Best Sewing Machines in India

Sewing machines are one of the essential equipment for home-usage. But, nowadays, due to the capitalist nature of society, we rarely invest in them. It has led us to rush to the tailor’s shop now and then for our basic requirements.

The advantage of using a sewing machine is manifold. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make unique designs by using specific techniques. With it, you can sew sequins and fabrics from the comfort of your home.

Best Sewing Machines in India: Versatile and Reliable Tools for Your Sewing and Stitching Needs

So, if you are ready to bring back the old charm, you must invest in the best sewing machine. Below, we have provided a complete review of the best sewing machines in India.

1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch Automatic Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Zig-Zag Automatic meets all your sewing needs. And it has user-friendly features. Moreover, the brand has high credibility in the Indian market.

There is a free compact arm that eases your work to have 550 SPM with zero trippings on the thread. Its stitch quality is very high with the pressure that is ideal and safe for use at home.

The Dream Stitch Sewing Machine contains a dial that helps you select from seven types of in-built stitching patterns. With it, you can make different kinds of stitching patterns like the hemstitch, straight stitch, tricot stitch, and so on. You can enhance your dress’ look by fixing the lace with Usha Janome, the best sewing machine in India.

Some of its features include button fixing and holding, lace fixing, cording, picot, quilting, and embroidery. Its four-button hole function helps you to quickly stitch buttons on coats, shirts, and other dresses.

As it has in-built parts, you can carry it with ease from one place to another. Lastly, it comes with an affordable price and a warranty of two years.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has an in-built light.
  • It has a sturdy built-quality.
  • Automatic needle.


  • It lacks an LED display.

2. Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine will help you get over your fear of the needle. You will be able to explore your creativity with the Singer 8280. It will assist you in transforming old dresses and making new ones.

This sewing machine has advanced features, and it is easy to operate. The strong nature of the metal body will maintain the machine’s stability while you are busy sewing. Thus, you can just turn the dial and sew effortlessly after making your choice from its seven in-built functions. Additionally, the one-step automatic buttonhole will add a professional look to your wardrobe. Therefore, you can easily save your time through the machine’s threading process.

Among the other things, the heavy-duty metal interior work and the in-built motor will allow you to work with heavy fabric. You can quickly adjust the width and length of the stitch with the Singer 8280 Sewing Machine.

So, you can now reach the hems, sleeves, cuffs, and collars of trousers through the free arm of this machine.


  • Width adjustment and stitch length.
  • Automatic Reverse.
  • Its foot life has extra high pressure.
  • It has free arms.


  • No LCD.
  • No stop or start button.

3. Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Sewing Machine has the best in-built features. It has affordable pricing and contains an automatic on and off button. Further, its elegant design makes it one of the best sewing machines in India.

You can do twenty-one different kinds of stitches with this machine. Some of them are the lockstitch, buttonhole stitch, zig-zag stitch, topstitch, cording, darning, chain stitch, hemstitch, and others.

The embroidery design is made easy with the machine’s drop feed mechanism. Besides, the automatic thread needle feature gives it an advantage. And it has a speed of 860 SPM, which will allow you to save much time. Triple stitching strength and bobbin auto tripping features make your work fast and convenient. Its circular free arm and the in-built motor will give you a great impression.

You can even work for hours at a stretch with minimum fatigue as your hands will have lower pressure.

Other features include a thread cutter, automatic needle thread, LED in-built light, and free-arm stitching. The thread will help you to cut threads at any given point of time without using a cutter or scissor ever again.


  • The price is reasonable.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has a triple-strength stitch.
  • It contains a sturdy base.


  • Advanced features are not for everyone.

4. Brother FS101 Sewing Machine

Brother is a brand that produces innovative sewing machines. Brother FS101 Sewing Machine has fifty-five alphanumeric and hundred in-fabricated buttons that incorporate buttonhole lines and enhancing lines. The presence of an LCD helps you to change the width, joined length, and unique highlights like free-movement sewing, catches, buttonholes, and cloudy creases.

You can also make heirlooms and other decorative stitches with them. This sewing machine has a bright LED light that provides appropriate permeability even in dimly lit regions. There is a bobbin top-stacking configuration that makes it easier to swap the string out.

Brother FS101 Sewing Machine has a warranty of one year. You can control the speed with internal speed control in projects such as sewing quilts. In contrast to other brands, a discretionary augmentation table handles different textures and heavy materials. A convenient start and stop button are present. In-built non-arm lets you stitch on areas that are hard to reach, like sleeves and cuffs.


  • It works in stringing needles.
  • It has a big LCD screen.
  • A sewing-driven light is present.
  • It has a simple speed control.
  • Fifty-five alphanumeric lines and a hundred fasten implicit numbers.


  • It does not have a case.

5. Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

Singer is a popular American-based company that came into existence in 1851. Some of the features of the Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine include an automatic four buttonhole, a metal frame, and a convertible free arm.

This sewing machine from Singer is so easy and smooth that anyone can use it. And it contains advanced technology that is suitable for beginners.

In addition, its automatic features and easy stitching saves you a lot of time. That is why; you will not face much trouble in sewing clothes or threading it.

The automatic four-hole button allows you to perform any type of stitching. Also, you can stitch on heavy clothes like jeans, woolen clothes, and other kinds of clothes. Due to this technology, you can do traditional tailoring.

The presence of a heavy-duty metal frame lets you sew heavy leather clothes easily. It helps you to protect the sewing machine for a long time period. So, you can use it anywhere in your homes or factories. With its free convertible arm, you can make difficult parts of clothes such as collars, cuffs, and other kinds of designs. You can now fit the neck rounded buckram and other sleeves and collars with this feature easily.


  • Affordable price.
  • Bobbin automatic winder.
  • It has a heavy metal frame.
  • It has all accessories and tools.


  • It does not have many color options.

6. Bernette Sew & Go 8-197 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Bernette Computerized Sewing Machine is one of the best sewing machines in India. It offers all the things required in a creative sewing machine. And it has affordable pricing.

This sewing machine consists of 197 stitching patterns in total, including seven buttonholes, one alphabet, and one stitch eyelet. Moreover, it has a sew width of seven MM and a maximum length of the stitch of five MM.

Its other features include an elegant LCD screen, a full rotation drop in the hook system that offers high-speed sewing up to 850 SPM. Also, it adjusts the tension in manual threads.

The stop and start button allows sewing without the help of any foot control. A speed regulator keeps the speed of the sewing machine under control. Dog feed drop ensures free outstanding motion embroidery and quilting. LED light allows you to keep working in darker areas.


  • It is easy to understand.
  • Auto thread needle.
  • Automatic bobbin winder.
  • Eight feet presser soles.
  • Double or Twin needle.


  • No automatic thread cutter.
  • Not suitable for thick fabrics.

7. Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 60-Watt Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 60-Watt Sewing Machine is one of the top best sewing machines in India. This brand makes different types of sewing machines. They include a computerized sewing machine, electronic sewing machine, domestic sewing machine, and hand use sewing machine.

Usha Janome Automatic Sewing Machine has advanced features that make your work quick and easy. It consists of a one-step buttonhole and an automatic thread needle.

The one-step buttonhole allows you to hole buttons in your clothes. So, there is no risk of malfunctioning buttonholes. Its automatic thread needle helps us to thread the needle effortlessly. It further eliminates the risk of raw stitching or repeated thread breakage.

Because of the zig-zag stitch technology of this machine, you can sew this pattern on any fabric. Such fabrics include fabric-torn jeans, a chain of jeans, and for repairing a buttonhole.

So buy the Usha Janome to perform advanced sewing and stop using thread needles and worn-out sewing machines.


  • It comes with free accessories.
  • It is lightweight.
  • Triple stitch strength.
  • Popular brand.


  • It is expensive for some people.

8. Singer Sewing Co. 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Co. 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine has won Consumer Digest Award two times. This is due to its construction quality, easy use, styling, maintenance, service requirement, and efficiency.

You can easily thread the machine, from the eye of the needle to the spool, only in six seconds. The sewing machine comes with printed threading instructions. Its automatic thread needle saves you a lot of time.

From the top, the bobbin loads, so you can insert the bobbin easily. It has a clear cover that helps us to monitor the thread supply.

Singer 7258 has a LED light that illuminates the surface for optimum viewing. It lasts for a long time regardless of the time period of its operation.

You can choose from six different kinds of one-step buttonhole styles. With these, you can create perfect buttonholes each time. One endless additional buttonhole helps you to create different buttonholes with long sides.

Moreover, it has certain advanced features such as the needle up/down programmable options, speed control with stop and start button. It also has a heavy-duty metal frame with in-built hundred stitches.


  • It comes with additional accessories.
  • Bright LED light.
  • Automatic thread needle.
  • Thirteen different needle positions.
  • Top load Bobbin System.


  • Difficulty in threading the needle manually.

9. Usha Janome Allure DLX Electric Sewing Machine

In terms of electric Zig-Zag sewing, Usha Janome Allure is the best sewing machine in India. It is simple to use and meets all your basic needs. This sewing machine offers effective working quality.

Its design allows it to have a sturdy base; however, you get many other tweaks for obtaining quality stitches. Hence, the manufacturer claims that its stitches are three times stronger than other sewing machines. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for buyers.

Moreover, its zig-zag style puts it in a more advantageous position. It has thirteen in-built stitch settings with decorative and basic designs. The 550 SPM provides strong quality stitching. Usha Janome Allure comes with a warranty of two years from its purchase.


  • The lightweight and simple design allow portability.
  • Precise speed control enhances its function.
  • It offers strong stitches at 550 SPM.
  • Easy to use.


  • Lack of Demo DVDs in a few packages.

10. Singer 4423 Electric Sewing Machine

Singer 4423 Electric Sewing Machine has all types of stitch control knob that turns your design into the desired pattern. You can use this machine easily, which makes it a better choice for buyers. It also has a good build quality.

The Shuttle Oscillating Mechanism with an automatic system of sewing gives it a good stitching speed for beginners. In addition, it is affordable.

Due to its quality design, you can easily change the presser’s feet. It has a thread cutter situated in the presser bar for safe and quick use. There are different stitch settings present on the knob that makes your work easier.

For more precise use, you change the speed of the sewing machine with the speed setting knob.


  • In-built seven stitch patterns.
  • The light attachment enables clear viewing.
  • Its free arm allows easy circular stitching.
  • Thread cutter.
  • Heavy-duty metal frame.


  • Expensive in terms of shifting.

11. Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine

Brother GS 3700 Sewing Machine is suitable for different types of stitching practices. You can repair your old dresses and make new dresses with the help of this sewing machine.

It has seventy-one stitch functions with thirty-seven sew stitches that will make your work quick and easy. The automatic thread needle and the bobbin system will do all the complicated work. So, if you have a creative mind, this sewing machine will allow you to express yourself.

Brother GS 3700 has a LED light that provides relief and soothes your eyes. There are different features. They include the width and length control for stitching, the one-step buttonhole, the sewing speed of 800, and a foot controller. This makes it the best sewing machine in India.


  • Quick Bobbin Set.
  • Six feed point dog.
  • Swing LED light.


  • Lacks speed control regulator.
  • It is a bit expensive.

Buying Guide for Best Sewing Machine in India

There are different types of sewing machines in India. After reading the above reviews, you must now move into the other aspects-types, advantages, features, and safety tips.

Types of Sewing Machines

The following designs have a specific purpose, so you must see their types before investing in a new sewing machine.

Mechanical Sewing Machine

Mechanical Sewing Machines are also called tailoring or manual machines. It is perfect for people who are starting to learn the trade. This machine has few features, and mastering it is not very difficult. It has an affordable price and can be easily repaired.

Mechanical Sewing Machines have adjustable stitch lengths and an in-built presser. The only problem is that you need to thread the needle over and over again. Typically, its durability depends on the manufacturer.

Electronic Sewing Machine

Electronic Sewing Machines have taken sewing to another level. It has more benefits and features than a mechanical sewing machine. You can implement additional features in the fabric and decorate it with the help of this machine. A person with some experience will be able to stitch fast with the Electronic Sewing Machine. That is why; we see them mostly in huge clothing companies.

Overlock Sewing Machine

Overlock Sewing Machines are called sergers. You can use them for overlocking or seaming the fabric. Therefore, it suits professional tailors who stitch with experience and ease. The machine provides the finishing touches.

In order to edge the fabrics, garment industries use this overlock sewing machine. It contains a built-in cutter to cut the fabric’s uneven edges.

Automated or Computerized Sewing Machine

Computerized or Automated Sewing Machines have high-end technology for easy stitching. You can even connect it to the computer and the internet. These machines suit different industrial purposes. The machine contains spool spinners and various needles for quick work.

It is heavy-duty and has high-durability for industrial use. The computerized machine uses unique features such as the Autopilot switch mode. It enables the machine to control the speed and other components automatically.

Embroidery Sewing Machine

Embroidery Sewing Machines are used for the delicate work of embroidery in a fabric piece. You can add the presser foot for embroidery purposes. It is a lot expensive in comparison to other kinds of machines. Professional tailors can use this machine to create beautiful embroidery patterns on fabric.

Advantages of Using Sewing Machines


A sewing machine has different plus points that make it better and faster than conventional sewing. Stitches with sewing machines have more accuracy. You can repair your garments if they get damaged for some reason. It can be done from the comfort of your home, and you need not visit the tailor that much.

You can modify your garments so that they fit better, like hemming skirts or pants, and even alter the sleeves’ length.


In the early days, sewing with hands used to take a lot of time. That is why; they visited tailor shops. But with sewing machines, your work becomes easier and faster than conventional hand stitching. It also saves your time.


You can adjust stitches depending on your choices with sewing machines. There are different stitching options, such as the zig-zag stitch. You can make gifts for your loved ones from your home. Also, you can make decorative items by recycling old clothes. They help you to create impressive styles. Customizations are made easier with sewing machines.

Income Generation

If you have a creative side and want to nurture your hidden talents, you can invest in a sewing machine. It will open up new income opportunities. Opening small business organizations will help you earn a few extra bucks.

Small organizations which are run by the government provide you with all the basic materials. And, then you can stitch them accordingly. Besides generating a source income, you can save a lot of your money.

Features of Sewing Machines


SPM or Stitches Per Minute helps to determine the machine’s speed. You need to consider the SPM of a sewing machine before investing in it. The basic design from Brother, Singer, and Usha offers a minimum speed of 600 SPM. It is reliable enough to provide strong stitches.


A highly reliable sewing machine does not produce much noise. Noisy products make your work difficult, and eventually, you will not end up using them. They are also not suitable for prolonged usage.

Presser Feet Choice

Presser Feet helps to enhance the machine’s usability, and you get a higher productivity level with these features. There are also some additional features that you must consider. They include zipper foot, buttonhole foot, and blind hem foot.

Additional Tweaks

All of the machine’s accessories must have genuine quality. Most machines even have an in-built thread cutter with dials to adjust stitch length and speed.

Built Quality

Having premium built quality helps to ease the work. Therefore, these sewing machines are expensive because of high built quality. They are better and more reliable than the other ones.


Before buying a sewing machine, you must go through their reviews first. If you don’t do so, you can end up buying the wrong machine and lose your money. In this way, you will also be able to learn more about the best sewing machines in India.

Safety Tips for Sewing Machines

For beginners, it is essential to go through the safety tips present in the manuals of a sewing machine. In order to help you, we have listed some common safety tips.

  • Play DVDs or read manuals: Most products have their own safety-related issues and unique features. So, if you want to steer clear of all troubles, you must play the DVDs and check out the manuals.
  • Sewing machine cord: After long hours of usage, the sewing machine cord turns into the wrong shape. Applying a little pressure can break it easily. In order to eradicate this problem, you must take a look and see if it has a sharp tip.
  • Manufacturer’s demo: If there is a demo from a manufacturer, then you must definitely get a hold of it. This will also save you a lot of time in setting up the machine.
  • Unplug: After every use, you must unplug your sewing machine. In some places, people have kids, and they possess a higher risk of getting injured. Therefore, you must avoid keeping these electrical appliances on standby mode.
  • Keep accessories at proper places.: Sharp objects are present in every sewing accessory box. So, you must keep them in their proper places to avoid certain injuries while you are picking them. It is very important to follow as your sewing box may have sharp needles and safety pins.

FAQs to Buy Sewing Machine in India

Which is the best sewing machine in India?

You must always go for sewing machines after considering your budget and other requirements. According to the customer reviews, the Usha Janome Wonder Stitch is the best sewing machine of 2021. It is a little expensive, however in terms of performance and features it is worth its price.

With its thirteen in-built stitches and twenty-one stitch applications, you can experiment with your creativity. Thus, it is the best sewing machine in India under 15000.

What are the reasons for needle breaking?

There may be different reasons for needle breaking while you are working. Some of them are listed below.

  • Pulling the thread roughly while sewing can lead to the breaking of the needle.
  • After long hours of usage, your needle can break easily.
  • Using the wrong needle with the wrong fabric can cause it to break.
  • If the needle does not fit your machine, it can break.
  • You must check if the thread has any knots and if the bobbin is alright.

What to do if your machine makes too much noise?

Different factors cause your machine to make noise. We have listed these factors below.

  • Needles can sometimes be the reason behind the machine’s noise. You must see if removing it helps you to sew noiselessly.
  • You can consult a professional if the problem lasts for a long time. A thorough servicing of the sewing machine in these cases is also essential.
  • Look for loose screws as they cause noises in sewing machines.
  • If your machine was idle for a long time period, it could produce noises. Even lack of proper maintenance and long hours of usage can cause the same. So you need to lubricate and clean it periodically for its smooth functioning.
  • Any lint accumulation under the plate of the needle, or the area of the bobbin, needs to be cleaned and brushed away.

What should you do if the top thread breaks repeatedly?

Firstly, you must know about the quality of the thread that you use. Threading the machine properly is a very important step. If it gets loose, it can snap easily. The incorrect pairing of the needle and the thread can cause it to break repeatedly. Additionally, a rough spot around the case of the bobbin, the hook can, or the needle can make the thread break.

Do you need to use the presser foot each time you use the sewing machine?

It is not essential. It usually depends upon your preference and the kind of machine that you use. If you like the work on machines that are operated by hand, then you do not require the presser feet. The foot allows you to rotate the wheel. You can avoid sewing machines with presser foot options if you only want to use your hands.

Why does the reverse stitch not work properly?

Not every machine can reverse stitch. Therefore, some machines face certain limitations when it comes to this feature. Some stitches cannot be done in reverse. For example, stretch stitch and buttonhole stitch cannot be done with a reverse stitch. You can look through its stitch control to see whether it supports reverse stitch.

Can I control the stitching speed?

Yes, you can control the stitch speed with the help of the foot presser pedal.


After reading our review, you can easily find the best sewing machine in India. You can have a look at their different features that we mentioned in the Buying Guide for making your final decision.

According to us, brands like Usha, Brother, and Singer produce the best Indian sewing machines. So you can choose your sewing machine from these brands.

Moreover, consider your budget, design, and built-quality of these sewing machines before making your ultimate choice.