Best Smartwatches in India

A smartwatch is the epitome of style and technology. It boasts various exciting and beneficial features. Apart from tracking time, a smartwatch will allow you to track numerous other things, such as your pulse rate. Besides, it serves the purpose of a fitness tracker. For example, you can follow the number of steps you are walking and the number of calories you are burning. With this device, it will be easier for you to plan your fitness regime.

Best Smartwatches in India: Innovative Technology and Style at Your Wrist

Therefore, we have put forward a list of some of the best smartwatches in India. Amongst them, you can choose the best smartwatch.

1. Apple Watch Series 6

New Apple Watch Series 6 is a competent smartwatch that encompasses numerous convenient features. This smartwatch will not only allow you to call and text, but you can also get directions through GPS. Also, it comes with a new app and sensor, which will measure your blood’s oxygen level.

This item also comprises an ECG app, which will help you to check your heart’s rhythm. The retina display of this product will become 2.5 times brighter once you go outdoors. This retina display will always stay on as well. Besides, the sleep app will also help you to achieve your sleeping goals.

Once you buy this smartwatch, you can track your daily activity effortlessly. Thus, you can comprehend your favorite ways of working out. The best part is you can use this watch underwater as well. Be it yoga, swimming, running, cycling, or dancing, this smartwatch will track everything.

You can also personalize the watch according to your necessity. For instance, you can change the strap of your watch and make it look more stylish.


  • It allows tracking the daily activities.
  • You can call and text without your cell phone.
  • It is customizable.
  • It makes you understand your health precisely.
  • It helps to stay fit.


  • There are some issues with the notifications in cellular mode.
  • Some users are not happy with the battery’s quality.

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a super AMOLED display along with customizable always-on watch faces. One of the most convenient attributes of this smartwatch is that it will track you 24/7. Be it HRM, stress monitoring, or 4 stage sleep, the watch will track everything.

This product consists of 39 different types of built-in trackers. Also, it is 50m water-resistant. Before buying this smartwatch, there is one thing that you should know. You can only activate this Galaxy Watch 4G if you have a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

To enjoy the cellular activities of this product, you have to use the in-built embedded SIM. It will help you use the same mobile number you are using in your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The round face and the ticking sound of this smartwatch will give you the sensation of an authentic watch.

With this product, you can also flaunt your fashion statement. For example, the strap of this item is customizable. You can pick up the one that goes best with your fashion statement.


  • This watch will always stay on.
  • You can track your progress easily.
  • It comprises a super AMOLED display.
  • It has 39 built-in trackers.
  • You can track your activities 24/7.


  • Some people have confused regarding the accuracy of the tracker.
  • The weight of this smartwatch is a bit heavy.

3. Apple Watch SE

It is another smartwatch from the house of apple. With New Apple Watch SE, you can text and call without your phone. You can also get the directions if you have this smartwatch. Besides, it includes a large retina OLED display, which will help you check your progress precisely.

Moreover, compared to the series 3, the processor of this Apple watch is 2X faster. After purchasing the smartwatch, it will be easier for you to track your daily activities. You can also check your fitness trends with this device on your side.

This product will help you track numerous fitness activities such as yoga, running, cycling, walking, swimming, and dancing. Based on the insights, you can schedule your workout plans. Well, the design of this smartwatch is also swim-proof, and for that reason, you can track your swimming as well.

One of the unique and imperative features of this product is that it will notify you if you are going through an irregular heart rate. Besides, it will inform you as well if your heart rate is high or low.


  • You can text and call without any smartphone.
  • It notifies irregular heart rhythm.
  • It comes with a swim-proof design.
  • It comes up with an OLED display.
  • Track your daily activities.


  • The battery life is not satisfactory.
  • Sleep-tracking of this watch is not up to the mark.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a compatible smartwatch. You can use it with Android 5.0 or above. In the case of the iPhone, it is compatible with iPhone 5 and above. Besides, health monitoring is one of the most vital attributes of this item.

You can monitor various health aspects with the help of this Samsung Galaxy Watch. For example, you can do running analysis, measure blood oxygen, and track your sleep. Also, you can set 120+ home workout programs with the help of this smartwatch.

The makers also enhanced the accelerometer for fall detection. There is also a precision rotating bezel, which will make it easier for you to navigate the apps. The leather strap of this watch makes it look stylish and classy. You can make this watch compatible with any style statement.

The circular super AMOLED screen will allow you to check the time and other activities effortlessly. Therefore, you will be able to manage your daily routines after getting this smartwatch on the boards. Also, this watch is comfortable enough to wear 24/7.


  • The display is quite extensive.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iPhone.
  • Enhanced Accelerometer ensures fall detection.
  • Circular super AMOLED display.
  • Monitor all the health parameters.


  • The rotating bezel is a bit faulty.
  • It comes with some glitches.

5. Apple Watch Series 4

If you are looking for a sophisticated smartwatch that consists of unique features, your search ends here. You can consider Apple Watch Series 4 to be the best smartwatch in India. Apart from delivering you some advantageous features, it will enhance your style statement as well.

Well, compared to the displays of other Apple watches, it has the largest display. Hence, you can track your progress without any complications. Besides, this smartwatch will deliver you several health notifications such as heart rate and oxygen content in your blood.

If you are suffering from low or high heart rates, this product will notify you. It also comes with fall detection as well as emergency SOS. The design of this item will ensure the daily improvement of your health.

Automatic workout detection is one of the best features of this smartwatch. If you are a runner, you will enjoy some advanced features such as pace alerts and cadence. Also, even if you are far away from your phone, you can make calls and text.


  • Monitor your health proactively.
  • It comes with an efficient design.
  • It detects workouts automatically.
  • Tracks your activity.
  • Comes with a gyroscope and Accelerometer.


  • Numerous users are disappointed with the battery.
  • It requires a software update.

6. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches on the list. It includes all the features that help you to stay healthy. When it comes to battery life, you can consider this item to be the best smartwatch in India. It has a smart battery mode, which will enhance the battery life for a few more days.

The magnetic USB rapid charger will charge your smartwatch up to 80% within an hour.

There is also a Google assistant speaker in this product, which increases its efficiency. The new heart rate sensor will provide you with accurate results, and it is also battery efficient.

This item uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your phone. Once it is connected, it will send you important notifications. There will be a gentle buzz, and you will comprehend that a notification has arrived.

Moreover, it is a swim-proof smartphone. With this smartwatch, you can jump into a swimming pool or under the shower without any hesitation. It will not affect the touch screen of your watch as well.


  • It is a swim-proof product.
  • Comes with impressive battery life.
  • It tracks heart rate precisely.
  • It sends important notifications.
  • Comes with Google assistant.


  • It shows some issues while pairing with iPhone.
  • It does not reflect the events in the calendar.

7. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch

The color display of the Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch is the first thing that will strike you. It is a 1.3” color display that comprises supporting taps, capacitive touch as well as swipes. All these features will make it easier for you to operate and read this smartwatch.

It comes with a strong polycarbonate case, which makes it a lightweight item. Besides, the polycarbonate case will ensure the durability of the product. This watch is available in four vibrant colors, and you can choose your favorite color amongst them.

It comprises a 210 mAh removable battery. Once you charge the battery, it will stay alive for ten days. The best part is it will take only two hours to get fully charged. The built-in optical heart rate monitor will track your heart rate 24/7. It also comes with nine sports modes.

Furthermore, it will cover all your activities such as run, walk, bike, hike, workout, treadmill, spin, climb, and yoga. Besides, you will receive numerous important health updates with Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Smartwatch on your side.


  • You can connect it with Google fit.
  • It comprises nine sports modes.
  • Monitors your heart 24/7.
  • Battery life is ten days.
  • Make of solid polycarbonate casing.


  • The accuracy of this smartwatch is a bit questionable.
  • Some of the features like calendar reminders don’t work correctly.

8. OPPO Smartwatch

OPPO Watch comes with the wear operating system, which is a Google Android-based OS. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 & Ambiq Micro Apollo3 Wireless SoC processor makes it a capable product. Well, when you use this watch for the first time, you have to synchronize your phone’s data.

Temporarily, it may increase the power consumption and lower down the battery. However, we would recommend you complete the data synchronization quickly. It will provide you with the best results. Besides, do not forget to upgrade to the latest software version and keep your watch charged.

It contains plenty of unique features Google Assistant, GPS, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and get-up reminder. You can also perform guided breathing exercises with this OPPO smartwatch on your side. It also has a 41mm AMOLED display, which will make it easier for you to track your development.

You can also enable the workout mode while doing workouts such as cycling, running, swimming, and various others. The water-resistance of this product is 3 ATMs. Also, it only takes 75 minutes to charge this product fully.


  • It comprises Google Assistant.
  • Built-in GPS.
  • You can accomplish a guided breathing experience.
  • It monitors heart rate.
  • The matte finish makes it look classy.


  • Battery life is a bit disappointing.
  • The Bluetooth is a bit faulty.

9. Huawei GT 2 Pro Smartwatch

Huawei GT 2 Pro Smartwatch is the final product on the list. The AMOLED sapphire display of this watch is wear-resistant. Besides, it comes with a Titanium frame, which makes it lightweight and solid. The back of this watch comprises skin-friendly and glossy ceramic, which makes it comfortable.

If you do snowboarding and skiing, it is the best smartwatch in India for you. You can perceive numerous things with this smartwatch, such as the maximum slope, distance, and track. Besides, it will also help you to comprehend your heartbeat.

This product also comes with efficient wireless charging. After giving it the total charge, it will stay by your side for two weeks. If you charge it for five minutes, it will provide you with the battery backup for 10 hours.

Reverse charging is one of the unique features of this smartphone. It will extract some charge from your phone if you don’t have the charger with you. You can also receive, mute, and reject calls with the help of this smartwatch.


  • It comes with an AMOLED sapphire display.
  • Reverse charging is a unique feature.
  • You can receive, mute, and reject your calls.
  • It delivers the battery backup for ten days.
  • It tracks skiing and snowboarding.


  • The refresh rate of the screen needs improvement.
  • There are plenty of limitations to this watch.

Buying Guide for Best Smartwatch in India

Before buying a smartwatch, you have to perceive some parameters. Understanding those parameters will help you to pick up the best smartwatch in India. You should know that buying a random product is not going to help you. You may face some issues regarding the quality of the product. Hence, we will explain those parameters to you so that you can make the right decision. Well, if you can pick up the best product amongst all, you can use it for a long time. To be precise, you don’t have to compromise with the quality. So, here are the parameters that you have to keep in mind.


The first parameter that you have to check is it’s built. You should know that a good quality smartwatch should be sturdy. It should work for several years. Besides, it should look good on your wrist. The design should ensure that it sits on your wrist smoothly. To be specific, it should be comfortable. Besides, different smartwatches come in different sizes. So, you have to select the suitable one for your wrist.

For instance, most women have slimmer hands compared to men. Also, the smartwatches should be customizable. You can change the straps of your smartwatches. You will receive some of the smartwatches with metal straps and some with rubber straps. So, you must look for the one that has the space for upgrades. In case you sweat too much or plan to go swimming, you should opt for a waterproof smartwatch. A waterproof smartwatch is capable of going inside the water.

Apps and customization

Smartwatches are capable of running various apps. The best part is you don’t need your smartphone to run these apps. Therefore, you have to look for the apps that you want on your watch. You will find out that there are plenty of apps available. You have to choose the most imperative apps amongst them. To be precise, select the apps that are necessary and compatible with your daily activities. Also, those apps should be able to monitor your health.

Now, we will talk about customization. Well, watch faces and customization are essential aspects of a smartwatch. So, you have to look for the customizations available for your watch. For example, you can customize your straps. Besides, some watches will allow you to customize the watch faces as well. If you want to take our suggestion, we would recommend you to opt for a Samsung Galaxy watch. You can customize the face of your watch.

Calling without a phone

E-SIM support is one of the newest and groundbreaking features of smartwatches. With the help of this feature, you can use your mobile number on your smartwatches as well. You don’t have to carry your mobile phone everywhere. You can text, call, and reject the calls through your smartwatch due to this feature.

We would request you to go through the list that we mentioned. Numerous products from that list comprise this feature. For example, you can check the Samsung Galaxy watch if you want to enjoy this feature.

Battery life

Next, you have to check the battery life. We can understand that this is a bit of a tricky parameter. If your smartwatch has a bright and colorful large display, it will consume more energy. They will stay by your side for a day or couple of days. So, check the brands that offer a powerful battery. Those watches will allow you to operate them for a long time.

Some of the best brands that you can check are Apple, Samsung, OPPO, and Noise. They manufacture efficient smartwatches that comprise long battery life. Some of the best products you can buy are Apple Watch Series 4, OPPO Watch, and Galaxy Watch. All these watches are capable and come with excellent battery life. These days, most smartwatches take a maximum of 2 hours to get fully charged.


Fitness is one of the significant parameters to consider while buying a smartwatch. If you look at most of the smartwatches, you will understand that they monitor numerous stats. For instance, they track your walking, running, and sleeping. The good ones come with an in-built heart rate monitor. You can follow your progressions due to this feature.

If you are serious about your workout, you should look for these features. These watches will provide you with numerous essential insights, which will help you in the long run. To be specific, your daily fitness regime will get a boost.

Compatibility with sun

The smartwatches should be bright so that you can see them on bright sunny days. So, check the screen quality of your smartwatch before placing your order. A smartwatch with a considerable screen quality will allow you to check it. If the display’s rate is not up to the mark, you may come across a bad experience.

Capabilities to consider

It is another imperative section of the buying guide. Before you choose the best smartwatch in India, there are some capabilities that you have to comprehend, such as:

  • Make sure that your smartwatch is suitable for your current smartphone. If you plan to pair it with other smart devices, don’t forget to check the compatibility.
  • You should feel comfortable while wearing the smartphone. There is a possibility that some of the smartwatches will be large and clunky. Thus, you have to be careful while choosing your smartwatch.
  • The smartwatches should be water-resistant. The best option for you is to choose the one that can dip at the pool. If you consider it to be an essential feature, you should change the specs before buying.
  • These days, a lot of smartwatch chargers are coming with wireless chargers. They are convenient compared to wired chargers. So, try to buy a smartwatch that arrives with a wireless charger.

We would suggest you comprehend the features that you require the most. Keep in mind that this technology is still evolving. So, before committing, check everything precisely.

FAQs to Buy Smartwatch in India

Is it necessary to keep the smartphone while using a smartwatch?

No, these days, most smartwatches don’t require any smartphone to get operated. You can include e-SIM in your smartwatches so that you can use the same number on your mobile phone. To be precise, you can call mute and reject with the help of these smartwatches.

Can smartwatches take photos?

If you look at smartphones, you will find out that most of them comprise efficient cameras. Therefore when it comes to replacing smartphones with smartwatches, you should think twice. Till now, you will find out that most of the smartwatches don’t have cameras. However, some smartwatches come with cameras. When you look at the camera quality of those smartwatches, you will get disappointed. Hence don’t expect a camera if you are buying a smartwatch.

Are smartwatches capable of monitoring blood pressure?

Yes, smartwatches are capable of monitoring your blood pressure. They will check your blood pressure through your pulse. However, you have to research before believing those claims as most of the devices monitor blood pressure on the upper arm.

Do smartwatches monitor heart rate?

It is one of the most common features that you will find in smartwatches. Almost all these watches are capable of monitoring heart rate. It is one of the significant health parameters. For that reason, the makers incorporated this feature in the smartwatches. They use a technology named photoplethysmography when it comes to measuring heart rates. They will also send you notifications if they find out that your heart has an irregular rhythm. Also, they will alert you if your heart rate is high or low. Sometimes the result may not be accurate, but you will get a brief idea and take the necessary steps.

How do smartwatches monitor steps or activities?

The smartwatches come with a technology named 3-Axis accelerometer. You will find this hardware in most of the smartwatches. Well, some smartwatches consist of a gyroscope. It allows measuring the altimeter as well as steps. If you are buying a smartwatch for tracking your activities, you should look for the one that has three sensors. The data that you will receive from 3 sensors will help you schedule your workout plans according to your necessity.

How do they monitor sleep?

Most smartphones claim to monitor your sleeping schedule. They have sensors that help them to track various movements as well as cardiovascular data. After company these pieces of data, the smartwatches can tell you how long you have slept. Besides, they will also deliver you important insights regarding the four stages of sleep. Some of the critical data they combine are rapid-eye-movement, breathing, bodily movements, and heart rates. Hence they will not only comprehend how long you are sleeping, but they will also fathom the quality of your sleep.

Can we connect a smartwatch with Apple?

We don’t need to say that Apple watches are best compatible with the iPhone. However, there are other smartwatches that you can connect with the iPhone. For example, some Samsung watches are compatible with iOS. So if you have one of those watches, you can join it with the iPhone without any complications.

Can we play music on smartwatches?

Yes, you can play music on most of the smartwatches. You can store your favorite songs and music in those watches and enjoy them whenever you want.

Can smartwatches track irregular heartbeat?

There are plenty of smartwatches that will notify you if you are suffering from an irregular heartbeat. They will also send you a notification if they find out that your heartbeat is alarmingly low or high. The Apple watch is FDA approved, and for that reason, you can trust its accuracy. Apart from the Apple Watch, other watches will alert you during irregular heartbeats.

Are the results accurate?

Maybe the results are not 100% accurate. However, you will get some crucial insights so that you can take the right step. You don’t have to worry much as the results are pretty reliable if not accurate. If you choose some of the best brands, such as Samsung, Apple, and OPPO, you can rely on them without much hesitation.

Are smartwatches safe?

Yes, smartwatches are pretty safe. Psychology says that if you can make a call through your wrist, you will feel safer.


So, these are the best and elegant smartwatches to buy. These smartwatches will assist you to keep yourself fit and healthy. Besides, they will make your life easier by allowing you to make calls, reject calls, receive calls, and mute calls. Also, these best smartwatches look amazing. They will enhance your style statement and make you take savvy. During emergencies, they will help you a lot as well. For instance, if your heart is showing irregular rhythms, it will notify you quickly. During those times it will help you to make quick decisions. So, buy any of these products without any hesitations and enjoy.