Best Treadmills in India

The fast-paced life of today’s generation leads to poor time management for themselves. Most of the individuals could not pay proper attention to their physical health due to time. To solve this problem, health fitness companies have introduced treadmills.

With the introduction of treadmills, 80% of India’s population are trying to be fit. Running and walking are known to be the primary exercise for fitness. But the time constraint kills all these activities. The confusion arises when one is trying to search for the best treadmill to stay fit.

Best Treadmills in India: Fitness and Performance for Effective Home Workouts

The best treadmills for home use in India comes with many features, including safety, stability, and durability. However, the best-seller may not be the best option for you. Therefore, given below the list of best treadmills in India that you can check from.

1. PowerMax Fitness 1.75HP (3.5HP Peak) Treadmill

If you are a person who has a busy work schedule, then hitting the gym can be a tough job. Investing in the treadmill by powermax fitness can pay you some rich dividends. One of the exciting aspects of the PowerMax Fitness Treadmill is its space-saving design. However, the design does not compromise with the overall performance of the treadmill.

This treadmill comes with 12 preloaded programs that you can choose from while trying to achieve your training goals. The LED display feature happens to be one of the excellent features of this treadmill that keeps you updated about the time, distance speed, incline, pulse rate, and calorie burn. Also, the pulse grip sensor that the company has incorporated in this treadmill helps the user to monitor their heart rate.

Exercising on this treadmill can be exciting once you plug your USB pen drive for your smartphone to listen to your favorite music. This machine can, however, withstand weight up to 90 kgs. But the company does not recommend the use of this treadmill if you are above 65 kgs.

The anti-skid running belt is one of the highlights of this treadmill, with excellent features like skid proof, shock-absorbing qualities, and rebound resilience function. It offers top-level comfort to the user. However, the low-profile Deck design provides a feeling of safety to the user, whereas the 1.7 HP motor does not make any noise.

Speaking about safety, this treadmill ranks at the top. The auto-stop safety feature stops the machine automatically if it senses that you are out of balance.


  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Suitable for having brisk walking
  • Space-saving design
  • Affordable
  • Easily foldable
  • It comes with an auto-stop function


  • Does not have an incline feature
  • Required cushioning is not available.

2. Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill

Healthgenie 3911M Motorized Treadmill is one of the lightest and foldable treadmills. It satisfies all the requirements that a fitness enthusiast has, making it one of the best treadmill for home use in India. It comes with a DIY installation guide that helps the user to install the machine on their own. Along with that, healthgenie provides excellent onsite service support.

If one wishes to go for a cardio workout, then this treadmill should be the ultimate choice. It works on a 1.0 HP DC motor that is capable of delivering 2.5 HP peak output. The ideal speed rate should be 8 kilometers per hour, whereas this machine provides a speed limit of 10 kilometers per hour. The company recommends that you use a separate stabilizer while using the device.

This machine supports a weight limit of a maximum hundred kg. The best part is that you can fold this machine that makes it a space-saving treadmill. It is one of the critical requirements for any home treadmills. The wheel on either side of the treadmill makes it a portable one.

The 3 inch LCD that the company has equipped in this treadmill provides essential feedback like time, distance, pulse rate, speed, or calories burnt during your exercise period. The unique pulse sensor measures your heart rate, giving you all the information about your body.

This machine is one of the safest machines because of the safety key present on the handrail. It comes with speakers that you can connect with your pen drive or other USB devices.


  • Affordable
  • Performs well
  • DIY installation saves money and time


  • Noisy
  • Not ideal for users with professional requirements.

3. MAXPRO PTM405 Series Folding Treadmill

Take your exercising and your workout session to a different level altogether with the MaxPro PTM405 Series Folding Treadmill. It comes with a sturdy frame that makes this treadmill one of the most reliable machines that one can have at home. The multi-purpose use of this machine makes it one of the best treadmills for home use in India. One can lose weight and build endurance while using this machine. The user-friendly control of the Max Pro treadmill allows one to set their speed as per their requirement.

The 2 HP motor of this treadmill delivers a peak power output of at least 4 HP. It produces minimum vibration due to the shock absorbing technology that the company has equipped with. One can find a mute option while using this treadmill which helps to eliminate any kind of noise. Now exercise silently with this folding treadmill while you conserve energy.

A long-lasting running surface provides a soft and durable use that measures 115 CM x 42 CM. After you finish the workout, you can fold this machine safely with the help of a gentle drop hydraulic machine. Built-in transportation will allow the user to move it safely anywhere in the house.

The 12 pre-set programs provide efficient workouts, including heart rate monitoring or pulse monitoring. The three manual incline settings help to burn calories while building up layers of your muscles and increasing the endurance level of a person.

Apart from all this, you can also get an aux input option for entertainment purposes while you are working out. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of this treadmill. All these features combine to make this treadmill a beast for working out.


  • Ideal for people with weight around 90 kg
  • Durable
  • High-quality performance
  • Space-saving
  • Energy efficient


  • Expensive
  • During power cuts, it halts, suddenly increasing the risk of getting injured.

4. Viva Fitness T-470 Motorized Treadmill

With a 1.75 continuous DC motor, Viva Fitness T-470 Motorized Treadmill offers 3.5 HP peak duty. The speed range of this treadmill ranges between 0.8 kilometers per hour to 14 kilometers per hour. You will receive a 3 level manual for diverse use of controls.

The running surface measures 16 inches x 48 inches with a display of 5 large LCD window programs. This program reads out the distance covered, calories, speed time, and pulse of the user. The company has equipped the treadmill with speakers that one can connect to an iPod or MP3. Now you can have an entertaining workout session with this motorized treadmill.

The safety feature of this Viva fitness T-470 motorized treadmill makes it one of the best treadmills for a home in India. The speed switch buttons on the handlebars provide the user to switch the speed limit as per their comfort level. The emergency stop button provides an emergency halt during any case of emergency. This treadmill has wheels for easy transportation and portability.

The maximum weight that this treadmill can endure weighs up to 100 kgs. The foldable lock system makes this treadmill compact and easy to use at home. However, you can go for an easy DIY installation that saves your time and money.


  • Durable
  • Availability of great features
  • Safe to use
  • Smooth and study
  • Warranty provided
  • Easy installation
  • Portable


  • Expensive

5. Cockatoo CTM-05 Treadmill

The stylish and sleek design of the Cockatoo CTM-05 Treadmill provides you the best workout experience. The user-friendly features make your session much more convenient and more manageable. Various advanced features like the inclusion of storage kits or smooth handles make this treadmill one of the best treadmill in India.

The machine has a motor that delivers a peak output of 2 HP. This Power Transformers the maximum speed to 10 kilometers per hour. Therefore, this machine even benefits professional persons. However, the treadmill can bear up to a width limit of 90 kg.

The 5 inches LED display on this treadmill lets you track your time, distance, calories burnt, and speed along with your heart rate and pulse rate. At the same time, the inclusion of 12 pre-set programs provides you the opportunity to perform a variety of exercises at various speed levels.

The high-quality speakers that come along with the machine offer the user to combine their working out session with entertainment. The running surface of this treadmill has a 1.4 mm running belt that allows natural movement to any user. At the same time, the sturdy rails provide the user with maximum safety. For portability, the company has equipped this treadmill with wheels.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Good stability
  • Study design
  • Stylish and sleek look


  • Provision of incline facility is not there
  • Motor power is not up to the mark
  • Narrow running belt

6. PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 Series Treadmill

PowerMax Fitness TDA-125 Series Treadmill is one of the auto lubricating treadmills that the company has equipped with smart run functions. This function records your activity. Next time when you get down for your workout session, you can beat your record every time.

The auto incline function makes this treadmill one of the best treadmills for home use in India. It remarkably burns your calories faster than any other exercise. This treadmill turns out the cardiovascular system and provides an excellent definition to your muscles.

Along with that, the easy-to-use HSS folding system allows the user to fold this treadmill without any hassle. This hydraulic soft drop system technique provides support to the weight of the treatment while you lower down or lift the treadmill.

The 5.5 inches LCD provides the user with knowledge of BMI functions and other itineraries. The inclusion of safety keys makes this treadmill one of the best for home use.

This treadmill runs on a 2.0 HP DC motor. It can take the speed of 0.8 km per hour to 14 kilometers per hour with the help of speed select hotkeys. The dimension of its surface measures 49.6 inches X 16.5 inches. The best part of this treadmill is that it can take up a weight of 115 kg.


  • Durable
  • Auto lubricating
  • Safety features available
  • Smart run functions available
  • Athletes and professionals use


  • Expensive

7. Healthgenie 6 in 1 Motorized Treadmill

Healthgenie 6 in 1 Motorized Treadmill provides a new standard to every fitness enthusiast. It comes with a massager, dumbbells, resistance tubes, and a stomach twister. This treadmill offers all the necessities that every workout session requires, including the unique cardio workouts.

The 5 inches LCD lets the user track down all the necessary workout feedback like calories, time, speed, pulse, and even distance. At the same time, the large running surface gives the user enough room to run.

This product is one of the durable products that offer space-saving convenience as you can fold up the frame. It also facilitates easy storage while you are not working out.

The manual incline facility that the company provides on this treadmill helps the machine to be capable of high weight capacities. The pulse monitor on the handlebar lets you keep an eye on your desired goal. The massager that comes along with this treadmill makes your workout session more diverse.

You can even enjoy your workout session with various instrumental music with the powerful MP3 speakers that company incorporates in this treadmill. At the same time, easy will transportation makes it portable.

The powerful, noiseless motor lets the treadmill run at the peak of 4.0 HP. You can customize the speed according to your need from a range of 1 to 14 kilometers per hour.


  • Comes with a variety of other equipment
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Availability of manual incline
  • Efficient customer service
  • Perfect body fitness solution
  • Affordable


  • Not sturdy enough

8. Lifelong FitPro LLTM09 Motorized Treadmill

Now increase your stamina with the Lifelong Fit Pro Treadmill. The easy installation of this treadmill offers the user convenience of use. You can transport this light machine to any place without any hassle. The 90-degree foldable design of this treadmill allows the user to store the device in the most comfortable position.

The treadmill gets its power from the most powerful motor that delivers a peak output of 2.5 HP. It allows the machine to work at a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour. For professional athletes or other sportspeople, this treadmill is the ultimate choice.

The device comes with eight rubber pads that you can find under the deck of the treadmill. It absorbs the pressure making it usable to a person weighing around 90 kgs.

The LCD monitor present on the treadmill provides real-time information about your health, like heart and pulse rate. Also, it tracks down the distance, time, and speed of your workout. This machine has proved itself best for any kind of endurance training.

The presence of the heart rate sensors on the handlebar provides additional utility.


  • Excellent display
  • DIY installation
  • Robust frame
  • Budget-friendly


  • No provision of automatic inclination
  • No choice of color

9. Fitkit FT098 Series DC-Motorised Treadmill

The Fitkit DC Motorised Treadmill is a perfect treadmill for home use. It can take up to a weight of 90 kg. The 2 HP motor power provides quiet functioning of the treadmill.

The comfortable running track measures 1200 X 400 mm wide and spacious anti-skid running board. It benefits the user and makes it one of the most comfortable treadmills to use in India. You don’t have to worry about maintenance, as you can do it with a manual lubrication option.

The shock-absorbing multi-layered running belt has high-impact professional-grade materials that every professional sportsperson uses. It, however, protects the knees while observing every kind of vibration.

The attractive and easy-to-use LED console comes with real-time connectivity, auto-stop function, and heart rate monitoring. You can also equip an aux cable with this treadmill to play your favorite music while exercising.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple features available
  • Efficient


  • Heavier people cannot use this treadmill

Buying Guide for Best Treadmill for Home Use in India

Buying the best treadmill for home use in India or going to the gym for a workout session cannot be considered the same thing. When you are opting to purchase the best treadmill for home use in India, you need to consider certain features and specifications. That would help you to choose the best from the rest. Some of the basic requirements are:


Manufacturers of treadmills have the power to manipulate you by their sweet and tangled talks. By doing that, they very shrewdly sell some low-quality products. So, select a trusted brand that can provide you top quality service.


While purchasing a treadmill, you must look for the dimensions of the treadmill. Based on its use, you will be getting your product that satisfies the desired dimensions. If you are getting the treadmill for home, the essential features might work wonders, but if you are purchasing it for gym use, you need to look for more elaborate features and dimensions.

The perfect deck length of the treadmill should be something between 50 to 55 inches, while the width should be 20 inches to 22 inches. The ideal dimension for the home should be between 45 inches to 60 inches in length and the width being 16 inches to 22 inches.

Range of features

You will find a lot of features to choose from. The best depends upon the customers. As for your need and reference, you must look for your desired treadmill. Many brands in the market would satisfy almost all your preferences.


It is one of the crucial things you must consider while planning to buy a treadmill for your home. Get to know the customer reviews besides the specifications that you are checking. It might make certain things clear to you.

Treadmill motor and HP

The HP rating that the manufacturer advertises can somehow be misleading. Do not opt for any peak duty rating. Always go for the continuous duty rating. The ideal HP range for your treadmill should be around 1.5 to 2 HP. If you are a person who works out heavily, then it is better to go for a treadmill that has a heavy-duty motor consisting of 2.5 to 3 HP power.


The price is one of the most significant factors that might affect the choice of your treadmill. Most Indian men and women in India look for an average priced treadmill that comes with many features. As Indian individuals do not have budgetary solidarity, therefore, purchasing another treadmill is a big no.

Therefore, most companies provide budget-friendly options to their customers.


If you opt for a second-hand model, make sure that it is of a known brand. When you compare it with an ordinary brand, any particular available brand’s used treadmill will provide you with more significant benefits.


While you are purchasing a treadmill for yourself, you should note that your machine has warranties on its different subparts. Since buying a treadmill can be considered a long-term investment. The frame and the motor usually have a lifetime warranty, whereas other components like the deck and the electronic instruments have an assurance that extends up to 3 years.

Before you even look for the options, take your time and check whether the selected treadmill has a valid warranty or not. Consider it imperative to choose a device that is considered itself durable. But safety is equally important when you are opting for one such device. Learn about the operation and get a trainer that can teach you all the nuances of the controls.

Power use

Opt for a treadmill that saves up both your calories and your budget. Generally, the use of a treadmill might increase your electricity bill on a large scale. But with the introduction of modern treadmills, you can get power-saving options that help the motor of the treadmill consume power efficiently.


Treadmills tend to make noise. Look for the one that makes little noise as you can check for other activities like watching TV or listening to your favorite music while you are working out.

Presets work or pre-built program

The modern treadmill comes with many inbuilt programs. Check for the parameters, including some of the pre-sets like brisk walking, simulation of terrain, and subsequent running or simulation of alternatively low speed and high-speed running. Check whether your device has manual adjustment settings to make your job easier.

Stability of the machine

Before your purchase, test the machine at the showroom. It would help you to determine the machine’s stability. You must buy a device that has strong handrails which support your weight. Also, the Deck of the machine should be strong enough to bear your weight. The flooring should not be too hard or too soft.

Additional features

Look for additional tracking features like BMI, pulse rate, heart rate, and others. It is what makes your treadmill a multidimensional device.

With many such varieties in the market, it becomes difficult for various buyers to select the best treadmill for home use in India. But it becomes crucial for the user to analyze and check the product properly before purchasing.

FAQs to Buy Treadmill in India

What is the maximum weight that a treadmill can bear?

The best treadmill for home use in India can take up to a weight of 80 kgs to 150 kgs. But this can depend on the brand. Some brands can take a weight of 150 kgs to 170 kgs weight of a person. At the same time, you might find some brands with a maximum limit of taking 120 kilograms of weight. Each of the treadmills has a specific standard set of importance. It is better to look for the weight-bearing capability of the treadmill you are opting for.

What is the power consumption of a treadmill for the home?

The power consumption of the treadmill depends on certain factors like the display unit. If the treadmill has various advanced features, then it will consume more power. But on average, the power consumption of a treadmill ranges between 600 to 700 Watts of energy. Certain companies are manufacturing power-efficient treadmills which come with various features but consume less power.

What is the desired dimension for the running surface of a treadmill?

Almost all the treadmills measure around 65 inches long and 29 inches wide. But the dimension of the treadmill varies significantly. For the foldable models, which can be ported from one room to another to the commercial size treadmills, the range difference is 5 feet high.

How to use the treadmill safely?

If you are currently using the treadmill, it is one of the safest ways to stay fit. But once you increase the intensity of your workout routine, your knee can be painful. Because once you are heavily working out, you are putting a lot of pressure on your knee. It irritates your knee joint. Therefore, before you start, ask for professional assistance from a trainer. If you are suffering from any health condition, look for a doctor’s appointment first.

One can always be curious to use any new machine. But provide proper time to yourself while you learn to operate the machine. Know about the safety keys and the functions of the control panels. The modern treadmill comes with the facility of easy installation.

  • While you are ready with the program and operation of the treadmill, remember these points for the best safety.
  • Get yourself appropriate shoes before you hit the workout session.
  • While your treadmill is moving, do not step off or on the treadmill belt.
  • Warm up on the treadmill and cool down before you do other activities
  • If your treadmill consists of manual inline function auto function, you should try to raise the grade by not more than 3%. It will decrease the chances of knee pain by 24%.

What are the possible advantages or benefits of using a treadmill?

One can enjoy several workout techniques on the treadmill. Besides running, you can opt for jogging and walking on for home use. The primary purpose of having a treadmill is to push yourself to keep on moving and stay fit.

As per the scientific explanation, the food that we eat does not provide much health benefit. Since it comes processed, it leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

With the introduction of treadmills, one can improve their lifestyle and inspire others to stay fit. Here are some of the advantages that one can technically have while using a treadmill at home.

  • Reduction of thigh fat
  • Improvement of muscle tone
  • Improvement of heart health
  • Toned up arm muscles with the help of hand weights
  • Safe to use
  • Helpful for indoor running
  • Cheaper
  • Measure your progress anytime with the tracking feature

Is running outside better than a treadmill?

Outdoor running is one of the best things you can do to provide the best health benefits. It keeps your heart and mood healthy, along with some fresh air intake.

While using the treadmill, you have the disadvantage of not getting fresh air. But the treadmill helps to maintain your speed limit, improving your overall performance level. If you are a busy person who does not have time for a workout, you can use the treadmill while running outside. For people who live in polluted areas or have work responsibilities that do not let you focus on your fitness, then the treadmill is better than running outside.


To lose weight and stay healthy and fit, you must acquire some healthy habits. Treadmill happens to be one of the best introductions that lets Indian men and women stay fit.

But opt for a treadmill that satisfies your need along with taking care of your health. The guide provided above, along with the product review, describes everything in detail.

Make sure that you have the full knowledge of the products, including their advantages and disadvantages. This guide would help the customer look for the best according to their needs while being fit and losing weight without creating a hole in your pocket.