thumbs are in close proximity to you or not. If it is close to you, jointly push the cup’s sides and flatten them. Now, fold the cup halfway to form the ‘C’ or ‘U’ shape.
  • Punch Down Fold: A punch-down fold is great for those who think ‘C’ or ‘U’ folding is wider. Again, it is quick and not awkward to perform. For punch down fold, take the cup in one hand and hold it from the base. Now place the index finger of your opposite hand over the rim of the cup. After that, push the cup rim down towards the base. Lastly, use both hands to push the sides of the cup together to hold firmly.
  • Seven-Fold: You can also choose the seven-fold, which is a bit smaller than the ‘C’ fold. Plus, they also come out easily. Now coming to how you can fold it, just hold the menstrual cup with your hands just under its rim and use both hands to push its sides together. Do it to flatten your cup. Lastly, hold the right side corner and make a fold towards the body.
  • Double-Seven Fold: Double-seven fold is quite similar to seven-fold but has a wider inserting point. In this fold also, you have to hold the menstrual cup below the rim and push its sides for flattening. Again, place your hand on the right corner and fold the cup downwards to the stem. Now keep holding the cup in the same position and turn it and fold the other corner in the same way.
  • S fold: If you choose the ‘S’ fold, then be careful as it is trickier than the other folds. Besides, this fold has a wider insertion point which makes this not so convenient. However, if you still want to go for this, just hold the cup with your hands below the rim and push its sides. Flatten the menstrual cup and push a corner away far from your body and pull another towards you. In this way, you can make an ‘S’ fold.
  • Origami Fold: Well, the name may sound tricky, but trust us, it’s not to fold. Moreover, origami fold is easy to release from the body. So, it has a brownie point as well. Use one hand and hold the menstrual cup from the base. Then place the index finger of another hand on top of the rim of the cup. Following this, use it to push the cup rim halfway down into the base. In the end, push the right corner and fold the cup downward towards the left side.

What are the things to know before the insertion of menstrual cups?

If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time and are sceptical about its insertion, the following points will help you overcome your concern.

Apply a lubricant: Before you insert the cup, try to use a vaginal-friendly moisturiser or lubricant. Note that, whatever you choose, they must be paraben-free and maintain the pH balance. It is no secret that the water-based ones are less slippery as compared to the oil-based ones.

Having said that, it is ideal to consult a gynaecologist and use the one he or she prescribes. The lubricant will certainly encourage an easy menstrual cup insertion and expulsion. Nonetheless, you can also use water to grease the rim of your cup to make the insertion smooth.

Explore the techniques: It is always better to experiment with the different folds before deciding which one you feel more comfortable with.

Don’t be in a hurry: Most importantly, do not rush while using the cup for the very first time. It is better to keep adequate time to use the menstrual cup while you feel relaxed. It will help you explore multiple techniques of insertion that don’t give too much pressure.

Choose the convenient position: There are various positions to insert the cup, but adopt the one in which you feel most comfortable. You can stand raising one foot on the toilet seat or chair, squat or else lie down on the bed or floor.

Relax: Remember, insertion and expulsion of the cup should not be a painful process. If you encounter pain at any point in time, then it is best to stop at that stage. Try again some other time when you are in a relaxed state of mind.

Which are the most recommended menstrual cup folds?

For beginners, it is better to choose between the punch down fold, or the ‘C’ fold as they are easier to use. However, if you are feeling more comfortable with a small insertion point, then punch down fold is the best.

Besides, the seven-fold is also easy to insert and release. So, menstrual women who have difficulty inserting a wider insertion point fold can opt for any of these shapes.

In contrast to this, we would suggest you avoid the ‘S’ fold when in hurry or still struggling with how to use the menstrual cup.

How long should we wear a menstrual cup?

You may keep the menstrual cup in your vagina for 5 to 12 hours. However, the timing depends on how heavy is your menstrual flow.

Nonetheless, you should avoid wearing the menstrual cup continuously for more than 12 hours. Yes, 12 hours is the maximum mark you must follow. If the cup becomes full even before the schedule, then you know that you have to remove it to prevent leaks.

How to remove menstrual cups?

Just like the insertion of the menstrual cup, you need to follow some steps to remove it.

  • Wash both of your hands with a hand wash or mild soap and water
  • Put your thumb and index finger in the vagina to pull out the stem gently. Continue it until you can hold the base of the cup.
  • Now that you got hold of the base, pinch it to remove the seal and pull it downward.
  • Once it’s completely out, vacate the menstrual cup into the toilet and flush it out.

How to clean the menstrual cups?

Reusable menstrual cups need washing and wiping before using them for re-insertion. Empty your cup at least twice daily while you are on period. Wash it with cold water and scrub it all over with a new toothbrush. Do not use hot water to rinse the cup as it will only lock in the odour.

However, some menstrual cups come with an instruction to boil them for 8 to 10 minutes. So, do your own research and check out the label to know what is perfect for your cups. Follow them and keep your cups and vagina unaffected and hygienic.


So, we hope you will now enjoy the switching journey with all the valuable information. Menstrual cups are eco-friendly and practical feminine hygiene products. Choose from the best menstrual cups in India and relax from unnecessary leakage problems.