Best Toys for Babies in India

During their early years, babies learn new things through play. This is the reason why toys play a significant role in their early stage of development. These toys stimulate thinking, create problem-solving skills, and enable them to reach their developmental milestones. All these factors are important for making the best toys for babies in India.

Best Toys for Babies in India: Stimulating and Safe Playtime Essentials for Early Development

In our guide below, we will help you in finding the best toys for babies in India. Moreover, we will state their different functions. It will help you to decide on the best.

1. WISHKEY Colorful Non-Toxic BPA Free Early Age Toys

WISHKEY Colorful Non-Toxic BPA Free Early Age Toys are for infants who are starting to grasp things purposefully. Babies can shake, rotate, pull, or use it as a teether. In addition, it is one hundred percent safe for use as it uses non-toxic ABS Plastic. And, it is BPA-free that makes it eco-friendly, and perfectly suitable for a newborn baby.

As a developmental toy, it strengthens sensory, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills. This is because it comes in different shapes, colors, and designs for developing the recognition ability of your baby. The toy has sweet and attractive sounds for soothing the baby once it rattles. It also has a small volume and is lightweight that makes it unique for indoor and outdoor use.

Besides, the colorful rattles are big in size that prevents babies from swallowing them. However, their size makes them accessible for babies to grab easily. Its soft edge makes it perfect for babies to chew on and have fun for endless hours.


  • Babies can grasp these easily.
  • Non-toxic ABS Plastic and BPA-free.
  • Enhances motor and hand-eye coordination skills.
  • Small and lightweight for both use.
  • Babies cannot swallow it.


  • High-Price.
  • Does not have premium quality.

2. Fisher-Price Plastic Original Rock-a-Stack

Fisher-Price Plastic Original Rock-a-Stack enables babies to stack up rings and strengthen their motor and hand-eye coordination skills. Your baby will be able to learn how to stack up these rings depending on their color and size. It is a modern version of the classic toy that has been in use for generations.

Rock-a-Stack consists of five colorful rings to stack and grasp. At the base level, it lets you introduce your babies to the concept of stacking and relative size. Apart from developing your baby’s motor and sensory skills, it stimulates a form of entertainment for your baby.

The head-bobbing action of the toy teaches your baby about the relationship between cause and effect. It further encourages them to start walking by allowing them to take the turtle for a walk. As a toy, it enhances developmental skills by teaching kids how to pull and snap. Moreover, it consists of three toys- Snap lock beads, first block, and activity chain.


  • Strengthens motor skills.
  • Easy to grasp and stack.
  • Builds up the motor and sensory skills.
  • It is a form of entertainment.
  • It promotes the development of skills.


  • Plastic is of average quality.

3. Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Cum Soft Toy

Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Cum Soft Toy is a stuffed toy that produces a rattling sound. It has a soft plush filling that will double up in the form of a toy for your baby. So, your child will be able to cuddle and hug it.

There is a rattle within the toy that you can shake for the entertainment of your baby. The bright color of the toy will draw the attention of your child for hours during playtime. Its rattle sound enhances auditory development. When your baby squeezes the toy, it will provide a squeaky sound.

It is quite comfortable to hold because of its soft texture and promotes sensory development. And it is safe for your child as it does not have any uneven or sharp edges that can harm your baby. Besides, it is not a choking hazard.


  • It produces a rattling sound.
  • Offers a soft texture.
  • Does not have sharp edges.
  • Provides entertainment to your baby.
  • Not a choking hazard.


  • It can get wet easily.

4. Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym is one of the best toy for baby in India. It is instrumental for developing your baby’s senses through its bright colors, music, and lights. When your baby kicks the toy, music plays. Moreover, the overhead toys are movable that encourages the baby to grasp and bat.

During tummy time, you can move its arch down, or you can make your baby sit while making her enjoy a piano concert. The piano is removable that allows you to carry it easily wherever your baby goes. Listening to the gym tune will allow the baby to learn the connection between reactions and actions. As the baby’s foot gets near the piano, you will get to hear a rewarding and fun response.

The Smart Stages Technology will enhance your baby’s developmental skills. Your baby can learn different phrases, sounds, and songs through this toy. In addition, the baby will understand the cause and effect.


  • It has bright colors, music, and light.
  • Movable toys that your baby can grasp.
  • The gym tune helps your baby learn action-reaction.
  • Promotes the developmental skill.
  • Allows your baby to learn cause-effect relationships.


  • It is quite expensive.

5. WISHKEY Plastic Bath Toy Set

WISHKEY Plastic Bath Toy Set is colourful that can fit into the little hands of your babies. Moreover, they can indulge your baby during the time of bath. They contain non-toxic material and when your baby squeezes them, they make a sound. Besides, these floating toys are compact in size so that you can keep them in the water.

The lightweight, bright-colored, soft plastic toy provides entertainment to your baby and captures his/her attention. Because of the softness of the toy, your baby can hold it easily. And it enables your baby to develop his/her learning ability.

This toy is a hundred percent safe and of high quality for the use of babies. Your child can play and bathe at the same time while having fun and making the ‘Chu Chu’ sound. It is a toy that improves your baby’s thinking, hearing, and vision.


  • Compact and colorful bath toy.
  • Non-toxic material.
  • Provides entertainment with its sound.
  • Offers a lot of fun.
  • Enhances hearing, thinking, and vision.


  • Water gets inside that gets difficult to clean.

6. Skyloft Rabbit & Frog Animal Hand Puppets

Skyloft Rabbit & Frog Animal Hand Puppets is another one of the best toys for babies in India. Skyloft is a brand with a registered trademark that makes it one hundred percent trustworthy. All their soft toys have high-quality fabric that is safe for the use of kids. You can use the Rabbit & Frog Animal Hand Puppets to stimulate the imagination of your baby.

You can use these toys to keep your baby’s attention while reading storybooks. Not only will it make it lively and entertaining but also fun for learning. These toys will take your baby inside a fairytale. In case you are a parent, you can get these toys during Christmas or birthdays for your baby.


  • A brand with a registered trademark.
  • High-quality fabric.
  • Stimulates the imagination of your baby.
  • Holds the attention of your baby.
  • Lively and entertaining.


  • Bit expensive.

Buying Guide for Best Toy for Babies in India

Number of toys

Your baby does not need a room full of toys. Babies only require a maximum of ten to twenty toys. You need to alternate between these toys so that your child does not get a feeling of boredom. Few toys challenge your baby to focus, maintain attention, and use his/her imagination.

With limited toys, your baby can become more organized and resourceful. They will be happy and appreciate what they have. So, in case your baby needs a new toy, go ahead. However, make sure to take an old toy out of his/her collection and give them away to an underprivileged baby.

Avoid toys with button battery

Avoid buying toys that have a button battery. You cannot keep an eye on the baby for each second of his/her life. If your baby mistakenly swallows the button battery, then it can be a choking hazard. On the other hand, it can corrode in your baby’s stomach and cause internal bleeding. This can not only be dangerous but also fatal for your baby.

You must even inspect the toys that your baby gets as a present from your relatives. This is because it may be the case that some of them unknowingly buy toys with a button battery. To prevent anything bad from happening, you must throw away all those toys.

Wooden toys

If your baby has the tendency to put everything in their mouth, then you can opt for wooden toys. They have baby-friendly dyes. Also, some wooden toys are BPA-free. You can get these toys for your babies from top brands, which are a bit pricey but safe too.

Age-wise toys

0 to 6 months

Babies love movement and sounds. They try to discover their bodies working on their hand-eye coordination. Moreover, they love to hold stuff in general.

Therefore, you can try giving him/her rattles or small things that s/he can hold on to. You can go further to give your baby a tiny jungle gym that will have small objects hanging from above. When your baby lies down, you can watch them. As s/he grows older, your baby will try to grab these toys and enjoy their sounds.

6 to 8 months

During this time, your baby will begin holding things in his/her small hands. This is the best time for him/her to learn about the relationship between cause and effect. Once they start doing repetitive actions, they will enhance their learning abilities.

You can buy shape-sorter toys like a bucket where s/he can put things in and take them out. However, it is not about fitting things into the correct place, but it’s more about learning how to put things in and put them out.

8 to 18 months

At this age, your baby starts to grow through serious development. They think about what and why they are doing. This will enable him/her to figure out how to keeping on stacking rings on the pole. S/he will also learn to put a block on the top of other types of blocks.

You will further notice that your baby is learning to open remotes and take batteries out. They can use simple toys and put them together and split them apart. S/he will enjoy hand and finger puppets to find momentary pleasures. Action dolls and figures have intricate and small parts that are moveable but try to avoid them as they are a choking hazard.

Avoiding choking hazard

Do not buy a toy for your baby that is for toddlers less than three years of age. If it has small parts that are smaller than one-point-five inches in height, width, and length, then it causes a choking hazard.

Toys for newborn

Babies love to observe at this time. They marvel at everything they see. You can go for one or two rattles to distract them if they have a habit of crying. In case your baby starts to teethe, you can buy a teether for him or her. Rattles are compact in size as well as lightweight, so you can carry them outside whenever you take your baby out.

FAQs to Buy Toy for Babies in India

Which are the best toys for a three to six months old baby?

You can opt for baby gyms during this time. This will allow your baby to engage by reaching out and grasping things. It will act as a sensory stimulation as well.

Take-Along Mobile is suitable for newborn babies as well. Besides, it encourages them to get acquainted with pleasant music and dangling toys. These are different from normal mobiles as you can attach them to car seats, bassinets, and strollers.

Which toys can grow my baby’s developmental skills?

After your baby learns to sit up, you can buy stacking toys for them to play with. It builds motor skills and hand-eye coordination. They can further separate their toys according to their shape, color, sequence, and size.

Links are versatile toys that are perfect for keeping when you are travelling with your baby. Babies love color and texture as it stimulates not only their vision but also their senses. They are further easier to clean and you can hang them on to other favourite toys of your baby to entertain him/her.

Rattle cars have flexible and soft materials for babies to grasp. Babies who have started crawling can use these toys. The toys have colorful beads that will roll and rattle within the wheel to delight your baby. Moreover, your baby can play with it even as they grow into a toddler.

Are simple toys better for babies?

Toys that talk on their own compromise the baby’s thinking abilities. It’s important for your baby to learn cause-effect and action-reaction while growing up. Babies must not act passively but engage actively in their playtime. Simple toys will allow your baby to be experimental and curious both at the same time.

You can buy toys with different shapes like square, triangle, circle, conical, as well as cylindrical. As they are playing with these simple toys, they will learn to recognize these shapes. Similarly, you can also use your kitchen tools to engage them. This will push their imagination and improve their learning abilities.

Thus, simple toys are hands down a better option than toys with complex mechanisms. This is because they are good for your baby’s development. And, it gives them the opportunity to figure things out by themselves.


Parents need to be quite careful when it comes to selecting toys for their babies. As a guardian, you must always ensure that the toy that you are buying is age-appropriate for your baby to play with. When your baby grows older, they will understand the relationship between cause and effect and action and reaction. Therefore, you can buy toys that act as stimulation for enhancing your baby’s developmental skills.

In addition, you can choose the best toys for babies in India from our list. Since there are a lot of different toys available in the market, you can make your choice easier by taking a look at our buying guide. Therefore, you will know what things to look out for when selecting a toy for your baby’s birthday. One of the significant things to keep in mind is to avoid toys that are small and potential choking hazards as well as toys with batteries.