Best Running Shoes for Men in India

Buying a running shoe can be a beneficial decision. It provides a handful of advantages. It will not only keep your legs protected but will also improve your health. If you plan to conduct a workout session and running is a part of it, you should buy a running shoe without any hesitation.

Best Running Shoes for Men in India: Comfort, Support, and Performance for an Optimal Running Experience

Running shoes will provide you with superior cushioning and breathability. Besides, it will provide you with stability. To be precise, you will enjoy motion control if you buy a running shoe. So, we have provided you with a list of Best Running Shoes for Men in India. Amongst them, choose the best one for you.

1. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes is one of the best running shoes that you will find. Once you buy this shoe, your running will become easier. There will be no questions regarding the quality of the product as the shoe’s sole is made of rubber. Also, there will be no issues with the size as the shoe width is regular.

The outer material of this shoe is made of mesh, which makes it durable. You have to run a lot after putting in this shoe. Thus, the makers used mesh as the outer material for its durability. It encompasses all the innovations. While running, you will enjoy all the beneficial traits. Your experience level doesn’t matter. Besides, you can run a long distance without any complications.

If you are searching for a minimalist shoe, consider this shoe to be your ideal option. It is best compatible with natural running styles. Your toe will be safe and comfortable. You will enjoy overall comfort while running.


  • Comfortable rubber-sole.
  • It comes with regular shoe width.
  • Comprises all the latest innovations.
  • Experience level doesn’t matter.
  • Minimalist running shoe.


  • It is a bit too flashy.
  • This shoe is not compatible with wet roads.

2. Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

Another running shoe that you can check is Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes. The width of the shoe is medium. It is compatible with most people. Besides, the crafters used the best materials to make this product. The material that they used is mesh. Therefore, there will be no issues regarding the quality.

If you belong to the sports world, this shoe is the best choice for you. It is best suitable for sports lifestyle. The closure type of this shoe is lace-up. It is one of the reasons for which you will feel comfortable while running. There will be no chances of falling off your shoes. You can run for miles without getting uncomfortable.

Care instructions for this shoe are something that you need to keep into account. Make sure to air it and de-odorize it at a regular interval. It will help you to retain the natural shape of your shoes. You can also use the shoe bags to protect them from mildew or stains. Make sure not to polish or shine the boots.


  • Affordable shoes.
  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • It is a flexible shoe.
  • You will feel no pain while working out.
  • Made of best material.


  • Not compatible with the muddy roads.
  • It is not a waterproof product.

3. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Lead Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s Running Shoes is the epitome of comfort as well as style. After putting on this shoe, you can enjoy an unbeatable ride. Be it underneath the foot or around the foot; you will feel comfortable after buying this product. If you are living an active lifestyle, consider this shoe to be the perfect option for you. It features a breathable mesh, which ensures durability as well as comfort.

The style of this shoe is also pretty attractive. It comes with a modern silhouette design. Once you hit the road after wearing this shoe, people will notice it. They will become impressed. You can flaunt this shoe whenever you want. It is an everyday running shoe that will be there for you for a long time. The outer material of the shoe is textile.

Hence, you can consider it to be a durable product. It comes with regular shoe width. Therefore, most people will be comfortable with its size. The closure type of this shoe is lace-up. Hence, it will stick to your legs without chances of falling. It arrives with a flat heel type. Therefore, there are no chances of becoming uncomfortable.


  • It is comfortable.
  • Stylish shoe.
  • Compatible with an active lifestyle.
  • Comprises signature fresh foam midsole.
  • Comes with a flat heel type.


  • Some people are complaining that it snugs on their toes.
  • A lot of people are not happy with its running capability.

4. Puma Men’s Rapid Runner IDP Sneaker

Puma is a reliable sports brand. It has a vast audience base. The sole of the Puma shoe is made of rubber. Hence, you can stay assured about its comfort. The closure of Puma Men’s Rapid Runner IDP Sneaker is lace-up. It will add a layer to its convenience as you can customize the shoe’s tightness with the help of laces. To ensure the compatibility of the shoe, the makers came up with a medium width.

It is a perfect shoe for your urban strides. The knitted mesh in this shoe will provide ultimate comfort to your feet. The rubber outsole ensures stable cushioning as well as grip. You can achieve your daily pace with this shoe on your side. It is also a stylish shoe that will look good on you. People will notice when you will run wearing this shoe.

It also has a pull tap. It will provide you with a better grip. So, there will be no complications regarding safety and comfort. Maintaining this shoe is also easy. You can clean the dust by using a dry cloth.


  • Comfortable product.
  • Provides stable cushioning.
  • Impressive grip.
  • The pull tab ensures a better grip.
  • The manufacturer knitted the mesh.


  • Some users are complaining of a foul smell.
  • Shoe width is not up to the mark.

5. Skechers Men’s Go Run 400 Running Shoes

Skechers Men’s Go Run 400 Running Shoes comes with numerous attractive features. The first thing that will strike you is the response and the comfort of the product. One of the most imposing attributes of this shoe is that it is capable of absorbing shocks. Therefore, your legs will stay safe from injuries. It will also provide your legs with ultimate support.

It encompasses breathable sandwich mesh fabric. It is not only durable but also provides breathability to your legs. The synthetic upper of the product also ensures its durability. It is a lightweight product that you can carry without thinking about anything. The upper design of the shoe is well ventilated. So, when it comes to comfort, you will not get disappointed.

You will find synthetic overlays at the heel as well as laces. It provides added support to the shoe. GOimpulse is one of the unique features that this shoe boasts. It is nothing but sensors that provides responsive traction along with a ground feel.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Ideal for workouts.
  • Perfect running companion.
  • Midsole construction for stability and support.
  • Comes with support ad shock absorption.


  • It is a bit tight shoe.
  • It wears out pretty quickly.

6. Reebok Men’s Tread Revolution Adv Lp Running Shoes

Another trustworthy brand that will provide you with the best quality running shoe is Reebok. Therefore, buying the Reebok Men’s Tread Revolution Adv Lp Running Shoes can never go wrong. It possesses everything that makes it a desirable product. The outer material of this shoe is synthetic, which makes it a durable choice.

The lace-up closure of this shoe is responsible for its tightness. With the aid of the laces, you can control the tightness of the shoes according to your necessity. Once you buy this shoe, you will come across numerous benefits. For instance, it is lightweight as well as breathable. The synthetic and upper mesh of the shoe makes it quite comfortable.

There is a soft midsole in this shoe that ensures additional comfort. The rubber sole is responsible for its stability and grip. The stylish design of the product will make the bystanders impressed. You will be able to carry a style quotient once you put on this shoe. Looking at all these traits, consider it to be the best running shoe for men in India.


  • Lightweight as well as breathable.
  • Comfortable shoe.
  • Rubber soles provide grip.
  • Stylish design.
  • It is also a durable product.


  • The packing of this shoe is not up to the mark.
  • The front finish of the shoe is not as expected.

7. ASICS Men’s Roadhawk FF Running Shoes

If you are looking for speed and versatility, check the ASICS Men’s Roadhawk FF Running Shoes. Apart from that, it includes everything that will make you satisfied. It comes with midsole technology, which provides it with an exceptional bounce back. Besides, the responsiveness of this shoe is fantastic. Even if there is a considerable distance, there will be no issues with the responsiveness.

The construction of the shoe is also up to the mark. The makers used seamless materials to construct this shoe. It reduces the chances of friction and irritation. The sock liner of this product is removable. You can remove it during the time of medical orthotics. The materials of this shoe are also quite long-lasting. It provides a soft platform feel as well as an enhanced platform.

It also includes super fiber to avoid the traditional packing. Sometimes, those packing are not up to the mark. Besides, it also comes with an attractive style.


  • Comfortable upper.
  • Comes with plenty of cushions.
  • It is a lightweight product.
  • The sock liner is removable.
  • It flaunts seamless construction.


  • The toe box is a bit narrow.
  • The sole of this shoe is a bit firm.

8. Under Armour Men’s Ua Surge Se Running Shoes

If you want a shoe that can deliver you cushioning, flexibility, and versatility, you can consider this shoe to be the best running shoe for men in India. Under Armour Men’s Ua Surge Se Running Shoes will provide you with all these things. Besides, it is a lightweight product that will offer you optimal breathability. So, if you plan to conduct a hardcore workout session, this shoe can be your best companion.

The breathable upper mesh ensures enhanced ventilation. Besides, it also has a molded panel at the mid-foot. It will offer added support as well as structure. The durability of the shoe is also remarkable. The TPU heel overlay is responsible for the added durability of the product. The cushioning around the ankle provides superior comfort.

You will also find a full-length EVA sock liner in this shoe. It will boost the comfort of the shoe and makes it a custom-fit product. Also, you will enjoy a responsive and lightweight ride. The makers placed the rubber pods strategically beneath the forefoot and heel. The purpose of these rubber pods is to increase durability along with less weight.


  • Impressive durability.
  • Rubber pods are strategically placed.
  • Responsive and lightweight ride.
  • Raised rubber knobs increase the grip.
  • EVA sock liner enhances comfort.


  • Walking on the hard floor makes too much noise.
  • The lace cap is not satisfactory.

9. Campus Men’s Running Shoes

The manufacturers used Phylon to craft the sole of Campus Men’s Running Shoes. Therefore, you will not get disappointed when it comes to the durability of the shoe. The lace-up closure of the shoe makes it comfortable. You can optimize the tightness of the shoe by using the laces. The material used to make this shoe is mesh. So, it will serve your purpose for a long time. To be precise, it makes the product durable.

The sole of this shoe comes with a new design. The purpose of this design is to enhance comfort as well as cushioning. The upper of this shoe is dynamically fit. To make the shoe supportive and adaptive fit, the makers, integrated it with lace. It increases the efficiency of the shoe. There are numerous color alternatives to this shoe.

Amongst those colors, you can choose the one that you love the most. The sock-liner of this shoe is also up to the mark. The long-lasting cushioning will provide you with ultimate comfort. The midsole is lightweight and springy. It ensures long-term cushioning.


  • It arrives with an exceptional sock-liner.
  • Sole comes with a new design.
  • Efficient upper integrated with lace.
  • Comprises numerous color options.
  • Lightweight shoe.


  • No cons found.

10. Sparx Men’s Sx0421g Running Shoes

The sole of Sparx Men’s Sx0421g Running Shoes is quite durable. Besides, it consists of various vibrant shades, which will help you to improve the style quotient. The makers use soft and synthetic material to craft the sole of this shoe. The lace-up closure is one of the standard features that you will find. This feature will allow you to personalize the tightness of the shoe. It will not come down while running.

The width of the shoe is medium. The outer material of the shoe is mesh, which makes sure that the product is durable enough. The toe style of this shoe is round. It will keep your toe in a comfortable position. While running, your toe will not get injured. Besides, the crafters upgraded the lacing system of the shoe. The purpose of this lacing system is to provide you with comfort as well as safety.

Another feature that will add to the comfort is ankle support. This feature will provide support to your ankle precisely. You can run as well as walk without any issues due to the ankle support.


  • It has a durable sole.
  • Makers updated the lacing system.
  • Cage design makes it look good.
  • The ankle support feature makes it comfortable.
  • Mesh is the outer material.


  • Some users are not happy with the sole.
  • The size of the shoe is not compatible with everyone.

Buying Guide for Best Running Shoe in India

Choosing and buying the right pair of shoes is important. We live under a misconception that buying top-brand shoes with a lot of money will provide us with quality products. However, the truth is something else. You have to consider some factors before buying a shoe. If you can take a look at those factors, you will get the best running shoes for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about the budget. So, here we will share the factors that you need to consider before buying a running shoe. So, here are the factors that we are talking about:

Running session’s frequency

It is the first factor that you have to consider. You have to comprehend how frequently you are going to run. To be precise, you have to fathom your running profile. If you plan to run more than three days a week, we would suggest you buy a shoe that comes with comfortable cushioning. You have to understand that comfort is an essential factor while running. Therefore, shoes with comfortable cushioning will provide you with optimal comfort. You can take a look at the products that we mentioned above. All of them comprise impressive cushioning that will provide you with ultimate support.

Comprehend yourself

Yes, you heard right. Before you buy a running shoe, you need to know yourself. There are some of the characteristics and facts that you have to take into consideration. For example, you have to find out your weight, how often you run, and various other things. The most important thing that you need to comprehend is your stride. It has a pivotal role t play when it comes to safe running. Also, bodyweight is an essential factor that you have to check. If your weight is on the higher side, you have to check the cushioning of the shoe. Or else, there is a possibility that the shock waves may harm your joints and heel.

The intensity of the running sessions

Next, you have to check the intensity of the running sessions. It is a vital factor. For example, if you plan to complete more than three outings a week, choose the proper cushion. It will provide you with maximum comfort. Besides, it will protect your legs from the shock waves. Another thing that you have to check is the stability. It will support your feet during long outings. If you are in love with speed and want to accomplish individual results, we would suggest you opt for lightweight shoes. Apart from that, the shoe should be fast as well as dynamic.

Acknowledge your stride

We already mentioned that your stride is an essential factor to check. You must know that there are three categories of human feet: over-pronation, neutral, and under-pronation. Each feet type has different types of running styles. Therefore, shoes for these three types are also other. So, check out the details given below:


Your inner heel will get in contact with the ground first in case of this type of stride. After that, the big toe follows. While running, your foot will roll inward. Therefore, you may find it a bit hard to stabilize your body. Hence, the shoe you are about to buy should have motion control along with stability.


In the case of neutral stride, the heel will strike the ground first. After that, toes and forefoot will follow. If you have neutral feet, the weight of your body will be evenly distributed on your feet. So, we would recommend neutral shoes for this type of stride. However, you have to make certain that the shoe comes with medial support as well as cushioning. If you are confused about which shoe to buy, you can check the list that we provided. All the shoes in that list are efficient and will serve your purpose precisely.


It will be easier for you to fathom if we say the under-pronated is the opposite of over-pronated. Here, the outer heel will touch the ground first. After that, the foot and the little toe will follow. Therefore, we would recommend choosing a shoe that comprises toe traction, quick heal, and cushioning. We know that you will get overwhelmed after looking at the products. Therefore, we shortlisted some shoes for you that you can check. All of them consist of convenient features that will help you to run comfortably. You will not come across any kind of complications.

Be aware of your running surface

Again, the running surfaces have three types of categories. Depending on the surface, shoes come with different designs. Thus, it is essential to know the kind of surface where you are about to run. To make your day more accessible, we are about to discuss the types of surfaces:

Plain surface or road surface

To run on the plain surface, you have to choose the shoes that come with slight irregularities. To be precise, these shoes are light shoes that have good flexibility, cushioning, and stability. Stride requirement is also something that you have to keep in mind.

Indoor running or treadmill running

You will find shoes that are compatible with indoor activity as well as the treadmill. These shoes are light, comprise soft holes, and are flexible. Besides, their ventilation is also up to the mark. You will not get disheartened after buying these shoes.

Some essential features to check

After looking at these factors, there are some essential features that you should check. Those features are responsible for the efficiency of the shoes. So, you shouldn’t fail to match those features before buying the best running shoes for men in India. So, here are the features that you need to keep in mind.

  • Upper
  • Ankle collar
  • Heel Counter
  • Saddle
  • Toebox
  • Outsole
  • Toe Spring and flex grooves
  • Heel cushioning
  • Midsole
  • Heel-Toe Drop
  • Forefoot cushioning
  • Sockliner

FAQs to Buy Running Shoe in India

How long should I wear my shoes?

If you want to get a clear idea, we recommend you change your shoes after running 300 to 500 miles. We can understand that you have confusion regarding this range. Well, you have to know that the longevity of a shoe depends on you. To be specific, it depends on how you are using it. For example, compared to the efficient runners, your shoe will wear out quickly. Besides, you have to feel the shoes after wearing them. If you feel like the shoes are not providing you with adequate protection, it may be right. Try this shoe for a week. After that, if you still feel tired and unprotected, it is time to change the shoes.

Does the wearing of the shoes depend on the ground?

Compared to trail running, your shoes I will wear faster if you run on the roads. However, most of the time, it depends on the efficiency of your running. Besides, your weight is a significant factor when it comes to running. Shoes of a 200-pound person will wear faster compared to a 100-pound man. Even a 100-pound man is running on the road, and the 200-pound person is conducting a trial run, the shoes of the 200-pound man will wear faster. Before buying a new shoe, we would suggest you take a close look at your shoe. You will find many signs that will tell you to change your shoes as soon as possible.

Do you need running shoes while running?

Yes, you will need the best running shoe while running. Or else there is a possibility that it will harm your legs. If you put on your running shoes before your running sessions, it will protect your legs. Besides, you will be able to stay comfortable if you wear running shoes while running. However, before choosing running shoes, we would suggest you look at the essential factors. It will help you to buy the best shoes amongst all.

How much should you spend on running shoes?

Now it depends on your budget as well as your capability. Therefore try to comprehend your budget before buying the shoe. There is a possibility that the shoe you like the most is not compatible with your budget. In that case, you have to pick up the one that will offer you all the required features. One of the best things that you can do is to check the list that we mentioned above. Almost all of them come at reasonable prices. With those shoes on your site, you don’t have to get anxious about your budget. One thing you have to keep in mind that you shouldn’t compromise with the quality of your shoe.

Do you need more than a pair?

Keeping an extra pair in hand is always a good option. Emergencies will not knock on your doors before arriving. Therefore it will always be an excellent decision to keep an extra pair of shoes.


So, these are the shoes that you can buy for running. All the shoes here are comfortable as well as efficient. They will not only allow you to run comfortably, but they will also provide safety to your feet. Also, the cushioning of these shoes will help you to avoid unwanted injuries. Take a look at the buying guide for these best running shoes as well. It will allow you to get the best shoes on the boards. You should follow the points that we have provided meticulously. It will clear your ideas and will help you to make the best buy. Once you buy your shoe, you can miles after miles. Be it intense running sessions casual sessions, you will become happy.