Best Steam Irons in India

If you want to create your best impression on someone, you must definitely pay attention to your grooming. If you wear a neat, crisp, wrinkle-free, fresh-looking ironed cloth; it will give you a smart look. So, in case you want to get the job you have been rooting for, you must get your hands on the best steam iron in India. Steam irons enable you to dress well and enhance your confidence.

Best Steam Irons in India: Wrinkle-Free Clothes with Effortless Ironing and Enhanced Fabric Care

Buying a steam iron for the first time can be a complicated process. That is why, for helping out, we have given below a list of the best steam irons of India.

1. Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron

The Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron has a low power capacity of 1440 watts. It also has a very low price in comparison to the other steam irons available in the Indian market.

As it has lightweight, it operates much faster. So, you can easily do works like ironing, steaming, and water filling. The function of the steam spray allows you to produce a fine mist uniformly. And, you can even out the creases from your dress in a smooth manner.

There is a sideway door opening with a huge fill hole. Thus, you can fill and drain from the water tank without straining yourself too much. The presence of the linish soleplate lets you glide on different kinds of fabrics.

The steam that the steaming iron produces is up to seventeen grams per min. So, the quick steaming operation will meet all your requirements.


  • High-quality soleplate.
  • It gives value to money.
  • It provides efficient and fast steam ironing.
  • You can drain and fill water quickly.
  • It has a steam-spray built-in function.


  • Its wattage capacity is low.
  • Some users complain about its water dripping problem.

2. Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron

The Havells Magnum 1840-Watt Steam Iron contains a water tank that has a capacity of 300 ml. It ensures that you do not get run out of steam while you press your clothes. In addition, it has a steam and dry function that makes your work effortless. The thermostatic adjustable control enhances its utility.

This steam iron is also extremely convenient for use. Its handle comes with a soft grip that lets you iron your clothes easily.

Adjusting your iron’s heat settings is sometimes necessary while pressing your clothes. Therefore, this model from Havells has a thermostatic dial control that helps you seamlessly adjust the temperature.

The Havells Magnum has a self-cleaning function that will keep your iron mess-free and prolong its life. Thus, you do not have to take up the extra job of cleaning your iron after every use. Depending on the fabric that you use, you can choose between the steam and dry functions.

A 360-degree swivel cord is present that gives it flexibility while you maneuver hands to iron the clothes. Moreover, it also makes your work less challenging.


  • It has a soft-grip handle.
  • It has a steam and dry function.
  • It has an adjustable thermostatic control.
  • Self-cleaning function.


  • It has a low capacity.

3. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron

The Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron will give you the best results in less time and with few strokes. With its reliable soleplate and its design, it is the best steam iron in India. It distributes the steam evenly for fast ironing. The powerful steam also prevents odor and bacteria from your clothes.

It has a high power of 2100 watts that provides a high output of steam. It improves your ironing quality. The Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron comes with a hundred-gram steam boost and persistent steam up to thirty grams per minute. Thus, it removes rigid creases from your clothes easily.

The water tank’s capacity is 270 mL that lets you iron clothes with zero hassle of refilling and filling them. There is a non-stick layer coating on this steam iron that allows it to glide on different fabrics.

Its soleplate crafted design evenly distributes the heat over the soleplate. So, it needs a few strokes to moisten the garment evenly. At low temperatures, Drip Stop enables you to iron soft fabrics with no stain from water droplets.

In the center of the device, the control knob is present. It allows you to steam pressure and set the temperature according to the type of fabric.


  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It has a warranty of two years.
  • Its steam functions vertically.
  • Calc-clean in-built slider.
  • Swivel cord of 360 degrees.


  • Build quality is average.
  • Water leaking problems.

4. Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron

Morphy Richards Super Glide 2000-Watt Steam Iron is a specialist when it comes to steam. In total, it has forty-six different holes to steam the cloth properly. Thus, there is a broad coverage. Its dispersed steam time and weight make it the best steam iron in India.

A large number of steam vents on the advanced ceramic coated and diamond soleplate makes your garment free of creases. It also evenly distributes the heat. Its smooth soleplate coating smoothly glides on the fabrics. It fastens your ironing process and extends its life.

You can smooth the creases on the drapes and jackets with its steam feature that functions vertically. The soleplate has steam vents that disperse steam on a regular basis at eleven grams per minute. But on high settings, the turbo boost feature produces the steam at 150 gram every minute.

Its 350 ml water tank produces enough steam. So, you do not need to replenish it regularly. The self-cleaning feature prevents the formation of lime deposits that clogs the steam vents.

It has ISI-approved safety standards, so you can be worry-free while using it. There are large soleplates that give the user advantage. With them, you can iron faster than the small soleplates. The low power use makes it affordable and economical.


  • Self-cleaning feature.
  • It has a huge water tank.
  • Soleplate has a smooth finishing.
  • Turbo boost.
  • It has a large number of vents.


  • Its weight is heavy.

5. Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron

Havells is a brand that offers good safety standards for its products. The Havells Fabio 1250-Watt Steam Iron has this feature. It not only has an attractive design but also gives an efficient performance.

Havells Fabio Steam Iron is lightweight. So, you can comfortably glide it over clothes. It has some dials and buttons for temperature control and steam function. Therefore, you can operate it easily. Hence, you can set and change the right options.

It has a high power of 1250 watts. So, it quickens the entire operation. The thermostat is controllable; that is why it auto cuts and heats in a better manner.

Its water tank has a capacity of 230 liters, which provides continuous steam for a long time. With the different buttons, you can choose the horizontal and vertical steam. It is usually near to the handle. The self-cleaning function of the steam iron prevents scaling formation and the clog of steam holes.


  • Its auto-cleaning feature extends its life.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • Its price is reasonable.
  • It comes with proper safety standards.
  • It has a warranty of two years.


  • The steam burst feature is not present.
  • Low water tank capacity for commercial uses.

6. Black+Decker 2200-Watt Cord & Cordless Steam Iron

Black+Decker 2200-Watt Steam Iron is attractive and suitable for heavy-duty tasks. It has a unique cordless feature that allows you to iron the clothes without plugs after it gets heated sufficiently. This steam iron comes with functions such as “steam burst” and “spray.” They give your clothes moisture and make them wrinkle-free. Thus, it is the best steam iron in India.

With a power of 2200 watts, it allows fast heating of the steam iron. There is an in-built knob that is situated near the handle, which enables you to control the steam iron’s temperature.

Black Decker Steam Iron has a ceramic coating on the soleplate that does not cause any friction. It comes with a big water tank of 350 ml, so you do not have to refill it over and over again.

Moreover, its self-cleaning and anti-calc features make it durable and long-lasting. The Anti-Drip feature is very effective as it prevents the soleplate from dripping water.


  • It has an anti-calc feature.
  • It has spray and steam burst options.
  • 2200W allows quick heating.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • It has a self-clean feature.


  • Some customers report water dripping.

7. Inalsa 2000W Geyser Titanium Steam Iron

The Inalsa Geyser Titanium Steam Iron is popular for its precise ironing. If you are always busy and have little time to spare, then this is the steam iron for you. The titanium iron does half of your work. Its ergonomic design benefits the operator.

The steam iron has a heavy soleplate with a titanium coating. It distributes the steam evenly for lowering similar strokes. There are twelve different steam vents on the tip, while the sides consist of sixteen along the lines. Regular dispersal of the steam weight is up to twenty-two grams each minute, while the weight of the steam burst is 160 g/min. Besides, the nose has a steam vent that enables spraying for extra dampness. It also provides vertical steam for drape-like fabrics.

The high power of 2000 watts controls the temperature and quickly heats the iron. Steam control and temperature let you choose the temperature for different fabrics. It helps you to decide the required amount of steam for ironing out the wrinkles from the material.

It has a water tank of 300 ml that does not require constant refilling. The anti-drip feature cuts off the water flow when the steam iron reaches a very low temperature.


  • It has an anti-calc function.
  • Its steam works vertically.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • It has a steam spray.
  • Temperature control.


  • Poor build quality.
  • Bad customer service.

8. Eveready SI1400 1400-Watt Steam Iron

Eveready is a steam iron suitable for regular use. Eveready SI1400 1400-Watt Steam Iron quickly irons your clothes and makes them wrinkle-free. It has all the essential features that are needed for safe, durable, and efficient use.

Its nose has a valve for steam spray, and it comes along with a pushbutton. It uniformly distributes the fine mist over the fabric that tackles the creases in the tight areas. You can choose the right amount of steam and temperature for removing the creases on the clothes.

You can easily refill the water for persistent steam distribution. There is a self-cleaning feature that prevents the lime deposits from collecting in the vents.

The handlebar is convenient enough to work with and hold. And, the soleplate has a linish surface that glides seamlessly on the fabric for fast ironing. It has a high power of 1400 watts that makes it suitable for daily use. In addition, the product has a warranty of two years.


  • Its thermostat is adjustable.
  • It provides a fast response.
  • It has a flexible swivel cord.
  • It has a soleplate that is scratch-resistant.
  • It has a warranty of two years.


  • Leakage of water.

Buying Guide for Best Steam Iron in India

Before investing in a good steam iron consider all the points given below.

Types of Steam Irons

Depending on the material of the soleplate, size, weight, and capacity, steam irons can be of three types. Some of them remove wrinkles seamlessly, while others glide much easily by producing more steam.

Cordless Irons

Cordless irons are mostly like conventional steam irons. But they don’t contain power cords. With regards to its performance, it’s not very impressive. However, you can carry them with you when you go somewhere. As they have batteries, they can be charged whenever necessary.

Conventional Steam Irons

Conventional steam irons produce very low heat, which irons the fabrics and removes their wrinkles. Nowadays, many less expensive irons also have lots of features. You can make steam with your usual tap water as the machines have anti-calc valves and resin filters.

Steam Iron Systems

The steam iron systems have a continuous flow of steam in volumes of high-pressure. Also, they take much space in comparison to conventional steam irons. And they require a lot of time to heat properly. Some of them do not come with the auto shut-off feature. They also do not have the spray function, but the steam is high enough to smooth all the creases.

Amount of Steam

You must always choose the iron that provides the maximum steam. That is why you can iron heavy and dry clothes easily.

The steam iron produces a considerable amount of steam every minute, depending on its capacity. Soleplates have holes that help in the dispersal of steam on different fabrics. You must always look for a steam iron that has a high output level for optimum performance. Its unit of measurement is grams per minute.

You must also ensure that the steam iron you are buying can vertically steam. This feature is useful when it comes to garments and drapes. As you can damage a delicate fabric with high steam, you have to make sure that it has the steam control feature. However, a medium level of steam cannot remove wrinkles from heavy fabrics.

Using different variations of steam will help the refill last for an extended period. Some steam options are also customizable based on your requirement.

Number of Vents

The placing and number of steam vents play a key role in purchasing the best steam irons in India. The soleplates have steam holes between sixteen and forty-six that provide strong steam bursts. High wattage and a large number of steam vents improve the production of steam. Advanced steam irons have huge water tanks for evenly distributing the steam.

Some steam irons have on their noses a push button and a spray valve. For tough fabrics, the spray valves emit fine mist for extra dampening. A few vents on the soleplate’s sharp end help one to deal with wrinkles on the hard-to-reach spots.

The Capacity of the Water Tank

You can fill the water less frequently when you have a large tank. The high tank capacity of a steam iron also provides more steam for a long period of time. However, they can be a bit heavy.

In the case of small tanks, you have to fill them over and over again. Therefore, knowing the capacity of the water tank is essential.

Type of Soleplate

Soleplates with a wide base have a large number of vents. Therefore, you can cover large areas within a small time period. The soleplates have sharp ends, which is important in dealing with tough fabric corners such as pleats, corners, and buttons.

Soleplates of advanced and conventional steam irons are built with ceramic, aluminum, titanium coating, and non-stick materials. This gives it a smooth finish and lets it glide over the fabric effortlessly. It even prevents accidental burns.


Ceramic soleplates have aluminum as their core building material, along with the ceramic coating. These soleplates are beneficial for ironing synthetic fabrics. But, on natural fabrics like wool and cotton, it can fade out colors. A ceramic coating can also have wear and tear.

Stainless Steel

These soleplates are suitable for natural fabrics like wool and cotton as they conduct heat well. When it comes to sleeves and pant legs, they do a better job than ceramic-coated soleplates. But they can stick to glues and decals at high temperatures.


Aluminum soleplates are inexpensive and distribute heat better. So, you can expect ironing and heat across garments.


Both advanced and conventional steam irons have adjustable controlling temperature knobs. Advanced steam irons come with a steam controlling feature that determines the required amount of steam for a particular fabric. The steam irons have a built-in auto cut-off feature that keeps in check the heat temperature inside. And it reduces the risks of overheating.

Auto Shut Off

After ironing for a long time, the thought of switching it off can just slip from your mind. These can cause accidents and burn holes in your clothes. This is why there is an auto shut-off feature. When the steam iron reaches the optimum temperature, it automatically shuts off. The temperature of the soleplate then lowers. You must look for this feature because many steam irons lack this feature.


Steam irons with high wattages usually heat up more quickly. Its wattage even affects the steam dispersion and build-up. Technologies like steam burst are useful with 1800 power wattage. This makes them versatile, and they heat quickly. They can therefore remove wrinkles easily on heavier fabrics.

Cord Length

Sometimes the socket is not accessible during ironing clothes. That is why you must opt for cords that have good flexibility and length. If the cord is not sturdy and flexible, it can bend, which can be disastrous. A retractable cord helps it to move in different directions and retract. A longer cord length does not restrict your movement and helps to get your ironing done quickly with long strokes.

Time Needed to Heat Up

Usually, steam irons heat quickly between the duration of two to three minutes. So that you don’t need to wait for a long time. It also takes less time for steam production. This makes sure that you can heat and iron clothes quickly over a short period of time.

Ergonomic Controls and Handles

Steam iron handles must be comfortable and smooth to handle. It is vital when you use them regularly or for long time periods. Modern steam irons consist of anti-slip handles that are very comfortable.


Steam irons nowadays come with this feature that lessens our workload. When the water changes into a vapor, the calcium carbonate present in the water reacts with heat. It then leads to the formation of a lime residue. Furthermore, the deposit of the limescale builds up inside the water tank. They clog the steam vent and damage their system. The self-cleaning anti-calc feature cleans the tank internally.


Water droplets and dripping from steam iron can be irritating. Some steam irons have this problem. That is why some manufacturers are starting to incorporate this feature in steam irons. Even when the tank is full, this feature ensures that there is no slippage or water dripping. It also restricts the leakage of water from the corners of the steam iron.


The steam irons that come with high-end features are quite expensive. However, some steam irons are cheap and have only basic features. As the market has different options, you can select one according to your budget.

FAQs to Buy Steam Iron in India

How much higher power rating must you choose?

Steam irons with high wattages consume high power. They also heat quickly. Therefore, you must always select a steam iron with a high wattage. They work more efficiently and save your time. They also take lesser time, and in comparison to other steam irons, their power consumption is less. The consumption of power actually depends on the time of its functioning and wattage.

How to clean soleplates?

You can clean soleplates with vinegar, water, and baking soda. Then you have to form a mixture whose consistency is a little thick.

You have to take a wooden spatula and then apply it to the soleplate. The baking soda will take out the sticky residue. Then the soleplate’s surface will be clean and smooth. You can wipe it clean with a fabric. Later, you have to fill up the tank with water and take it to the optimum temperature. Pushing the spray button will remove the remaining mixture.

How to prevent leakage or water dripping?

Normally, steam irons have an anti-drip function. It prohibits any leakage from the valves and steam vents. The operator must also take certain precautions to avoid the leakage of water. For example, you have to avoid plugging in the iron from the power socket while you fill the tank. Also, keep the iron upright when not in use.

Do not fill the water tank completely. Wait till the iron heats up. Once it gets heated, you can use it. Then, empty the water chamber, and then turn the steaming to the normal mode.

How can you claim the product warranty?

You have to check when a steam iron arrives whether it has a warranty card or not. So, if you end up losing it, you can still claim its warranty. Most popular brands provide this advantage. Therefore, you do not need to think about it.

What is the white powder on the steam iron?

The steam iron produces a white powder that can be calcium carbonate. The reaction of heat with hard water results in the formation of this mineral residue. It is therefore known as limescale. Most steam irons have the anti-calc function, which restricts this white powder from settling on the iron.

You can also use RO and distilled water instead of going for plain tap water. For adjusting the pH, you can even add vinegar.


Steam irons help you make good impressions with your wrinkle-free outfit. So, if you are considering buying a steam iron in India, you must go through our buying guide. You can even make your choice from the list that we have provided of the top steam irons in India.