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#1 Contus

Contus offers a Bot an Artificial Intelligence and machine learning infused chatbot building solution. It helps build quickly chatbots that can be deployed for multiple industrial applications like eCommerce, customer service, online booking, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and so on. What makes Contus Bot unique is built with exclusive features like natural human language interpretation, pre-built templates, multilingual abilities, multiple integrations and ability to converse in multiple languages.

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#2 QBurst

We build AI-powered, self-learning chatbots that respond to queries or complaints, follow-up or take feedback, and perform defined tasks so that you can create higher-value interactions with your customers. Take the burden off your resource-intensive functions such as sales, help desk, admin, or even human resources. We will help you identify the use cases and develop suitable chatbots. Having a character makes bots more appealing to people. Chatbots can be trained to express their personality through language. Bot UX designers feed in responses that project empathy, anticipating all possible directions of a conversation. They are also built with the capability to learn from the conversations they make.Based on the application, bots can be made to respond consistently sombre or to express moods. For instance, an investment advisor bot may be more ‘serious’ than an eCommerce bot. A personal assistant chatbot may give emotional responses when told something ‘hurtful’.

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#3 BotsCrew

BotsCrew is a software development company located in Lviv, Ukraine. In this world, we position ourselves as the chatbots' experts. And our goal is simple - create valuable high-quality chatbots for businesses. We develop chatbots for any platform (specifically good at FB Messenger, Slack, SMS, Web, Cisco Spark, Kik, Skype etc.), including voice assistants, also for any language. Let us do what we are passionate about - create chatbots, while you can do what you love.

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#4 Unibot

Unibot — chatbot development company, located in Kyiv, Ukraine.Chat bots are an essential way to let users interact with organizations. They speak the same language we do, can answer questions and offer support. By adding a natural language to messaging apps and social channels, bots can break down the barriers to fast, efficient customer communications.We are a team of developers, digital marketers, creative writers, and strategists. And we create chatbots for instant messaging between brands and people.We create automatization of wide range of business areas (banks, electronic wallets and payment systems, gaming, government housing systems, informational web portals, ticket systems)Creative task solving approach!

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#5 Root Info Solutions

We are a chatbot development company. We have more than +13 years of software development industry experience. We have 50+ team of experienced software developers. We are developing chatbot for Facebook messenger, Slack, Telegram, Line, Viber, Kik, Wechat, SMS, Web, APIs, IBM watson, Microsoft Bot Framework, Amazon Lex, Wit.ai, Api.ai, AWS Lamda, NLP, Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Now, AI, & more.

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OCDLab helps you improvise your business processes by ensuring that the bots are intuitive, engaging, self-evolving with zero downtime, regular updates and support services. We build Chatbots that are multi suited into several fields of business such as e-commerce, entertainment, news, customer support, delivery services or corporate information exchange. Our bots can integrate with your existing enterprise solution or public platforms like FB Messenger, Slack, Skype and KIK Messenger.Apart from text based chat bots, we offer voice integrations for Amazon Echo, Show and other custom IoT Projects.

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#7 Ideas2IT

Ideas2IT has spent time in using various bot frameworks to develop custom solutions for every business need. Having built chatbots for various industries like Banking, Retail, ecommerce and healthcare, we know which use case works best for your business. Some of our use cases include: 1. An internal HR chatbot to manage the diversified hr functions such as employee engagement, employee performance, hours monitoring and training. 2. Worked for a Singapore based financial firm to deliver conversational banking services. 3. A chatbot for helping sales and marketing teams stay updated on news, personnel changes, funding and other nuggets of information on their companies of choice. This will help you stay on track when attending sales meetings.

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#8 Engati

Engati is a chatbot platform that allows you to build, manage, integrate, train, analyse and publish your personalized bot in a matter of minutes. It presently supports eight major messaging platforms including messenger, kik, telegram, line, viber, skype, slack and webchat with a focus on customer engagement. Using Engati you can design your very own chat bots with a workflow and no programming required.

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#9 Peerbits

Peerbits is a global, web and app development company, with proven expertise in delivering customized mobility solution for over five years.With a pool of 80+ passionate designers and developers, we have served 250+ clients and reaching out to more than 35 countries in doing so.With Our headquarters in Ahmedabad, we have scaled our growth by writing down the success story in Dubai, UAE, and Colombia in 5 years.Holding the expertise in mobile app development, we have come a long way to keeping ourselves at par with the technology changes.With our endeavors aimed at proving global mobility solutions for enterprise and startups, we concentrate our efforts in developing on-demand mobile apps, providing healthcare mobility solutions, and tech-enabling the startups worldwide.We drive excellence in our work with the values that we holdPathbreaking Innovation: We believe our work is to contribute creatively to a better world. What can be more fruitful than providing mobile solution

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#10 niki.ai

Niki is an Artificial Intelligence powered bot that you can chat with - it will guide you along with recommendations to reach the right service and then goes to the last mile to make that transaction for you. Niki can perform a variety of tasks ranging from mobile recharge to local cab booking and assisting you with online shopping from the palm of your hand. It aspires to be the one-stop destination for all of your ‘purchasing’ - a personal shopping assistant of choice for one & all...

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#11 Aivo

Aivo is a company that develops artificial intelligence solutions with the aim of transforming the way companies and customers interact. AgentBot is Aivo’s core product. It is an automated omnichannel customer service platform that uses artificial intelligence to automatically interact with customers across all channels. It helps companies to improve customer experience by learning from users. Aivo AgentBot has a broad customer base that includes Sony, AIG, Visa, Mastercard, GM, LG, Telefónica, among others.

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#12 Pypestream

Pypestream brings the on-demand economy to enterprises everywhere. Pypestream’s Customer Engagement Solution enables businesses to connect with customers using the power of smart messaging, driving satisfaction and loyalty. The patented, secure and compliant platform combines pragmatic AI and chatbots to enable transactions over messaging. Pypestream also integrates with existing contact center platforms and custom mobile apps. All this is augmented with Pypestream’s Customer Experience team to ensure best practices in messaging and end-user onboarding.

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#13 Chatfuel

Chatfuel is building an intuitive and easy to use bot platform for publishers, established businesses, start-ups, and individuals. Our goal is to provide everyone with the tools and knowledge to launch their conversational bots to augment their businesses, as well as create a supportive community and environment to help everyone, no matter if a user, bot builder, business or service within the ecosystem succeed.

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#14 Motion AI

Motion AI Build, train and deploy chatbots to do almost anything imaginable - from taking food orders and accepting payments, to running customer service chats and diagnosing patients. With Motion AI Enterprise we are able to develop a customized chatbot solution and provide a dedicated team that works directly with your internal resources. Motion AI is able to provide flexible, 24/7 engineering support teams that are able to assist with additional feature development, integrations, and adoption of new use-case solutions.

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#15 Twyla

Twyla is an artificial intelligence messaging platform that puts a smart chatbot in your live chat channels, to answer questions, deflect tickets and free up your agents. Twyla helps you to automate your customer support conversations through chat bots that learn from the conversations between your agents and your customers. We want to provide seamless, immediate and relevant customer support while lowering the number of support tickets and the cost of running the support team. Twyla integrates with existing help desk solutions, like Liveperson, Zendesk, Salesforce Servicecloud and others.

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#16 Hu:toma

Hu:toma provides bot creators the tools and platform to build, share, and leverage deep learning bots. Hu:toma deep learning based bots can be trained by developers using conversation examples that could be stored in your CRM, emails, or any chat platform. No coding or mapping conversation patterns ahead of time. Hu:toma AI can engage in intelligent conversations with end users and can be deployed on all major chat platforms, connected devices, web or mobile apps.

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#17 PullString

PullString, Inc. is leading the field of computer conversation in both text and voice through a combination of design and technology. The company's primary product, the PullString Platform, offers a professional authoring environment, hosted AI and machine learning runtime, and integrated conversation analytics to enterprises, agencies, and startups across verticals as diverse as entertainment, customer service, gaming and VR, travel, automotive, health and fitness, finance, human resources, and IoT.

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#18 CogniCor

Cognitive engine for chatbots, deployed as cognitive virtual agent for pre-sales and post sales in Finance and Insurance domains. Built with a deep cognitive backend, with less focus on satisfying facebook/slack/IM channels but for mobile and web apps. At CogniCor we live artificial intelligence and dream of building the next game-changing enterprise software. We are a fast-growing multinational team of 40+ AI engineers based out of the US, Spain and India and enjoy making our mark in the advancement of artificial intelligence for enhancing human abilities.

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#19 Avaamo

Avaamo is a venture funded enterprise software company. Our mission is to reinvent the way we communicate, transact and get work done using artificial intelligence. At the core of Avaamo’s offering is a cognitive platform that combines artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Conversation design, and integration of legacy enterprise workflows. The platform dramatically simplifies the time needed to design and deploy enterprise bots or virtual assistants to employees and customers. Avaamo serves customers in Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, and Healthcare in 40+ countries.

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#20 Clavax

Clavax Enterprise chatbot solutions offer enterprise-grade & end-to-end platform for a scalable entry into the AI-powered era. Clavax chatbot allows you to connect different media like We-chat, messenger, Skype & more. Instigated by a group of prodigies and experts, Clavax is an IT organization, zealous to illustrate its expertise in the web and mobility industry. With its headquarters in San Jose, USA and now espoused a colossal presence across Sydney, Australia. Our exquisite service suite includes much more than standard mobility and web app services, we provide a wonderful blend of IT solutions that covers both Enterprise and Customized Solutions. Broadly, our areas of proficiency comprise of a perfect intermingling of IT Consulting Services, Mobility Services, Application Services, Big Data and Product Engineering.

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#21 Chat Secrets

Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots and the Future of Marketing at Chat Secrets. Building a Bot is an intent management process, unlike coding a piece of static software. It takes a different type of software company to do it. Chat Secrets shows you how to make the transition from creative- to data-driven marketing, from one-size-fits-all to one-on-one and from marketing campaigns to real-time customer experiences. You'll learn how to use machine-learning technologies to improve your sales funnels and how to create chat bots which will both delight your users and provide them with real value.

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#22 Saarthi

Saarthi is a Multilingual AI platform meant for Conversational Commerce. We enable businesses to engage in natural and free conversations with users. Deploy your chatbots to do almost anything imaginable, anywhere! From taking orders to serving customers in the best way possible to diagnosing patients to improving enterprise workflows; we've got you covered! We top it all up with 24*7 Client Support, Basic KPI Dashboards, Strategic Partner Plans and an eagerness to grow your business and make it more discoverable.

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#23 Verloop

Verloop provides a drag and drop chatbot builder for marketing and sales automation. Powered by AI, Verloop bots help you automate your sales and marketing, generate leads, schedule demo, answer FAQs and thus helps you achieve better traffic from your marketing efforts.Bot can run on FB Messenger, Web and can transfer chat to human reps when needed. This ensures that visitors always get best experience and are never left hanging in case bot fails or is unable to answer a customer query.Used by more than 1,000 customers across the globe, Verloop is one of the fastest growing SaaS platform in the world.

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#24 Ada Support

Ada Support is the leading provider of AI customer support chatbots, automating millions of conversations per month for clients such as Telus, Upwork and Shopify. Ada provides a simple yet powerful authoring environment that lets clients use cutting-edge machine learning to quickly deploy a highly-trained virtual agent—without a single line of code. By reducing touch points through Ada’s automation, clients dramatically reduce costs, increase support team productivity and, most importantly, improve the overall customer experience.

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We are a Silicon Valley-based software and chatbot solutions provider. Our team consists of creative designers, software developer, programmers, and digital strategists, who help businesses set and achieve new milestones. Over the last 10 years, we have assisted businesses of every kind, from startups to SMBs, and Fortune 100 companies in achieving their business goals. We take pride by being different and offering end-to-end solution for your all needs and problems. We are a relentlessly pursuing team of professionals that excel where others fail.

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#26 Concetto Labs

Facebook, in the year 2008, had made an official announcement about “Messenger Bot Store” that had significantly elevated the merit of tech industry & this application helped enormous people for the purpose of interaction & chatting with certain prominent companies like Dominos, United Airlines, and etc. thus, Messenger Chatbot developers made it possible for the superlative delivery of the services namely, customer support, interaction & experiences, e- commerce counseling & this was made possible with the help of Facebook messenger Chatbot. Do you want to Hire Facebook Messenger Chatbot developers? There has been a necessity for hiring Facebook messenger & Chatbot developers in the country. The Concetto Labs has been proficient in joining hands with Chatbot developers in a way of offering enough solutions required to highlight the superiority of lifestyle.

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#27 Recimē

Recimē can create AI-Powered chatbots in less time than most agencies. From inception to launch, its powerful SaaS chatbot platform allows Recimē to create smart chatbots in just three weeks on average. Compare this to over six months with some chatbot agencies. In addition, Recimē chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence and can be trained to understand the conversation context. The built-in analytics allow us (and you!) to further train your bot after it has been published. Recimē maintains the needed security, back-end and runtime environments for you, while offering up to 99.8% SLA uptime. We can deploy chatbots to your website, Messenger, Skype, Viber, Telegram, WeChat and Twilio (SMS). Support for Amazon Alexa is on its way.

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#28 Conversity

Do you use Facebook Messenger for Lead Generation or Customer Service? If yes, then you need Conversity. The only platform for Messenger Chat Routing & Distribution.Do you use BOTs like ChatFuel, ManyChat for Botsify? If yes, then you need Conversity. Conversity integrates with BOTs to ensure a seamless transfer of conversations from BOT to humans and back.BOTs are awesome. But BOTs + Conversity = CONVERSIONS !!Features: Chat Routing & Distribution, After Hours management, CRM Integration, Template Answers & more.Signup for free now!!

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