Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

Sleeping during pregnancy can be uncomfortable. This is because during this time your belly will start to grow bigger with each passing month. The best pregnancy pillow in India offers support to your body so that it relieves any discomfort that you may be facing. Hence, you will no longer have any pain in your pelvis muscles, back, and leg.

Best Pregnancy Pillows in India: Optimal Support and Comfort for Expectant Mothers

These pregnancy pillows will eliminate any kind of stiffness or pain in your body. So, if you are a new mom-to-be, you can opt for one of these Best Pregnancy Pillows in India. They will not only make you feel comfortable but also ensure that you get the proper rest that you deserve.

1. Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Coozly Premium Lyte C Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is made up of high quality. The C-shaped pillow has a special design suitable for pregnant mothers. It contours your back and offers support to both your belly and vertebrae. With its adequate breath and large size, you can use one side of the pillow to rest your head. The other side can be helpful for supporting your lower belly and legs.

The low denier fiber and the fine, precise cut will keep the pillow flexible. Thus, you will be able to adjust it to a sleeping position that best suits you. It is a versatile pregnancy pillow that you can use in several kinds of ways to support your body. These functions are essential during the months of pregnancy.

Its fibers are hypoallergenic and null pressure that ensuring that there is no release of harmful pressure. The denier and fine fiber make it perfect for multipurpose use. In addition, these pillows have detachable covers with a kind of organic stretch that fits around the bends and curves. Moreover, the knitted fabrics are absorbent and have a smooth finish.

You can use these pregnancy pillows even after your baby is born. This will make it suitable for baby burping, lounging, and baby feeding. After using these pregnancy pillows, you can wash their covers. You will further have the option of readjusting the fluffiness with the help of gentle squats.


  • High-quality.
  • Gives support to your belly and vertebrae.
  • Absorbent fabric with a smooth finish.
  • It has hypoallergenic.
  • Detachable covers that are washable.


  • Expensive.
  • Colors can differ.

2. Tishnagi Ultra Soft Pregnancy Pillow

Tishnagi Ultra Soft Pregnancy Pillow offers full support to your whole body. This conforming shape enables you to sleep on it with your back. In addition, you can sleep on your side for the proper alignment of your spine. You can adjust this firm pillow to sleep on your stomach.

If you are a pregnant mother, you can replace your standard pillows with this maternity multipurpose pregnancy pillow. Therefore, you can use this as the best pregnancy pillow in India for reading in the bed, sleeping, and watching television. It further offers the right orthopedic support for enhancing your sleeping position.

Besides aligning your spine, it will also align your hips, back, knees, feet, and legs all through the night. You can customize this pregnancy pillow to change the thickness, buoyancy, firmness, weight, and support to suit your needs. Our cotton fabric will ensure that there is conforming stretch and breathability.


  • It can provide support to your entire body.
  • You can adjust this pillow to sleep in different positions.
  • Provides orthopedic support to enhance your sleep position.
  • Customization is available.
  • The cotton fabric makes the pillow breathable.


  • Does not have much fluffiness.

3. Momsyard Full Body Maternity Pillow

Momsyard Full Body Maternity Pillow is another best pregnancy pillow in India. It comes with a C shape that provides support to your knees, back, hips, head, and neck. You must have this pillow if you are pregnant because it offers the right amount of support for you. In addition, you do not need many pillows as this pregnancy pillow will meet all of your requirements.

It has a polyfill adjustable material that prevents you from turning and tossing it over at night. Besides, it has a removable pillow with a zipper that is hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and BPA-free. Also, it does not have any latex, lead, or phthalates.

If you are in your third trimester, then it is possible that you are experiencing some pain. This pregnancy pillow will allow you to have better sleep, reduce disturbances, and ease your back pain throughout the night. Moreover, the pillow has curved edges that will enable your joints to remain comfortable throughout the night.


  • Its c-shape supports your neck, knees, and back.
  • Provides uninterrupted sleep by eliminating disturbances.
  • Does not have latex, lead, or phthalates.
  • Reduces back pain and improves sleep.
  • Curved edges offer comfort to your joints.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Buying Guide for Best Pregnancy Pillow in India

Different kinds of pregnancy pillows in India


Wedges may not be like other types of pregnancy pillows. However, they have a small size that can be quite helpful. This is because they don’t occupy much space on your bed, but you can use them in various ways. It helps to support your back, lower back, as well as your stomach while you are sitting.

In addition, you can take them with you when you are traveling. They are made with solid foam that will surrender to the pressure applied. At the same time, it will provide an enormous amount of support so that you sleep peacefully all through the night.

Full body length pillow

These pregnancy pillows are generally four to five feet in terms of their size. You can use them with or without your normal pillow. It will depend on whether the latter offers proper flexibility to keep it under your head.

As a pillow, it is straight or has some kind of minor arc. This enables you to relax better. It slips or sips above your pillow. Besides, it has polyester along with a foam bead to provide proper body contour.

Total body pillow

A total body Pillow offers full support; for instance, it gives support to your head and to other parts of your body. During the final months of pregnancy, this can provide comfort. Moreover, these pillows can be useful for different types of applications.

These pregnancy pillows have polyfill that makes washing easy. However, it is heavy and bulky which consumes a lot of space. But, with the amount of comfort it has to offer, it can overcome this problem.

C-shaped pillow

This pillow will comfort and support your full body, belly, and back. It will replace the need for additional pillows, in case you need them on the knees as well. In addition, it will enable you to rest your head on the upper part. Later, you can slide it in the curve position, which will be quite comforting, but they are more expensive.

U-shaped pillow

It has a shape similar to a horseshoe. This will provide support to your hip and back. As a pregnancy pillow, it is best for someone who will have a sleeping habit on the back. It will help you to contour the front, knees, and back. The only disadvantage is that they are big, but you can use them later in the form of a nursing pillow.

Features of a pregnancy pillow

Bodyweight and height

You must search for a pregnancy pillow that will provide comfort and support. It further needs to match your body type in terms of weight and height. For instance, a woman with a plus size will get more comfort from a U or C-shaped pregnancy pillow.

Bed size

It is essential to consider the size of your bed when buying a pillow during pregnancy. This is because some pregnancy pillows are large and suitable only for a king-sized bed.

Sleeping position

Some women prefer sleeping on their stomachs. However, at the time of pregnancy, women need to sleep on their side. This allows the proper growth of the baby because of a high amount of blood flow. Hence, you must look for a pillow that enables you to sleep in that manner.

Hypo-allergic material

Hypo-allergic material for pregnancy pillows is essential. As, these pillows ensure that the pregnant mother does not suffer from skin issues, allergies, and breathing problems.


A firm pregnancy pillow can offer the right amount of support. Therefore, you must look for a pillow that has a medium to a high level of firmness. A soft pillow cannot support the growth of your belly.

Removable cover

During pregnancy, the body of the mother undergoes many hormonal changes. Sometimes, it can be sweaty. Thus, look for a pregnancy pillow that has a detachable cover. For hygienic purposes, you must be able to clean it regularly.

Filling material

The best pregnancy pillows come with fillers to offer support to the body. These pillows contain Styrofoam, polyester fiber, memory foam, and micro-beads fiber. Memory foam filler can offer more comfort and support than any polyester fiber. On the other hand, ball fibers make your pillows fluffy and soft.

FAQs to Buy Pregnancy Pillow in India

What are the health benefits of using a pregnancy pillow?

The health benefits of using the best pregnancy pillow in India are mentioned below for your convenience.

  • Improves blood circulation: Most gynecologists suggest pregnant ladies sleep on the left side. This is because, at this time, the baby is at its stage of development. It allows the baby to be in the optimum position for their birth. There are many other outcomes like blood circulation relieving pressure from your body. In addition, it gives support to the whole body. Also, you will get assistance in the areas where your body needs the most support.
  • Helps to deal with allergies: If you are pregnant while experiencing some allergies, the right pillow will help you to overcome them. Do not confuse as pillows work regularly on some hormones that influence allergies. Pregnancy hormones lead to side effects. At this time, women have more skin problems and allergies. Therefore, go for a pillow that will help you deal with these allergies.
  • Reduces heartburn: Pregnancy can sometimes cause discomfort to your inner organs. Among other problems, pregnant mothers suffer from the problem of heartburn. This happens usually when you descend into a horizontal plane while sleeping. You can calm down your heartburn with a v-shaped hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow. It primarily intends to put your body higher when you sleep. Moreover, it ensures proper relaxation even after your pregnancy. Later, you can use this pillow for nursing.
  • Maximum comfort: If you use the right pregnancy pillow, you will get maximum comfort. This will further provide you with the proper maintenance. With this, you can treat any difficulties that are present in your back and neck. It can even relieve any pain in your back and spine.

What are the advantages of a pregnancy pillow?

Some of the primary advantages of using a pregnancy pillow are listed below.

  • Deep sleep: At the time of pregnancy, sleep is necessary as it promotes the health of yourself and your baby. When you find a suitable pillow, it will relieve pressure, help your body grow, and provide strength.
  • Greater convenience: Adjusting to your new body can be tough when your body is changing almost regularly. Convenience is the key to staying healthy. Hence, a good pregnancy pillow can not only ensure good sleep but also a convenient sleep position.
  • Lesser pain: Gradually with each month of pregnancy, you will start to notice changes in your hips, back, and spine. A good pillow can eliminate stress and provide relief to the above areas. This way, you will experience a lower amount of pain the following morning.

For instance, a belly wedge pillow can block the pain from your lower back and abdominals. It will also prevent you from sleeping on your abdomen. In this manner, you will have a more comfortable experience with lesser pain.

Does a pregnancy pillow help?

Mothers who are experiencing backache and neck pain require the right pillow for sleeping comfortably. With the pregnancy pillow, the pregnant must stay in a partial fetal position. When you use this pillow, it allows for straightening not only your hips but also your knees.

In addition, it eases the pressure on some parts of your body. These include the hips, spine, as well as back. Besides, it helps to recover the right alignment of your body.

When should you begin using a pregnancy pillow?

In case you have a tendency to not sleep at your side, then it is mandatory to use a pregnancy pillow. These pregnancy pillows reduce pain and help you adjust to the new changes in different parts of your body. This also ensures that it allows you to deal with any pain that may come your way in terms of your neck and back.

So during the last thirty-six weeks of pregnancy, it is absolutely essential to get a pregnancy pillow. They come with breathable fabrics like cotton to give you the right comfort. Thus, to prevent any allergies and pain, you can use these pregnancy pillows.

Which is the best shape for a pregnancy pillow?

Apart from protection from allergies, pain, and fabric, the shape of the pregnancy pillow is quite significant. If you end up buying a pregnancy pillow that does not have the right shape, it can compromise your baby’s development. In addition, it can also affect your posture and can enhance pain instead of alleviating it.

Pregnancy pillows that have a wedge can help you to get over your back strain. Besides, it will slide beneath the belly to make your baby belly grow while you sleep on the side. Also in this position, you can eliminate the problem of backpressure.

However, it is important that you make your decision to select the best pregnancy pillow in India. Besides, all of the above factors, you need to focus on the size of your bed as not all beds can accommodate huge pillows. Looking at these factors will enable you to enhance your comfort while improving the baby’s health.


It is essential to pay attention to a few factors when you are out buying the best pregnancy pillow in India. For example, you can search for different types of pregnancy pillows in various shapes- wedges, total body pillows, etc. The size, height, and weight also matter. You cannot for a heavy pillow if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

In addition, there are lots of available benefits when it comes to using a pregnancy pillow. During pregnancy, the body goes through some particular changes. This is why opting for a pillow that maximizes support and comfort while minimizing pain is the best choice. You can therefore use the above premium-quality pregnancy pillows to enhance adjustability.