Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

How to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card? A complete guide on sites to buy BTC with Credit Card. In the early days, you were able to buy BTC with credit on limited sites.

But later, most sites focused on crypto to crypto trading. But this changed by the year 2019. A lot of sites started giving a credit card as an option to buy Bitcoin.

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Step 1: Choose the Best Exchange to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

It is not easy to decide on a site to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card. It might be to find one. But, you need to look at many factors to narrow down to one.

Below, With these factors, we have ranked the top sites to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card online.

1. Binance

Binance is one of the largest exchanges in the world that accept credit cards. You can buy BTC or altcoin with a credit card. Also, you can buy BTC using Visa or Master Card.

They use third-party payments like Simplex, Koinal, Paxful, and Banxa. There are 0% to 2.5% fees on credit card payments.

They charge 0.1% fees for trades. The exchange is on both web and mobile. You can use the mobile app to buy Bitcoin with credit card.

It started in 2017 and became the largest exchange by trading volume in months. Since many traders use Binance, Liquidity is high.

They have high-security features. Also, they have an insurance fund to protect users. UX of both trading platforms and payment gateway is good.

Buying BTC with a credit card is pretty quick and easy. You can buy BTC and start trading on the exchange in no time.

2. KuCoin

KuCoin has fiat to crypto options on its site. Users can buy BTC with a credit card.

Some of their payment gateways charge transaction fees. But others like Banxa offer 0% fees to buy bitcoin with credit card online. Now you can buy bitcoin and listed other digital currencies with credit card.

They support both USD and EUR. You can access the site through the web and mobile apps. UX of KuCoin is pretty good.

They have both spot and margin trade. It started in 2017 and grew to one of the largest sites to buy BTC. They charge 0.1% fees on trades. This is lower than the industry average.

Once you have bought BTC with Credit Card, You can trade over 400+ pairs of coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dogecoin on the site. It is a safe site with a good volume of trade. A good choice to buy BTC with credit card and trade.

3. Paxful

Paxful is a good site for buying bitcoin with a credit card. The website offers P2P matching for users to buy and sell bitcoins. They have more than 300 payment methods to choose from.

But, you might not find sellers on all payment methods. Credit Card has a lot of sellers on the site all the time. Choose the payment method and amount to find a seller who matches.

You can find many sellers selling bitcoin with credit card payments on the site. The site’s user interface is pretty good. It is easy to connect and buy bitcoin from other users. Also, it has good security features.

Reviews of the site’s safety are good. The site is available to buy bitcoin on both web and mobile. UX of their mobile platform is good. Besides, It is easy to buy bitcoin with a card on their mobile app.

4. OKEx

OKEx is one of the top cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. You can buy bitcoin with credit card on the site. You can buy BTC with Master Card and Visa.

This can be direct or using third-party payment processors. They use Koinal, Banxa to name a few. Also, using a credit card you can buy a few other cryptocurrencies other than BTC.

The site is available on iOS, Android, and Web. They have good 24×7 support. This is a site with a high trading volume.

Besides, the site has good safety. You can store the BTC purchased on the exchange with peace of mind. UX of both web and mobile platforms is good.

They have 0.1% fees on trades. Besides, you may have to pay processing fees while purchasing with Credit Cards. The site has a spot, margin, futures, and options market to trade.

5. Bittrex

Bittrex is one of the best sites to buy crypto with a credit card. You can deposit money with a credit card at low fees.

They charge up to 3% on global cards. UX to buy coins with a credit card is one of the best among bitcoin exchanges. Their next-level security has had great reviews from users.

The platform is at hand on both web and mobile. Besides, UX of their app makes it as easy to use like on a website. They have a 0.20% fees on trades. Based on the trading volume fee there are tiers of fees going down to 0%.

Users have a good spot market here to trade coins. The volume of trade is high providing good liquidity. Also, Good reviews are there on the 24×7 support.

6. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is one of the oldest sites to buy bitcoin. They started in 2012. You can buy BTC and other digital currency with a credit card. Straight Visa Master Card buy is there.

Also, You can use third-party like mercuryo to buy with credit cards. For fiat deposit, they charge 0.1% or least $60. On an avg, they charge 0.1% fees on trades.

Also, the platform is on both mobile and web to buy bitcoin. UX of iOS, Android, and the web has good reviews among users. Besides, a high level of security is a plus. The site has spot and margin markets to trade on.

Trade volume is among the top cryptocurrency exchanges making it a good choice to trade. You can also store virtual currency like bitcoin on the site’s cryptocurrency wallet. But, it is good to store bitcoins in your own personal wallets.

7. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a good site to buy bitcoins with a credit card. You can use Visa, Master Card, or third-party services like Skrill.

You can choose from many methods of card payment. They charge Avg 1.5% as fees for cards. Also, they support the EUR, CHF, GBP, and USD.

The site started in 2014. And has good reviews from users to date. The platform is on the web and mobile. Besides, their UX is easy to use. The site uses powerful charts from the trading view.

The site has very high liquidity. And an easy to use interface. Also, Fiat currency deposits and withdrawals are available. You need to do KYC to withdraw funds.

You can trade many coins on the site other than BTC. Their 24×7 support is fast and easy to reach. They have many services like Platform, Pro, Pay, Savings, and more.

8. Can help you buy bitcoin with credit card instantly. But, Fees are on the higher side compared to the market. It can go up to 7%. The support section is great on the site.

It is easy to use the site. Also, you buy Bitcoin and trade on their platform. Many coins other than BTC are available and traded on the site. The cryptocurrency trading platform is easy to use and has good UX. Besides, you can use API to trade.

The site has both spot and margin trade. The site is secure and easy to trade and store BTC. But, the site does not have a lot of coins like other sites on the top of this list. Liquidity is high has a good order matching engine. The site started in 2013.

9. Coinmama

Coinmama is one of the oldest sites to buy Bitcoin. It started in 2013. You can buy BTC with a credit card. But, Fees are a little high compared to the market.

You can buy bitcoin worldwide with a credit card. You can buy with Visa or Master Card issued in most countries. They charge an avg of 5%. Also, there is a buy limit based on your account level. It is easy to do KYC on the site.

You can buy and sell 10+ coins on the site. The site is available on the web and has a good UX. The site has good reviews for ease of use and payment methods. Also, Customer support and reputation are good.

10. Changelly

Changelly is a good site to buy bitcoin in the world. It started in 2015 and is one of the first sites to offer bitcoin with credit cards. They charge 0.5% fees per trade.

The site has an easy and convenient way to swap coins. You can buy Bitcoin and swap it with any other coin on the site. Also, You can buy other altcoins with credit and debit cards on the site.

The site is available on both web and mobile to buy bitcoin. Besides, you can use API to trade on the site. UX of both web and mobile app is well-received by users.

The site has a high volume of trade. Sites UX is one of the easiest to buy bitcoin with credit cards.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Step 2: Understand the Pros and Cons to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Above, we looked at the best sites to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card. Let us see what are the pros and cons of using a credit card to buy bitcoin.

It is a fast and easy way to buy BTC. You can buy bitcoin even if you don’t have cash in your bank account. Also, based on the credit card you use, you might get rewards.

You can end up buying more than you can afford to. FOMO can get you to buy more BTC than you should. To avoid risk, you should remember the golden rule all the time. Do not invest any money in crypto-currency that you cannot afford to lose.

Also, The safety of credit card details stored on the sites is a risk. A bitcoin exchange is always at the risk of attack. This, in turn, is a risk to the card info stored on the sites as well. But many sites today have good security.

Also, credit card processing fees are applicable when you use a credit card. Most exchanges use third-party payment processing systems. Besides, It will depend on these sites on which cards we can use.

Not all sites support all the cards. Some sites let you buy bitcoin with a Visa Card. But, Some let you buy bitcoin with a Master Card. There are few sites on the top of our list above that are accept credit card payments.

Also, your bank might have restrictions with some payment processors or cards. Based on your card there might be transfer limits as well. Another thing to look at is the currency exchange rates.

Your card or payment processor might have a higher rate. This happens when your country and payment processor country are not the same.

Step 3: Know the Market Before You Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

A large part of the money came into BTC during the 2017 bull run. This was through credit cards and bank transfers.

But, Some countries stopped credit card companies from giving support to BTC sites. Also, BTC being a threat to card business was a reason, says few. Some sites could not keep up with the rise in buy orders around 2017.

Sites selling BTC found it pretty hard to handle issues like chargeback. Bitcoin transactions are not easy to reverse in the blockchain. But credit card transactions are. This was an issue faced by many sites at the start.

Also, sites found it hard to gain the user’s trust. There are some sites like Coinbase that were accepting credit card payments from start. But, most sites started to accept credit card in 2019 following Binance.

Most sites partner with payment processors like Simplex to process credit cards. Some sites have many partners. Simplex, Koinal, Skrill are some of them. On a handful of sites, you can buy bitcoin with PayPal. Also, on many sites, you can buy Bitcoin with Visa or Master Card.

Besides, Sites today are safe to give credit card details. Buying bitcoin with a credit card is faster than any other way. Often it is cheap. Also, look at the rules of the site on credit card payments before buying BTC.

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

The Bottom line, there are many ways to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card. There were a few sites years back. But now we have quite a lot of them. We have the best sites to buy BTC with credit cards in this article.

Also, we have looked at the pros and cons of buying Bitcoin with a credit card. We considered factors like card processing fees, exchange rate, and chargeback for cards.

Also, you should learn more about bitcoin before you start trading. Start from basics, learn about Satoshi Nakamoto, and why he invented Bitcoin. Understand how a peer to peer decentralized currency work. How blockchain helps maintain a public ledger in the bitcoin network without any centralized authority.

Learn who miners are and how bitcoin mining works. How the proof of work helps decide which miner gets to mine a block. What bitcoin halving is and how it affects the value of bitcoin. Reasons for bitcoin price volitility. Besides, Learn about decentralized and centralized exchanges, a bitcoin wallet, and bitcoin address.

What Should I Consider to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card?

First, the transaction fee is a factor to look at. Many sites charge 2% or more on every BTC buy you make.

Second, the fees for trading on the site. 1% is a common fee charged by sites to trade. Some sites charge even high. This is the same when you buy bitcoin with debit card as well.

Third, you should consider Liquidity. The more people trading on a site, the better. You will be able to buy Bitcoin at market price. Also, If there are a few trades, you will be buying BTC at a premium.

Last, The site has to be safe. You will be providing your credit card details. Also, you might have to store the Bitcoins in the site’s bitcoin wallet.

And, factors like trade volume, safety, ease of sign up, and more for exchanges. This article will help you find the best sites to buy bitcoin with credit card.