Best Vegetable Choppers in India

Cooking tasty food is an art. But what about the struggle one has to take to prepare this beautiful art. Over the ages, we all have struggled while cutting vegetables. If you are one of those who struggled, then this guide is for you. Preparation of salads, dessert, or even food requires chopping and slicing vegetables. This small kitchen appliance is the best innovation to all your kitchen woes.

A vegetable chopper is an appliance that is used to chalk varieties of vegetables easily. They come in handy and are universally available. Breaking down some of the details of the best vegetable chopper in India. Here we put an end to your struggle of dicing, chopping, and slicing vegetables.

Best Vegetable Choppers in India: Time-saving and Convenient Kitchen Tools for Effortless Food Preparation

To prepare food you need to cut vegetables. But the natural process of cutting vegetables can be quite monotonous. So here to make your process pain-free and easy, we have been exploring some of the best vegetable choppers in India that can make your cooking preparation end in minutes.

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Mini Polypropylene Chopper

Chopping fruits and vegetables has never been easy with this innovative chopper by pigeon. Pigeon by Stovekraft Mini Polypropylene Chopper is an affordable and excellent solution for all your chopping, slicing, and dicing needs. This small kitchen appliance comes in the color green and does not require electricity to work. Hence it makes the chopper a power-saving nature-friendly vegetable chopper.

The company pigeon has made the stopper’s design so that it is easy to handle and convenient to use. Cleaning is way easier than shopping in this chopper as one needs to use lukewarm water, a soft cloth, and mild detergent to clean after use.

Besides, the sturdiness of this vegetable chopper is unquestionable. The company has engineered this chopper with stainless steel for efficient chopping and dicing. Users can detach the blades as per their preference and chopping needs. However, one can use this chopper for everyday use as it is made from polypropylene with unbreakable strength. The robots to blades of the chopper are efficient enough even after regular use for a long time.

The chopper comes with an easy-to-use operation. All the users need to do is put your vegetables or fruits required to be chopped in the bowl, close the lid and pull the string. This process will initiate the slicing, dicing for chopping operation.

This kitchen appliance does not degrade your fruit or vegetable quality as the container is manufactured with food-grade BPA plastic.


  • Easy to clean, disassemble and maintain
  • Shopping seems to be seamlessly easier
  • Operation requires two pull the string
  • Efficient capacity and time-saving
  • Robust material extends the durability


  • String quality should have been better
  • Body-color makes it difficult to see through

2. Prestige 1.0 Vegetable Cutter

Prestige Vegetable Cutter is a solution for all kinds of shopping needs. The unique ring handle of this chopper lets you chop, slice and dice effortlessly. One does not require electricity e to operate this vegetable chopper. This feature makes the chopper eco-friendly and powers savvy.

Whether you are cutting hard vegetables, soft food, fresh herbs, cooked fish or meat spices, nuts, or cheese, this vegetable chopper comes in handy in all cases. Prestige has manufactured this topic to be one of the best vegetable chopper in India.

You can never watch more about the efficiency in the performance of this vegetable chopper. Prestige has provided an extra sharp stainless-Steel Blade for convenient chopping and slicing, which unique Swiss Technology can easily use this chopper to prepare purees, salads, fresh fruit salads, or sabzi preparation. In addition to that, the PU handles of this chopper provide a better grip.

You can opt for all three shopping levels full stop from coarse chopping to fine chopping, and this small kitchen appliance is all you need. Users can achieve whipped cream, lassi, and whipped eggs only with a few pulls. One cannot ignore the easy maintenance factor of this vegetable chopper.

While talking about the prestige vegetable chopper, durability and efficiency go hand in hand. It is made from the best quality study plastic, which does not degrade your vegetables or fruits’ quality. The multifunction vegetable chopper can be used as vegetable storage in the refrigerator for a long time.


  • Comes with firm PU handles
  • Provides uniform and quick shopping
  • Consist of fine medium and coarse chopping levels
  • Unique ring handle provides efficiency


  • The vegetable chopper cannot chop harder fruits like coconuts
  • Expensive

3. Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper

The compact and the sleek look of this vegetable chopper by the brand Butterfly makes it the list topper. With just a few pulls of chords of this kitchen appliance can satisfy your shopping needs. One can prepare paste gravies for salads quickly and easily with Butterfly Premium Vegetable Chopper.

You can use this vegetable chopper to cut and chop dry fruits, nuts, vegetables, or fruits into tiny pieces. The company has provided an eco-friendly design to this vegetable chopper. The durability of this chopper makes this chopper one of the long-lasting choppers. Butterfly has manufactured this premium vegetable chopper from unbreakable ABS plastic. This plastic does not have any toxins or hazardous substance which may affect the quality of vegetables and fruits.

The vegetable chopper comes with a three-blade design, evoking sturdiness while in action. The blades of this chopper are made of stainless steel. Therefore, there is no question of rusting or decaying even after using it daily.

The handle of this vegetable chopper has been built nicely within the choppers lid. This feature makes the chopper convenient to use. At the same time, the capacity of this vegetable chopper is humongous. You can use it for large families. Being a dishwasher-safe vegetable chopper, maintenance of hygiene is highly commendable.


  • Comes with and unique non-skid base
  • Sleek and compact design
  • The storage capacity of 900 ml
  • Eco-friendly product


  • Not that famous

4. Havells Handy Mini Chopper

The brand Havells is known to provide customer convenience for ages. Havells Handy Mini Chopper is one of the innovations to buy this brand. The anti-skid base of this vegetable chopper makes it convenient for use. One can easily chop, slice and dice with this fine chopper.

This chopper has a see-through body which helps the user to understand the level of chopping required. It is also built with a sturdy, long cord for efficient chopping. One needs to gently pull this chord to slice, chop, or dice. Therefore, the user does not need any electricity to operate this product. This feature makes this chopper usable for students who live in paying guest or hostel.

The cleaning process of this vegetable chopper is way easier. But one cannot use a dishwasher or liquid washer to clean this vegetable chopper. Since this kitchen appliance is used to cut tomatoes or onions, you can use cold water or warm water for its cleaning purpose.

However, the stainless-steel Blade of this vegetable chopper cuts through all hard and soft vegetables and fruit. This mini vegetable chopper comes with a capacity of 300 grams. This good-quality vegetable chopper is a must-have for all the kitchens in India.


  • Chops onions efficiently
  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Easier to clean
  • Blades are sharp enough
  • Regulated movements provide convenient cutting and shopping


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • It could have been more durable

5. Ganesh Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper

Ganesh Multipurpose Vegetable and Fruit Chopper is a hand-operated vegetable chopper requires no electricity e for its operation. It is one of the safest, easiest, and fastest vegetable choppers introduced by Ganesh. The chopper has been designed as a large unbreakable container with a rubber grip bass which keeps the device in its place while chopping.

Cleaning vegetable choppers is a tedious task. But with Ganesh vegetable choppers, cleaning has never been easier. However, this chopper is dishwasher safe. Thereby making the vegetable chopper convenient for the user to maintain the hygiene factor. The advanced push to a clean button makes the task much more convenient.

Besides, the high-quality stainless-steel blades provide easy solutions to your shopping needs. Users can achieve smooth cutting of vegetables from the sharp pyramid-shaped and blades of the chopper. This vegetable chopper comes in green color with a transparent see-through body.

The long-lasting Blade of this chopper makes it one of the best vegetable choppers in India. It can continue its service for a decade. The detachable container provided with this chopper gives you several options of different cutting types. The best part of this vegetable chopper is that it comes with a vegetable and fruit peeler. There is no question about the sharpness of the stainless-steel blade.

One can use this container to store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator without compromising the food product’s quality and freshness. The excellent craft provided by the brand Ganesh gives us the comfort of cooking in just a few minutes. One will feel the task of cooking is effortless.


  • The anti-skid base provides firm support
  • Study and long-lasting build
  • Pyramid-shaped blades provide efficient chopping
  • Made up of good quality plastic
  • Comfortable to handle


  • Requires a lot of storage space

6. Wonderchef – String Plastic Vegetable Chopper

Well, who says that kitchen appliances can’t have an ergonomic design? Here the brand Wonderchef solved all the kitchen worries with this chopping appliance. The vegetable chopper has been designed to increase convenience and efficiency during kitchen tasks. It is a wonderful amalgamation of functionality and design.

When you have a small period of time to cook, Wonderchef promises a time-saving machine for your kitchen. The powerful chopper of this appliance adds incredible speed to your shopping. It has been designed with a Japanese blade mechanism, and this vegetable chopper precisely chops the vegetables swiftly.

The sharper blade plays a measurable role in shredding, slicing, cutting various fruits and vegetables to prepare vegetable salads, fruit salads, and many more. Mincing boneless meat does not require you to take a chopping board and a knife. One can prepare tasty dishes for their entire family as it comes with the capacity of 800 grams.

Wonderchef – String Plastic Vegetable Chopper comes in handy during the summer when you have to prepare cocktails and need crushed ice. There are four settings available in this vegetable chopper, enabling the user from coarse chopping to fine chopping. The pooling intensity of the string will determine the cutting size of the ingredient.

The ergonomic design provides comfort and ease of use. One can find three blades that the user can adjust in the chopper. These blades provide uniform chopping. Wonderchef has always been loyal to the customer when it comes to proving the hygiene factor. With this kitchen appliance, one can rest assured of the hygiene and quality of your food.

The anti-slip silicone support at the base of this kitchen appliance makes the chopper budge-free even when one applies rigorous pulling motions. As the retraction Pulley mechanism of this vegetable chopper consists of thick and sturdy wire, it makes the chopper durable.


  • Provides different shopping sizes
  • Contains anti-slip silicone support at the base
  • Ergonomic design provides comfort
  • Sharper blades take lesser time
  • Easy to clean and value for money


  • Tedious while beating eggs

7. Nova NHC-900 Plastic Handy Chopper

This small kitchen appliance by the brand Nova is one of India’s handy and best vegetable choppers. The bowl capacity of this chapter is 0.9 liter. As it is manufactured from quality plastic, Nova NHC-900 Plastic Handy Chopper offers its customer an assured hygiene factor.

There will be no question about the performance of this handy vegetable chopper. It ensures superior performance through ages. The company has designed this cooking appliance to assist in the cooking task. Now you can have tear-free onion chopping. This makes the shopping process faster and much more convenient.

The Stainless-Steel Blade of this chopper has been manufactured ergonomically to provide fine chops. The bowl is made of premium-quality plastic. Due to this factor, fruits and vegetables are safe to eat. This is what makes the vegetable chopper one of the best vegetable choppers in India.

Besides, one can conveniently clean the chopper by opening all the parts as it has easy adjustments. It is dishwasher safe too. The anti-skid base of this vegetable chopper prevents the user from any slippage. One requires no electricity to operate this kitchen appliance.


  • Versatile usage
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Anti-skid base
  • Durable full tab


  • The quality of the plastic could be better
  • It could have been the sturdiest

8. Amazon Brand – Solimo Vegetable Chopper

Solimo Vegetable Choppers are designed to make your shopping needs easier. The color combination of this kitchen appliance will surely pop up in your kitchen. You can discard your traditional knife for this Amazon brand Solimo vegetable chopper.

Amazon has always been true to its customers when it comes to serving their daily purpose needs. Being a non-electric vegetable chopper, this is easier to use and does not require any power output. Now you can efficiently and quickly shred your vegetables and fruits according to the cooking preference.

The company has manufactured the Solimo vegetable choppers with a capacity of 500 ml. Being capacious, one can chop larger amounts of vegetables and fruits in no time. The company has always ensured convenience on this small kitchen appliance. This machine can be your best friend while cooking.

The body of the container is made up of sturdy polystyrene, which makes the container durable. This chopper has the capability to withstand every powerful chopping motion. The high-quality stainless-steel blades add glory to the existing features.

Safety is always a top priority for Amazon. Therefore, this container has four locks that provide form support during chopping. One need not have to worry about slippage. However, the lock can easily be opened when you twist it in the opposite direction.

When you pull the thread of the chopper, the blades start to rotate, chopping the vegetables. The levels of chopping can be maintained by the number of strokes and force applied.


  • Large volume capacity
  • Built-in high-quality materials
  • Easy to use
  • Sharper blades for convenience
  • Provides regulated movements


  • Adjusting the appliance is a bit tedious

9. Home Puff HP-Mini-CHPR Vegetable Chopper

Home Puff Vegetable Chopper requires no electricity to operate. The sharp stainless-steel blades are the prominent aspect of this vegetable chopper. It has been manufactured from high-quality BPA-free material, and this veg cutter promises no hazard for your health.

The clover rotary knife and the 420 stainless steel blades provide a higher amount of efficiency. This is a perfect combination for chopping fruits, vegetables, boneless meat, salads, and many more. The safe lead lock at the vegetable chopper’s top ensures a safety locking system when you pull the tab while chopping.

The pull tab of the chopper has been created with high-quality nylon rope. This offers durability e to the kitchen appliance. Once you pull the rope twice to thrice, you will get finely chopped vegetables and fruits.

The anti-skid base keeps the vegetable chopper study and prevents it from slipping when you chop. This feature makes the vegetable chopper much more efficient and convenient to use. However, the chopper is dishwasher safe. You can disassemble all the parts of this vegetable chopper for easy and quick clean-up.


  • Highly efficient
  • Hygienic
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Comes with an anti-skid base for convenience


  • One should be careful due to sharper blades.

Buying Guide for Best Vegetable Chopper in India

There are certain factors that one must keep in mind while purchasing the best vegetable chopper in India. Vegetable chopper comes in different shapes and sizes, making it one of the most easily available kitchen appliances. Let it go through some of the factors for your best buy.

Types of Vegetable Chopper

There are two kinds of vegetable choppers. One kind of chopper lets you push the button and does all the work, whereas another kind requires your attention by pulling the string and chopping.

You should clear your mind about what kind of vegetable chopper you want to buy. The list provided above discussed all the manual vegetable choppers. It would be best if you had your intervention to cut vegetables and fruits. They are handy as well as power efficient. Before you get your manual vegetable chopper, let’s see the aspects you need to keep in mind.


The capacity of the vegetable chopper varies from brand to brand. Customers often neglect this feature. But it is as important as the quality check of the vegetable chopper. One must buy the chopper according to their preference. As per the size of your family, the capacity of the vegetable chopper matters. If you have a large family, you must buy a vegetable chopper that has a higher capacity to shop for more vegetables. And a smaller family requires a vegetable chopper with a smaller capacity.


The vegetable chopper’s blades are important depending on the Blade, and the chopper will ensure chopping quality. Sharper the Blade of the vegetable chopper, the user will get precision in chopping. However, the number of blades of the vegetable chopper depends on the brand and the chopper’s model. One should choose a vegetable chopper that comes with interchangeable blades to have multiple options of different chopping patterns.


As vegetable choppers consist of blades used for cutting, chopping, and slicing vegetables, one must look for safety cautions. While using a vegetable chopper, one must be very careful, especially when operating the manual mini chopper; otherwise, you can land a cutting finger.

Build-up material

A vegetable chopper is used for cutting and slicing vegetables or fruits. Therefore, the buildable material of the chopper should be hygienic and toxin-free. While buying, you must keep the health hazard in mind. Always by vegetable choppers that are BPA-free. These types of choppers are somewhat expensive, but it is safe for one’s use.


A vegetable chopper is compact in size and lightweight. However, companies have introduced these mini vegetable choppers, which are compact. While buying, the customer should look for the assembly and disassembly of the product. This can come in handy if you are planning for a picnic for an outing. You can carry this mini vegetable chopper with you.

Ease of use

The company has introduced the vegetable chopper to provide ease of use. One can quickly assemble or disassemble a vegetable chopper making the operation very simple. The buyer need not have to put much effort into making the chopper work. Even frail and older people can operate it. After usage, the process of cleaning is quite simple. Images need not worry while using this vegetable chopper as they do not require any special skills.


Several kinds of knives have been manufactured to provide efficient performance, but none can find success. The vegetable chopper has one simple mechanism of pulling the string to chop, dice, slice, or cut. This makes the vegetable chopper convenient and easy to use; however, while using the traditional cutting method with a knife, one has to deal with many sounds. But with the vegetable chopper, cuts vegetables with negligible sound as well as saves time.


Anyone can own a vegetable chopper. The cost of the vegetable chopper is inexpensive. This adds an advantage. Almost every Indian kitchen can own a vegetable chopper which comes in handy and is economical.

Power saver

The vegetable chopper does not require any kind of electric output to function. This is not the end of it. Even it does not require any kind of batteries to operate. It operates only on a simple mechanism that is to pull the string. One can use this in any corner of their kitchen as it does not rely on any electric output or plugs.

FAQs to Buy Vegetable Chopper in India

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding vegetable choppers have been discussed below:

What is the maintenance requirement of vegetable chopper?

There is no such maintenance required for vegetable choppers. It is one of the most efficient and convenient kitchen appliances that one can have.

One should be sure about the fact that your vegetable chopper is dishwasher safe or not. If your vegetable chopper is not dishwasher safe, you can wash it with lukewarm water by adding some lemon. Otherwise, if your vegetable chopper is dishwasher safe, you can wash it with a dishwasher after every shopping session.

Either you are a homemaker or an office goer, vegetable choppers will give you worry-free shopping during cooking.

Will it fasten the process of cooking?

Vegetable chopper aids to make the cooking process faster. Generally, using a knife and chopping board can take a lot of time during cooking. As the traditional dicing and chopping method requires a lot of time, this comfy kitchen appliance comes in handy.

You can chop or dice your vegetables by just following the string attached to the appliance’s lid. The lid is connected to attached blades, which rotates on every pull. This makes the process of chopping faster and results in faster cooking.

The vegetable chopper users can be assured that they do not have to reduce their energy by chopping vegetables in the traditional method.

What types of food items can I chop in the vegetable chopper?

The company has manufactured vegetable choppers in different shapes and sizes. It is a low-maintenance kitchen appliance that makes the cutting and chopping task easy.

One can, however, chop vegetables, fruits, bread, nuts, and spices in a vegetable chopper. But some vegetable choppers can be used to mincemeat, crush ice and make whipped cream. One has to pay a bit higher to extend the workability of the vegetable chopper.

How will I assemble the vegetable chopper?

The assembly of the vegetable chopper does not require any rocket science. One has to follow some steps to assemble and use the vegetable chopper.

The blade should be mounted at the center of the bowl and attached to the container’s lid after that, and one can place the lead by putting some vegetables on the bowl and retracting the string to chop the vegetables.

However, the user should be cautious about the slippage of the container. To avoid that, you should hold the container before pulling the string. Repeating this step 3 to 4 times will give you perfectly chopped vegetables or fruits.

How will I clean my vegetable chopper?

Cleaning the vegetable chopper is a straightforward task. Most of all, it is not a time taking task. While cleaning the vegetable chopper, you need to rotate the chopper’s lid in an anticlockwise direction. This will enable you to lift the lid after that, and one should carefully separate the blades. This will make the chopper dissolve in 3 pieces: the bowl, the lid, and the blades.

You can easily clean by using any non-metallic scrub and dishwasher. But be careful whether your vegetable chopper is dishwasher safe or not. The user can clean the top of the lid using a moist cloth. It is advisable not to put water on top of the lid as it might retain water and decrease the vegetable chopper’s efficiency.

After the water drains completely, the user can pat it with a dry cloth. In this method, you can clean your best vegetable choppers. Again, you can assemble the mini vegetable chopper for future use.


One must have wondered what is the need for a vegetable chopper is. But it is one of the essential small appliances for the kitchen. So before getting your hands on this useful kitchen appliance, you must consider every aspect of its features to make the final decision.

After reading this guide, it will educate one with the pros and cons of buying this kitchen appliance. This will help you find your perfect solution for taking a tedious traditional way of slicing, chopping, cutting, and dicing your vegetables before cooking.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest online store and grab the time-saving kitchen appliance so that you can prepare your meals in no time.