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How to buy Apple stock? A complete guide on how to buy Apple stock and the best broker to buy Apple stock. Apple is one of the most popular shares in the stock market today.

You can buy and trade Apple or any other shares online with the click of a button. There are hundreds of online stock brokers that provide you platform to buy Apple stock.

Though there are hundreds of brokers to buy Apple stocks. Not everyone would be the right fit for you. From the platform’s easiness to use you need to consider many factors.

The regulatory factors, deposit methods, security, and customer service play an important role. You need to be aware of all these factors before choosing an online broker to buy Apple stock.

In this article, we have step by step instructions for beginners to buy Apple stock.

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Step 1: Choose the Best Online Broker to Buy Apple Stock

The first step to buy apple shares is to identify the right broker. There are hundreds of online brokers, but you have to find the best one that provides Apple stocks.

Based on the key findings, we have listed the exchange that is the best to buy Apple stocks. Factors we have considered include: Easiness to use the platform. Easiness to register an account. Ability to access the platform from different devices.

Safety and security of the platform as well as their payment gateways. Customer service availability and helpfulness. For this purpose, We have reviewed hundreds of online stock brokers in our research.

#1. IQ Option

IQ Option is the winner of our review on the best brokers to buy stock. Opening an account takes only a few minutes. They provide withdrawal back to the credit card for a limited period of time.

You can buy Apple stocks on IQ Option with Credit Card, Debit Card, Skrill, and Neteller.

You need to verify your account with an identification document before withdrawing money. Their platform has the best user experience and easiness to use.

Step 2: Register with an Online Broker

Once you have identified a broker that sells Apple stocks, the next step is to register an account with them. With some brokers, registration is a matter of providing an email and password.

In other cases, you need to fill in many forms with the requested information to register. Choosing a broker that lets you in quick is not always the best option.

Though we prefer quick registration, you may need to provide more information. As per the law under which they operate this could be mandatory.

Many brokers even let you submit this information after registration. Some brokers could also take up to a few days to verify and approve your account.

Always keep your passwords fresh while registering an account. At least a different one from the email id with which you register.

Step 3: Finish ID Verification

After finishing registration brokers usually let you use their platform. But, in most cases, you need to verify your identity to get full access. This is part of the AML/KYC rules all financial institutions are subject to.

As per law, brokers need to verify the identity of the person using their platform. You can do so by providing a national identity document. Such as driving license, passport or any official ID document.

Many brokers let you use their platform without ID verification completed. Yet, you will have to do so before making a withdrawal. You may also have to provide a different document to prove your address.

Most exchanges prefer a bank statement or utility bill to verify your address. Depending on the broker you could complete these steps at or after registration.

Step 4: Learn Trading and Apple Stock

If you are a beginner learn to trade before you buy stock.

Understand the market and Apple as a company before putting your money in it. This is a very important step to make. Do not invest without knowing the factors behind the price movement of Apple stocks.

Every company share price increases or decreases for a reason. Monitoring of the market and Apple’s business will get you to understand that. The wise move here would be to take advantage of the demo facility provided by the brokers.

Most brokers provide free trading demo accounts you can practice with. Take advantage of this and make your first moves here to get hands-on experience.

Once you are familiar with the market trends and fundamentals buy Apple stocks.

Step 5: Only Invest What You Can Lose

Never underestimate this rule. You should never invest money in stocks that you cannot afford to lose.

Stocks like Apple make constant headlines in news and tend to let to get a piece of their big price movements. Or sometimes you could have hands-on experience making big bucks with Apple stocks.

The stock market always has a tendency to make traders make bigger moves. With a couple of odds on your side, you should never go overboard and go all in.

At least money that you don’t have in hand or in other words borrowed funds. As much as the chance is to get your big move success is the chance to lose it as well.

So never put a bet on with the money you cannot lose and never without understanding the market.

Step 6: Confirm Withdrawal Options

It is as important as identifying an online broker and their deposit methods. Brokers provide all payment modes they provide for the deposit for withdrawal.

But, you need to confirm the fees they charge to withdraw your funds. Once you are ready to take your profit out of the platform, you might realize the withdrawal fees.

Many exchanges provide free withdrawals on the selected mode of payments. Some allow you to withdraw money back to your credit card within a period of time.

This is always limited to the amount you deposited through the card. Anything more will have to go through other modes they provide. Many brokers provide a wire-transfer facility.

But, this is only available to withdrawals of large amounts in most cases. Other options you might end up having are third party payment gateways.

But, there could be transaction fees these payment gateways charge.

Step 7: Deposit Money

Once you have understood trading, markets, and apple as a company, deposit money. Depositing money to your brokerage account is quite an easy task.

Brokers these days provide different payment gateways to deposit money. You can deposit money with credit or debit cards. You can use payment gateways like Paypal or Neteller. Or even options like a wire transfer.

So here you have an extra task of choosing the best payment option and the broker you choose needs to have that. Choosing a payment option is important as most payment modes have some sort of fees.

Most brokers do not charge you for deposit. But often the credit card company or the payment service provider could charge you a fee. In case of withdrawal, this is more often a concern than deposits.

So choose the broker with the best payment mode and deposit money.

Step 8: Identify the Entry Point to Buy Apple Stock

Identifying the right price to buy Apple stocks is important. In trader terms figuring out entry point is key to your trading success.

An entry point is the best price at which you can buy Apple stocks. To find out the best entry point you need to understand the market in full. You need to be aware of the factors and fundamentals that affect Apple’s share price.

Keen observation of the market and Apple as a company will help you. There are also many resources on Apple stocks available online to help you. Websites that watches Apple share price or provide analysis of its shares will be a good start.

Apple’s past performance and future plans are one place to look into. Learning to read charts will go a long way. It’s not very easy to, but with all the tutorials available online anyone can learn to read charts.

Step 9: Finally, Buy Apple Stock and Track Your Position

Once you are familiar and completed with the above steps proceed to buy Apple stocks. As mentioned earlier, trying your first buys on a demo account is a good way to start.

This will also help you familiarize yourself with the broker’s trading platform. Practice your buys and confirm your ability to identify the best entry points.

Once you are sure, make the buy. Some platforms even provide as low as a dollar investment to start with. Taking advantage of this you should buy Apple stocks for smaller amounts first.

And then build your portfolio. You can buy google stock, buy amazon stock or buy tesla stock to name a few good ones.

Once you have bought Apple stocks it is important to watch your positions. Monitoring the market and keeping an eye on Apple’s business has to be a continuous process.

You should always be aware of market trends and be ready to reposition your holdings if required.

buy apple stock

Is Apple Stock a Good Buy Right Now?

Apple is one of the largest and most profitable companies in the market. Based in California, they manufacture and sell consumer electronics and software.

Founded Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in 1976. They are the first company in the world to reach a trillion-dollar market cap in the stock market.

They are also the largest technology company by revenue. And considered the most valuable company in the world. Apple offers products like iPhone, iPad, and more.

Estimates suggest that one in every three Americans own an Apple product. Apple stocks traded under the symbol AAPL in NASDAQ. Apple is part of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Apple’s IPO in 1980 was the most successful IPO in history next to Ford. Apple’s share price was $22 per share when they went to IPO.

What are the Pros & Cons of Buying Apple Stock Online?

Every investor wants to have a bite of Apple stock. By buying apple shares, you get to become a part-owner of the world’s most successful business.

Apple is the first company in the world to cross one trillion market capitalization. Apple stock has been part of the top investor’s portfolios for decades.

Shares of Apple have had tremendous success as most of the Americans own an Apple product. Not to mention, research papers have shown that one in three Americans own an Apple product.

Unlike the old days, buying Apple stock is not a tiresome process. You don’t need to depend on old school stock exchange brokers. With the revolution of the Internet, Stock trading has also found its foot online.

You can watch the market and make your moves on the stock market sitting at home. Not to mention the vast number of websites and resources to watch Apple share movement.

These websites provide a lot of information on the market. From trends, trading signals to new developments in Apple company and its shares.

Also, the steps above to buy Apple stocks will enable your first buy or trading experience quick and easy. With the emergence of online stock brokers buying Apple stocks are as easy as buying an apple online.

We have broken down the process into a few steps that are relevant to most brokers. You may need to complete all these or only some of these steps based on the broker you choose.

You could refer to registration walkthrough tutorial videos of the broker you choose. Above all, this will help you get the precise steps for that particular broker to buy Apple stocks.

What is the Best Stock Broker for Beginners?

As a beginner, you have to look at various factors to choose a broker to buy stock. Platforms easiness to register and use. Some platforms are quick and easy to register and use.

You need to consider the platform’s fee structure well. Very few platforms provide zero-fee or brokerage charges to use them. But, most websites have a fee structure associated with their services.

Most of them provide free deposits. Some provide free trading. That means, they don’t charge brokerage fees on trading. One to two percent of your trade gets charged as brokerage fees by many.

The number of payment options provided also matters. Choose a broker that lets you deposit and withdraw using preferred payment methods.