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Top Big Data Business Intelligence and Analytics Companies

#1 CBIG Consulting

CBIG provides Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Warehouse consulting services. They deliver a full spectrum of data-centric initiatives including Data Monetization, Predictive Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, Operational Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting, Data Warehouses, Cloud Analytics, Data Integration, Data Science, Data Governance and Master Data Management. This includes Planning, Strategy, Roadmaps, Assessments, Deployment, Architecture, and Managed Services. Their team of analysts, consultants, and data architects work with enterprises to build a roadmap to success with Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. CBIG is one of the top big data analytics companies in the world. Regardless of the state of your data, they can help get you on the right track and start delivering results.

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#2 Lucidworks

They are the only vendor that provides enterprise grade search development platforms that are built on the power of Apache Lucene/Solr open source search. Developers who work on the best enterprise and web search apps rely on them as the only open source search app development platform proven to accelerate success in building stable and flexible applications that scale to meet the test of time. Unlike less proven market entrants optimized for unscaled web apps and prototyping, they ensures expert integration, deployment success, security, and readiness for the data complexity inherent in long-term growth. They have attracted the expertise and proven value of the most committed development community in the world, creating a development environment that balances flexibility and simplicity, while delivering unmatched scalability and across the widest array of structures and data types.

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#3 GoodData

GoodData will empower your business to unleash the worth of existing company data assets and investments by distributing high-impact targeted analytics to every member of your business network, like remote locations, partners, and customers. With GoodData, every member of your business system will at once begin creating better-informed choices that ultimately drive increased performance.

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#4 Kissmetrics

They are an analytics and conversion solution developed to help growth marketers gauge and measure revenue and customer behavior. Marketers fuel company growth. They create campaigns, messages, and images to demand our attention. They influence our actions and ultimately drive revenue. Kissmetrics provide a great place to learn new techniques and strategies, and their products solve the crucial optimization and measurement problems that marketers face. They help make better marketers who won’t get lost in the data and rise above it with insights for timely customer interactions and smarter business decisions. Data exhaustion has always been their conundrum to solve. They started in 2008, when companies were using data analytics solutions that required costly implementation, were fundamentally confusing, and failed to provide actionable insights. Their powerful conversion optimization and analytics solutions are used by 800+ customers today.

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#5 Kognitio

For quite a generation, they have been a pioneer in the development of scale-out, in-memory software system among the big data analytics corporations. these days the Kognitio software system provides an ultra-fast, high concurrency SQL layer that enables trendy data visualization tools to take care of interactive performance, even once the data volume is massive and therefore the user count high. Kognitio is totally integrated with YARN and may run on existing Hadoop clusters or, for non-Hadoop data sources, are often put in on a standalone hardware infrastructure. The software system additionally supports subtle NoSQL capabilities enabling scale-out advanced analytics aboard the ultra-fast, totally practical SQL. Kognitio software system is operative around the globe, serving to businesses analyze and extract intelligence from massive and complex volumes of data at implausibly high speeds. we tend to serve customers across a good vary of industries, including retail, media, financial services, on-line gaming, insurance, telecommunications, marketing services and hospitality.

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They provide next generation of data analytics products that can process clickstream and other interaction data. Their one of a kind solution works with industries leading digital marketing analytics platforms, leveraging the power of big data and machine learning technologies to deliver behavioral analytics models that allow companies to get more value from their data and gain deeper insight into their site visitors. They are headquartered in Washington, DC and works with some of the biggest enterprises in technology, retail, financial services, and Government industries. They extend existing digital marketing analytics platforms with a highly scalable real-time big data solution. Open source technology that can integrate and analyze both offline and online data can reveal deeper and targeted customer insights that can go beyond the descriptive analytics to prescriptive and predictive analytics that allow better decision making.

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#7 Informatica

They are the world’s best provider of in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment data management solutions. 7,000+ organizations around the world today turn to them for data solutions that can power their businesses.

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#8 InsightSquared

InsightSquared is an analytics solution (sales performance) that can quickly deliver pre-built reports on the major sales metrics, for swiftly growing SaaS companies that need data to accelerate revenue. Thier maintenance-free visual reports and dashboards can provide a precise look into real-time sales results. They are based in Boston and has been named a "Top Place to Work". they care about SaaS, sales analytics, and data visualization.

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#9 Datameer

They make big data analytics simple, quickly transforming businesses into data-driven organizations. A modern Business Intelligence platform that combines self-service data integration, analytics, preparation and visualization functionality with enterprise-grade security and governance features. They enable data democratization without any chaos. Their spreadsheet interface, powered by Hadoop's unlimited storage and compute capabilities, allows business analysts and subject matter experts to seek entirely new questions of their data that is never possible with traditional Business Intelligence tools. Hundreds of customers, including CIOs, CMOs, CTOs, doctors, scientists, law enforcement officials, and even Olympic athletes all rely on Datameer to help them get from raw data to insight faster than ever.

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#10 Sisense

Sisense simplifies business intelligence for complex data. Our business analytics software covers the full scope of data analysis, from data preparation to visualization without the need to invest in additional tools or manpower. Thousands of users in companies ranging from Fortune 500's to cutting edge startups, use Sisense every day to easily analyze complex data - including Samsung, eBay, Fiverr, EXL, Henry Schein, and many others. The Wall Street Journal: "Sisense tools show a small laptop can crunch big data" Forbes: “Between Vertica and Tableau, Sisense is taking Big Data analytics by storm". Sisense powered by In-Chip technology delivers unmatched simplicity, agility & value. This value has been acknowledged by many awards, including the World Technology Award in 2013, and NYC's Taking the HELM award. Frost & Sullivan named Sisense a 2015 market leader in Big Data and Analytics for its superior value proposition in offering customers a "Single-Stack BI solution that is hard to match”. Sisense has been positioned in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant and was included in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 list for 2015.

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#11 ClearStory Data

They are bringing Big Data Intelligence to everyone to accelerate the way business today get answers from more data, across any number of disparate data sources, on a faster cycle. Their solution simplifies data access to external and internal sources, automates data harmonization through Intelligent Data Harmonization across disparate data, enables quick, collaborative exploration, and reduces business wait times for insights via Collaborative and Interactive Story Boards. They let analysts be more self-reliant on reaching faster and richer insights. Their solution includes an integrated Spark-based data processing platform and an incredibly simple user app model for business consumption of insights. ClearStory Data is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and backed by Google Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, DAG Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), and Khosla Ventures.

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#12 Blue Yonder

They deliver decisions to customers that helps them to boost revenues, enable rapid responses to changing market dynamics and increase margins. Their pricing and replenishment solutions are driven by highly sophisticated machine learning algorithms. They are backed by leading private equity firm Otto Group and Warburg Pincus. In 2014, established the Data Science Academy to provide businesses with relevant retail data science know-how. They have been awarded, among many others, the cool vendor award in 2015, the big data leader award in 2016 and the retail week technology award. They are a leading provider of cloud-based retail predictive apps.

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#13 Trifacta

At Trifacta, we’re focused on building software that helps individuals and organizations unlock the potential of their data by providing a new approach to how data is explored and prepared for analysis. Whether you’re trying to improve the efficiency of an existing analysis process or utilize new sources of data for an analytics initiative, Trifacta’s data wrangling solutions will empower you to do more with data of all shapes and sizes. Our innovations focus on the user experience to provide radical productivity gains for data professionals, and enable business analysts to work directly with Big Data. Our technical vision focuses on connecting human intuition with computational power. Analysts get clear visibility and light touch points on massive data; algorithms extract signals and patterns from data and user behavior; interfaces surface machine suggestions and visualizations for further human attention. Trifacta’s mission is to change all that and enable you to quickly transform Big Data from a burden into a strategic asset.

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#14 Ignite

Ignite Technologies is one of the leading big data analytics companies. Ignite Technologies helps organizations Ignite Better Business Performance by providing business applications and tools to make their workforce more capable and more committed. Ignite Technologies helps customers Ignite the power of their workforce to drive better business performance through the deployment of best-in-class business applications and application development platforms across a range of functional domains. Ignite's unique approach to finding complementary solutions and software companies with great opportunity for growth, after Ignite's transformation into our highly-optimized operational model, delivers real value to our customers.

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#15 Cray

A global leader in supercomputing, Cray provides innovative systems that enable scientists and engineers in government, industry and academia to meet both existing and future computational challenges. Building on expertise in designing, developing, marketing and servicing the world’s most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance computing (HPC) systems that deliver unrivaled sustained performance on a wide range of challenging applications. Cray is one among the leading big data analytics companies headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Cray employs approximately 850 people worldwide, with additional research and manufacturing facilities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, and sales and service locations around the world.

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#16 Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a rapidly growing software company and the provider of the world's leading insight platform. Over 8,500 enterprises worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100 and 99 of the top 100 business schools rely on Qualtrics technology. Our solutions make it fast and easy to capture customer, employee, and market insights in one place. These insights help our clients make informed, data-driven business decisions. Global enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies use Qualtrics to collect, analyze, and act on voice of the customer, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, 360-degree reviews, brand, market, product concept, and employee feedback.

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#17 Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics is a strategic analytics partner to the most admired Fortune 500 companies globally and helps them power every human decision in the enterprise by bringing analytics and AI to the decision. Fractal Analytics has more than 1000 people across 12 global locations including the United States, UK and India and has been named a “Cool Vendor in Analytics” and a "Vendor to watch"by Gartner.

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#18 Guavus

Guavus provides the only operational intelligence platform that delivers an end-to-end, real-time view across business operations and currently processes over half a trillion records every day. The Guavus Reflex operational intelligence platform correlates and analyzes massive petabytes of streaming and stored business, operational and sensor data from multiple, disparate source systems in real-time. Built on top of the Guavus Reflex platform, the company provides a wide range of products that address specific business problems related to network planning, service assurance & operations, and marketing & monetization. Business and contextually aware Insights are displayed through powerful and easy to use graphical dashboards that can be customized to suit specific and individual information requirements. The Big Data analytics solutions which leverage a grid-based computing architecture and is based on leading open source technologies including Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Yarn.

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#19 Canopy Labs

Every customer reaches a buying decision in their unique way .Canopy Labs helps businesses to track and optimize their customer journey. Using our platform, businesses can plan more targeted marketing campaigns and optimize their lead lists, with a focus on maximizing revenue and sales growth. Our platform is currently being used in a variety of industries, including sports, ticket sales, daily deals, and online retail, and customers ranging from $10B retailers to small online businesses.

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#20 DataStax

DataStax, the leading provider of database software for cloud applications, accelerates the ability of enterprises, government agencies, and systems integrators to power the exploding number of cloud applications that require data distribution across datacenters and clouds, by using our secure, operationally simple platform built on Apache Cassandra. With more than 500 customers in over 50 countries, DataStax is the database technology of choice for the world’s most innovative companies, such as Netflix, Safeway, ING, Adobe, Intuit, Target and eBay. Based in Santa Clara, Calif., DataStax is backed by industry-leading investors including Comcast Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Meritech Capital, Premji Invest and Scale Venture Partners.

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