10 Best Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

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#1 Paxful

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - Paxful

Paxful is a P2P site to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. They support over 300 payment options to buy bitcoin. You will be buying BTC from users who have listed to sell their coins on the site. You need to select users selling BTC and accepting payment through PayPal.

Also, sellers accept sales using different payment methods. The most common question among traders is that can I use PayPal to buy Bitcoin? Yes, with a merchant like Paxful you can buy BTC with PayPal at ease. Also, They ensure the safety of buy and sell on the site.

The site acts as a middle man to connect users. They confirm that both parties have made their action correct. Paxful release the coins only after confirmation from both parties.

Paxful is available on both web and mobile. Their UX has had good reviews from many users. They charge 1% fees for trades to the seller.

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#2 LocalBitcoins

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a good P2P site to buy BTC with PayPal. Users can connect and buy Bitcoin from sellers listed on the site. Also, they provide a review of users on the site. This makes it easy for you to choose the right seller.

The site makes sure both users make action before releasing BTC to the buyer. They charge 1% fees on trades. 24×7 support is quick to respond to users. They have a good conflict resolution system.

They are one of the oldest sites to help buy Bitcoin. The site is available in most countries. Users can protect their accounts on-site with 2FA.

Also, They do let you store bitcoin in your BTC wallet on local bitcoins. But, It is better to buy and store bitcoin in your own wallet. The site is available on the web and their UX has had some good reviews.

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#3 Coinbase

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the most popular and largest exchange in the world. They let you buy BTC with PayPal in selected countries. You need to confirm if they support PayPal in your country.

Their supported countries page shows the region and payment methods accepted. If they do, you are in luck. Coinbase is among the most trusted sites to buy and store BTC.

Also, They have good security and insurance to protect user funds. Coinbase charges around a 1.5% fee on trades. Also, Coinbase is available on mobile and web platforms. Their UX is good and easy to use.

You can use 2FA to secure your account. An easy way for beginners to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. The site has high liquidity and trade volumes.

But, they offer only a few selected currency for now. Also, You need to co KYC to start using the site to buy BTC or any other digital currencies.

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#4 xCoins

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - xCoins

xCoins let you buy Bitcoin with PayPal Credit & PayPal Balance. They way xCoins work is easy and quick.

Sellers add Bitcoin to their wallets on the site. To buy BTC, You select the number of coins to buy and payment method. Once you have made the payment through PayPal, xCoins move BTC from sellers to your account.

Also, Like other P2P coin exchange, xCoins acts as a middle man to ensure smooth BTC sale. Reviews of xCoins by users has a lot of good feedback. Sign up on the site takes a few minutes.

xCoins site is available on the web and the UX is quite easy to use. They have customer support to solve any issues you face. The site is secure and users should use 2FA to use the account. Also, You need to do KYC to use the site to buy BTC.

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#5 eToro

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - eToro

eToro is a good way to buy bitcoin with Paypal if you are a trader. If you want to own and store bitcoin in your wallet eToro is not the one.

eToro is a social trading platform that focuses on stock trading. They have bitcoin and few altcoins traded on the platform. But, you cannot own or withdraw BTC out of eToro.

For traders to get into the price action of BTC, eToro is a good choice. Their UX is simple and clean for beginners to trade. The account setup takes a few minutes. They have good reviews on safety and security.

You can use eToro on both mobile and web. Also, eToro is a social trading site. That means you can copy the trade of other users. Select the user based on his performance and risk copying.

Also, they have a full cryptocurrency exchange called eToroX.

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#6 Plus500

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - Plus500

Plus500 is good to buy bitcoin with Paypal if you are in for cryptocurrency trading. You can trade CFD of BTC on the site. You want to own bitcoin, It is not possible. Users can only trade Bitcoin on the site.

But, It’s good if you are a trader and only want to trade on Bitcoin price moves. You can trade BTC on the site using the web and mobile devices. The sites UX is clean and easy to use.

It has had good reviews from beginners to experts. Also, Since you don’t store bitcoins, there is no risk of Bitcoin theft. Transaction fees on the site are less compared to industry standards.

Smallest deposit is $100 on the site. Also, You get to trade bitcoin with leverage. It started in 2008 and is one of the best sites to trade BTC CFDs. Also, You can deposit in ways other than Paypal.

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#7 LocalCryptos

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - LocalCryptos

LocalCryptos is a P2P site to buy bitcoin with PayPal around the world. The site acts as an escrow. Buyers and sellers connect through the site and buy Bitcoin and any altcoin.

Also, You can search and find sellers selling bitcoin with PayPal. Match the amount you want to buy and look at user reviews. Also, Seller confirms payment and the site moves Bitcoin to your cryptocurrency wallet.

If you have thought where can I buy Bitcoins with PayPal? LocalCryptos is the answer. They are available in more than 100 countries. They started in 2017 offering one coin. In 2019, they rebranded the site to LocalCryptos to add in Bitcoin.

Their support is well-reviewed by users. The site is available on the web and the UX is easy to use. There is an escrow fee of 0.25% to post an offer to sell bitcoin and 0.75% to respond to that offer.

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#8 BitValve

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - BitValve

BitValve, a P2P exchange to buy bitcoin with PayPal. You can not only buy bitcoin from sellers here. Also, you can trade bitcoin for other coins on the site. The site has a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows crypto to crypto trading.

The site acts as an escrow between buyers and sellers. User review of the site is pretty good. The site claims to have up to 50% lower fees than other P2P exchange sites. You can use the site on both web and mobile apps.

Also, the sites UX is basic and easy to use. They charge sellers fees to list their offers. The site is available in most countries. To start trading you do not need to complete KYC. But, you need to complete KYC for large volume trades.

The site accepts many payment options and supports many virtual currencies. A good choice to buy Bitcoin with a payment processor like PayPal.

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#9 Hodl Hodl

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl is a P2P site to buy and trade bitcoin with PayPal. They are available in many countries and do not need KYC to buy BTC. Also, account creation is easy and quick.

They charge 0.6% fees split with both buyer and seller. The site creates a bitcoin wallet when a user wants to sell BTC. The seller then transfers his BTC to the online wallet. The buyer then pays the seller with PayPal.

Seller confirms the transaction and BTC moves from his wallet to buyers. Also, The site has a DEX you can use to trade coins. With the BTC you bought with PayPal, you can buy other coins. The site is on the web and its easy to use even for beginners.

Besides PayPal, you can use many other fiat currency payment systems on the site. There are a good number of sellers at any given time.

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#10 LocalCoinSwap

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal - LocalCoinSwap

LocalCoinSwap is another P2P site to buy Bitcoin with Paypal. Like other P2P sites, they have a secure escrow. Users can buy BTC with ease on the site.

Besides BTC, they have many coins and accept many payment methods. The side is available in 190+ countries. Also, you can use the site on the web platform. Sign up is quick and easy. You do not need to complete KYC to buy coins.

The site has good security and has 2FA. They store the funds in cold wallets. Their 24×7 support is quick and helpful. Besides, they try their best to solve any disputes arise during P2P trades.

Also, you can trade on the site at 0.1% fees. This way you can convert the bitcoin you bought for other coins. Users on the site have reviews that help buyers and sellers choose each other.

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