Best Mixer Grinder in India

A mixer grinder is a kitchen electrical appliance that helps in grinding and mixing operations. This versatile appliance is a useful kitchen tool for whipping cream, mixing shakes, grinding spices, or chutneys. It can help to prepare foods or ingredients easily and quickly.

Yes, a good quality mixer grinder appliance can effortlessly make the idli-dosa batter, and grind spices like cloves, cardamom, black pepper, etc. You can also make both the dry and wet chutney using this. However, it can be challenging to find the best one from a wide variety that may suit your preference and budget.

10 Best Mixer Grinders in India

Here is a list of the best mixer grinders in India that are perfect for Indian Cuisine. Incorporate using any of these mixer grinders in your daily food preparation and say bye to kitchen worries. To know more about their features, read these descriptions and browse through the links to choose only the best.

1. Preethi Zodiac MG 218 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Preethi Kitchen Appliance Pvt. Ltd. presents a Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder that enlightens the market with the powerful Vega 5-motor. This powerful motor ensures smooth and perfect grinding of spices like turmeric just within two minutes.

The motor with the cooling functionality helps to cool faster in no time. Along with this, the kitchen tool comes with a 3-in-1 jar, which can perform three functions.

Firstly, the centrifugal juicer can extract fresh juice from fruits. Secondly, the blender can perfectly make yummy lassi and various types of shakes. And lastly, the super extractor helps to extract tangy tamarind pulp and thick coconut milk.

Besides, it comes with a unique Masterchef Plus jar of 2.1 liters. You can use this for performing broad seven functions, including kneading flour, pureeing, grating, slicing, chopping, chicken, or meat mincing. Plus, it can also prepare the citrus press.

The speed controls can help in speed controlling as preferred. Hence, it gives a good look to the modern kitchen and mixes and grinds ingredients nicely.

Moreover, the super sharpened multi-functional stainless steel blades present in every jar lets you finely grind or extract the juice. Knead flour within a minute or chop vegetables with four pulses. The maximum speed controlling knob with a switch can rotate to set three different variant speeds.

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder comes in soothing colors with food-grade elements. This potent mixer grinder can go through a blade dependability test for 10 hours, 5000 rotary switch cycling test.


  • Suitable for mixing, grating, chopping, slicing, grinding
  • Knead flour within a minute
  • Slip-resistant feet
  • Powerful 750 W motor
  • 3-Speed controlling rotary switch


  • Product operating sound may reach higher dB

2. Philips HL7707/00 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Philips appliances need no introduction. This famous brand offers one of the best kitchen appliances for Indian consumers. Philips HL7707/00 750 Watt Mixer Grinder is no different.

The PowerChop technology comes with a blend of the sharp blade, angular cutting, and the inner bowl to deliver fine chopping of both soft and hard ingredients. Plus, you can use it to make accurate consistency of purees and different types of cake batters.

Easily assemble the accessories and start using them. All the accessories of this mixer and grinder are safe to clean in the dishwasher.

Philips mixer grinder comes in a compact and unique design that takes minimum space to keep in the kitchen. The ergonomic design helps in sturdy operation while you even grind hard ingredients. Its gear-drive technology favors preparing food at low-speed and promotes RPM reduction.

Its powerful motor of 750W allows you to grind continuously for hours. These innovative technologies allow the consumer a smooth experience in mixing, chopping, slicing, grating, grinding, and kneading. Its PowerChop technology supports food processing. Check out our list to find the best food processor in India.

This mixer grinder model from the brand Philips consists of a total of four jars. Among which there is one ChefPro Jar of 2.2 liters, one Wet Jar of 1.5 liters, one Multi-purpose Jar of 1 liter, and a small chutney jar of 0.5 liters. All these jars and blades are products of superior quality stainless steel. The body material is ABS plastic.

Additional to this, Philips Mixer Grinder produces jars that allow leak-proof and spill-proof mixing and grinding experience. You can also use their multi-purpose jar for perfectly grinding, making batter, pastes, purees, milkshakes, buttermilk, or lassi. For making Indian chutneys and other condiments, small jars are ideal.

So, utilize this versatile appliance and make all your favorite dishes instantly hassle-free. The innovative design allows you to use the mixer grinder for a long time without causing damage to its motor.

It comes with three modes of speed controlling motor plus pulse. There is no requirement for further installation, as this is a ready-to-use mixer grinder appliance.

Most importantly, Philips offers a 5 years warranty on the motor and 2 years for the product. Now use this mixer grinder every day and save time to pamper yourself.


  • Powerful 750 Watt motor
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof jars
  • Suitable to make Indian chutneys, pastes, grind spices, make shakes and lassi
  • Ready-to-use appliance
  • 5 years motor warranty and 2 years product warranty


  • Attracts smudge on the body

3. Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 Watt Mixer Grinder

Every Indian kitchen needs a mixer grinder, which can efficiently knead the flour to make soft rotis and parathas and paste onion, garlic, tomatoes, chilies. Here we come up with Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder that is a boon for Indian Kitchen.

Do you remember the taste of spices when your grandma used to stone pound the spices? Revive that old flavor of spices with the innovative Stone Pounding Technology in modern mixer grinder appliance. Instead of chopping, this technology grind spices through the pounding effect to preserve their coarse texture and restore the authenticity.

Bosch TrueMixx Pro Mixer Grinder comes with sturdy lid-locks and a suction base. This further allows you to operate the machine hands-free, maintaining stability. The extraordinary sharp pounding blades have thick edges and use pounding technology. They can quickly grind dry and wet ingredients and deliver the traditional sambar masala taste.

Besides, it has high-grade stainless steel jars and a chrome finish body. Again, it has the Active Flow Breaker that only delivers smooth and fluffy batters for cakes and pastries. You can also extract fresh juices and coconut milk, and make smoothies using their MaxxJuice Extractor.

Bosch mixer grinder offers 1000W motor power. It comes in a package of one plastic blender jar of 1500ml, one dry grinding jar of 100ml, and a small chutney grinding jar of 400ml. Along with this, you also get a pounding blade and spatula. Bosch comes with a two-year warranty on the product.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy lid-lock and suction feet
  • Suitable for grinding dry and wet chutney
  • Pounding Blade Technology
  • Cable management


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for continuous operation

4. Sujata Dynamix DX 900 Watt Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder comes in as a practical option that has the features to suit every Indian kitchen’s needs. With a powerful motor of 900W, it provides double ball bearings that ensure its efficiency, trouble-less run, and low maintenance features for years.

Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder has three superior quality stainless steel jars of different sizes for mixing and grinding. You get a wet grinding jar along with the motor unit, a dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar in the package.

You can use them in various applications. Like, use the dome jar for grinding wet chutney or paste such as idli or dosa batter. On the other hand, use the remaining two jars for grinding dry ingredients or chutney.

Besides, Sujata Mixer Grinder offers a continuous 90 minutes running time. So, use this jar to prepare ingredients and condiments for a small to large family hassle-free. The sharp stainless steel blades are perfect for finely cutting and grinding ingredients quickly.

Also, during the operation, enjoy a vibration-free and shock-proof grinding experience. Now, prepare several delicacies for your family and friends faster and safer.

Additionally, the 22000 rpm operation helps preserve the authentic flavors and essence of the food and juices you make using this mixer grinder. The manufacturer even offers a two-year warranty period starting from your purchase date to serve their customers well.


  • 900W powerful motor
  • Suitable for grinding hot dry and wet ingredients
  • 22000 rpm operation
  • Shock-proof and vibration-free operation
  • Run for 90 minutes continuously


  • It takes more time to grind hard ingredients.

5. Butterfly Jet Elite 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

If you are in quest of a multi-purpose mixer grinder, we would suggest you go for the Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder. This versatile tool from the brand Butterfly is a design that offers its consumers a smooth and hassle-free operation experience.

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder is suitable for every Indian kitchen, whether it has a small or big space. The compact setup makes it an effortless task to accommodate within a compact area of the kitchen. Most importantly, it comes with a powerful 750 watts motor with three-speed settings.

This further helps in grinding even the hardest ingredients in an easy and hassle-free way. You can choose to switch between these three-speed settings as required for preparing different recipes.

The Butterfly mixer grinder comes with three jars of stainless steel and a blender jar, making it convenient for preparing several recipes. Plus, the sturdy handles attached to the jars makes it easier to use. They are a blend of fashion and ergonomic design that adds a sense of style and utility to the modern Indian kitchen.

Besides, the base of this Butterfly mixer grinder has slip-resistant pads that ensure no movement while you are grinding ingredients. The sturdy handles here also play a crucial role in providing a good grip in holding the grinding jar during the operation.

Also, the mixer grinder is of ABS body, and the jars are rust-proof and manufactured using the food-grade material that makes it perfect for storing your edibles safely. The use of stainless steel in the manufacturing of the grinding jars helps to avoid corrosion and stain-free.

Use this mixer grinder for extracting fresh juices retaining the fiber. The fibers are a source of nutrition. The sharp blades made from stainless steel are perfect for extracting juices from all sorts of vegetables and fruits. Along with this, whip creams, make chutneys and shakes and grind spices using this multi-purpose mixer grinder.

The Butterfly mixer grinder package includes the mixer grinder, a liquid jar with the lid, a juicer jar, a dry grinding jar with the lid, and a chutney jar with its lid. Plus, you get a spatula, a user manual, and a warranty card. Enjoy a two years warranty on the motor and two years warranty on the product itself.


  • Powerful 750 watt motor with three-speed knob settings
  • Suitable for grinding, chopping, juice extracting
  • Special ventilator
  • Rust-proof and stain-proof stainless steel grinding jars
  • Sturdy handles and durable lids


  • Produces much noise

6. Panasonic MX-AC400 550-Watt Super Mixer Grinder

Next, we have the MX-AC400 super mixer grinder from one of the famous brands in the Indian market, Panasonic. When talking about a mixer grinder that delivers a smooth and hassle-free operating experience, we definitely cannot miss this model. The Panasonic Super Mixer Grinder comes in a compact design that is suitable for accommodating every size of the kitchen.

Operating with the power consumption of a 550-watt motor and 220-240 volt, you can use this appliance for mixing and grinding both wet and dry ingredients. Plus, it allows you to blend, meat mincing, egg beating, and crushing ice conveniently. It is possible to crush the hardest ingredients using this kitchen tool.

Here, you get three stainless steel jars and a glass blender jar. Every jar has a dual locking system for ensuring safety. At first, the lid-locks of the jars discourage motor function until you tightly lock the lid. Secondly, this locking system does not let the motor turn on before fixing the jar in the right place.

The significant magic seal protection helps in lubricating the blade and simultaneously increasing its long life. Its blades are so sharp and sturdy that it can easily grind hard spices like turmeric. Hence, Panasonic holds the No.1 position in the grinding challenge.

The three-speed modes have unique piano-type switches that make them convenient for operating.

Panasonic is a brand that offers a variety of features in their mixture grinder appliance to suit every need of the Indian appetite. With their mixer grinder, the food preparation task becomes like child play. Plus, this kitchen appliances manufacturing brand offers you all the quality assurance so that you can enjoy your cooking experience.

Panasonic mixer grinder comes with a total of four grinding jars that are different in sizes. Use these jars to work in the kitchen conveniently. You can blend different types of shakes, extract fresh vegetables and fruit juices, mince meat, make pastes and chutneys, extract coconut milk, grind wet and dry spices for making spicy Indian curries, and many more.

These jars are proof of multitasking and offer broad functionality with easy operation. Hence, all these functions help you minimize your food preparation time and make cooking a fun activity.

Additionally, the double safety locking mechanism and stylish handles with an ergonomic design make it a functional and hassle-free product. Besides, it comes with a five years warranty on the motor.


  • Double locking mechanism
  • Three-speed controlling modes
  • Ideal for chopping, blending, grinding, juice extraction, and much more
  • Samurai Edge stainless steel blades
  • Excellent grinding with the 3D Alpha flow


  • Low watt
  • High price

7. Bajaj Rex 500 watt Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder is a kitchen appliance that can help you elevate your culinary skills to another level. It not only helps in efficiently assisting you in the food preparation but also speeds up the process. We would like to suggest you install this type of mixer grinder in your kitchen and experience a delightful cooking time.

The powerful 500-watt motor is convenient enough for conducting several functions. Plus, Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder has vacuum feet that ensure the hassle-free operation and avoids sliding during the process.

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder comes in a package of three stainless steel grinding jars. Among which, you get one is of a 1.2-liter liquidizing jar, another is of 0.8-liter jar for dry grinding, and a small 0.3-liter chutney jar.

Bajaj Rex mixer grinder comes with a stylish design and upgraded sturdiness. Also, the easy to gripping handles are great for efficiently working. These give you scope to grind and chop food grains and other ingredients of distinct textures effortlessly.

Besides, the mixer grinder has a sturdy and rust-proof body with a highly durable view. The use of superior quality food-grade ABS plastic will not degenerate as time passes. Moreover, it gives a shining texture to the kitchen appliance that further enhances your kitchen’s overall outlook.

The three-speed controlling modes help in increasing or decreasing its speed without overloading the motor. It also carries an incher for momentary performance. On this product, enjoy a year warranty period and a one-year warranty on the motor.


  • Ideal for blending and grinding
  • Slip-resistant vacuum feet
  • Incher for momentary performance
  • Three-speed controlling modes
  • Sturdy and convenient jar handle


  • Produces noise during operation

8. Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

When in a quest for an all-rounder mixer grinder, choose the powerful Prestige Iris Mixer Grinder that comes with 750 watts of a powerful motor. You can use this appliance for grinding different types of ingredients.

This mixer grinder comes with a total of three grinding jars and one juicer jar. Three of them are of high-quality stainless steel, and one is of polycarbonate transparent. The wet grinding jar is 1.5 liters, a dry grinding jar of 1litre, a chutney jar of 300ml, and one centrifugal juicer jar of 1.5 liters.

Plus, they have sturdy handles fixed to the versatile jars for easy use. The body is also of premium plastic that offers an elegant look to the modern kitchen. The four-super productive stainless steel blades are ideal for extracting juices, blending shakes, making chutneys and paste, meat mincing, and many more.

Besides, it comes with three-speed controlling settings. Furthermore, it features a switch for overload protection, which reduces the power supply mixer grinder. This discourages the motor from receiving overheat. For safety purposes, the jar lid-locking system also ensures correct positioning. Otherwise, your mixer grinder would not start its operation.

So, bring home this mixer grinder and enjoy a two-year mirror warranty and two-years warranty on the product.


  • Powerful 750-watt motor
  • Four premium quality jar
  • Lid-lock safety
  • Three-speed controlling settings with an overload protection setting
  • Easy to operate


  • Not ideal for continuous operation

9. Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft 500 Watt Mixer Grinder

Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder is a kitchen appliance suitable for every Indian kitchen. Its sleek and compact body is excellent for keeping it in the contemporary Indian kitchen.

The mixer grinder has a 500 Watt heavy motor that helps prepare flavorful food in the kitchen daily. The copper motor makes it a durable appliance with a long life. Be it to grind spices or prepare tasty shakes; the three grinding jars are perfect for everyday needs. All you have to do is spin and blend.

Plus, the nickel-coated stainless steel blades help in getting super smooth grinding and blending results. The speed controlling switches with an incher is ideal for setting different speeds.


  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 500 Watt heavy motor and jars
  • Non-slip suction feet
  • Advanced heat dissipation operation


  • Makes noise during operation

10. Havells Maxx Grind 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Last but not least, make your favorite recipes quickly and efficiently with Havells Maxx Mixer Grinder. This mixer grinder comes in rescue with its ergonomic design and exceptional features. Besides, its vibrant blue color is like a bonus for displaying in the contemporary Indian kitchen.

The powerful 750 watts with three-speed controlling settings are ideal for blending, making chutneys, dry and wet grinding. Additionally, the stainless steel modern designed blades add to give the best grinding outcome. It also has an additional LED indicator.

The package includes the mixer grinder unit, blending jar of 1.5 liters, dry or wet grinder jar of 1 liter and a small chutney jar of 500 ml, and a user manual. All of these jars come with transparent polycarbonate lids. Besides, the appliance has a stable base, which further helps in less vibratory operation.


  • 750-watt motor
  • Three jars suitable for blending, grinding, and making chutneys
  • Stable base
  • LED indicator
  • Three-speed control settings


  • You can avail the feature of juice extraction within this price range.

Buying Guide for Best Mixer Grinder in India

Nowadays, everyone knows the importance of a mixer grinder. Especially in the Indian kitchen, a mixer grinder helps prepare the exquisite dishes that earlier took hours to make.

From preparing coriander and mint leaves chutney to pureeing tomatoes, pasting onion, garlic, and ginger for making spicy Indian curries. Also, from making batter for idli, dosa, and vada, a mixer grinder comes in handy. The best mixer grinder is a necessity for every Indian kitchen as we absolutely cannot prepare dishes quickly and easily without it.

However, it could be challenging to understand the essential features while buying a mixer grinder if you are a novice. There are various types of products available from different brands, but Indian Cuisine requires something special. So, if you want to find the best mixer grinder in India, check the buying guide below before getting one for your home.


One of the crucial features to check while buying a mixer grinder is its wattage. Though higher wattage helps in grinding harder ingredients faster, a mixer grinder with 500watt to 750watt is ideal for the Indian kitchen.

Speed Control Setting

Always remember to check the speed controlling modes in the mixer grinder. These different speed control modes ensure the right use of speed setting as per need.


The more jars, the more versatile your mixer grinder can function. Choose mixer grinders that come with at least three jars of varying capacities for grinding dry and wet spices and chutneys. Plus, it should have a sturdy body and an unbreakable lid to resist daily use. Most mixer grinders come with a juicer jar. But if you need a dedicated juicer, check out our list to find the best juicer in India.


Mixer grinder blades should be of stainless steel and resistant to corrosion. Also, they should be sharp and sturdy to grind even the toughest ingredients.


Assure yourself by choosing the brand that offers you a good period of warranty on the product. A warranty period of two to four years on the product is ideal. Additionally, look for a motor warranty to keep your appliance under protection for a long time.

FAQs to Buy Mixer Grinder in India

What are the advantages of using a mixer grinder in the kitchen?

In this fast-paced world, we need appliances that efficiently and quickly complete our work, and hence, the best mixer grinders are what we need. This handy appliance offers a variety of pasting and grinding options for you to make good food faster.

Be it grinding spices or making shakes or chopping vegetables; you can do it all using this versatile kitchen appliance. You can even ground hard ingredients like nuts and chicken to make different recipes using this tool.

Also, you can use this for whipping and mixing liquids, making paste for Indian curries. Plus, some come with kneading features that allow you to knead the dough for bread, parathas, cakes, and pastries.

Along with these features, a good mixer grinder offers you scope to slice, dice, strain, mash, chop several ingredients of your choice to make both the delicious Indian and Continental dishes. In fact, mixer grinders come with several types of sharp and blunt stainless steel blades that are suitable for different functioning.

Besides, they are easy to operate and use. So, if you own a mixer grinder, your kitchen experience will become a tad more comfortable and hassle-free.

Is grinding sugar possible in the mixer grinder?

Yes, you can grind sugar using a mixer grinder. Take the dry spice grinding jar that comes with the mixer grinder. Clean the jar thoroughly and then use it for blending sugar. Fix the jar in the motor and grind it for around 30 to 40 seconds. Open the lid and check the outcome.

Repeat grinding until sugar turns into superfine powder without having any visible crystals. Then leave the jar as it is till the sugar powder settles down. It usually takes one to two minutes of total time to convert sugar crystals into the powdered form.

What is the use of a wet grinder jar?

A wet grinder jar is a must-have for preparing Indian Cuisine. This jar helps in grinding grains and turns them into a smooth paste or batter. Be it preparing food grains, lentils batter for idli, dosa, appam, paniyaram, or vada, you can make everything easily using a wet grinding jar of the mixer grinder.

Though in Western Cuisine, it comes in occasional use, Indian Cuisine needs a wet grinding jar to make different types of recipes.

How to grind coconut in the mixer grinder?

If you want to finely grind coconut to make chutney or use it for other recipes, then grate it before putting it inside the mixer grinder. This will help you in grinding the coconut well. Otherwise, you can chop the coconut into small and uniform pieces before adding into the mixer grinder.

Whatever way you choose to add coconut, in both cases, start grinding as it is without water. Gradually add water content into the coconut and grind again for getting that right consistency. Make sure to use the smaller jar to grind coconut.


In this modern era, we want almost everything to run in the fast forward mode and do multitasking. Yes, multitasking is essential as it allows doing different types of jobs at the same time and thus, coming out as versatile.

A mixer grinder is such a versatile kitchen appliance that comes in handy to prepare recipes quickly. You can use it to mix and grind different food grains, lentils, herbs, vegetables, meat, etc., nicely.