Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India

A robot vacuum cleaner, or Roomba, is a self-sufficient robotic vacuum cleaner incorporated with intelligent programming. Since it has this mechanical functioning ability, there is no need for manual operation as it cleans autonomously. Roomba or robotic vacuum cleaner is capturing the Indian market with its varying designs.

Among these designs, some feature spinning brushes that help in reaching the tight and untouched corners. At the same time, some other designs accommodate a variety of cleaning and vacuuming features. Unlike a regular vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuum cleaners produce less noise.

9 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India

They are convenient to utilize because of their autonomous functioning ability and compact storage. Although they are much expensive, it is still worth the price it quotes.

We have come up with a list of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India. Here is a list that will help you find the right product with just a click.

1. Irobot Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Irobot is a brand that manufactures robotic appliances for over 30 years. The Irobot Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning Robot connects with WiFi to clean hard floors and carpets, mats, etc. The dirt detecting technology identifies the untidy and dirty areas and navigates to the same place to clean efficiently.

The 3-stage cleaning functioning ensures perfect cleaning up of the surface without leaving even the slightest dust particles from hard floors and mats. Besides, the smart application control helps in setting the preferred modes of operation. You can schedule cleaning and meet the requirements for floor cleaning.

It is also compatible with voice assistance through Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistance. This smart appliance also suggests you for additional cleaning when allergy season arrives. You may tend to neglect all these things, but this intelligent appliance will remind you.

The multiple surface brushes take everything, whether small or large, debris from the hard floors and rugs. Furthermore, adaptive navigation facilitates sensor detection furniture and edges to avoid bumping or falling.

The package includes the robot vacuum, line cord, and the home-based charging station.


  • Great suction capacity
  • The battery lasts longer than usual
  • Come with multiple brushing surfaces
  • Google Assistant and compatible with Amazon’s Alexa


  • Does not map the house before cleaning

2. eufy by Anker BoostIQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

eufy by Anker BoostIQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner can quickly suck up the dust and dust present on the floor with its powerful 1300Pa of suction. They help in the deep cleaning of the flooring so that you find a spotless surface. The large wheels are perfect for rolling over the thick rugs and carpets or climb over the edge of the doors to clean the mess.

The built-in drop-sensing technology ensures the prevention of falls from the staircase or bumping into objects. So, while it works, you have to pay zero attention.

This modern device returns automatically to its charging station when it detects a low battery. Then it recharges and gets ready for its next operation. The outstanding blend of a high-performance filter and a double-layer filter helps in attaining a spotlessly clean surface.

Plus, the wide range of cleaning modes and different pre-set cleaning times ensures thorough cleaning while you are away. It has the potential to clean for 100 minutes non-stop after every charge, which is sufficient for cleaning a moderately-sized home on a single charge.

Moreover, the 0.6-liter large dustbin can hold dirt much more and decrease the emptying frequency.


  • A compact and powerful cleaning device
  • Come with a large dustbin
  • Has multi-cleaning modes and pre-set schedule cleaning modes
  • 2.8″ tall device helps to clean under lower pieces of furniture and corners easily


  • Less effective to suck in heavy dirt

3. Roborock S5 MAX Robotic Cleaner

Roborock S5 Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaning appliance that helps you clean your floors. It comes with a vast water tank that super effectively does the operation of a large area.

Roborock S5 Max Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes in use to cover about 200 sqm to clean up with a single charge. The battery lasts longer for approximately 120 minutes which reduces repeated charging for cleaning up your home. It also ensures the scope for schedule cleaning and setting modes using your smartphone.

It maps the route of your home autonomously and recharges when it detects a low battery. You can enjoy a clean and tidy house with this appliance consisting of upgrading in mopping and sweeping.

The super suction ability and adaptive mapping help in succeeding to have a better cleaning result. Along with this, the super LDS laser sensor can analyze your room at 300RPM. Credit goes to the excellent drawer layout that offers an easy and quick installation of the mopping panel without removing or flipping the water tank.


  • Washable mop pad and air filter
  • Features schedule cleaning
  • Climbs quickly over 2cms to clean carpets and rugs
  • Changes automatically to turbo mode while cleaning mats
  • Automatic Recharge


  • May not remove all types of dark stains.

4. Goovi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Goovi Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with the powerful 1600 PA that helps in facilitating efficient and quicker cleaning. It detects the low battery and automatically reaches the dock station for self-charging.

You can enjoy its 360° intelligent sensor protection that detects every dirty corner of your floor and reaches there for clean-up. Along with this, the multi-cleaning modes are best suitable for cleaning hard floors such as tiles or sucking pet hairs and other dirt.

Another advantage of the Goovi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is its 2.83″ ultra-thin body that smoothly glides under the low-rising furniture. Plus, the automatic boost and 15° angle make the hard cleaning job effortless. You can also rejoice in your time as it produces only 45dB to 65dB or a maximum of 75dB noise while cleaning.


  • Has built-in SmartIQ technology
  • Efficiently cleans smaller space
  • Offers a quiet cleaning process
  • Come with multi-cleaning modes
  • Gets back to the dock station to recharge


  • Shows no indication via light when the dustbin gets full

5. Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is our next suggestion to keep your home clean noise freely. Schedule the cleaning program and see how it automatically operates over tiles, carpet, rugs, etc., at that particular time.

After cleaning or when it sees the battery is low, it reaches its dock station to recharge and get ready for the next cleaning session. With a single full charge, it can automatically run for 90 minutes. The robot vacuum cleaner cleans the floor with the help of its dual rotating sweeper brushes. It expands the device’s reach and rotates the brushes to grab all the dust and debris from the edges, floor, or wall of your home.

Additionally, you can use the remote and delay the hours to start cleaning. The significant 24W suction ability sucks in all the dust and dirt from the floor without clogging the pet hair. The Hepa filter feature is also excellent for acting as a shield to allergens.


  • Powerful suction ability
  • Features Hepa Filter
  • Schedule cleaning time
  • Automatic recharge
  • Enjoy a quiet cleaning process


  • Goes on pushing lightweight items until it bumps into a heavyweight product

6. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with a triple-stage cleaning function. The different types of brushes, including the main brush, side brushes, and vacuum, intensify the cleaning process. Plus, the max mode doubles its suction ability. It cleans thoroughly with front mode, back mode, and edge modes.

The ECOVACS offers a Home App controlling features that allow you to schedule or monitor the cleaning status. Besides, this completely wireless cleaning appliance works coordinating with Alexa. So, no matter where you go, it will let you keep control of its activities.

During its operation, it produces low noise that never disturbs the members of the family. The large dustbin makes it perfect for cleaning large houses. This robot vacuum charges automatically and cleans thoroughly for hours.


  • High-efficiency Filter
  • Large dustbin
  • Home App controlling feature
  • Automatic recharge
  • Quiet cleaning process


  • A wet surface will cause a default in its functioning and damage the appliance

7. ILife V5s Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILife V5s Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can dry and wet clean the floor. You can easily set to switch modes to the water tank and begin mopping. The extraordinary and powerful suction ability allows grabbing all the dirt and debris, including pet hair, into the bin.

It can automatically cleanup for 110 minutes with a single charge perfect for completing the cleaning of a decently sized home. The scheduled cleaning ensures to clean thoroughly before you return to see a messy house all over again.

The microfiber cloth attached wipes off the stubborn dirt efficiently. The protection sensors detect the stairs and edges from a distance to avoid falling.


  • Intelligent protection detects fine dust particles and filters allergens from the air
  • Automatic charging when the battery is low
  • Easily navigates and cleans a larger area
  • Larger wheels


  • You cannot set a specific area for cleaning

8. 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

360 S7 Laser Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner features LDS lidar and a smart algorithm to plan your home’s route and clean deeply. You can set the specific areas to sweep and mop with the help of the application. Plus, the device allows you to track or keep a voice control through Amazon’s Alexa. So, the interacting process becomes easy as it is compatible with the application and Alexa.

Moreover, this robot vacuum cleaner automatically changes from sweeping to mopping mode after installing the water tank. Again, it returns to the sweeping mode when you remove the tank. During its usage, you will see how efficiently it operates even to vanish the water stains from the floor.

It comes with features like a memory cleaning area for thorough cleaning of a larger home. The control panel shows different lights for indication.


  • Triple-cleaning mode
  • Quiet operation
  • 2000 Pa suction ability
  • Flexible on uneven floor
  • Automatic recharge


  • Gives a tough time to synchronize with the app

9. Trifo Ironpie m6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Trifo m6+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart autonomous cleaning appliance that uses the bionic mopping technique for constant water outlets. It also ensures no water spills from the tank by saving from the overturning of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Trifo Robot Vacuum Cleaner offers its Home App to monitor its activities day and night through your smartphone or tablet while you go away. It is apt to suck in the dirt and dust, hair, and scraps with its powerful 1800 Pa ultra-suction capacity.

The mop cloth fastens tightly with the robot to prohibit curling of the edge. You can rely on this device to clean under the furniture as well. After cleaning or when the battery has a 15% charge, it goes back to the dock station and recharges automatically.


  • Easy to reach small areas
  • 2.9″ height
  • Offers multiple surface cleaning
  • Large size wheels
  • Automatically return to the dock station and recharge


  • Need to track the device as it gets stuck in the corners

Buying Guide for Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential thing and were in demand unless the robotic vacuum cleaner came into the market to occupy the future. There are uncountable reasons you will get on the internet to own one, but the biggest is its sheer convenience to clean the surfaces without moving furniture. All you need to do is simply charge the robotic vacuum cleaner and see how magically it will set to tidy up your home.

Every alternate week, new innovative product models are showing up, and it can be confusing to choose the best quality product for your own home. So, here is a guide that forms a decent robot vacuum cleaner.

Make a budget

Firstly, decide if you want any simple dust cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner in a lower price range or a highly-priced robotic vacuum cleaner with additional features. A low-priced model may be enough to fulfill your requirements.

So, estimate the amount you want to spend on buying a robot vacuum cleaner and then check their additional features.

Proficiency in cleaning different types of surfaces

Contrary to the regular vacuum cleaners, a robotic vacuum cleaner navigates to clean every surface autonomously. Some surfaces may need extra leverage and supervision, while the remaining does not require them. So, choose a good quality robot vacuum cleaner that possesses the facility to complete this.

Having the ability to glide up over small surfaces like mats, carpets, thick rugs, etc., and then properly clean them.

Improve suction performance

One of the essential features of a robotic vacuum cleaner is its proficiency to improve suction performance whenever the appliance detects a rug or mat. These thick surfaces tend to catch more dust and dirt. Also, they are extremely stubborn than marble flooring and so need higher performance.

Do not miss checking out the specifications of the product to estimate the suction performance you like.

Power and performance

Every model takes a different time in charging full and its extent to clean when fully charged. The power capacity may not come in the statement. Thus, it is better to look at the unit to ensure its quality and charging capacity.

Though units usually come with the home base, a self-charging base is a desirable accessory and convenient.

Skill to navigate the room

By now, you know that the advantage of using a robotic vacuum cleaner is its ability to navigate through the rooms. This modern appliance has to map them and clean every nook and cranny under different sorts of complications. Consequently, the automatic vacuum cleaner functions using a spectrum of sensors.

These sensors are vital in avoiding accidental falls from the staircase if you happen to live in a multi-story building. The sensor will help to detect the verge of the stair and automatically turn around. So, check the sensors and their functioning ability before buying.

Detection of dirt and clean

It is a big question whether the model will randomly clean a surface and assume that the work is complete or possesses the intelligence to detect the missed corners. An excellent quality robotic vacuum cleaner comes with sensors that help detect the areas that are still dirty. They continue to clean until it cleans the whole area.

Size of the dust bin

Not every dustbin of the robot vacuum cleaner is the same size. You need to empty the dustbin to get the optimum performance. However, it would be annoying at the time of working if you have to clean the bin more often than too in a messy way. There remains a ton of fine dust particles in the dustbin, which needs careful handling while emptying.

Fortunately, many robot vacuum cleaners contain smarter routes to empty the dust from the bin. Although some of the models can empty the dustbin mechanically, it is a rare feature.

So, we would recommend you choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a larger dustbin. Generally, they come in liters, and a larger bin closer to the liter is best suited for most homes. It manages to lower the number of you emptying the dustbin.

Extension of the battery life

A robot vacuum cleaner operates using the battery and ultimately loses charge after its use. Several smarter robot vacuum cleaning models can automatically land again at the charging point after detecting a low battery. After fully charging, they continue to do their task efficiently.

Always remember to check the battery capacity. It should at least operate for 30 minutes as this is an average time required to clean most of the moderately-sized houses. Additionally, it may take hours for the battery to recharge, so consider the recharging time also.

Automatic clean-ups with the scheduling feature

Another advanced feature of the robot vacuum cleaners is their mastery over automatic cleaning at precise times. This specific time could be at any hours. It can be during the early morning before the members wake up or at the working hours when everyone is busy, and none moves here and there. It will efficiently do the work when you go away.

The scheduling feature benefits from setting up a weekly or even a daily schedule when the robot vacuum cleaner will do the cleaning job. Hence, it is promising to incorporate this feature into your checklist of getting the best robot vacuum cleaner in India.

Smart applications and voice assistance features

Another essential feature of this high-tech world is the incorporation of voice assistance—the automation docks in the system of voice commands. Now almost everyone uses voice assistant applications on smart speakers and smartphones.

You can use the same device to monitor certain robot vacuum cleaners to command them for cleaning up. Accordingly, most of these smart robot vacuum cleaners support Google Assistance or Amazon’s Alexa. Simultaneously, the rest models have an application that you could easily install on your tablet and smartphones and control the device.

Not only this, these apps help you to maintain a cleanliness record by showing when it cleaned your home the last time, and the amount of charge is still there in the batteries.

Makes lower noise levels

No person will ever like to use a noise-making vacuum cleaner that creates a fuss while cleaning the surface. Fortunately, almost every robot vacuum cleaner comes with a design that produces no to less noise and is compact.

Generally, the brands state the levels of noise that the model can produce on the label. Therefore do keep a close eye on the label before buying one for your home. Noise level counts in decibel (dB). The lower you see the decibel, remember the lower the noise that the device will make.


Robot vacuum cleaners come in a compact size, and you can store them in any small area with ease. Unlike the regular vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaners do not occupy much space. So, select the device that will fit in your designated area.

Maintenance and replacement of the parts

Maintenance of the device is easy and simple. Just empty the dustbin and clear the debris to avoid clogging up the brushes. You will have to replace the filter and brushes whenever it needs.

Make sure to have a source to replace the filters and the brushes, and consider buying the first set. Good maintenance is the key to retaining the unit performance adequately. With this, try to compare the warranties and services of the device before you order it.


When you decide to buy one of these master devices, make sure to clear the track. Remove any sort of small toys, newspapers, strings, or any other small items that usually lie on the floor. Likewise, check no blind pull cables or curtain held lat on the surface.

Lastly, go through the manual instructions before charging for the first time. When you consider all these features, you will indeed make the right choice.

FAQs to Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India

How is a robot vacuum cleaner different from a regular vacuum cleaner?

First of all, a regular vacuum cleaner is a cleaning appliance that helps clean the surface manually. Contrary to this, a robot vacuum cleaner does the cleaning task automatically with its intelligent technology.

A robot vacuum cleaner comes with intelligent technology or built-in smart programming and various other sensors. All these ensure to provide a thorough cleaning of the surface by mapping and then navigating the house. They can even detect the objects like a table, sofas, and stairs that hinder their cleaning process.

Moreover, you can set program barriers or even virtual walls by yourself. Most of these advanced models have charging stations where they will automatically return when they detect a low battery and need a recharge before starting the cleaning process again.

What is the design of robot vacuum cleaners?

Robot vacuum cleaners typically come in the shape of oval or round. However, you can also see that some models have a square shape.

On the upper part of the model, usually, there remains the control panel of the unit. The control panel has either press or touch buttons that you can set to map and navigate your robotic vacuum cleaning functioning. Some of these models also feature an LCD touch screen that further assists you in easy operation.

Next to the sensors of the unit generally lies the frontend part of the robot vacuum cleaner. This supports the robot vacuum cleaner to detect obstacles and avoid them. The unit works most efficiently and cleans your home.

A high-budget and advanced model can also feature a camera or laser for mapping your home for forthcoming cleaning-ups. Plus, there is a wide range of brushes starting from the main brushes, front brushes, and side brushes, all of which help clean the floor. They also feature a dustbin or bag for a comfortable location of depositing debris and emptying them without being messy.

How do robot vacuum cleaners function?

Robot vacuum cleaner maps and navigates your home by utilizing the support of their motherboards. The sensors identify and avoid bumping into the other objects and turn around.

Some of these models have a HEPA filter that ensures relieving airborne allergens in your home. Finally, when it finishes its cleaning job or needs a recharge, it will flash or beep and return automatically to its charging station.

What are the advantages of using a robot vacuum cleaner?

All the best robot vacuum cleaners have built-in intelligent technology that promotes efficient cleaning. Also, they are effortless and safe to use. Here are some of the familiar and a few unfamiliar features that prove advantageous for robot vacuum cleaners.

Familiar features:

  • Most of the models return to the charging station after completing their job.
  • They come with plastic dusting bags or dust-ins for efficient cleaning and emptying.
  • Different varieties of brushes help in the cleaning process.
  • They feature remote controlling ability.
  • You can clean manually or schedule cleaning as per your needs.
  • They can clean hard flooring as well as rugs, carpets, etc.
  • They possess the capacity to stop and terminate if they identify any errors.

Unfamiliar features:

  • You can program barriers or even virtual walls and set them up to clean only in those specific areas.
  • Detecting sensors for dirt and debris areas around your rooms
  • Automatic emptying of the dustbin after cleaning

Are they worth the price?

Robot vacuum cleaners top the list of cleaning appliances when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your home floors. They come with various smart technology and sensors that ensure keeping your home floors clean even when you are busy with other work. Using this device will help you realize that it is worth the price you paid for buying.


The new generation robot vacuum cleaners are our future cleaning appliances. They are already here in the Indian market to make your cleaning job easier. This appliance takes care of your home by cleaning the chores with a simple click.

Equipped to clean a whole surface and cover the difficult nooks efficiently, they are ideal for people who remain busy with other works. Nowadays, people are so busy that they do not get sufficient time to sweep and clean their homes. Although in Indian households, this job is taken care of by the lovely house-helps, still having this appliance will help you lessen your dependency on them.

Plus, the cleaning process will be complete without any time restrictions. You can get a vast array of robot vacuum cleaners in different price ranges and with various features. There are several good brands from which you can choose the one that meets your needs.

So, all you need to do is to know about their essential features and additional ones. Fix a budget and buy. We suggest you check our buying guide and browse through our product list to get the best robot vacuum cleaner in India without any doubt.