Best Watches for Women in India

In this era, we define a person by their style or class. From clothes to accessories, a person must have enough passion for carrying forward the style. Especially for women, watches are a product that can never be more in their closets. With every changing trend, the company introduces fashionable and stylish watches to add a sparkle to their beautiful hands. Each of us wants to be perfect and inspire others with our beauty.

Best Watches for Women in India: Elegance, Style, and Timekeeping at Your Wrist

Here is the list of some best watches for women in India that will provide you with enough options to buy that perfect timepiece. So without wasting our time, let us delve into the list of some of the best watches.

1. Fossil Jesse Analog Women’s Watch

Fossil Jesse Analog Women’s Watch is the epitome of elegance. The round dial with a white color combination makes this watch a must-buy for every woman of India. The style and functionality of the Fossil Jesse analog women’s watch make itself the best watch for women in India.

The stainless steel case material of this watch prevents the watch from any kind of tear. The mineral studded clasp is perfect wear in replacement of any jewelry. You can avail this watch in the circumference of 185 with a strap width of 15 mm.

Fossil is an American designer that manufactures stylish accessories. It is the reason for their fashionable and elegant timepiece. This fully functional and beautiful watch is undoubtedly a value for money.

You can get the buckle in the form of jewelry class. The two pairs of legs on each side of the watch make it perfect following the looks. The protective material offered on the dial makes it sturdy and durable. You can flaunt this watch anywhere and anytime. Get this product immediately to exude your panache.


  • Adjust to make closure
  • Strap material of stainless steel
  • Two years warranty
  • Durable
  • Fancy product


  • Expensive

2. Michael Kors Analog Women’s Watch

If you are talking about sophistication with utility, Michael Kors Analog Women’s Watch should be your only option. These iconic analog women’s watches by Michael Kors have a modern touch to them. In any situation, this is what stands perfectly for consummate Jetstar.

Talking about the movement of this watch, it features a quartz crystal. This crystal oscillates when you apply current to it. The company has built the quartz movement into three separate sub eyes for the date, day, and time in 24 hours. It has stopwatch functionality making it the best watch for women in India.

The glamour and the unfailing detailing on this watch make it luxurious, modern, and sophisticated. However, one cannot ignore the high-quality leather straps. These straps embrace softness when you wear them. However, the comfortable silicone straps provide durability to the product. You can bathe or swim wearing this watch due to its water-proof functionality.

It is also safe to wear around shallow waters or household sinks. The premium packaging offered by Michael kors communicates and promises the intangible value of the product to their customer.


  • Elegant
  • Water-proof
  • Durable


  • Expensive

3. Titan Youth Analog Women’s Watch

You can consider Titan Youth Analog Women’s Watch as the cognizant of the latest trends in design. This workwear collection offers every watch that the company crafts with superior aesthetic appeal. The elegant design with supreme comfort provides genuineness to the one who is wearing the product.

Titan youth analog women’s watches promote stylish and chic timepieces for every metropolitan woman. For every professional dressing, this watch executes excellence in watchmaking craftsmanship.

You can avail this watch in pink dial color with mineral dial glass material. The band color of this beautiful timepiece is silver making it perfect for every occasion. The stainless steel strap, however, adds life to the overall durability of the product. The 50 water resistance factor adds to the functionality of the product.

This product comes in a stainless steel case that provides maximum safety to the product. This analog watch also has a calendar that shows the date in day date format. The manufacturer offers 24 months manufacturer warranty from the date of its purchase.


  • Elegant looking
  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Perfect for every occasion


  • Expensive

4. Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose Watch is a perfect addition to your luxurious collection. The most intricate mineral glass provides safety to the overall functionalities of the watch. The implication of the Swatch by Daniel Wellington is quite clear. The traditional watch projects an aesthetic design with an impressive black dial and rose gold body.

Customers who have used this product have rated it highly. The petite look of this watch makes it long-lasting and robust. The romantic amalgamation of the black dial and the rose gold strap by Daniel Wellington can cheer up the mood of the person wearing it.

However, the removable straps provided by the company make the Daniel Wellington petite melrose watch one of the best watches for women in India. Due to the removable strap, you can change the look of the watch whenever you want.

The water-resistant factor is another feather on the collection of advantages of buying this watch. This melrose watch operates on a standard button cell battery which comes with Japanese quartz movement. Due to this technology, the Daniel Wellington petite melrose watch offers precise time.

You can change the straps of this watch following some steps provided in the user manual. The packaging of this watch is an unquestionable one.


  • Changeable straps
  • Durable
  • Water-resistant


  • Highly expensive

5. Armani Exchange Dress Analog Women’s Watch

The premium quality watch by Armani exchange inspires the bold and youthful Street culture. Giorgio Armani created Armani Exchange in 1991. The company has made Armani Exchange Dress Analog Women’s Watch for the fast fashion designer ration focusing on urban and unique designs.

The three-hands squad’s movement of this electronic watch oxalates when provided with the supply of current. It portrays three different sub eyes for the date, day end time in 24 hours format. The multifunctionality of this watch also consists of stopwatch functionality.

The company considered packaging to be the face of the brand. The seamless blend of function and form on the packaging extends the elegance of this watch. The strap comes in stainless steel bracelet-type bands. These bands execute the style statements. The youthful statement of the Armani exchange dress analog women watches never falls short of the clarity and class that it offers.

Furthermore, it can resist and withstand splashes and brief water immersion. You can also wear it for snorkeling or swimming. With all these features included, the Armani exchange dress analog women’s watch happens to be one of the best watches for women in India.


  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Elegant
  • It comes with stopwatch functionality


  • Expensive
  • Not available everywhere

6. Tommy Hilfiger Analog Women’s Watch

Tommy Hilfiger Analog Women’s Watch is a luxurious watch that can provide you with the perfect combination of technology and style. The time marker on this watch offers intricate details with the use of sparkling stones. It lends the watch an enticing look. The brass bracelet provided by the company flaunts a beautiful finish to the analog women’s watch.

The company offers an analog display with this product. At the same time, the movement happens to be that of quartz. The rose gold dial color with a matching rose gold band offers a perfect amalgamation of beauty and technology.

The company offers two years international warranty on this analog watch from the date of purchase.


  • Luxurious
  • Durable
  • Warranty of 2 years provided


  • Not water-resistant

7. Citizen Analogue Women’s Watch

The Citizen Analogue Women Watch elegance to the user. The case diameter of this is 27 millimeters which provides ample spacing for the watch.

Furthermore, the band has a reading of 8 millimeters. The hook and loop class of this watch provides the user the ultimate convenience of use.

However, this watch works on standard battery Technology that makes this watch easy to maintain. Furthermore, the reliability of analog watches makes it on the list of the best watches for women in India.


  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain


  • Looks cheap
  • Expensive

8. Daniel Klein Analog Women’s Watch

The high quality of the women’s analog watch by Daniel Klein has been in the business since 1988. Daniel Klein Analog Women’s Watch uses Japanese Miyota movements that offer quality with technology. The high-level Italian alloy case is all that women want in a watch. The stainless steel metal strap with heavy-level IP plating provides a stylish and reachable look.

The company provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty on this product against any manufacturing defects. It has 30% resistance to water and comes with a fold-over push-button clasp that offers maximum safety to the watch.

You can spot this watch with any look. This quartz movement watch offers an analog watch display type.


  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Stylish


  • Does not look good on a thin wrist

9. Fastrack Analog Women’s Watch

Whenever you are talking about watches, one won’t complete the discussion without tossing the household name of Fastrack. This brand may be an old one but caters to all the needs of today’s generation.

The women of today’s generation are primarily independent and spiritually uplifted. For them, the Fastrack Analog Women’s Watch is the perfect match. For every Cosmo girl, make it a style statement with the stainless steel strap and black dial watch from Fastrack.

The dial and the smooth finished bezel make it look polished. However, the silver markings at the sixth and the twelfth hours add sophistication to the overall look.

You can pair the Fastrack analog women’s watch with a bodycon dress to provide a rich look. For the next Sundowner, this could be everyone’s favorite. Make a long-lasting impression with one of the best watches for women in India.


  • Durable
  • Quartz movement
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant


  • Does not gives a diverse look

10. Giordano Analog Women’s Watch

As for the new market trend, the Giordano Analog Women’s Watch projects towards youth worldwide, this simple yet fashionable modern watch embodies the present contemporary lifestyle choices. However, the superior value and outstanding quality enable the user to have every drop of satisfaction after wearing this watch.

The company offered this scratch-resistant watch that defies every scratch and damages easily. The clock executes high hardness mineral gas that cannot be easily damaged.

This 30m water-proof watch can be your perfect companion for daily activities. You can even wear this timepiece while washing your face or hand as it can withstand a flash of water, including brief immersions in the water. Someone who sweats a lot, never mind, this product won’t dishearten you. Make sure that you don’t wear it while you are diving.

Giordano provides an extra effort to make their watches long-lasting. Therefore you cannot question the durability of the watch. The metal plating finish gives an expensive look to the appearance and makes it stand out in the crowd. Which company offers a 1-year international warranty to the user from the date of purchase. While using this watch, follow the safety advice of keeping it away from chemicals.


  • Water-resistant
  • High quality
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable


  • Expensive

11. Sonata Analog Women’s Watch

Sonata is one of India’s largest selling watch brands with genuine quality and great value products. Sonata can provide you with multiple options to match every occasion, whether you opt for formal wear or festive wear. Spoil yourself with wide ranges of the watch in black gold for two-toned colors from this known brand.

Sonata offers the best after-sales service. It has a web of customer care or service centers where you can address your problems or needs. You can get a one-year warranty on this particular product. Millions of customers trust this Sonata Analog Women’s Watch.

The stunning design marks the milestones and captures the aspirations of thousands and millions of Indians. This watch is a perfect accessory for every impression that you want to make.

The strap of this watch by Sonata looks super stylish and comfortable on the wrist of the user. You can avail this high-quality watch to express your style. The company has designed the watch to last longer. However, it has a water-proofing quality of up to 30 meters. There is nothing to worry about once you buy this watch. You can keep on going with your style statement.


  • Durable
  • Superior quality
  • Smart and elegant look
  • Affordable
  • Water-resistant
  • 1-year warranty provided


  • Small dial

12. Swisstone Analogue Women’s Watch

The company Swisstone offers the most stylish design to provide every woman of India with an adventurous spirit. The watch’s dial projects a light pink color that can complement the overall Persona of anyone who wears it.

Swisstone Analogue Women’s Watch has a round dial with a dazzling metallic strap; the minute hands and hour hands come in the dial’s spread position. The time consists of numerals instead of symbols.

These analog women watch projects on the metallic finish due to the stainless steel silver band. This band adds overall sleekness to this timeless timepiece. You can wear it on any occasion. The class of this women’s watch fits perfectly on every Indian wrist.

The watch by Swissstone comes with the classic Words movement. It is the most prevalent mineral that watches technology uses every time. Powered by an electronic oscillator, it perfectly synchronizes the quartz crystals. The precise movement is the result of the pulsating quartz crystal.

One can wear this affordable watch by swisstone on every occasion. It is a perfect piece for your office collection.


  • Affordable
  • You can wear it at any time
  • Durable
  • Elegance design


  • Quartz movement
  • Requires specific type of battery
  • Not water resistant

Buying Guide for Best Watch for Women in India

When you know the top-quality watch for women in India, you need to consider certain factors while buying.

Quality with the price

Your budget will decide the type of watch you want. A lot of technologies and mechanisms are involved in modern watches. These watches display different price tags, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the buyer.

If you can estimate your budget, there won’t be any confusion to select your desired watch. You must understand that you should not go past your budget or under budget. Just choose one within your budget.


You will find plenty of brands in the market. But choosing one from the rest is a tough deal. Many brands offer all the primary features within your range. Make sure that you read about the company history and other details correctly before you adopt the style.

Movements of the watch

The internal mechanism of your watch tells about the time of the watch. It is what the movement of the watch describes. The primary function that your watch movement decides is to mark the time precisely. But some watches tell the day of the week, date and so on. Other types also include the operation of setting the alarm or running a stopwatch. The four movements of the watch:

Quartz or battery

This kind of watch uses the battery or crystal quartz to define the time. As long as you charge the battery, the watch will show you the accurate time. Even if you opt for a low-end watch, make sure that it runs properly on the battery. But consider that if your clock runs low on battery, you will have to replace it to make it work precisely.

Mechanic with manual winding

In the mechanical watches that come with manual winding, there is no battery existence for providing power to the watch. Particular kinds of gears help to regulate the proper movement of the watch. The spring that comes along with the watch regularizes the movement. Hence if you unroll the spring of the watch, the mechanism will stop. Mechanical watches that run on manual vending do not provide accuracy when compared to battery-powered watches. You must need a regular recharge for the manual winding mechanical watches for them to work correctly.

Mechanic with automatic winding

A mechanical watch that runs on automatic winding works well without the use of a battery. The internal mechanism of this watch parallels those of manual winding watches. The only difference lies in the mechanism of the spring. Instead of rewinding the spring by hand, you need to use the weight attached to the watch’s mainspring. This wait turns whenever the watch does any kind of movement. If you wear it every day, your hand will continue to move. It happens to be the only disadvantage is you have to wear it to make it work.

Solar power movement

This kind of watch uses photovoltaic cells, and it originates on the dial. The primary mechanism of the solar-powered watches converts the light energy into electricity. The watch then stores this electricity in the battery. Sunlight happens to be the main advantage if you buy this watch.

Purpose of buying

Before you buy a watch, ask yourself the exact reason for buying. Buy the watch according to your need. Some of us might buy it for office use while others might use it for play or sports. Generally, women buy watches to enhance their personality. Check for the reason for buying before you indulge in one of these time tellers.

Watch casing

You must go for a stronger watch case. Preferably the stainless steel case goes a long way when it comes to watching cases. Stainless steel is generally a hard metal that is best for watch cases. It does not rust over time. Therefore you can avoid any kind of skin irritations.

Watch crystals

Watch crystals are those watch glasses that come with your watch covering your dial decoratively. You can get different types of crystals like sapphire or minerals. But out of all, sapphire is costly due to its superiority over any other crystals. If you want to adorn yourself with the quality of sapphire, you would have to raise your budget a bit higher

Type of straps

Watch straps support your watch on your wrist. You can get a wide variety of watch straps in the market. Among them, some would provide you with a classy and elegant look, while others might project a sporty look on your hand. Here are some of the types of straps available in the Indian market.

Leather strap

If water resistance is not your concern, then leather straps are best to go for. These straps are, however, durable and environment-friendly. You can have a carefree look once you spot watches that come with leather straps. But you have to use this carefully as it tends to damage over time.

Nylon strap

A nylon strap will be the best option for you if you are looking for a water-proof band. These are easier to clean and maintain.

Silicone strap

Silicon offers a warm feeling when you wear it. So during the winter season, you can opt for watches with silicone straps. They would provide warmth during the winter. Silicone is an elastic material with high or low resistance. For nature lovers, silicon is an eco-friendly product.

Stainless steel strap

The stainless steel watch straps are quite popular and much in trend nowadays. You can use this for daily purposes. Since these straps are heavier than other materials, therefore, you might face a bit of discomfort.

Rubber strap

When you wear the rubber watch straps, they can add a bit of moisture due to sweat. But the good thing is these straps can resist any kind of scratches. You can see this type of band in many sports or casual watches.

Fabric strap

You can avail of the fabric watch straps in many designs and prints. Also, they add a kind of glamour to your entire attire.

Ceramic strap

The ceramic straps would not fade over time. They have features that do not get affected by UV rays. But as the company faces difficulties while manufacturing the ceramic straps of watches, the cost of watches that come with ceramic straps is relatively higher.

Metallic or metal strap

Watches sporting metallic straps come unquestionably in case of durability. Watches that come with metal straps are perfect for daily use.

Bracelet strap

These are easy to wear as they come with detachable links. You can remove or add accordingly.

Wooden strap

If you want to give someone the beauty of time, then watches that come with wooden straps are perfect. The traditional look of the watch makes it one of the most luxurious items.

Titanium strap

Titanium is one of the most expensive and robust materials that one can use for watch straps. Watches with titanium straps are of low density and natural resistance.

Watch clasp

The watch clasp fashions the watch straps. Some projects buckle style, whereas others stay hidden.


30 to 36 millimeters happens to be the standard; however, it has gone up to 39 millimeters.


Check for the durability of the material when you opt for any watch.

Water resistance

Water resistance is a factor that you must look for if you opt for swimming. Water-resistance means how well your watch handles water.


Your lifestyle will decide what kind of function you should look for in your watch. Some come with clocks, while others include perpetual calendars.

Try before you buy

It becomes imperative that you should check the watch before you buy it. If you have a smaller face, go for small watch brands.

Warranty and return policy

Warranty and return policy are the two most important factors that you must consider while buying the best watch for women in India.

FAQs to Buy Watch for Women in India

What should you do in the case of watches that you wear pretty often?

Sometimes with so many different options around us for watches, you need to take care of your watches. Make sure that you are opting for automatic watches that come with ample power reserves. These watches provide you with good chances to wear other watches in between. Whenever you are wearing watches, make sure that you move your wrist.

Keep wearing your watch continuously. But if you want to wear it occasionally, get yourself a watch winder.

What are the advantages of buying manual watches?

There are certain advantages that the manual watch offers to its users. Apart from telling the time correctly, the manual watches provide a clear view of the time. These kinds of watches are also known as hand-wound watches. Also, the longevity of the manual watches is quite impressive. They can last you for a lifetime. The only problem with a manual watch is that you have to refill the batteries once it finishes. Also, some of them require manual winding for every 2 or 3 days, depending on the power.

Is there any benefit attached to an automatic watch?

The automatic type of watches is a boon to humanity. You can constantly wear it day and night without any sign of tearing. You can never overwound or break an automatic watch unless you apply force on it.

The best part of an automatic watch is that you don’t have to put any batteries in it. It eliminates all the risk of having a watch operated on a battery. You can avoid fluid leakage if you are using an automatic watch.


Every watch comes with a USP. The advantages, disadvantages, and key features of the women’s watch depend totally on buying and the need to get the watch.

The list of the best watches in India has been created by keeping in mind the buyer’s psychology. However, the best-selling watch may not be the one for you. Therefore, consider all the buying guides that would help you understand the preference and need of getting a watch.

We have presented you with a professional and practical analysis that would offer you the practical use of this helpful technology. Looking at this from the buyer’s perspective, you will thank every bit of the guide provided to you. You should invest your time in this read to have a proper investment.